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2-24-14 1:10pm Angela: on crime

Feb 24, 2014|

Angela hosts a discussion on crime in New Orleans. The panel includes: Darlene Cusanza of Crimestoppers, Ken Caron of the Fauxborg Marigny Improvement Association, avid cyclist Jason Patterson, Anneka Olson of Bike Easy, and regional planning committee member Dan Jatres, as well as NOPD First District Commander Otha Sandifer.

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I certainly hope you had a beautiful weekend that you enjoyed those parades. And a few more bark is or any of the ones yesterday and gotten little wet so what. A little water never hurt anybody and we had a ball on those dogs had a ball in it was it was glorious. But we're starting a new weekend -- we have I think three very interesting topics today. The first one is is painful but needs to be discussed and are gonna get to that. In our next hour we're going to be talking to a tax attorney about if you wanna go into business how do you -- enough. And how do you handle employee taxation -- So if if you want to join us please do and if you've recently owned or started a business and having problems -- thought we'd love you to share with us. And then our third hour I'm very excited. General Russel honoree will be with us for the next hour. He has retired from army but it's certainly not retired from being very busy and has many interesting things to talk about leadership. And also the green army which I think you'll find fascinating. But we began. The story of two cyclists viciously attacked by two men with baseball bats send a chill the spine of our community. As the city lays down more bike paths encouraging recycling. On not just for fun and exercise. But as a means of transportation. Are biking community is rapidly growing. But the to all of attacks on esplanade avenue intra men has not only cycle is concerned -- all citizens. Who are these attackers who beat but not robbed. What is their motivation. Will joining us to talk about this is darling Christensen is the executive director of crime stoppers. Can't Karen that's correct with the -- Farber -- improvement association and a member of the police community advisory board. Jason Paterson music director at snug harbor jazz -- he is also a cyclist. And on Olsen with a -- easy cyclist group on nonprofit. Four to make slightly safer and a lot of fun. And are going to be joined by phone Dan. I hope this is right John actress who has the regional planning on the regional planning commission. And out for the pedestrian and bicycle program. We're going to be joined in about 1020 minutes with the commander Sandefur also who's gonna give us an update on two men who were hurt. Not so let us begin. I keep saying it it was terrific. On every level it was terrific. And just to remind people who might not know. A man is riding his bike -- esplanade in north Robertson. Another man stepped out in front of them. Having a slow down a third man then hit him in the mouth with a baseball bat breaking his job. And the police say shortly after that in the 12100 block of esplanade. Two men approached another man on a bike and hit him so hard his skull was fractured. Horrific. So all of you'll have had time to sort of absorb this. I think everybody is so thrilled that we have these like links now that we've seen this tremendous influx post-Katrina of people on bikes it's it's. I can't believe our -- done so well. That this was extra thankful someone you know from you all. What you think is going. I'll start -- an -- -- Karen I'm. I've been involved with my neighborhoods. Quite a bit and some with the police department as well. I think the you know part of -- and and the advisor orders call vote please review -- or. I think what some it's just horrific what happened and it's just horrible happened I think people should be -- our citizens are neighbors should be. Up in arms and -- raise what happened and having said that I think there's some stuff we have citizens can do as well. You you have better lighting we need to be forceful noise and get these -- -- -- report a bit earlier. A bomb some of the things you can also do I know collectively -- rumored we've put cameras a lot of cameras and -- it. And for instance there was a crime in America last night within five hours they put on video about the crime a robbery in the meridor outside. I think that's really important than that we get this thing solved I don't think it's. Are gonna solve these tires problem and ousted the problem that there's not a -- please ministries. I work at the if district a lot of Alter over there a lot I know these guys distressed. I'm sure the first district an area of district is. Very understaffed reminder saying -- about a third less police officer on the streets than there was in the past and we should be at citizens outraged about this. And ask for more police and ask for better lighting. Okay your thoughts on. The attack on the east and innocent riding their -- how. Well they were. Bicycling at night. Late -- -- through poor neighborhood. And what we've seen now. Lived in lower quarter. Primarily for many years since early