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Feb 24, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I hope you had a great weekend and yet there were some rain Sunday morning and into Sunday afternoon but -- turn -- to be really great yesterday afternoon and incorporates rolling all over all weekend long. I hope you really had a great time I I had a blast or two of two fairly draw and that's just an annual event that continues city in my opinion to get better. And better Amanda -- on calorie mouse Friday night Saturday I saw him. So -- -- Lloyd and I -- seen her before and she's -- a young pop artist. And has a lot of fans if you have teenage daughter's in particular org or teenage sons I guess for that matter you might even know who sheer Lloyd is. And then I saw -- really nice younger country performer Daniel bread -- yesterday so blitzer what in tears. -- Lead singer bowl by ace from American Idol and I'll tell -- -- had a chance to meet him really nice guy. I could not tell. That it was not David Clayton Thomas on stage. -- -- -- -- And it was truly amazing and then. I guess the highlight of my weekend whereas I've got to meet somebody that I or senator real crush on try to Phillips. Of Wilson Phillips and I've got got a chance to introduce him at a -- that's some really really nice people wanna take. Anybody who can open tonight means that it was to show wanna thank you very much and to protect it for granted. And people may not realize how important it is for me to meet them if you're a -- I'd like to meet you like to put. I like to put faces with the people that I'm talking to so you know by all means comeuppance and I don't wanna thank everybody that. They did it over the weekend and now and I'm thinking about to all of you know I appreciate you appreciate listen to our show. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight of the top eight things we like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Comic actor and director Harold Ramos. Has died at the age of 69. Carol Raymond school starting ghostbusters. And stripes. He also co wrote those movies along with the national language animal house -- also directed caddie shack vacation. In a few episodes of the office though. Don't really good comic actor in a very good director as soon. Great comedies so Harold bring this will be missed like a Kobe was training somebody to take his place now that he's no longer here. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The first full weekend aborted -- to shut him towards talking about that. And a fairly draw was so a lot of success say it was a lot of fun I will talk more about that today as we go through the showed tonight. And there were new rules in effect. 4 morning grow this year did did everybody follow the rules and publisher experience. So that we can talk about on the show tonight. Did did people pay attention to the new rules were there are any problems. Here's that dude I guess the problem with the new rules is there are so many things for police officers to pay attention to. That I don't want them to have to focus so much on comedy feel latter is back from from to the street I don't want them that focus on. And somebody. Doing something that it would be so easy -- just kind of went along with. With the rules. And -- you know there are there are people who are breaking those rules. And those of the very people who criticize a young generation. For not following the rules for being arrogant for being disrespectful. For not following the rules of society. And yet there are people with letters and with ropes it was shares. With grills with with all the new rules they're defying those rules because well. I don't think we have to follow those we've done it this way for a long time to help with the rules we're gonna just do we want to do. How was that any different. From the young people that those people are very critical month. So we'll talk about that and the shooter right well we sure experience like on this first weekend of ought to draw were there any problems. Our numbers 2601872. All free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text ember receipts of -- number two it's nice list of the top eight at eight. You're brighter still -- floats during the Korean crew of Ollie yesterday in both are expected to be fine fights with both incidents. Neither neither writer was properly tethered to the flow one was not wearing a -- all I think the other one was not properly tethered to the float. Now if you don't have to yourself to the floats. And if you falloff. Well traditionally have to look in the mirror to figure out who's who's to blame however our thoughts and prayers are with those two and again the good -- -- they're going to be okay. But our thoughts and prayers are with those writers who fell off but let's not let them -- -- thing. Pay attention. And it's not it's not the crew's fault if you don't take precautions and you know there's always the possibility it in what we've had tragedy. Now with people falling off floats in the past of the good deuces at these these people are going to be just fine and get our thoughts and prayers are with them and there. And their families but let this serve as a strong message to everybody who's on afloat. Be careful. Yeah we talk about those along the parade route that being careful you need to be careful and if there's nothing wrong with. Drinking and having fun and god knows a lot of people drink before they they get on floats. But you kinda have to do everything in moderation. And you know the other thing is if you're falling off -- -- to eat you you could hit some kid who's who's down below -- -- Really -- some kid and you know it would be like that killing somebody with your car. It was an accident. But -- feel terrible about that the rest of your life so anyway everybody pay attention and if your float rider tether yourself. And moderate drinking at traditional lecture. It's just a reminder. Moderated the drinking. Because. If you're an experienced drinker. You know that the next drink doesn't always make you feel better. Disappointed diminishing returns and alcohol the next string doesn't always make you feel better and and you get caught up in them in the in the moment and it's exciting and and it's the thing that you've been waiting for all year. But there's nothing wrong with with with pacing yourself and I know that's not down. That's and an easy word to. -- adopt it as part of your personality testimony draw but it's something you should consider -- that'll lectures just. Simply a reminder as a veteran -- draw. Just -- ID number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A girl scout in San Francisco sold 100. Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in just two hours. How did she do it. She said -- table right outside one of the marijuana dispensaries. In San Francisco. So this has caused the Girl Scouts in Colorado -- think. Hey this is a good idea however the girl scouts of Colorado are not going to allow their Girl Scouts to set up outside of stores. Where pot is now being sold legally for recreational use. Now isn't that a shame. It's legal. It it's it's legal to smoke pot in Colorado so the girls art. Breaking the law and you know what they say in business it's all about location location location and if you're selling cookies or something like that and you're. On location right outside of placed its -- states still sells a pot then you're a good location. So like it maybe you have a different opinion than I do but I'm thinking as long as this is an illegal and he does not like they're setting up on the street next to a drug dealer. They would you like. Would you like some cookies to go along with that. A quarter ounce or how items however is quarter ounce of Renault sold. Not that I should know that -- dime bag them and getting that information from our studio producer. -- who I guess deposed. But you know sometimes you know you know with the stuff from your past. Or sometimes you know things because you read the news and I didn't know it was a dime bag and in any event. Buys -- like they're setting up outside of legal operation it's illegal operations so wooded BOK for the Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside of marijuana. Store that is selling marijuana legally for recreational use. I don't see a problem with the number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Virginia State senator. Is being criticized for calling. The body of a pregnant woman. A host. Even though some refer to that is a mother. State senator Steve Martin Republican. Which talking about his pro life position when he referred to a woman's body as a host. He said once a child. Does exist in your room. I'm not going to assume a right to kill it just because the Childs post. Doesn't want it. Now. Obviously realize that he made -- really stupid mystic. Because he has now changed. The statement on news on his post. To say. Woman -- say -- instead of a woman's body is host. She is the bearer of a child so he's he's replace that and again you know this is. This is one of those insensitive things that just. Instinctively comes out and in some people when he to even think of a woman's body I mean technically. I understand his point. But that is a really. Ugly ugly hateful way to put. And it doesn't do the pro life group any good when people say and do really stupid things. And this is part of the insensitivity. Of many people not all that many people on the right it continues to damage the image of of the Republican Party. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Republican. Running for a senate seat in Texas is being criticized. For saying that ranchers should be allowed to shoot wet backs. Texas Republican Chris man. Running for senate -- at Texas. Has even defended the derogatory use of the word wet tracks. Saying that that term is as normal as breathing a year itself Texas. Now for those if you like don't know went back is an offensive term for Mexicans to enter the US illegally done this doesn't justify. People entering this country illegally. But did you think that in 2014. You could refrain from using a derogatory term like -- -- and and whitbeck is derived from. The wading or swimming across the Rio Grande. Which is the border between. Mexico the United States. He said we can't have illegal immigrants drug cartels human traffickers or terrorist coming across our border. Our borders. Can be either sealed by choice or force and so -- choice hasn't worked. I don't disagree with that statement but again this is. Another example of the -- insensitivity. That comes from some people on the right that must speed denounced by the Republican Party if the Republican Party is going to win another national election. And why is that it's so many people seem to be. Instinctively. Reflecting. The negative aspect of of the Republican Party. When when you have a certain image and and there are people who are continuing to feed that image. On on a national basis hated it makes national news when this happens. You really have to get together and just. Figure out a way to shut some of these people line up. If you if you wanted to improve your remission and this is not just my opinion -- the opinion of the Republican Party itself they would change their image this is the kind of stuff calling. Calling for people to be a first of all let's talk about it -- -- just shooting people come across the border. Certainly we have a border problem. But I don't know they just shooting people like. Like. Nutria in the wild because their past I don't know but -- -- that just doesn't seem to be that'd -- the human wait to handle that situation it does need to be handled the shooting in the end of two for refer to them as wet backs. Again this does not help the image of a party that is really desperately tried to change. If you enjoy an issue with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number estates have -- seven. Number two at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Top Republicans have condemned conservative Ted Nugent for calling President Obama he suffered human Mungro. Senators. John McCain. Ted Cruz. Rand Paul. Texas governor Rick Perry and former speaker of the house encourage CNN host Newt Gingrich all criticized. Mean. -- -- his comments. Saying that this is totally inappropriate. And we'll talk about this on the show tonight. I think this is really good news for the Republican Party it's good that prominent Republicans are coming forward it's. Something. Like. Condemning what Ted Nugent said calling the president among other things. A sub human mongol and I didn't realize this I think it was Wolf Blitzer in -- CNN who first brought this up. But that is a return to issues by the Nazis if I'm not mistaken attorneys by the Nazis to refer to the issues. And there has been a lot of criticism of this -- Ted Nugent has. -- campaigning for great added to his running for. Governor of Texas. And he is. Opponent Wendy Davis the Democrat is actually used -- ten digits harsh language about the president. Two to raise funds and draw attention to her campaign like. You can say what you want about the present your title to your opinion. But if you're going to advance. Your party. Things are changing and theirs there are a lot of people don't wanna recognize that things are changing I've I've since this since I started doing the show WWL and I've seen more. And more indications of -- and and the the