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2-24-14 3:10pm Angela with retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore

Feb 24, 2014|

Angela profiles retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore.

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Only came riding in just in the nick of time. Lieutenant general Russel honoree brought 20000 troops and order to the chaos that followed Katrina. He and his men helped save people from their groups created a plan to heard tens of thousands of stranded people to safety. And truly brought organization to a city no less under siege than any battleground. Channel on -- has retired from the military but is still very much in our hearts and very much still working in a leadership capacity. Teaching leadership and preparedness. And we are truly thrilled to have you in the studio. This is a treat for me a great treat. First of all congratulations on your retirement from the military 37 fabulous years. Are you loving your life today. Yes. Or you were to tell if I was it uniformed service reporters at news street Louis is three days. And discrete mission to an opportunity to serve. A mission in the capacity tribunal -- -- thousands of people who were trying to deceive. Fellow citizens. -- Trulia on -- and go by captain trees or two more years. Until 2008. And to figure out what those you do almost second and I thank him in a -- It had to have been a big transition to take that uniform on. Well Angelina was it. As they settled I got back from Katrina. But our chaplain came. In. Realizes he needs to do what leaders do little. Talk with -- -- ministry written in this media. Hole where I thought -- lose. Him alive as well. Are they got decided what I wanted to do when they do about the army's to a status eight. Austria and arrest them alive were to -- preparedness in Sewell a mere suggestion soon -- Is it or you pay the most to was support based in your life more so well. Devastated videos. Marital life. Bob -- in the army. You sit on what you think about a little bit -- -- he said Alicia think about it news. Debate god allowed you to be born. Did you figured well why -- your purpose why he allowed to live. As long. There are reflected on that a little bit have to tell him. What that the star receiver -- Q just figured out. The second most important vision alive and why and that was -- -- a Life Partners. To. Help people be prepared. On natural and manmade disasters. A bid to -- flavor to that would have been terrible this year when people last year by U core cynical by -- come helped him. Because when I get help from the state off from the federal government and a beaming knows by the company. And I got me introduce you -- level. Justice. Concern we have and does create a degree in -- so. I'm living. What god has allowed me to do too -- purpose. Of serve -- My fellow citizens you lose him. Let's talk first if you don't mind about the preparedness is it's it's really very interesting to me that it actually it started to at least in my generation. Four at 9/11. All of a sudden rethinking things and then certainly coupled that with Katrina. Being prepared. And and how do you communicate. What people should be doing. Well first of all give people -- this notion that government can save. That already given -- mother nature to destroy anything built -- me. In that regard we've got to be prepared to be old -- respond. Knowing that the lights can go while we prepare. That the water can be turned off beat prepares. That amoeba. Could be isolated and -- be prepared to drop him -- Then when you're comfortable in -- all the apparent -- and you've got water and food on him and home. The new extend that value to arrest him if you do well enough to do that for yourself. To make sure everybody in your family as some degree of preparedness food water on hand. And if you see just of one common in the gulf. Make sure you get everybody you know evacuated and those of us that have the ability to do that we meet the -- When we get -- family and we focus on on neighbors but before we -- we have touched people. That we can influence and -- rule. But I do have some level of preparedness and have some good Billiton to evacuate. If that is what the all Europe did the news because mother nature to break all the news. I think. So many so many lessons books and books and books of lessons learned from Katrina but. One thing may seem small but it isn't. And that is the number of people who left for thinking two or three days and left all their important papers. And you just think oh my gosh. So now I know people who have big Tupperware. Things filled with your important papers that can just lifting go. Well it aired yet technology is blessed us with Tbilisi attitude -- me -- -- -- -- drops and we leave regard Caribbean box. They'll have -- on drop that we secure. And keep Willis soul. How you recover from a disaster. Who's directly proportional to how well prepared to reported disaster. Our ran into hundreds of people after Katrina -- journal a call my insurance company as threat to win in Minnesota hole. Then