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Feb 24, 2014|

Dave talks about falling off a float, pot in your pants, and leaving stuff in your pockets when you wash them

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL first news on this 24 of February 2014. Where it's monetary. Hand back to work after -- wonderful first part of the weekend he now. Man that my heavens opened up -- dominant dominant economic yes sly it's about 3 o'clock finally it all down here and and the sun shining and it could finish out Sunday. Beautiful. Just a minor delay or an eruption began well I was really amazed that how many people came out to -- In the rain. Despite despite it that's right. Uptown route was pretty jam packed with people in rubber boots and umbrellas and ponchos and other rain gear. Dating care now they -- catching all the -- -- seven hit the ground it was stand there and yeah didn't catch it and it -- up a bottle of something you're -- to get a little slimy and real quick making -- ugly something weird and noticed -- says the float riders. Their hands were -- -- they'll fix marks. A -- -- yes something about the blue beads more than any other color apparently the pain comes off of them when they get wet. So all of these float riders and Lou pain and carried I don't know why. I don't know what about the blue -- has gotten it comes off or the gold of the purple the greener grant or any other felony crime melting. Speaking float riders. In every year unfortunately something. There's visit visit leaders an accident and an incident. That happens. With some follow afloat and we know others you know there's heavy drinking and other things going on out there on those slow -- -- and end up dancing -- of -- and partying it. Joe's Johnson who knows what reaching. -- But outside of that Dan thank goodness both these people fell off the gallery -- these floats in this and I'll upgrade survive but we've had people. Not many yells Drake going off an upper deck yet army knives or a lower -- and -- -- in your head it's their country each. Sometimes unfortunately afloat then runs them over that's happened. You know. To hear the EMS and fire department talk about people wearing. Harnesses. I've been. I've seen hundreds and hundreds. And I am gonna Italian with the exception of once or twice maybe kids in the Irish Italian parade and I have never. I have ever seen and is seen -- single adults and wearing a harness. On what. Now that required by law to have them now there are little hooks that are drilled into the two by fours on the railing and there are ropes. They can be attached to the writers ways and two hooks. The idea but so there there but if you're not years and come off you go do you guys think allies they have to be there. If the losses you have to Wear them in the outlaws -- never ever -- well maybe by this early incidents. You know. I don't know you know maybe he's got some people thinking well -- hopes and I don't see any reason to Wear and now it. You can only move to be needed yeah John. Guys. And maybe once he gets into the mood and you'd think it'll morph instantly more withdrawn a little more. You forget this delicate but I don't understand how it is the beginning of the route let alone -- -- along. And I'll be honest I've been a few floats out -- so it's it's. -- most of what -- fire department inspector side yet another aspect of that make sure that you know it's rare but yet. But it -- -- him wearing a minute I don't know after. If they do don't ever made him. I've been on -- and I was never told me to put -- parent. But. But -- people that survived rule -- the long term prognosis as time goes on. Who had injuries to me now I can imagine executives talked about fifteen minutes offers can be WL AM at them and I'm. You can on the early edition of WWL first news we have fog out there. Visibility over the waters where it's worse I came in from Metairie and didn't really see much of anything wins here or there. But -- -- Robinson across the monitors spillway -- pretty bad over there. Causeway. I'm going southbound one -- northbound we've got that to look forward to. What you get where you're going if you want tells how your commute was in a few sunny dense fog please do will share with everyone else so they're prepared. As we get underway eighteen minutes after 5 AM at the early edition at WWL first news good morning I'm Dave can -- thank you for being a part. Of our program as we get another week under way -- and how many of you gonna work all five days this week with parade starting again Wednesday night. And of course Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday all the way through Fat Tuesday. Could have some more rain a couple of times threw that schedule will keep you posted as that becomes. More clear picture heavy fog in the rose says one text messages date and its MD. Bad song on the river I'm leak river road okay. Says another ones that there are some dance patches of fog out there