seventies. And bicycle through that period in fact I -- movement in New Orleans because it's got. Option for you as opposed to growing up in the suburbs like I did. So it's a beautiful thing to be able to bicycle. But. I believe over the years. Bicycles don't depend on the police to protect him I think if there's one thing the protection the most it's your own common sense. And you really have to crank it up. To the Max when you're slightly vulnerable. You're vulnerable every time you get on the bicycle that day or night. Most of the time it's people opening their doors to park cars or cars that don't acknowledge your existence. And that's what I've told anybody that. Going to be bicycling for the first time either in New Orleans are any kind of urban setting. Is the best policy is to believe that your invisible to every year nobody sees. Don't take anything for -- And you know. He prepared on any situation. As we know of what happened and and certainly we can be updated. But it sounds like I mean put yourself in this -- shoes he's peddling along and somebody walks out in front of them knew that automatically slow. Perhaps audience is not a good idea on an you know after dark. You absolutely should not do that -- When somebody's trying to slow you down unless they appear -- just been an accident there and some sort of issue. Avoid them turn -- do anything to get away from wood is with me my suggestion and that's what I would do. In that situation it's extremely dangerous after dark to be bicycling. But you know I mean -- service based. Economy here and yes I mean. Love these folks work basically you know late hours and things like that and we we really -- I agree with Jason you've got to be. Sensitive to your surroundings and and be aware of things like that but. Haven't said that week we've got a lot of people can afford to take cabs or or. In -- read about her reason so I mean it's collectively we need not just the bicycles involved we need a lot of other situations that. Curve on your thoughts. Yeah I would absolutely echoed the they need for improved street -- I like on esplanade. Regularly and I know that's that's a very dark stretch and it's something that I've experienced bicycling throughout the city that. Lighting is really key issue and it's not just a key issue for bicycle as it's an issue for all. Road users especially vulnerable road users like pedestrians and people who are waiting for public transit. So that is absolutely something I would like to echo. I also think you know I don't I don't wanna blame these victims but there are things up icicles can do to keep themselves safe. We teach -- easy we teach youth and adults about safe bicycling techniques. And one of the things we always teach is to be alert. Just by being alert you can reduce the likelihood that you'll be involved in crash or you know god forbid an attack at this kind. So just being alert having your wits about human being aware of very critical. Also not writing with headphones is is a really important. Thing I mean not not just sent me during the day as well because you. You rely on that understands appearing to be able to hear a car approaching from behind so don't Wear headphones while writing. And I would also say that if at all possible on the especially people who. Are going to be writing late at night and you know maybe people that work in the service industry if you can find someone else to -- west. That's also going to go along way towards keeping using numbers. We are also joined by phone by demand is it jumped from. Doctors of the you're with the regional planning commission. Just give Fisher's thoughts on this this horrendous horrendous thing that happened to these two men. Bob guy I think I'll echo what the other. Speakers here said that this is an area. Tragic incidents. Publicly also vary. On -- So. Think you know the police have released this sketch about the suspects. And from what my and my understanding as they continued to is to search for the suspects in this case in how we can all hope that they are apprehended shortly before our. You know they try to repeat that. I think what topic it was just -- about being aware of your surroundings is. Crucial no matter what you're dealing. We we have the crime problem in the city. And some areas more than others and -- being a warrior surroundings whether you're walking bicycling or even driving. Is important to make sure that you're not caught off guard. And making yourself what part. I want everyone to stay with the stand and every one and I appreciate our callers I want you to hold on as well. We're gonna take a quick break we're gonna have a quick update from the police commander. And then I'll take your calls financial under the W well. We are talking about they really horrific incidents to incidents were two men work. I attacked with baseball bats aren't riding your bikes on esplanade avenue. Both seriously hurt. I want both or callers to stay on Bobby Michael get right to you but. We are joined by both the Sandefur who was the commander of the NO PD first district and I truly appreciate you calling answer. And if you could give us an update on the case. I guess