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WWL>Topics>>02-22 2:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

02-22 2:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 22, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- them but. About both of them welcome back to the third chorus that's a half chorus unfortunately what but we how to eat like once in awhile. Of the food show here on thirteen fifty groups accuse me on the big 870 WW -- WWL one of five point three FM this is Tom that's Morris. A yet passing as a cultured person. And we talk about food in restaurants and and cooking and recipes and all that in the street food of our city this time of year. Love to hear from you but any of that or anything else whatever is on your mind if it's on food that's good enough just go ahead Paul. Look to your tribute to a 60187. Let's get right back to it shall we it's Brian Brian come on in. Yes I'll Maya there. I you do -- we made first trip to Shockey goes. Oh and there it was spectacular. That would have. We. The rabbit with the Austin. Chief decree law that will ramp that's good it's all the food -- Well. On the big -- so they'll look as if it was cute white whale. And we also view -- issues well I'll eat my. In in all. Countries around and a I can't believe that you're wrong and have been. Well it's one -- those restaurants it it hasn't cult following Haiti's if you go there you go they are a lot a lot of people who who come to New Orleans to visit fairly often while going there has for some reason it's viewed as a as almost the perfect New Orleans atmosphere and rest. I don't yet that it's not but a lot of people do. You know my sister's. At a lot of customers that come -- all over the country and she is saying that the most requested. Restaurant. For folks to come in around the country I'll -- Yeah and a student at the club dinner. This Tuesday. And everywhere you that apple in EPO line and this is oh very good new restaurant they've been open but well. And maybe not -- by most people's standards but new to me about. Year and a half maybe year and three months on magazine street good looking place. Terrific food for courses 75 bucks. -- Oh yeah yeah that too many but we have a few golden dome and you dot com and click on each club and all the influence there. -- maybe you see. You. Thank you -- The food show rolls ahead here right on time and -- or are there Arthur welcome to the pooch. Think it's a pleasure talking future. Our years ago art recorded Childress -- and get street -- -- on a weekly basis and in bad or you don't -- got away from it. But I would think that I didn't truly -- -- a mistake for which -- -- was so good or great. But the one thing that more -- greatly enjoy it was the onion ring. The best. -- operational -- praying every column and their. That's a good way of putting it is that's what makes him good is that they're very -- yet they still doing and exactly the same way everything at Charlie's. Is exactly as it was before the hurricane except for stuff that really had to be replaced because of hurricane itself but they -- and and they bit of a or renovation but they left everything looking more -- -- the way it was even though half the stuff in there is brand new. Her and of those the menu is the same they've added a few side issues that they did have Charlie. Junior who ran it for a long time. He was adamantly opposed to serving things like rock. It -- and they never did you know they have potatoes and that was by the and now they have broccoli and have creamed spinach and I have a few other things -- they've added a couple of stakes do they have a sirloin strips which they haven't had a long time. And they also have a -- by but the Tebow is the way to go it's always been the best thing. And the industry still the same. Way and drove allies -- Like the old uncle yet through it what do you -- you remember that guy yeah yeah. He's -- he when he's I don't think he's alive anymore but it's over it's the same style is very casual. Easy going a real guy kind of place. -- -- -- -- -- No it's just dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Do -- percent well I appreciate your help. That you see and it's not on -- by the way. It's around the corner from -- but it's on -- Right thank you see it's the food show here is Michelle Michelle welcome. -- To mark. Special night great teach. A bread and you know -- -- far. I'm -- -- -- can park and while I don't want to eat and then from a restaurant. Walked to the New Orleans Arena. We like canisters and -- -- -- -- good. -- Right. What I would us and U2 is born. BO RG and PBS. Employee. Born you know lake Bourne you know born okay that's exactly BO RG and the this is a John bench rest it's predominantly seafood but they really have a pretty good bit of everything else too. Our medium. Level prices. And a really cool dining room and in a casual way but it is in very nicely touched up. And it's on the front side of what used to be the New Orleans centers so it's you and you can actually parked there. They have. They have -- valley parking that you could part of the places to ride around there. On Loyola avenue and then just -- street through over there. The closest you're gonna get because. The ORG and I would get a reservation Doug Davis said but I certainly would anywhere ago. Well you know what I did wrong. Actress -- thank you. -- Course there is nothing. Like a short walk anywhere around there. Everything is a long way away because everything's so big. 2606368. Our program. Hope I'm wrong number sorry it didn't get to 601872601870. Our program