what's the rest of the day all the. Kicking off a new work we put some fog around the area watch out for reduced visibility is on that Monday commute look for -- later today near seventy in at 20% chance for a shower today. And another 20% chance of -- shower tonight with lows around 56. Then tomorrow cold front moves and bring an 840% chance of rain highs around 73 but the rain definitely on Wednesday. We still see some showers around 60% but cooler highs in the fifties. From the I would Tuesday's forecast sinner I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- right now the fog at the airport in general not too bad but if you go over to the Lakefront airport it's only a quarter of a mile half a mile visibility in Slidell 62 degrees in -- 63 at the National Weather Service office on the North Shore. Sports time now Steve Geller and -- that as we get you caught up on one half. And over the weekend -- in the -- to get you ready for a new. It -- good morning good morning Dave and happy Monday everyone a couple of LSU freshman by the way for the tigers against Texas southern -- the baseball team improved to seven and -- on the year with a -- one victory altitude. This is it a long way to right field foul lord that's still going back looking up above. Gone -- the Big Three run home run by. Outfielder -- freely hit that three run blast what -- -- threw seven strong innings striking out seven while allowing four hits and one earned run. Tulane baseball dropped their first contest of the season five to two at Louisiana Tech the green wave are now six and want. Through rain and wrecked Dale Earnhardt junior won the Daytona 500 for the second time a decade after his first victory in the great American race. This the greatest feeling you can have as driver in NASCAR on a single via a single day and just try and do. Explain what that's really innocent people have been trying to tell people for ten years with encephalitis is hard to put into words. Jason Collins played his first game with the Brooklyn nets becoming the first openly gay active player in four major US professional sports weeks. He was -- with that ten day contract nearly ten months after his announcement on April 29 in Sports Illustrated. Collins played ten scoreless minutes with two rebounds and five fouls as the nets beat the lakers in LA 10 -- 2102. Those -- you know being an LA -- and our kids feel better. Situation -- for the nets and pioneer Bernard and getting a win. And the flame has been extinguished at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Post Russia led all countries with the overall medals with 33 the US was second with 28. They have four on sports talk how useful is the NFL come by in determining a draft these future. Then at seven you have a choice health LSU basketball head coach Johnny Jones on the big 870. Or hear the pelicans take on Chris Paul and the clippers a 1053 WWL IM -- Steve Geller with your early morning looked. Lord decides when he won -- on Steve Geller with you on your radio that's music and making playing makes me happy. Yeah I figured I needed I don't know Monday for sure for all that song is named happy for those of viewed -- -- now and it just makes you wanna smile and and it it's clear that says thank you for that man it's evident reality tigers' undefeated. When they get in this more. Difficult competition. We'll have yell coming up this weekend definitely not of the SEC caliber teams the -- -- cup ball club. It's gonna be awhile until I would say definitely -- he sees the biggest challenge for them. Of course but some. It's good right now to see these freshmen get some playing time in. And the bullpen which while I was most concerned about this season has really impressed I believe the entire pitching staff has walked just one batter. Through seven games so far which is really. Out more than -- amounted get runs on the boards. Yet feel pretty good about this LSU baseball team you have definitely right now in dumb. You know it doesn't still quite feel like baseball weather yet but it's coming. Spring training underway. We are ever Major League Baseball they did it. They they take almost no time off -- Major -- When was a World Series tickets is November yet exactly. Back. Felt like it's like the football season though they're called but it really never read that I feel about points I've met more sport we'll talk more about football. Here on WWL and what's going on with this free agency period and get -- -- draft he got back. Point five minute time gave Conan the early edition of WWL prisoners. Of plot was pretty bad followed. Other spots not so bad we'll tell you would focus texting up to -- 7870 after that and are you afraid. To walk home alone at night. Should QB. Stated results of the survey -- this. Good morning I'm Dave Johnson driving in from. -- I can see the Crescent City connection just fine it's all about 34 blocks away but now it's. Not there at all. -- games -- lights from it. As a result of the flawed says there is some thick fog focused on attacks mediate 78 -- he says -- soup fog and US nine. From the Huey all the way to home line heavy fog in the rose says another one but that and -- as light fog Slidell the gulf ports now depends where you go this morning. On this Monday morning some fog and then some clouds this afternoon with 820% chance for a shower. And -- your seventy degrees tonight only in the fifties it doesn't cooled down much we could still see a shower. Heading into tomorrow a cold front pushes on on Tuesday 40% chance for rain highs around 73. So we will be cooler on Wednesday Highsmith fifties. But still some rain around at 60%. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. -- officially the worst visibility is a quarter mile lake -- airport where it is. Fall ease conditions also fog over the causeway where they're organic cause southbound convoys northbound one line. -- at the airport in Kenner but visibility is more than half a mile. Down half a mile in -- line gave no when it's the early edition of WWL first news have been talking about the Q riders in the olive parade. It fell off the flow one critically wounded. After hitting today his head on the ground another. Suffered less severe injuries but nonetheless to people fall -- -- float. And we were talking about the harnesses that are on those -- that no one ever ever wears. And -- members. Of attacks mandates that needs anything and I -- drilled into the -- won't hold the shot impact it was 200 pound man falling. And maybe not that might keep him from fall. You're right for once he goes over the side that -- and that I I don't know how well it but it might slow down a little bit -- thing in my keep them from falling in the first place don't you. But -- again. -- written afloat he ever wore one of those -- has anyone ever told you should Wear one of those aren't as I've never seen anyone whereas. Everett suffers a couple of times children. Parade here is that coming up details of those polled say more people on the Louisiana afraid to walk -- alone at -- -- anywhere else. That is survey from Gallup finds 39%. Of Louisiana respondents say they don't feel safe walking home alone at night. That's the highest number in the country that say they feel unsafe walking alone at night in their community. There -- a lot of safe communities across this country. The walking home alone at night anyway to -- doesn't seem like a good idea somewhat of more Louisiana residents are just. Smart and they have got to get a get a lot call -- and I'd just steadily now. More coming -- 37 minutes after Friday and it's the early edition WWL for listeners on the 24 of February 2014. -- it's back to -- -- -- yes indeed -- -- -- -- -- carnival season I think -- work weeks -- a little less stressful for folks then and maybe that -- more -- as many hours a little lighter and -- start Wednesday all the way through Tuesday good weekend separating a little rain yesterday kind of messed things we've been having this discussion about these -- float -- that -- and I'm glad to here you say there -- expected to make it completely -- was one of them and a what was feared to be a serious head injury initially this is in critical condition but they upgraded that right now yeah. That's what I've written and -- and matter -- and parades uptown. And I've. Honestly never seen people on floats wearing harnesses for children in the united Italian greater -- afloat once. -- on that but I got a text message from someone donates 7870. That says they ride in three parades. And oh lead to lieutenant on the float in one of moments as the guys all Wear their belts. Is -- two thirds of writers and other parades he's been wearing theirs as well -- Alaska and says it's under the constancy typically don't see it from the street. Any ads after someone else that it's a waste of time he said now we have new -- tested by the NO FT last week. And -- tested to be able do. Support -- 250. Pound person. Hanging. Up to three feet over the side -- and that they work they keep you from all. Anything not -- If Ted pavement that goodness with your head and it caller just a moment ago who said that to her husband's on right and they always. Where there. -- Are some down time while -- you know. That's what they're there for. Indeed it is there for. I know -- -- -- over from what you've seen. And your own personal experience. You heard where the it is seeing that now. And I hope that's right -- and you know maybe more should Wear them there's no reason really not Q. Ardent anti gas but that the ropes -- that couple feet long. So. I don't know and then you start talking about the little readers should Wear helmets someone suggests might. Now needed that's been hard to do with the costumes and -- some -- and get a corporate helmet. But. While almost every year someone does falloff a guy a year -- -- dies. It's pretty rare all things considered when you think would probably have you know. Dozens