men thank you for and in me today. We want the public to know. We've been working these cases as -- -- -- and stop. And our detector -- -- to the victims on a constant basis. That they've reported crime to. And you all aware that windy and have a composite sketch put together and -- And we also received date crime stoppers -- obviously it's an actual vote. One of the suspects. However it is unfortunate that. This particular individual was not selected out of debt photograph decline that we conducted. However. Stated war detectives are currently work in this particular case and being interest those victims. They are very appreciative and I applaud our efforts are to bring this to close. Now this particular is that we haven't had any like this before and not at any it. We beat -- true in this particular area and obviously court. And of course we you know scorched. Inquiries in where information relative to these can be used to by all means the wrinkle stoppers and not give misinformation. Let me ask you I know that it has been. Compared to improperly to this sudden knock out game where we've seen it happening nationally. Where these idiot guys will just somebody's walking down the street they just knock them out with your fist. And but it apparently is not that because of the addition of the baseball bat as a weapon. That is correct. Com no man this is not. -- that knockout game again at these days it is a -- in replica incident. And by no means do we take him lightly so I would -- -- -- -- investigation that we exhaust all of -- Let me ask you do you think it'll only because it'd come -- the -- it discussion. Hello. Yes that. You know this area and we have a lot of new people in the area which is great post-Katrina. And there might be some. Discontent with those who have been -- along time. That it was a strike out against that almost that the gentrification. -- no -- we have done nothing relative today dot type of concern from our constituents. -- -- strike out against spam I believe and we believe -- around that it was years to. Individuals who just set out to commit horrendous crime. Well I appreciate this call very very much and do you have a status are are the two men who were hit still in the hospital. -- -- -- -- -- -- recovery and -- in our detectives have been in constant. Touch with them. They are doing. Fairly well right now. And who being -- an excellent condition as time goes all. Also in the community any concerns about. -- -- icicles in this particular area we encouraged him to be aware of surroundings. As well as it came in. Right in pairs or writing groups. Also if they had any concerns about the estate the topic what happened to meet with them and my station. I was located by one -- opera -- street. We also have not that means every third accused the it expedient. -- it would -- to meet with them. And that's open that's open yeah British Open. Well I can't thank you enough fun commander -- it means a lot that you would take the time to call. Is none of the problem normally we again thank you all have an excellent one. Question shouldn't even mention that you beefed up the number of officers. There's a universal concern that we don't have enough officers how how are you able to do that. Basically would be losses that we. We are just -- using bedecked maps and concentrating on specific areas we have high concentration of crime. OK -- again thank you very much for calling sir. Thank you -- that. In the -- -- that. Whitbeck. Concentrating on areas of crime we had a great weekend bodies being our first morning we can't. And we will ever want to know that we got -- -- Absolutely thank you again for all you do you. -- darling Costanza -- get here earlier so you all got a photograph. And a tip on that actually gave the name of the person they thought it was very similar to the sketch when this that the photographed. And I'm sorry to hear that that person was not selected in the lineup. But -- literally import in this instance is that the community certainly is taken this very seriously in the need to it because this is such an extremely violent act. In. You know whip this -- but I'm not sure with the charge would be once these people were arrested but I mean there is a reward out -- -- -- I mean I think someone who may have heard this story. A lot of times the people do these terrible impacts they tell somebody they're proud of what they've done this sickness that is their product what they've done. So if -- a person might be an acquaintance or friend and -- overheard who was responsible. And we need to make phone call in remember that it's an anonymous call pitcher also going to be able to get a reward images of war it would be up to 2500 dollars a significant significant consumption. Let's go to one of our callers Bobby in New Orleans. Don't I'm doing just fine. -- -- had some of this and he condolence I'm about. Okay I'm fifty years ago I wish -- done it in concert. I want the ball and gone on content I want got sort of let's look at a concealed carry. Okay and carry the army calls -- from now. -- just going to be that simple at some permit back from the state if it takes like four months. W