WWL>Topics>>2-24-14 11:10am Garland: with Dr. Michio Kaku on the "smart" pill

2-24-14 11:10am Garland: with Dr. Michio Kaku on the "smart" pill

Feb 24, 2014|

Garland talks with best-selling author Dr. Michio Kaku about new scientific discoveries concerning a "smart" pill that could help increase cognitive and learning skills.

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I have to compress a minute if you lose in the -- -- even fairly frequently problem or room window. Bet all -- technology. Your. -- of sorts. We've had any numbers shows we based on Ted dot com international. Platform. More creative types and the bitter types artistic types technology types. A couple of months ago we had I thought of fascinating hour. With the scientists that the believes. That by 20/20. Four there will be a computer. That makes another computer in -- are already working on some other computers that is slightly more intelligent. Than it. And then next but it actually. Double grew to where computers. Or creating computers. That revolving. In technology time. Where is where revolving in evolutionary time and of course is concerned was not that they would take control. But we would be mentally be. Able to keep -- with them. And there's another book that Spanish and they needed me it's called future of the law and assigned to the question understand and hands and empower the mullah and and I've got a stack of stuff here that -- collect along these same lines but. Doctor -- issue cut crew has written a book of such and joins -- today. Doctor thank you so much good talk and you. Glad to be on the show. This. Well without the child I disagreement about telepathy pelican needs this uploading memory recordings dreams. But it begins to realize that the bunch of nonsense however I'm -- -- now. And I realized that in the last fifteen years we've created magnetic sensors brains sensors MRI scans. That can actually do all these -- it's almost all right out of the movies by -- out of the matrix. We can connect the human brain to a laptop computer. So the people like totally paralyzed totally apparently the vegetables. Can now surf the web right you now that -- now operate a wheelchair control a mechanical arm. And even mechanical days with an access skeleton the united states military for God's sake of spending tens of millions of dollars. To make sure that veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Have leaving bodies again made out of steel just like I -- bank comics. And so that's something straight out of science fiction that hitting the laboratories now the about the idea that the human brain. Using radio and electrical sensors can't control a mechanical -- a skeleton. -- here goes a groupie thing again. It just dawned on me -- the scientist with the white here aren't. That Iraq that topic today. Yeah. -- a look at one of pursuing you you mentioned your recording memories is that being worked. Yes you know in the matrix we pushed the play button and we become -- writing masters instantly. Well that's science fiction however. In the laboratory last year history was made. Where and -- memory was inserted into them out. Amounts learned something like learning how to get water from a bottle. That memory was actively courted and then inserted back into amounts and amounts remembered. And at MIT even inserted a false memory into amounts. Next our primate will be able to -- memories into monkeys. And then maybe in the future will be able to to learn all the mathematics that we -- that we were in college. By clicking the play -- This has not totally outrageous now because -- -- have been able to insert memories and the people. And that means that people suffering from alzheimer's and dementia. And form of mental illness and aging. We may be able to soup up their memories because we can record memories. And insert the memories back into the brain it is now being done in the laboratory this is amazing. And is that something that could -- a lot of money or a lot of equipment or resist something that. Have pretty much anybody with a Ph.D. Could understand how to do it and actually. Complete. Well right now this this state of the art that is one nexus skeleton what mechanical arm for patient. Very expensive funded by the United States government and the military. However. As time goes by. As time goes by. Computer power doubles every eighteen months which means that the price goes down by half -- as much as Moore's -- right. And that means that things that -- fantastically expensive today it will be hot -- the -- cheaper. Despite waiting a decade itself. Laura was going with that portion. I've I've got to gentlemen coming on from Ted dot com -- wrong week and he's talking about to be in. Credible people believed to use of drones. But what started out to be military very expensive government finance. Is -- call for sophisticated. Where you can buy it for three -- 500 dollars. And is gone from something that would at a military component. To something though that he fears that even the the criminal element. Can use a lot of the -- and in the -- hundreds of them. Recording memories. It sounds like an extremely good thing for all the things you mentioned but he is there -- I mean. Element -- Roland a question of ethics. Are they gonna -- ports replace somebody's memory. The perhaps. Isn't brilliant in favor of replacing the members. Well that the possibility laws we'll have to be passed take a look at the movie total recall. Where Arnold Schwarzenegger thought he was the good guys. Only to realize that the very end of the movie was that to the bad guys who had good thing memories inserted into him. And so for example -- trial in our court system depends upon eyewitness accounts. What happens -- one eyewitness accounts of