of parades every year hundreds of writers each each parade as hundreds of writers. Com. It's unfortunate and I think people need to be more careful but. I think the bigger issues comfortable with that ranking at the F after -- years rig may be -- -- stand up on the bags of beads and other things and then maybe that appear. All right thank you game with just twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller joins us. Now with more on the fact that this is the first time that we know of that the sentencing commission has gotten on board. In supporting reducing. The penalty for marijuana possession in the legislature several times has tried to reduce it in the Louisiana. So that he caught with a small amount of pot -- year not gone to jail but it's. Bills never made it all the way to becoming law well maybe with the sentencing commissions that changes this year. Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it figured mart and -- -- meteorologist Laura bust now. I am doing wonderfully surprised your first week at -- -- at a great damage. I want to in the king Arthur ray yesterday he had got rained out that about three quarters of the round and then the sun came out right at the end end and it got really humid sticky. Sloshing around an arm. Water filled. -- hard -- yeah you just never know a lot of people gave up their big crowd. Does right now I think you hate that you know he's -- girl all year getting ready for your parading your excitement about it earlier rose and then. You know you want people to be there so I'm glad that even with the rain that people still. Yes that is I guess that's it may seem to be happy. They seem to be tension as much as they -- -- -- you know finally realize the umbrella -- now but my guess is out there are 200 upside down and you. -- beat -- like get -- daddy again any more rain and aren't here. Yeah I you know unfortunately this week is just looking very unsettled that all the way through the weekend so again they're going to be periods of rain they're going to be periods of dry weather. They're gonna be some parades that are affected and some that aren't but I at. Think that we're gonna have to try to keep a close eye on things Wednesday Thursday Friday its forces reach it raises rates picked back up that we. I'd knows so far the long term outlook when -- there's democratic -- and -- issue yet count often on you know it and we're white its gonna be -- -- situations where the models they changed a lot. It's not a clear cut kind of situation. In fact I was looking at models this morning. One shows heavy rain for Wednesday night and -- showed no -- -- went high Detroit discussed at eight agreement at agreement. On what's going to happen so we're just have to kind of watch for things -- don't be surprised. To have rain you know affects some of the parades over the course the next couple days just happened -- -- on -- I'm not sure how many people appreciate just how difficult it is to proximity to forecast the weather in a place like New Orleans where you have frontal boundary all you have golf meeting and we -- -- has a. Mary active February February's our secondary you know cut its severe weather season we look at you know fall and into the spring. And so you know we get an active jet stream here and I mean things can change like we saw on Sunday unique thunderstorms in the morning and dried out the afternoon -- it back the next day that you know. So unfortunately we have this many outdoor events and mostly it's just forecasts may be a football game here -- there. Or concert here -- there you know we have two solid weeks the parade to have to get through so. Have -- -- that the look forward Darrell you'll keep us posted day by -- and now fog this morning. -- heavy fog in spots this morning dense fog advisory through 9 AM. Its abilities at times down to a fourth of a mile and it's going to be mild and -- and today -- later it's seventy. -- I two other than the rain on and off throughout the week at the temperature of the going to be pretty comfortable. Yeah he'll be in the seventies today and tomorrow that -- is the fifteenth on Wednesday and Thursday and then back into the sixties and seventies for the week. It's a pretty consistent -- the good news no crazy cold coming in a renewed he that's got no extremes it. Ours at least with the temperatures. Yet those in India the rain. Yeah it something in your pants and throughout in the laundry. Yassin the worst this to -- off. -- -- parallel plan out we're extending a Ryder ultimate outcome that outlet. I've seen Adam and the drastic on every anchor thing. Now ally and what I hate is when you do a piece of paper in there and it comes out and then you trying to open it up and see -- of one area. And if it even still want peace sometimes this is little podium that you haven't of them in the one -- you try to -- it -- and -- -- can read any of the words and figure -- what what I watched -- I needed at that importance. And I've