one citizen street carrying a -- Okay look at that particular. -- -- wouldn't somebody stand up for themselves and understand them -- while. Well you just be careful with. Be very careful with how I'm getting I'm getting trying to pump or outright. I'm trying with a -- turned out and I'm going to hold trying to -- I never got quite. -- -- -- -- But I don't spend money -- myself trying. Brought to the United States concealed carry of -- -- -- and color everything I can. -- -- I'm just curious if you've lived here all your life. -- -- and an crime has been much worse in years past. What motivated you now. But they don't stop now but they're not fall into people on the ball back -- people walking down the street. I'll be able to go. I can't sit back and let people are in some some. The police don't have out okay they need to be -- okay I'm gone so trying. I look at I'd always get a gun I'm still get it done. But -- issue and should go on election -- twice -- week. Well again I'm Obama -- I appreciate you calling and be careful with that gun and things just for sharing your thoughts. Oh my -- -- thank you Bob and I want to Mike -- to stay with as we kept it in the break we're going to go to the newsroom. Well we are talking about -- last week maybe two weeks ago -- the two random acts of two guys on bicycles separately. Being pummeled with baseball -- both very badly hurt. And talking to people who love to cycle and are happy in the city that we now have it. But you know the sort of a wake up call for everyone like to go to -- colors real quick Mike thank you for holding your home. -- Mike from home. Why in particular property law and move out because of the crime and -- certainly true. The lip -- job that -- to doubt the level job. Angela you know all -- might feel much earlier that you. Problem problem is. People you have and -- our structure Friday that it yeah they you know what. Any of their any oil around them. They're only concerned about what they can do other people out they can arm and that I've been there all the shootings they go on nightly. If you get somebody oh were locked out -- point that out and you should show you what's going on in the goal. What the catered to in the school teacher according -- with the kids will get a third graders fourth -- they're great and they just attacked from. And there are nothing. You have all. It will attack fellow members of the art. In no way of doing anything stopped but they are gentlemen just call it has got the answer. Everybody needs to go out get a gun carrier when you get attacked. That'll bring -- to it and it's -- start there were some that law that if you. Call like that great. They're not gonna fix anything you gotta correct the problem and the problem that the parents -- bringing up kids. Generation after generation or who have no but they're not. -- Well I appreciate your holding on Mike -- really do and I think all of us we've had a number of shows and we will continue to do programs on the complexity of crime. And it does start in the home and you're absolutely correct and it isn't that parents are bringing their kids up at that they're not bringing them up. But that is literally something that goes far deeper than. This particular instance I think what we're doing the show is because this is different this is about. Oh my gosh we're finally doing it right this town with a bike -- people exactly what these people are talking about. Are using them to go to to and from work isn't just a fun and games that's beautiful but it's it's this is how they have transportation. What can we do. And as they're saying individually and then as a community to make this right. Two to make it better I'm not sure I agree that a gun and every pockets gonna do it. But I think you are very right that we as a society need to have a multiple conversations. Multiple conversations. On how we can -- better children and it's a delicate subject but it's one that people need to have again thank you very very much for calling. You'll have any thoughts. -- I think that. Well I -- just to armed guards may come of the last caller you know obviously in the nobody is really to -- stop these things I think we as a whole as residents here have to do something and we need to get involved. I'm not ready to give up on the city I love the city and I think you know a lot of people who are here love this city ammunition and after Katrina there's still here and it's still the see the greatness in the city. You have a lot of problems to correct and I can be corrected easily but it's getting involved and that's I think that semester we need to really get up there. Darling -- I would agree to -- I think that there. Certainly have seen some changes that we since Katrina event. Citizen involvement citizen activism is truly made a difference I mean the bike lanes -- one -- -- from citizens group joined together for that. So I think that all of -- -- we see things that maybe we're not happy with but it's -- it's given the opportunity to. Put a positive sleep to that in getting involved by volunteering mentoring. Whatever it is going to non pac meetings to talk about that earlier the -- invited