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WWL>Topics>>2-24 9:35am Tommy, global warming/climate change

2-24 9:35am Tommy, global warming/climate change

Feb 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to James Taylor, a Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute, about global warming and if humans are playing a part

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And David were trying to have a serious conversation here in a couple of people text in with an old joke about the sixth largest planet we don't need to go into it. I think in our eighth grade -- we can all figure out what's going on here -- very. Mommy -- trying to have a serious conversation here you know it's another way it's it's pronounced Uranus. Thank you. James Taylor joins us right now senior fellow for energy and environment policy for the heartland institute. Morning James. Good morning thank you for having me on. Thanks for taking the time you guys do not believe. And I hate when are producing gives me big words to -- and then tell me how do you ism you guys don't believe that these changes are -- reporter Janet does that rank. Well humans are having some impact on the climate carbon dioxide greenhouse gas but the larger issue is are humans creating a global crisis are -- making a significant difference in our climate. Andy's scientific evidence does not support. We only have a modest bit of warming the century we're still cooler temperatures -- predominate over the most of the past several thousand years. And the results have been more beneficial and harmful we've seen crop production increased. Longer growing seasons fewer extreme weather fans anyway you Condit global warming has been modest -- beneficial to human health and welfare. -- so along those lines. Is area and what mental images when everybody. I do not have a horse in this race is I don't know I honestly don't whether it's real whether it's not what to do what not to do I do believe firmly. That if we just do it if we put some type of limitations here are some type of standards here. And India and China don't that we urges. Spitting in the wind because business is gonna go over there where businesses are ending relocate there where perhaps. The restrictions may be less than they are now and in a roundabout way you wind up making it worse if you think that's problem is that makes sense -- games. Absolutely US carbon dioxide emissions are actually declining they've been declining throughout this century. Yet at the same time global emissions have risen by bird that's because China for example -- more carbon dioxide. In the entire Western Hemisphere combined. And your emissions are growing by 10% per year so -- -- an -- dollar nations today in less than a decade just new donations from China would render our action. Much pointless. -- so in terms of you know that we just had a guest on Bob Hanson net talked about it. Changes in none of -- -- Arctic -- or not but at the polls -- there's difference I don't know point is some melting ice and glaciers. Do you see that do you think it's part of a cyclicals. I think that the earth goes through and that eventually they'll form again or is that a problem explain -- him. -- global warming activist cherry pick which polar ice cap they want to talk about in the Arctic in the Northern Hemisphere. Yes we've seen some are receding ice. -- in the Southern Hemisphere in Antarctica. For the past several years there's been record after record after record set four advancing a polarized caps. When you look at the polls as a whole is essentially no change may be a very slight decline over the past thirty years but nothing that is that is a very -- Especially considering if the -- where we are in -- nicest the Arctic that's floating and so it doesn't do anything to sea levels. -- Arctic ice which the impact currency levels that's actually increasing. In terms of history a scientific precedent on. -- some of these things it are these things that the earth goes through occasionally you know are there. Any. He is there any data available -- -- now when we went through this in the thirties same thing it just. Happens and then we go through the other end of the cycle or is that just conjecture at this point. I don't know that there's plenty of different ways to look at past climate the one that I think is most. Accurate. Is he Greenland ice core projects in and those -- cores drilled by the European science foundation. And they were able to reconstruct past climate looking at the oxygen isotopes and the -- course. And what they found is that since the last ice age epic -- eight to 101000 years ago. Temperatures for the vast majority of these past eight to 101000 years have been much warmer in the presence in and that's a time period which human civilization first developed and flourished. Current temperature only appear warm because. Global warming activist compare them to little -- stage. Which lasted from thirteen to 19100 they do you know what the coldest time period of the past 101000 shares were still one usually called not a usually more. In terms of bomb. And the motivation behind all of this if it's not really -- say that. The or is cyclical turning to a get a handle exactly James and what you're saying that there are some changes but. They're gonna go back or that there aren't changes there today and tell me exactly what is your position. Brightly from thirteen 119 going to be kiwi and the little ice age that was and natural cooling period temperatures were cooler than today. What a thousand years ago during the medieval period vikings were able to establish settlements and women that are currently buried under hundreds of feet of snow and ice that was an actual warming. Before that it was natural cooling before that and natural warming we can we can look back out to be -- conceded temperatures ebb and flow. Oftentimes much more rapidly and has been the case of our current warming but when you look at their whole the whole temperature range -- context received over the past several thousand years. But temperatures have been mostly warmer than today sort of facing a crisis. I'd so why are some positioning it as a crisis why do is -- and in this article. A figure of 97% of scientists say that it's real and something we need to do something about it. If there's no scientific data for this -- there's scientific data to prove that it's something we don't have to worry about why would. So many scientists seemingly ring the alarm balance. Because people are lying about those surveys the only 97%. Surveys that are out there on this topic. Sure that 97% of scientists believe the -- that is warmer than it was a hundred years ago and I just tortured was. And that he would have played some role and I torture watched. Then everything else that they say is there is that there over into position on the initiative they're making that up there's nothing about 97% of scientists saying we need to actor facing crisis. Anyone who sights set they -- anything other -- temperatures have warmed somewhat which I just told you. It's either ignorant about the studies or they're deliberately misleading people to have complete something that is not true. And the motivation for that would be. Others quite a few environmental activists seek money and power politicians like to scare people off since offer solutions that they can be reelected. There's money and effort government studies in grants for these issues there and then they're just pure ideological believers that like to have more government control -- -- in this is a way to do it. Anyone -- for -- ago. I just say they're always -- -- check the facts don't just trust what the media tells you when you're doing a great job giving people the information they need so thank you.

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