fabricated. And inserted in that somebody wrote that he he thinks he committed the murder but it was actually an implanted memory. So I think laws will eventually have to be passed now remember we're at the very primitive stages of this were simply at the at the point of inserting false memories into my house. That's the state of the art that day. But I can foresee -- time in the future in the coming decades when this becomes cheaper. More readily available and especially available for people with alzheimer's and dementia and and forgetfulness. That they could be a criminal elements that could use all memory implant them. Implanted in people so that eyewitness accounts are no longer credible. Because you don't know what -- fabricated by some computer program. Are we have -- breaker moment come back ominous that's cute about an article I have right now. That a pullback in August 2013. It was a person restoration of human brain to bring in control of sciences wearing electrical brain signal reading cap. -- guard motioned his colleague across campus. We have doctor Mitch you cut coup -- -- and we're Berry like that gentleman. One of most visible mines in the world. Seeing him all over television in particular and scientific writing notes. Would come back let's talk about along these same lines communicating. Telepathically. And activists. -- what -- tell you were extremely lucky enough of this scale -- those -- fuel cock who. He's written one book physics of the impossible visit to the future and hyper space. Now comes the book the future of the line the sides of requests to understand and hands in -- -- for the month and you've seen the doctor on television a lot. In his book is talking about recording memories communicating. Telepathically. Videotaping -- -- or -- and -- what -- passes. Everything videotaping their dream would just got through talking about performing. Witnesses would what does that mean -- what does that bring. Well let them write the Harry Potter movies are magic -- there I realized that the essence of magic is to move things with the mind. But now compliments of computer technology we can actually do many of the -- -- see in the movies. The brain for example in mid flight a minor radio radiation. Which can be -- I'm -- computers computers can created dictionary. A dictionary between thoughts that circulate in the brain. And actions to that a computer can recognize. For example my colleague Stephen Hawking is totally paralyzed. And -- -- communicate with the brain's -- in his right frame of -- classes the next minute he's Stephen Hawking on television look at his glasses. There's a sense that there was picked to bring ways and a lot of the type. About that that type by simply thinking. Then of course you can connect that device to posters. Mechanical wheelchairs. TV that's. He can begin to control everything around him -- simply thanking. So -- -- pelican cases using the power of the mind to control objects around you. Something that was -- considered science fiction but is now entering hospitals. Is now entering the military that the military is finding less much of this research. And will eventually change our way of life and practice at the next soccer games the international soccer games. I think -- -- to connect a person is partly paralyzed to -- a skeleton. And he will initiate the international soccer games in Brazil. Mentally via an act of skeleton. Forgive me forum for asking a brother -- questions in the middle of this conversation about a book. It is everything -- read about technology talks about. India and in different forms and fashions being able to change the -- would be chemical balance would be electrical. -- -- -- If we are able to to change the brain. When we look at people today. Or they're bad people and good people or people with good -- stream of people with bad -- chemistry that question -- -- Well it could take a look at a brain scans of -- cycle patch. It turns out that some not all of them. Com their pledges sensor lights up when these the other people suffer. Not bad -- that -- certainly means that there evil people and they -- would commit murder. But you can actually see is some of these -- the past that they take pleasure in seeing inflicting pain -- the people and see that that -- stands. And so this spring that the ethical issue. If the president not committed a crime. But his brain is pre disposed to thinking about torturing their people deal -- mop okay. Well it's it seems to me that people should be judged on what they do. Rather than what they think. But in the future we will be able to tell how people think and how their brain is constructed. And it raises ethical issues. Personally I think that we can keep government not private. And second of all we should not put people in jail who are this way. But -- of people on its way that they derive pleasure from. Seeing other people tortured he conceded that brain scans they deserve our medical help certain. Of where we're doing it showed -- power. Shows huge percentage. Of our. Prison population or mentally -- And do that this being reported by -- of -- and law enforcement people. You foresee a future world will be able to take some body that is mentally ill and -- the middle oil. Possibly president Barack Obama. The scientific community last year in -- State of the Union Address. When he announced the brains initiative. Just like the Human Genome Project revolutionize medicine and genetics. The brain project will map all the pathways. The human brain including the human brain -- schizophrenic. Now much of the mental illness that you talk about stem from people who hear voices and pocket themselves. And when you -- -- of these people you find out that the left temporal lobe is activated. Means that they