tried to turn myself -- my pockets after it you know that statement pants up there on the dirty clothes but sometimes you just forget how tired are. You've been out party -- ever well in a sugar creek Pennsylvania. Someone took their pants off and forgot take something out of pocket. And the -- ended up being donated to charity. And when the Salvation Army was cleaning the pants before they went to sell them they found a plastic bag. Filled with marijuana inside of the pan -- yet to vote no because -- -- you just can't drop all clues there right he had police are working with storm poised and -- who donated -- -- -- yeah having at a -- cameras. Babies yeah. Usually just a drop off site you had to drop it back it closer you know as they say they've actually in the clothing before found guns. Cash. Jewelry and now marijuana. That's -- I get the cast that isn't the best deal you know when you -- in your pocket and found a five dollar bill yeah yeah -- -- as well honoring its late great. I had then got no I had -- she -- of the effect amity. And the worst feeling though is is. When you realized you had a warning you can't clearly didn't it through the close look at and every pocket that time find it can't find another TV taking your. Close to the Salvation Army you'd think he'd checked the pocket for cash ranked. The guns had so much marijuana but it looks like. It's that this president Martti most of my event yet they've actually got the rest of it was there that the you know like take your pants off and give you -- -- take him off there are taken -- and run in and -- the -- maybe it's like assigned filed episode of this for. In the paint the very I was return into the thing that you. Elegantly. Like ally in her bag from the Eyewitness News sport as well have sports with Steve gal argument about the text it would -- stories about -- stuffing your pants. -- -- 77 aces all the police officer I watched a flash drive in my uniform and it's still work you know I've probably watched a flash drive twenty times. Gone to the watcher and the dryer. And can take down at their words sometimes my wife finds it in the -- and just added on top. And then we -- does it it is just a tiny even when he checked your pockets in my that the -- that down on the corner of the pocket there's something like that it. In that that is pretty amazed in this thing you want from over and over again and they continued to work we have fog out there this morning folks. But not bad in most places someone -- the I ten commute between Baton Rouge in the -- only patchy light fog. No impact but it had a couple people technique that say. Beyond highway ninety from the -- all the way to home like it's really dance like he -- now. Some places you'll find it someplace that you want -- -- sex and the title of my -- in my shirt pocket before when after the washing machine I don't know if they still would've worked or not but. Didn't wanna risk or risk in what what's gonna happen. -- and if they work not all that wet. Didn't -- in your year. But after they'd try out -- if you know expensive ones that fiscal candy that was that like eighty bucks a pair had. I read it. Broadcast on -- You know what my wife washed her phone and -- has not recovered to well we actually put in the bowl right yet adequately in order you put it right the point while and the phone works OK except that she can only talk on it when it's on speakerphone. The microphones -- now her conversation with whoever is public. Here's yet to put announcement yet exactly. I don't -- found that. That's the further action if it doesn't end up well Bangkok that. -- dollars -- forth on this Monday morning happy Monday everyone the LSU baseball team improved to seven and oh on the season with a 41 win over Texas southern. It's well known that drifted to center field dropped in for a base hit. She Amber's got a hustled around second here comes a brawl there's got -- -- not entire. Champ mudslides across all -- dog picked up his first RBIs of the year. The tigers managed just 4 hits on the evening but made them count. Freshman outfielder -- -- would built a three run homer while pitcher Jared tocchet -- seven innings of one run ball scattering four hits with seven strikeouts. Elsewhere on the diamond Louisiana Tech -- Dooling five to two it was the green waste first loss of the year their record is six and one. Well there was a significant rain delay at the Daytona 500 and Dale Earnhardt junior would weather the storm. Junior would go onto win the great American race for the second time in his career while snapping 855. Race win with street what makes -- special -- -- people year we yes. When it happens I had a great relationship -- my crew chief Steve. He's put an amazing team around me that we all really enjoy working together. Well Jason Collins line in the box score wasn't that impressive no points two rebounds and 5010 minutes. But the NBA had a groundbreaking moment when he stepped onto the court for the