today is sponsored. By Koreans poor boys. The poor boys obviously you know I could you you'd get just about anything you want including some very unusual items and some that have not exactly become famous yet but I think they will be some day. But the Italian -- boy this is made with meatballs or Italian sausage or money deal. On French bread with red green and mozzarella cheese and dressed really however you want. But besides that. The menu is full of platters fried seafood platters Italian platters other kinds of platters. Red beans and rice every day and they do make a new pot just about every day because disease sell a lot of and all the prices -- neighborhood restaurant prices this metric everything about the places neighborhood with the possible exception of the 100. Person. Meeting room that they have impact that you could do just about any sort of event you can imagine that a hundred people could fit into. Brands for boys 3939 veterans highway just past Cleary in Metairie. And they are open every day except Sunday for lunch and Wednesdays through. Saturdays they just keep on going all afternoon long until about 8 o'clock thereabouts with a full menu and Korea and score points. We'll come back with more in a moment but first -- this -- -- into the tournament. Hello the food show rules ahead. Might welcome. Mike. Might there might there -- They are you don't. There are my it's what you wrote something -- but -- on the -- -- I just like Greg -- -- I don't want you could put hot peppers and then come out real well. To me. I thought that in a popular. You know you have got -- good -- -- call my pleasure here's Larry Terry -- I -- document. -- you are trying to get recommendation for a good social credit toward. None. You might find him but this is not social season it they're there they are out there but the quality of soft shell crabs you get. Accepting. First class restaurants and even a lot of those rules won't tell you don't have them right now. It's not very good there's a lot of credit there are a lot of crabs come in from -- Asia in the union -- -- once all that plays out. The place I think I would go for that. Would be. Mr. ads. -- mr. Ed's his new place oyster bar and fish grill he took over what had been -- lose it for a long time. On 21 street just off. Cause -- boulevard Metairie and that guy does a great job with anything like that impose those. Also they were they were the best fried seafood place in town during most of their history. And that's where I think I'd go. And look what time of year with -- Well once it starts warming up we we start seeing soft shell crabs if all goes well usually you'll be late march is when they start rolling. They reach a peak in April may. In the and they either up there for quite awhile and then there's a little dip in the middle of the summer but then they come back and we usually have until about. November usually we lock up but this is not a good time. Yeah -- -- When you are thank you the food show here is Kim Kim welcome. -- -- I don't call him and -- about -- -- Life if you haven't -- that was to bust arbor. Old world public service. Can remember how writers -- airport to be well -- I will do. Why don't -- that. One of the -- on our. Then -- work or public service. For their particular. What Carter's side. -- -- -- No. One time in huge -- -- -- -- ourselves you know what this particular local. Look at the plant or chocolate bullets on art and apparently one or like. Emma and grabbed the memorial Williams end unfortunately. Like most by an -- a lot and I don't remember anymore. But I understand. She coped well is available as a yeah well -- I'm holding it in my hand right now and I'm I'm looking in the index and I don't see him notes on pie here. On -- called me and said so maybe it's under chocolate let's welcome to that chocolate I don't I don't know. Each I don't know what the wind died just you know you don't. -- nerve and bought out bell I don't know I -- in it in the book that night. Now that it's it's not there. -- -- Thank you see now -- -- we knew that you need another break in the Bob welcome to the -- -- hey Bob you there. Yeah and I'm doing one. I got a problem. You know it I -- who got called all -- -- -- uncle called and like Obama or alcoholic and awfully soft spot though not much into that people. Well. -- -- -- if you look at what about -- but this show ticket do for would have. You or your -- -- without two years. 250 is -- merely content. Do it about 375. But 375. For a -- It usually takes. At my house that you. -- somewhere between. Fifteen. And twenty minutes depending all -- of the -- the bigger or the longer they. Right ditto right mediums try. And not an electrician actually repeal you know I think it's -- Okay that's what happens when you -- for -- when you over cook shrimp that the shells started getting tacky in the east. And that's what happens. -- you go thank you have a recipe for that along with a whole bunch other ones but 750 of them really. On my website -- me and you dot com where the whole bunch of other things. About restaurants in about. New Orleans food. Check out. What we'll talk to again. And often here next week and note. I am on the year every day. Weekdays anyway Monday through Friday same time noon till three in the afternoon. On our other stations. Three WL. WWW well at thirteen 58 AM. And HD two on 105 point three of them but they're asking -- that's where. It's a new show we're sure it's gonna work it's only been on for 25 years have a good weekend. And and go eat some good which. --

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