are generating internal voices. That's what happens when he talked is that we talked -- all the time. However these people talk to themselves without their permission. They -- not consciously aware of the fact that that left temporal lobe is being excited and they think martians are being cut into their minds. And so we can actually see mental illness in progress. This does not mean we think Hillary. But it means that perhaps the wiring. The brains of these individuals is damaged and perhaps one day we may be able to -- but not right now. Incredible. Smart pills to -- bucks more. Well you know heavily once they have a bring those -- and for the that -- Right immediately teasing him memory but I'd also want to analyze the focal spot on. People with -- rentable. Off the chart mental ability. If you that the Kennedy Airport and you land at the international terminal. Look up in the field mural a gigantic -- I -- laws of the entire. New York City harbor. Drawn by somebody. Who took one helicopter ride over Manhattan and memorize the entire landscape would -- window. And through Manhattan. And all the buildings and all the bridges from memory. This is a Allenby is the super super human. And it turns out that you can actually in -- this kind of behavior. One child was shot through the brain to the left temporal world again. Under the present it is and the problem is simple. When he was tightening. And both of them became super geniuses in mathematics. Able to multiply fantastic numbers memorized certain dates. And we bring in these individuals to try to understand how -- that make up on Monday and we'll make you into the super genius. Not after the pot do not bump itself on it and I do not -- that -- -- -- book itself however it has happened in the past it was studying it now. And equate -- -- I am. Just barely in the queen of Harry Connick junior. And he told me a lady and -- in his band orchestra. Has been on sixty minutes. She's she's one of the -- violence is there and she has the ability. Recall every moment of her life. He is is this kind of thing we're talking about where we can find out probably do it in and replicated. That identical I did it memory people back can memorize what happened in nineteen 55. Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. And bill in the complete run fast but what they -- the ethnic like in the yet been however -- these people complain. Complain that it gets in the way. That the memory is clear their mind all the time. One of them actually said that her business like its split level vision one of these -- like -- And another visited the motion picture what you did thirty years ago one of the afternoon. And so he gets in the way so the late -- eases. That our brains record everything that duplicate that in -- same of these people but -- for -- -- However the forgetting mechanism has broken. So these people forget. How to afford yet. That all our brains on our brains record everything around that but that we race that -- to get in the way it ranked. These people have lost the ability to forget in my book actually mention. The research being done in this rather radical new theory of super genius and that is that these people have forgotten. Kind of forget that's what -- bring -- cluttered but all the extraneous information. What they were doing some particular date thirty years ago. I guarantee you a lot of reviews fiction TV stations in the country would. -- beat the real abductor meet -- -- Kubel and he has written book the putrid and the scientific quest to understand and and -- mom whom we come back. We'll talk about boring things like sending thoughts and emotions -- Controlling computers and robots with the arm and and puts the very limits of important public and all they have questions or comments we have gotten the -- -- side. That works with the future and look into the future. It was called 260187. Tall pretty anywhere in the country 866890. -- Well give me an idea of yet so I'm impressed by gifts that area and we got him but here's a couple of tax than they also liked that. While you have machine cut cool news show Brooke what -- treat. Could you please state the opportunity of asking him to share his creation act. T the he made his parents -- Doctor and think that. Well yes and I was in high school years ago. I built and Adam fracture in my mom's -- It was a 2.3 million electron albeit on particle accelerator. A very small version of what we have -- Geneva Switzerland the larger collider. Every time I turned it on knee consumes six kilowatts of power and Brian -- on the circuit breakers in the house. All the lights would go dead and my mother used the data itself. Why could not have a son who plays baseball. Maybe if -- -- a basketball. Why do you have to build these machines that bigger side. I never did do. I don't know why I don't know why didn't play sports news. Are aboard talking to the doctor is written the book the -- the mind scientific quest to understand and in the power of the mind and if you boards is Science -- dispute. Watched any of the Univision channel. You're seeing the doctor over and over and truly -- -- agreed communicated born are born great moment. Up bloating our brains to computers. Talked to me about that. Well as some people think that may be will become immortal -- is live forever. When we have brain two point zero that is that back up copy of the brain. That it sounds outrageous but it's actually well within -- -- scientific possibility. President Barack Obama European Union have already allocated over a billion dollars to -- the pathways in the brain. Meaning that what -- because that was CD-ROM. CD-ROM that is brain two point zero. Where all our memories are uploaded. And maybe in the future we'll have a library so that