it's up and answers would Kenny G played him about -- I'll tell you -- wait another thirty minutes. Is that allowed caller has a -- copy of -- insurers papers. And a pair of -- -- goal line. Send us an email while you know have a computer. It's -- of people lost the older windows of opportunity for recovery. Because in Reid could constitute themselves in terms of papers in terms of identification. -- terrorism title city property so -- prepared in that regard. Is certainly a message will be to continue to repeat because what happened in Katrina could happen again to. Lessons learned from general on -- we're going to take a break moment come back we're gonna talk about. You've written a book leadership. But also about this new movement in his life the green arm so stay with this financial under the February. In general -- honoring our very special guest today. I have some questions for you about leadership I I really want and now. Did you see yourself as a leader prior to going into the military when you were growing up and Lakeland Louisiana well I grew up and defend a twelve. To -- fortune go to published -- -- On Foster was all segregated at that time. There and this school. Was very supportive for each club. A new form is of America which indicate future farmers of America after immigration but Bolton goes over those issues. Was -- -- around agriculture. Rule Kuhn its and teaching you'd it was your life could be beyond. The cut and feels so Louisiana. And your life was not -- about -- your book which could be could be key to that was an education. -- and via a lot of us have learned the business. You run immunity Robert's rules of war. Attitude reduces some tips he call fights Louisiana and talked to us about trees. Milled about note I was ago my first class in environment. W.s who were the talk to us about taking care of forest. Talking about how do you plant trees are you to sustain your. And in the new fall was or America -- -- my first trip outside Louisiana and Atlanta when most road is 02. Book convention. And on national convention. For -- law like form used. And -- -- off first Odyssey and a whole part of a -- him -- economic Devoe. -- but people as sedated vomit I was were. And but Tom I graduated on the southern. In 966. As a second lieutenant the united states army in the infantry. And launched off to law. Fort Benning Georgia home of the infantry -- -- -- My object it was a Gordon army come back to Louisiana far. But liked to have a different direction -- abuse treatments three days later a lefty army but that experience before each club. And in new fall as -- America. Gave me exposure. That. You Kabila leaders who will limited to risks associated with that. And there were great rewards that -- -- If you've made a difference in this situation. And in the art of leadership. Of -- we get people -- just give you would do something but we give them to willingly do it way to motivate. Condemn -- the women are realignment ought to motivation. According to Napoleon. Five theories that people have a self interest in and three. Music accommodation goes to dip yielded just. You bring up -- -- the art of it's the art of leadership and I think we've all worked with people who might be very good managers that they were leaders. In there was a huge difference. Oh yeah prison management as you can do it by numbers emitted. If you get if you have to do about vision. And -- people to -- sacrifice. -- -- Time. Talent. It's a -- when bill -- And that's where leadership major differences are you of people to take -- -- the impossible. And a dispute distinction between successfully use and others are those two of London due to routine -- well. Those about a Fred tickle me impossible. And those and other Senate Leadership as a pro -- sport not a popularity contest. And that third point is they're not afraid to -- even have to be criticized. More when you're able to walk through issues. You're you're prepared to to leave it there and our challenge Angela. Tuesday. Is how do we respond the next generation of leaders. As was jealous when I was a young person that to the World War II generations of -- -- -- god. You know I was on the beach zobel Long Beach and he he spears who depression and it looked Edison we have north -- -- Well to every generation is a Vietnam. Every generation is a war. They go off of his generation of young people is that you have no. You know have to worry about being drafted in Iraq were about a world war in Iraq were about immigration. A women's right to vote. But there what do you do have to worry is expanding. Global population where it ten years from golf five point eight billion people. The seven billion people another ten years in my view and I do -- That expanding global population. Is go to create a problem -- -- resources we have in this world to be as we noted. So -- Vietnam. Is how do you balance the involvement. When an expanded global population everybody want more all everybody want more Campbell calls. Louisiana provided -- -- 35% of our nation's resources in that area and between Baton Rouge and draws -- got