people who were concerned in that area and that district. Every district in in a PD -- non pac meeting. And medicine meaning for the citizens to go in and meet with the stay at the command -- in the district and the tough questions and get the chances that they wanna hear. -- also alerts the district personnel to what's on those concerns -- that maybe they weren't aware. So there's a lot of dialogue happening and I just think it you know we only take advantage of that and continue to do it. I'm Dan I'm not leaving you -- do you have any thoughts. -- Agree that they you know there -- definitely. People doing things. I think we got a lot of examples that. Any particular. Confront problems. Saying particularly over the last couple years New Orleans. All made the decision. That it is not that crime and the issues that define that city and. Aren't doing things other. Neighborhood below our get involved in line in groups to to put back and -- the city and on a variety and initiatives that improve the overall quality of -- them. We'll offer people. Alternative routes to. Getting involved in crime. Okay. Another caller yes David you -- not a question for Darlene. Yes of course earlier comment -- about something first of all just I would imagine it's just a click on the post calling it that we all agreed it would. Call it in referred to what's going on now to what happened pre Katrina and draw these -- Orchard in conclusion that this -- fundamentally different -- treated and -- before Katrina and we unethical and it's -- eighties and nineties but it's it's such it's such a different city. It's really apples and oranges not think -- just those arguments earlier point I just one -- that it. But it would almost caught the barrage mature about this being the type of anti -- -- attack and -- and I've noticed it's. -- Laporte comment about. Did tae young professional and identification type. Comment that come about lately the economy get more -- What what's going on by are a lot more about it and some indications one you know that was afloat in incredible this year. That had a lot of comments about gentrification in that. Rangers Disneyland in and trying to create a white land and all these kind of things. So even in the group of new culture they were sort of -- -- -- -- -- budget vacation. And I'll I'll listen to this new documentary came out and -- about it that we gambit. Callable on saint -- And which struck out at me when this seven part documentary series. Is the amount of people who are in the Bible where Aaron Neil sucks in what area. Who are people who used to live look like -- up quick now to talk about what that there. There it's probable. Body newcomer -- -- they refer to what Colin. Audit report to a lot of people that came after seven as the Colin. And -- mentioned that you've seen -- or that kind of coming about but it's good to prop in the mean the past six months to a year it really started to rise and part of it is. Property values you know a lot of these. 50000 -- short and doubles now of course over 300000. In that these are not by the ten years they've caught that price so many people have been priced out. From an animosity but it's I've heard about -- occurring a lot. Especially in the -- water parity if you could comment on. Well I don't know if I do have a comment I -- I I am reminded though a thousand years ago when I first married. Garland not bought a house in the Irish channel. And we were like pioneers. It was some very very wonderful older people who were born and raised there are wonderful neighbors. And then a lot of dilapidated houses where young couples went in and fixed up the houses and we were called people who were trying to justify an area. We looked at it as trying to save the neighborhood. Wasn't kick anybody out it was trying to I just think that's that's actually a wonderful program idea. To just can't get this all on the table but thank you very much for college and -- the break we'll be right back. Well we're certainly talking about the horrific act of these two men who were hit with a baseball that is they -- their bicycles on esplanade avenue. But of course it goes into bigger issues of our crime and our need for police and better lighting etc. But let's get this call from Jackie in Metairie -- Yes you. I am kind of calling it dead came in fact act attack. And at the -- have been violated the very horrific. And I can't believe something like that happen. The -- just if you get a tiny thing that's an isolated incidents. Bicycle riders are accosted every decade by people in the vehicle. Thinking that the -- don't belong on the street. And I -- bike shop with my husband and we have people coming in all the times and I was so and so I went up to Broder -- -- You know hit by -- a car yesterday and it's just. We -- may have more awareness. You talk about on purpose they're doing this on purpose than just being. Idiots. -- exactly. And my husband has been riding for over twenty years. And he -- every morning. Before you come from and we go to bed. He's Dolly's been talking about. He want to get to class to get out there to teach people how to ride safely on the streets. But it's so