you'll be able to have a conversation with your ancestors. Today the veterans of world moral line veterans of previous conflicts are all passing away. But one day perhaps will record their memories and -- before they passed away. And you'll be able to have an interesting conversation with Sam in a library. Of emotions and a library of memories. So this does not science fiction we recorded the first memory as I mentioned this last year. How will use that for people with alzheimer's people with dementia. But why not also lineup also use this. To record your -- personality on a disk so that people that forever even after after you're gone. Well what Ameritech's sales go bought about a chip from the brain bringing. Emailed satellites. Computer memory to us that this basically -- talking about it and that chip in the brain. But way to put that information in the brain. Well the closest that we can come visit with today's technology. Is to put the -- on your contact plan. Your eyeball is basically an extension of the brain the brain has an external sensor called the -- ball. And we about a contact lens right on your eyeball that has the Internet on it. And it means that in the future what you want is he any object or buy something or download indie movies that simply blinked. And you'll see it. So this is like the matrix. Are there now the next step that is putting a chip on the brain. We can actually use that to communicate. The brain to a machine can control the machine. Going back where it is very difficult however. That is in putting knowledge into the brain that is up loading memories in the brain. That's very typical of -- can only do that the of the hippocampus stated the the memories center of the brain. Now if that hippocampus is damaged. We can no longer form memories. About that gateway to -- And in some cases people have had injuries to the campus. And they literally we live that same day over and over and over again. Are you maybe you saw the movie a 51 dates we do beer anymore. Or -- movie Groundhog Day with Bill -- they literally read listen this same day. If you talk to these people they sit there and they're very -- to steal and then they forget you. As being at this shake their hands all over again. So that perhaps. As the injury to the hippocampus. Well why not use the hippocampus -- the gateway. As a gateway to the memory of the mine and that's what they did it MIT and Wake Forest University. They uploaded memories -- of the hippocampus amounts. Eventually they'll upload memories in the hippocampus a primate. And the immediate badly unity. Radically new theory of consciousness -- -- come up with talk to me about that. Yet you know content that is the most slippery saying that there -- 20000 papers written by scientists -- by consciousness. With nothing coming out of it. Never have so many people devoted so much time to produce so little. Now the businesses while -- the end known object that the brain the first that we do is to create a model. A model of its position in space that we can move. A model of its position in society that we now how we interact with other people. And then its position in time that we can simulate the past is simulate the future. And that's -- defying consciousness could be. Content it is the product that the continually. Forming mental pictures that we that we are in space. With regard to society. And that's forwarding it by predicting the future and that's separated from animals. Animal did not -- tomorrow. Animals have no concept of tomorrow. We on the other hand our brain is the prediction machine we constantly danger. Because having mused about the future. Because they think about that being with could have tomorrow at that dinner table and that was somebody else for the exam next week. We constantly think about the future about animals don't do. And so most of consciousness of animals. Is to define his position in space that they can hunt and find -- The particulate inspected the irony is that monkeys do what you have a higher level of consciousness. To understand his position in the social hierarchy but he popped the underdog. But we humans are unique. We have a concept of tomorrow we planned we effectively plan and that's what most of the brain is doing evil and idly. It is constantly running simulations of the future. This means that you can actually use that perhaps to -- intelligence. I think that they cracker. I'm master criminal they have very little like you dropped out of grade school can barely read or write. But can make crimes that even that that detective cannot fall. That's because these criminals. He's the future it would stipulations in the bank robbery. They know exactly how the police operate they know how people's reaction to a Bangkok -- a bank robbery would be. And to me this is the essence of intelligence. To be able to -- the future and that's a master criminals can do better than the police. That's what domestic criminals and so I think definitely content that is all about constantly creating a model of yourself in space. With respect to other people and fast forwarding it into the future. Extraordinary guess who's written brilliant -- book called the future of the line and decided that requires understanding and hands. And the power of the mind the extreme we like you to get the doctor witnesses sell or we have a few more minutes left. Will get exactly -- you can get his book in touch on upload things like artificial intelligence and and more. Coming up next. Overlook him up today in the content to be thinking and talking to. So it is slash businesses. Probably more on the Bill Stone -- respected in the world. -- a veteran tax already that says it's slowly. -- name and the title of the book in the web site where we can. It's doctor