to please call can sell. When a hundred chemical plants while reproduce start at 5% of the B nation's fuel -- through Louisiana it is not. Extracted from here. That is not a cause and impact on my bomb sort of vision on every -- -- outdoor about wars but would amount to robots how to balance. The quality of life we have today -- -- bomb and so we have every person Louisiana have been human right to clean air clean water and safe food. You know I love listening to what you're saying in yourself absolutely on target and yet I'm thinking one of the examples that younger generation is looking at. Is really the frankly the incompetence of congress today. The leadership is not there and it's at the expense of all the -- who put them there. But at the same time or waiting for actions. And that I'm disk courteous what you would if you could be president for six months. Just like you came in to. The chaos of new worlds after Katrina. You had to get the big vision you had to put all the pieces together. And you had to motivate. As elaborate a democracy without total transparency. News. There's a problem. And we have less transparency -- B and we had the parents. Because technology. Has allowed people to. Through media it mum. Electronic braking. We don't know. -- have to congress overhead to -- all of a sudden a millionaire. Bet it's happened because there influence all are bought through themselves. -- will have nothing no support amber country. But that's should be a problem for us where people become wealthy. After -- politicians. We need to have told transparency and ago. Hollow right now in Louisiana. Let alone talk about commerce. I'll legislation. Have rules. That you can introduce a new law. A -- goes through legislation. We know what that does that has repressed -- ability to take hold big at all. Has a say in that all companies place -- over the capital undergoes. Because -- dictate what laws we have them museum a political contributions. So probably have to Louisiana. News. Even bigger in Washington. The congress of the united state wrote an exception to the Clean Water Act. That toll EPA. Data extraction water from all wells is not as. Educated very -- UK growth this year and UK -- approximate but big declared that so be extraction and sure it would have to worry about. It's protect in the war. The Louisiana. We accept waste water. From oilfield production and Alabama. Is Alabama wall allowed oil minister to dispose of -- and -- are we allowed makes -- even. The -- destroyed poison water and put him in round in Louisiana. That is the issue. That we've got to get -- laws changed all. A lot of -- laws was created on vigorous as always thought we got so much water by the Mitchell would -- a cell sciences prove. That we have an impact on vomit we need to accept at a Louisiana. We need to preserve displace. His that we don't preserve displays I'll culture which cities will not have oysters. We will not have clean crawfish and -- official -- goal in the meantime the extraction and mr. Walid. Everyone stay with this will again general on -- a lot to say and -- come back after we go to the newsroom we're gonna talk about the green army. I'm in July under a W well. Our very special guest today general. Let's start with the. Are yeah. General operators -- are so -- that shared many years ago and never hurt anybody. -- All other Carol and that is what they're expanding population and its culture and natural natural resources. We need council on international collections so open looks and keep at it now you hear. But in the United States does -- as a supplier in yet about back water both those countries are pretty shall rule and the whole global environment. Be it pictures pollute their air lecture from wobbles. They had ordered -- probably has a better idea the -- -- You know the leadership of this country maybe what the country's. -- -- open being -- just -- the Internet in your bed and not at all. Obligated or the Japanese -- -- they had years a little. Yes is there -- yes it is the goal our response to fuel. Impacted expanded population news China. And its Russian. -- nationalize. An improving economy. It's just about destroyed there victories in China detail people come it's. Who were Marius. Is large bodies awarded China have been told pollute and destroy. Because it might be one place that a sequel to lose Yemen and lax laws. We almost -- -- region -- the term so controller air pollution. And it patrol protecting -- But China would one point three billion people. In the United States and about 312 million people we know about China has one point three billion India is right about that same -- one point three billion. -- -- 5% of the world population we consume 25% resource. So big challenge with China and India and expanded middle class double callers. Who -- put more pressure on -- bomb so. That's the challenge and is being addressed through. A climate change and change in the Ozal. Which affects everybody but on the David B issued each one of those countries. Chronological Louisiana. -- put business before and vomit not a fight. Lose that is one