hard to deal when you have so many people. Did just have no consideration even that it passed that law that -- -- We use at my record I think three feet away Atlanta bicycle rider. Don't go to human right by him and almost clip -- -- there. Ramirez on the outside -- -- I've seen it myself I'm like oh my gosh and I am out of my creditors. But I I've seen it happened I hear it happened. A little -- with the guys in the girls that -- man. And it's just appalling. That is. Especially if they're doing it on purpose to being mean. And you know why can't we all get along I hate to sound trite and -- I haven't sank. Exactly split what is the problem. A bicycle after pulling -- to a stop sign. Waiting for traffic and then Clark comes up right behind him mr. -- in points parent you know. He's an abusive language and content get off this street get on the sidewalk. He like OK wait in haven't. That has -- to go Ray -- elements. That goes back I think to greater need of mental health and our community because I really didn't ask -- I really appreciate your column for a broken have to go I wanted and he could sort of address -- you were saying about. Like safety yeah absolutely I'm Jacqui and I appreciate your call and I wanted to just for some policies that. For folks who do bicycles or want to bicycle and interested in learning about what they can -- to keep themselves safe. Quite easy does educational programs and you can find those on I'll take it can beat you up make easy now warned. And I encourage you come out for a class and we're all about teaching us how to keep themselves safe and keep themselves comfortable on the road. The second thing I wanted to say is you know but bicycling annual balances is really safer than ever as we've seen these by -- and and I just want to say that I think we're seeing it get better. I -- we're really. As as we see more people writing this is what's happening. Cities around the country. As more people are on bikes these kinds of harassment incidents where cars are dropping crashes are dropping. So what I wanted to say I am just in the cycling community and that entire community today is that. Despite these attacks and despite some challenges that thankless absolutely face in terms of having a lack of respect from motorists. Keep writing. Being out on the street and on your bicycle is actually making. Making cycling safer and it's also making our streets safer because it means that you're out there there's more -- street so so don't separating. And you know it really is a process and I don't remember. When I lived an element I've worked in the quarter I would drive from organized by someone purse on a bike it was a lot than after the storm it was just -- now my eyes used to it. You know and I'm used to it as a traveler. And I think exactly what you're saying the more that the better it will get. I don't wanna leave out. Jason. You're -- List number one you've been around a long time in there who get on the pulse. -- but I agree with Monica you know if there's one thing is take home which here. It's to be aware if you're on a bicycle every minute you're on bicycle you have to be conscious of your surroundings. Whether there's somebody potentially come -- -- to do you harm. Or think of it as video game you know it's an obstacle course and there any second there might be something right in front of the you have to deal with immediately -- active. Very good reflexes. And I think this town is built for bicycles you know that's what was one issue what Katrina was that there's a lot of -- don't have cars. And it's it's. A perfect. An environment for vice cyclists and it's obviously growing so we have to deal with it and have -- a positive outlook toward that new kind of trapped. Protection yes. They may have liked to dissent if you if you or eyewitness to something -- -- bicycle as a hit none of them of the bicycle us or anyone has done anything. Try to get beat beat a good citizen reported in the best thing to do is be the good witness. Book for the license plates and learn how you can be more observe and which you're you're saying and so that we can make that report. -- how -- to report is to be one step closer to being a safer I think banking biking around situation for everybody despite. And one more time before we leave darling. There's a 2500 dollar reward out for any information that will lead to the arrest of these two guys who with baseball -- to harm to people badly. Absolutely and you make that anonymous call junior in like 418 to 1111 and go to the website you can log on and leave anything in photos. And that's kind of star Christina dot org and it the way it is anonymous you never identified I can't thank each and every one -- you enough this is this is tough and we just want to make it better we just want to make the city better were so close. And something like this happens and it goes well. Thank you thank each and everyone -- you and thank you over onto our callers and today and I appreciate it very much stay with us for not -- -- -- under the anyway. Next hour John Butler telling us how we can settle our business. -- and Angela under the that it will most of the newsroom.