meeting she -- in my -- see -- old and cock -- K eight KU. Of the book is the -- the mine. The scientific quest to understand in tents and empower them. To him about artificial intelligence. Well there's two ways that we will be able to interact with machines in the future the first that they actually creating mechanical device that thinks like that's. That has been not as successful most advanced robots at the intelligence of a cockroach. Retarded cockroach. In the bottom might be targeted cockroach not very minor gains. However there's been away and that the use surrogate and that is half the human mind control -- -- -- mentally. In Japan for example they took a worker but -- helmet on and and -- -- helmet up to a computer we've -- controls as the model. As Somalia is one of the most advanced robot in the world you can block -- and it's that that -- better than I do. But we've been on a number of -- special the other. And so maybe in the future of the space program will be done by surrogate. The action will sit in the living -- this -- communicate mentally. With it robot on the mode. That we don't have to worry about booster rockets and -- accidents and radiation. Will be able dissent circuits into outer space. And this is like the -- targets starring Bruce Willis. Maybe -- surrogate will look like us. These super human perfectly and some and from that they prefer to live news. As a sword that we mean -- one to have our. Ugly bodies -- not so perfect and not so strong. We may want to -- people are at the surrogate. That was basically the -- of the movie. Starring Bruce Willis. Victory for him of menus and stuff. I don't have the details and probably but I think -- remembered correctly. Reading a couple of months ago San Francisco. Company remember the name Victoria's. Of which was contracted to FaceBook. And what they were doing they were attempting to -- the human bring the at a computer that was trying to draw what -- -- -- And it had all kind of bearing images of it but basically. What to -- the computer was aiming to do and people have been carriers -- in and do. Was created machine that can think like humans is is that possible does that in the future. Well let's take it step by step. It's not possible that -- human brain but it MRI machine. And damage in that -- that they create 30000 dots of electrical activity. The computer then takes it that about and creates a picture. And so you're able to actually see what the person if you and thereby we cord injury or record what he is looking. So it's good looking. How orange or rap or -- very easily in the computer can create a picture is back in my book I actually showed you pictures does that. Pictures created by the human mind via a computer. Into the computer -- the dictionary. But dictionary between certain pixels. And certain electrical patterns and thereby is able to recreate the thinking process. Including the aging process so let -- be able -- he will be dreamt about the previous night. Now the reason why we have somebody so much problems that the brain is because the brain is not really a computer. A computer has its pentium chip that's a surprise that there programming. Windows. -- that the brain has meant that. The original programming there's no windows there's -- CPU does not -- he -- -- there's no separate gains. He keep the brain is a learning machines it we -- itself after it learned that you passed like a baby. However. Computer that not. Get smarter. Your laptop today is that this stupid as it was yesterday erupt on -- but that's what the brain does the brain is the learning machine. And so that's what we want to do it now with artificial intelligence. You wanna have robots learn like children. A look at them look at the planet markets we have the war's over the market over learns by going over the surface of Mars. And so these robots have the intelligence of a cockroach but they do very well on Mars and we went -- solar system but that. And so robot that were like a baby aren't going to be the future big bump at that things learned how to maneuver and learn how to walk. That's how infected millions of years ago and that's how robots are doing it today to him a long week ago before we get a real human like robot. -- would be greeted -- we do about seven hours more. To open where they can name your book and where they combined. -- -- -- Don't go to my web site and -- -- dot org and. KEU. Dot -- Eloquently at FaceBook account be Keokuk who we've actually lob over a million and a half. A million Africans. Blonde look. And the book is based on interviews that I've done for the Discovery Channel Science Channel BBC television. It's real science. It's not science fiction -- liked science fiction. Real fine everything in the book is based on reality. Now the one thing that is not based on reality is speculation in the Balkans speculation. That one game need to because -- content that into outer space at the speed of light and at least they're being. I think at the month dreamed about this it what do we have brain two point zero that is the CD-ROM with all your current climate. Then we can put that on the laser -- So all the necessary ingredients of the mine is battling to be any sense that it kind of space to the speed of light. That perhaps the most efficient way to explore the universe -- booster rockets. No accidents in the media right collisions. Doctor. Oh my producer very expensive for you because of this interview like -- we a true god true. Am -- would really love the bugle call you later date talked to more about a book thank you so much you have my. Doctor meat she'll cut Ku K eight K used the book is the future of the law I think passed it. We're called the thing to think we're coming right back a bit of DO brigades 78 -- 53 yeah.