of the few places were away and vomit is a Third World. But people -- they -- a -- shoot because you can bomb worry what it called unabomber analysts Ernesto very early out bandage. That's a shame because -- -- we're talking about global climate impact that the -- refreshing change to become such a political. You and understand -- you can -- Sharia. Apple started it that there's no doubt that we in the -- -- in -- washed our leaders would. We're using it as -- flash point -- trying to divide. Their constituents. -- thank you very much for this call the spring is to agree to the green army let's talk about. You went to buy you corn because they called you and they were looking for leadership that wasn't around. There's there was -- boy -- the people the survive as a -- -- quorum. Or whoever wins via Thursday -- medium to ship -- -- public library. And it was almost like the opportunity for people Columbia that. There's share. With him -- going through trying to negotiate -- two companies. Recoveries. The company Texas Ron brought their -- users. And often to people. Current value for the home. Who was current value for places and -- It's not that there's like fifty dollars a square foot. To go replace a -- 500 square foot home. They wanna talk a replacement value be all for bill and current. Which was a disrespect. And decide that they -- Angeles they'd lose this thing out but had no role plea. Regret spending its own residence right -- the respective time defended Texas Brock. And on top but it takes his bride is not paid to state to a million dollars in old. And it did the other venues Texas bride continue to operate -- -- now and yulia. So that's -- that's not a speaker brought some national media brought but W eldest of stories everybody got involved. And we saw -- and distributed direction. Where people called now it's decides 26 acre. As opposed the original law tennis courts but that issue is not resolved. Texas bribe his treaty. The potential. Of the future Superfund sites. If this thing explode is going to be -- a weapon of mass destruction. That's salt dome as one mile -- three models. And certain parts of as salt dome has butane stored in. It is sit on my news very evolved soul all explosive. And his continued to operate and that's all don't so that's odd oddball is it. I couldn't believe this was happening -- democracy. And said Stan we've expanded to work on the weapons. To oracle protecting our drinking water -- out before water and to stop the tax exemptions that these -- -- -- big at all. We give a tax exemption for five years or give chemical company's ten years. And if the rebuilding officers in the night you would give a general use. Though we had a fourth largest producer -- in the country. That we at the bottom of every economic. Educational. We should be the richest state in the United States. We should be in the top -- everything but up politicians. Have given all the money in the breaks to big at all. While its practice and amass all water and I'll buy you so that that's initiate. Let's take another break stay with this the great general honoring right after this. General Russel -- our guest today. Not talking about the past even though he's had an incredible one clearly talking about what he's doing now in the future. And thank -- we had his energy in his brain's right here in Louisiana. You're you've become quite the environmentalists and fighting for. The betterment of the state and now you're part of this group the green army and you'll are going to take things in the legislature specifically white. Well most of topics we talk a -- the provision. That. Which asserted we have to have a minimum safety zone around assault all they have to be secure. We wanted dole what's in the cell bill. Sort of people -- community know what what toxins -- there. We wanna know how much money to salt dome operators -- -- to the state into the carriage. Right now we have nowhere -- Norman who wondered though how much money to salt dome operators. Contribute to local -- to politicians and how much. We want transparency. Without transparency. We've got a status school. Which is there operate. Behind the door. It was up that happened. If only when it hit the news -- -- -- -- involved. -- -- that would give transparency. And the people in the state. It's dog influence it was happening in new album right now. A lot of our legislators a law -- use one may not legislated -- wooded. Record all in this news we've also asked him to recused themselves if you Wear can all aghast at you in the legislation. Is unfair criticism Louisiana that you do to create laws ball games. That determine tax exemptions. That determine what parts of the clean water did you. The democracy what is on the war that we in Louisiana you can vote old all at JS lawless. And at the same time go by at home and be a lawyer to represent all the -- That's legal to -- him on the Lugo law and that is why we have assembled. The Bob -- problems we have is because a legislator control what happens. And -- the laws so lax that. While we have accidents and reason we have some of the