Brooklyn nets and a 1082102. Win over the lakers in Los Angeles. Collins became the first openly gay player in the four major US professional sports leagues and was asked if he and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam. Are changing the way we look at gay athletes. I hope so and I hope Summers. What Michael said that it's about you know him being a football army being a gospel -- and are going -- Ferran. You know try and help our respective teams went. And the last of the 99 gold medals have been handed out in the 2856. Athletes are heading home. Following the closing of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. A check of the final medal tally shows that host nation Russia is on top with 33. The US came in second with 28 broken down the Americans had nine gold seven silver and twelve bronze. -- on sports talk how useful is the NFL combine in determining a track these future. -- seven you have a choice talk LSU basketball head coach Johnny Jones on the big 870. Or near the pelicans take on Chris Paul and the clippers 1053 WWL let them -- Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport. I think if you gave currency -- with you on your radio watch some of the NFL combine combine over the weekend when I was in between activities. I'm not sure why I watched it. But it is watching guys do a forty yard. -- or whatever it is now can they give their time how much does that matter that I mean you hear about guys draft stock going up going down based on how fast they run forty yards or how weighs forty yards at the right way. -- But in there and body of work. More important on whether or not they were effective at their position rather than how fast they run when they're not. In a game yet that's in the big game -- never lies and I would put more weight on that and just what you do an actual work out people talk about. You know how fast someone is but there is a difference between. Your speed in just a a forty yard dash and then -- on the field speed I know it's it's weird but you can that we see a football. Speed right in your ability get around guys to come off of the larger inclusiveness and Al those kinds of things that just how fast yes speed is important of course. But if you're two tenths of a second slower than the other guy does that mean he's a better draft choice that you largest because of what he did in the combined right in all I think actually the team interviews to me would be more important when a player and and coached at -- sit down for I think it's fifteen minutes and that's fifteen minutes fifteen minutes you get to sell yourself of that team. I am quite aware of what their football intelligence is exactly what kind of an overall it's kind of Taliban are. The guys. Now under reported created it was the saints have tagging nothing on no no grant or Jimmy Graham yet we're we're waiting we still have to march 3 until the deadline is up for the franchise tag period that would be Monday. So it's a picnic right now I capital a lot and a busy. Thank you Steve and you're busy with Nike and fifteen minutes more sports here at WW well AM FM and dot com. Talk about the guy who or somebody who left a bag of pot and their pants when they donated and -- Salvation Army got to think about -- stuff we leave our pants and a washing machine dale is calling and dale you say you're the record holder. And leaving some drives and memory cards in your pocket. The damn well yeah what what makes the record holder when you do that you always the memory cards in your pocket. -- The sanctity of lots of them as little as -- cards. -- -- -- -- Yeah AMA is it amazes me these things can go to the washer and dryer over and over again and they still work thank god because I think any of us to deal with some drives and memory cards we put him through the lost time and time again I was wondering why you with a record holder it's -- photographer. Laura but tells the record holder and being a great forecaster -- I think. Mainly cloudy skies today with some fog this morning and in some clouds this afternoon with highs reaching about seventy today. And it 20% chance for a shower cookie that 20% overnight is well with lows around 56. Tomorrow's rain chances that 40% still mild and muggy it's 73. But cooler behind a cold front on Wednesday so highs only in the fifties but along with that we keep some rain chances -- in that 60%. From the Eyewitness News forecast tenor and urologist -- felt. Not exactly definitely -- well David you're talking about load money -- did you see the restrictions in force -- did you try to do the right thing and antibodies that letter right in front. Which would really angers me I was that it the right in the rain and very few latter's -- that. -- Over. There mom you in any kind of and apparently it out against. I don't talk about a man any homeowner grand jury's still talking about that you know lay offs and global warming.

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