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2-24-14 10:10am Garland: on the FCC's news probes

Feb 24, 2014|

Garland talks with TechPolicyDaily.com editor Jeff Eisenach about why the FCC was probing news organizations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go back to -- thing -- busy day today at twelve noon. Don't a lot of shows on prisons in particular that you others via. Presuming -- of the world morrow. In the population. Then in her whereabouts. And there's an additional problem for him reviews we've closed most mental health hospitals. And opted to put to disturbed. In prison. So the adequate action news or we're wasting our money line items. Should we do it in different ways or is this the best we can do. And and -- proved -- and 11 o'clock we'll have video bestselling author of the future of the month and in the physics of the impossible. And talk about possible -- Smart pills opens with cognitive and learning skills. -- -- Going to futuristic discussion with him and as you would you part of the in the future if you were at at this. Our a guy that's open last week up from Britain and concerning the FCC. Reportedly going to newsroom to prepare and newsrooms. And and asking important questions about the coverage. And -- The media today virtually. Across the board other conservative. Liberal. I thought it was when those chain emails war. One of these conservative for liberals. Representative polls -- now and then send that out by. And Rubens there. But it heard about this actually has a way ahead lady. The initial proposal. Was roots to look in two issues like proceedings. Page and bites. Question -- news directors and reporters and general managers in -- etc. And I was also at greater duke show and I've pulled up or news this morning. In the FCC back sort of were not completely -- needed room for all and have all the movements and where it's. But they have reportedly for the time being dropped it but take a hard look at -- exactly. What were the intending to do law. And does need to be on war is herself open will come a little bit later. We have Jeff Eisenach with the news directors and report Internet communications and technology. Editor of tech policy daily dot com and American enterprise institute of welcomed sharper Shiancoe. Well I appreciate it let. So what do you make of this was that's just. Bureaucratic. Ideas that rim revealed -- political heat came about. Or is it something that Bennett do you think has lyrics. Well I think it does that likely. To respect that this specific idea we appear -- that public outcry. Change until the but the inspiration idea behind that well which is that the government needs to be involved in trying to achieve in every aspect of society -- a -- through. Improving. And improving yeah. You know bad ideas -- a lot of our members they're fair and start our Q a right. It shut up that area that's a -- -- -- -- -- -- beach in a -- of such as general. Be easier but got agency and try to get a news organization report -- there are. Well let's figure. What things are gonna look at it was perceived station by -- Do you have any idea how they would do that would they do Golan and a your total audit involved in new stores lined up the liberal and conservancy which where they'll leave. Well they you know they were going to -- Like -- question. Or order like you know that you are out a report. News stories by -- -- idea for news story that that enrichment to watch it to pursue it in I think he implication here. You know again I think you do have to see this in the context of that straight into ideology if you agree I agree -- that. They certainly see. You aren't that we believe that there is corporation so the private sector that ER chop. Block. Which you are that much is achieved there -- what are the help newspapers. That's I think you're -- -- I think that there -- Also -- what do you wouldn't see of there was a perceived responsiveness. To underserved populations. Did that mean Latinos. Than African Americans and Asians. Yet so that -- are popular population that code in this context or. Ethnically. Or as you know essentially the per -- -- and gender. Sexual orientation. -- -- -- city. At age so. Illusion is that if you -- what that by a picture -- Director real art it's funny. Lied about that and -- her population that you know started Fox -- yet -- October import -- population deterrent to be turned out. There are people who work structure. And the way they are -- -- about the other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was gonna move into a radio and television. And senator what is said in an exclusive. In -- we've pitched dope was subjected by management in one. There were looking for proceed station lines. There were looking for priests he's perceived responses to. Underserved populations. We want to talk to as a Butler news philosophy. How much community input goes into our stories election talk show or news show. And then just. I was preparing -- leave to. Doing numbered shows on this because I was surprised by lower -- the FCC backed. What we've got an expert premier American Enterprise Institute to tell us what he thinks and covered up index's second half hour we'll talk to -- Executive director reviewed television digital news association. But nobody would call that the thing. And while we're asking here and our daily little nine and saying it's not an unscientific non political poll. Governor of the real privilege -- Knuble. -- board to see what's December searchers into newsrooms and study critical information needs. Is that the case of Big Brother -- 7% of you say yeah it's shoot him in the officially announces -- Friday and over the -- quick early Robertson did and decided not to do such. A jump ball is a lot cut directors Singapore Internet communications technology policy and editor. A tech policy daily dot column in American Enterprise Institute. Jeff American Enterprise Institute -- -- political bent. You know I think people would like Kirk and enterprise institute as a leading or Korea electric. Yeah. Arguably the world. Are opposite side street market street by enterprise opportunity. Chuckle if you wanna but it worked about I think people like circuit. Probably yet not right. I every. Embassy and tell -- always like to do the bugs that for the listeners because it's. -- typical funny please. And more event left plenty of CC. I am going to their perceived station -- National stations and making a fortune. Out of saying. What they're they're biased. We're conservative this liberal -- -- what they go looking for that is right and what -- -- Well you know I think -- There's a very. He by July oh I don't doubt that a bad start so that. Strike herbal at their