accidents because a lax laws and self reported as self regulated. You know this our economy is built so much on this it's -- thousands of jobs. And a sense into me you're not saying we want the oil and gas industry to go old bug nobody here really think about it and -- accountability. Rookie and all latest bid to sort of destruction or rely on. We just don't want him to try -- please. That left 6000 abandoned well. -- -- -- 6000. Take -- from all the court people were. Regatta fonts up to progress but about talking about. If you wanna put a well -- Allow you put -- well here but -- wash it clean for five album that's in that area. We'll get a solution that now nobody likes that because somebody tell me where you don't that was granddaddy should default. -- that we have been able usable at forty years so we wolf five million now's the mass was that millions that you lose him now. We take people court people give the money in the Louisiana law as an old rule to make sure wouldn't be cleaned it up. So some uptake of Monday's sell the land and take off and private jet -- the -- -- saints. Football. This is not good far Obama's idea for the state in this all set up despite this -- about losing oil law that hesitate. We want a plan to clean those 6000 whales out. And it must be down on all watch we can't pushes down the road and the state legislated no call these abandoned wells. It'll be called them Orson -- Often they often that's the language in the lives of wind bit through eight governor it's none album I've taken missile none out. Have brought this fall bloated alleged they use -- ball clean these wells are what state did. Let me do a lot of -- we got a symbolic program. Won't get a few pandas from all companies so weak he brought -- all of you duties things every year. Maybe a couple of -- of three doesn't object handle the rest of most -- that not there spewing. Chemicals into the bomb. You're going to be in Baton Rouge -- enough of those committee room. Barely. Through -- but I told one company. Excel. We will not make you stop using apple for war legally because the -- -- -- law. Allows you to use -- -- water as opposed to use a rebel war. Panacea will -- -- -- it -- on the court. I'm not gonna asked the legislators to me you do reduce. But I promise you six how will put a thousand grand mama's for -- camera on every day. But tell you -- corporate decision. To stop using ground war is not using rebel war. That's the promise a thousand grand mamma is -- pretty in depth at which -- Well let's roll -- but I'm not -- -- report with the Gordon a court will lose because -- at a lull as described by the -- and a legislative -- treated. It capped a law allows you to take water oddity drinking apple ball as opposed user rebel war electorates in the districts. What was their reaction there. There was a sucking sound in -- room we OC. You know what we have but a minute and I I -- top ten hours with you we will have you back. But just in our last minute please tell us about this incredible program you have. At southern and I hope everybody's listening -- we talk so much on the show about what can be done to help people. To help young man. Always sought to use -- would -- a sudden restaurant -- created the -- -- if a student achievement. Design known known African American males in Louisiana. With help from the legislation. To bring them into Southern University show me and did not qualify for college muted amid SAT scores and grades -- well enough to go into college system. We brought him in in -- and you know pseudo. In the junior college from southern community college jobs report. Keyboard priest brought him in and objective news rebuild these kids up. So -- full qualify. Become the college. Upon graduation. All look the debt is were given it to decide if they teach for two years somewhere and go on to prove his -- somewhere in Louisiana. All -- Brigham did Nicole heart we've got to directive we got life coach regalia. A chaplain. Relive all southern new lawless campus they go to class together they got. Well -- at all. On -- all they take a look Koppel one another. And the objective at the end of the ability to show the state of Louisiana. That is she put to educate these young men and keep him in prison. And boy that is the bottom it truly is give these kids a chance. As a problem is that don't know lottery. And -- -- on the lottery if for agreed. And he can't really afford -- and a ten year old to become disinterested and education. And become people in the street. That lead image and in enemy economy that's big he stole and you know what Ando we've got to fix that all these kids need to have opportunity lottery. I thank -- general on -- -- -- please come back again will be watching for you in the legislature. And again thank you so much for being with this will be right back at you. Russel honoree is speaking tonight at the unitarian church on south Claiborne Jefferson 7 PM it's free. And on March 8 the water festival in Baton Rouge at the State Capitol he'll be there from one to three. Please join him thank you for joining us now let's go to John --