ideology. But what ideology. Believes that it's not. That they are or eat out all at the rate that too important to eat. Whatever is should get -- that -- our culture our case that the but others believe that. UPS a country that -- Well I'd do. You have which you have your frustration -- early the first. Have you. And they have been at that some of actual -- -- people to doubt that. Are you keep it that but out of the actual. Rocket where they part about it. Europe media project. Which was designed to do it at the apple support public -- Think PP -- expand into the action yet. You know battle to respect basic -- that people don't show comfortable with the government or army. Or are you talking about last spring -- keeps the introduced. Well I think they're called a critical information needs. And and they wanted to examine barriers in for -- to. News -- review for small business says that. Two -- to repair. -- that your that goes back to 2010. Without the -- again which was ostensibly about how we regulate rocket superstructure. It was early but our. Local chapter about. Bank. Italy two groups the media access the call. Yeah that that very much these same cart that the -- but that look at what they do -- Urging open about. About the gap you know that's I think one thing about this project if you want to -- -- Yet easy to say we're going to take a look at elect tropic Biggio Goodyear which we operate. Like they -- way. Public property -- -- that. But that really get. You out. -- -- -- out there that they were laid out after reach out newspapers everybody out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they don't have a new -- white students. To regulate newspaper and Internet -- Absolutely I hope you upper -- media that sir that our country. Sure a the only site that pay the -- give. Up her issue. -- some authority to regulate our intent -- apart chapter yet that there were to vote. Opera -- our -- to help support. That's very different -- -- -- but it editorial upbeat that the next government at all. Or are suspects are. Getting all the picking its -- political. And that here before it. Represented to be Gibson -- and they pulled out Friday. Should any suggestion that FCC intends to regularly to speech didn't -- commuter -- and some put monitors. And America's news room his faults. And then one of the agency year. Commissioners whose last name -- Warned that these inquiries may be hard for the broadcasters to new war they could be out of business without an FCC license. -- -- wind when a -- heard this a thought to myself Hulu isn't the exits at room at the FCC. Says I got an idea. What would go to radio television the evening newspapers Internet -- when you don't have been the control newspapers and Internet. Alaskan to let us -- they've ever had a story prized by management. Let's go ask him about station -- let's go ask him about my an aura -- have been eliminated in the reporting. It's somebody that tables got to say willed the the media. Is gonna go crazy over the as there that we we shouldn't do it. But their natural redundancy. -- one commissioners saying remember you going to be out of business without an FCC license. Is this a subliminal message. Well you know articulate. And that said the commissioner eager or cute she is. -- conservative on the commission or a I ask you want to look at all of this that all happen. Without exhibition he'd take. Or to carry out. And I activist. Or journal aptly. All the and I'd do -- one point that. Someone from federal. Optical and as the power agriculture -- story. Are you by such a pictorial and I happen to that they can't rate which has its own. Political ideology. Here and do debate see it that way it. Was a part of the calculation at the -- about that. You think about it that way. Radio and television news direct negotiations. Quote. Word eager to see the revised study to ensure there -- -- topics -- questions that can be construed. As a backdoor attempt together of these same type of information instinct I'm. In this -- talking. It's easier is required by law to couldn't dark such reserves -- So two questions is are going to be a Ruble is -- and number two. Since their bottom all required to do these studies isn't that -- cover. So number one their art to do share specifics like that at. I think Q. So let's say or -- so. Operation. It's. Secondly. -- yet they are going -- which kind we don't yet that he tilt that we don't yet know package just been great but it committed a million dollars in the study -- parent or step in. Or democratic country are truly -- And you know I don't I do think that it is there. To think that we meet. Some federal agencies like the FCC. Look at to make sure make sure that media is here and I'll. -- -- -- -- -- We need if you do you know there's a lot of surged. The what's happening in the media nobody is longer huge huge example on excellence and -- We're -- street turning studies by the boatloads every. So that notion that absentee she Chico spent on the opening what's happening. Is to so. A -- -- TCU and in the news room now. Turnaround in -- participation. And. Well yeah in -- station and -- never voluntary that our government that the other Google. -- -- -- about. And ended the days. In Thursday. In the days. Government will be watching. State government watching those. Retail outlets watching news. Is there any way to keep this from happening and some former fashion. Well I. You know we are we do live in surveillance society it and that not only pitchers show the ability of technology. To. A sure where we or what were. That's not gonna chase absolutely grow. Question I think we have. And the questions raised. Revelation which you virtue. That it be the question that we -- Since September 2001. All the best. Certain ailments like at a huge boost in -- -- or rapid pace is how we're going to constrain. Who were -- -- -- terms backs. And I don't view them as pretty strong bet that. You know Google or FaceBook or whatever is not out to people -- we checked for by the city to different story so you take -- are the state and you put it to get that little surveillance technology. Really have their potential. Missions are. And continued patched and current government and everything we're doing. They're one circuit one because better people. Through a lot so the -- state power and achievement that social social. And and I think in his -- -- do you think the privacy protections particularly against the state and -- -- -- -- commission current or. The joke I appreciate that column in the expertise and good. You critic. Or it would come right back news Stella -- and rumored return will talk to a somebody you associate with radio and television news directors right up the business.