attitude -- the show has been consistent all along and remains that way. We can have debates. And we can disagree. But there's no need for -- there's no need for. Hate speech. There's no need for. For the expression of. Ugly stupidity. When you're when you're trying to criticize him. And Greg -- the candidate who has used his new Japan is trying to now backed away from from Ted Nugent. -- Ted -- is is very popular among. Hard core right wing Americans. Mainly because of his stance with the NRA and this is stance for for gun rights. Well I believe in gun rights to. And when you're somebody like Ted Nugent and you're going to to draw potentially -- if Ted Nugent is smoke gonna -- be somewhere or in a bar have a some Beers and once referred the president as he sub human bungle that's a little different than doing it in an interview. And guys like Nugent if they want to advance their party's agenda. They're gonna have to learn to be smarter than Ted Nugent has apologized. Kind if he didn't apologize directly to the president but he apologized. For those people who disagreed with him calling the president. They sub human -- And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. -- -- Arizona has passed legislation that allows businesses to refuse to serve all homosexuals based on their religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom or is that blatant discrimination. That's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com it's going to be interesting to see how the audience reaction this tonight. Is -- religious freedom or is it discrimination. Is based on my religious police I can discriminate against somebody. -- refused to server. Is that protecting my freedom of religion or said more discrimination. And the -- blog tonight turning on our website is titled should religious freedom protect discrimination. And I get into this in the blog will talk about it on the showed might if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy. In a text number. -- 87070. Should religious freedom protect discrimination. You can read the blog and share with others whether you agree or disagree. It's a turning our web sites and also on our FaceBook page. Which is -- our website is to be a -- dot com FaceBook pages Debbie WL radio and I'll get to some of your comments from the FaceBook post. It just a few minutes. This is this -- show live on a Monday nights on VW well so the state of Arizona has passed legislation that allows people to use their religious freedom to refuse to serve -- This is not just about the gay issues that this is about America. This is about a much bigger reissue of some people. Asking the government to be involved in the personal lives of of of individuals. This is not just about my case this is about discrimination. This is about equality. Additional pressure -- your comic that I -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text -- is 87870. Also tonight we're talking about their girl scout troop in San Francisco actually a girl. From a girl scout troops have Cisco sold a hundred boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in just two hours. And she did this by setting her her table up with the with the cookies outside of marijuana dispensary. Soviet medical marijuana dispensary. It's never Cisco. But the girl scouts of Colorado has said that they are not going to allow their scouts to set up outside of stores that are legally selling pot for recreational use. Is that wrong. From Covington Karen -- WWL. Are you doing good. A girl scout leader of our ears and calm out early on -- creativity. That's what we're and entrepreneurial -- com. Their -- to kind of fight -- A lot of illegal liquor store labels strip illegal on the -- -- -- -- as a legal. -- you can't Egypt and that kind of Internet you know. A lot it cool ground where girls can sell cookies. -- Stage Stores you know approachable how's the and that. Child so I had a great. And turn while I agree with what you just said wouldn't you argue that there should always be a parent there with a girl discussed she would wanna leave them alone at a store. Grocery store alone a selling Girl Scout Cookies. Oh yeah I mean at any no actually GM that we were on the door and XT. It'll -- don't know with the leader and a couple of parents we never put out -- And I and I do question like gawker truly public or how she lives by job. We never like broke out about themselves. Why not really this girl was out there by herself what I'm responding to his city if it's -- -- -- be concerned about the people who are who are buying. Of marijuana for recreational uses as you would be people going into liquor store thing that would be a parent and every case. Who would be there just in case something happened and then I guess the other question is. Who's going marijuana and who's buying liquor in the a lot of your a lot of your neighbors. Are buying liquor would those be some of the same types of people buying marijuana. Well Google and important or more kids achieve their neighbors aren't. Now I do well it's. But if it's legal does that does that change it. On gender and obsolete -- -- is -- anymore. -- -- is there is there any difference in a child sitting somebody going in and buying pot where it's legal or somebody going and buying alcohol. And that's what I would want to grow -- -- -- rebel restore. You know -- -- -- -- yeah they're they're certain that we don't want our children at a young -- to -- -- find out. Well what do fits in the strip mall and there's a liquor store there but there's also a bunch of other types of stores are around -- so they're not in front of a freestanding liquor store. Well and that -- and you like I was the leader -- only around our store. The -- to be out and -- you're not only a great area like library com. Grocery stores and -- -- and a 10000 boxes into law. They were warned it here. Norton Internet responsibility which aren't the girls at the Big Apple which has totally -- -- Girl scouts of America and -- agree that. I do understand that that point gawkers from an entrepreneurial standpoint I guess it would be a little like if the if the Girl Scouts were selling ad deals they'd they'd go in and liquor store. You know for that to the morning after. -- I don't care -- -- have a good weekend. I did that get a lot of fun again my daughter turned eighteen yesterday Lyle went milestone I -- beat out -- happy birthday actually the -- Actually -- -- Karen a good one because the years of being a -- are far from over. All right you two -- join us for your comments tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. He sent me a text number is 87870. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Arizona has passed legislation. That allows a business to refuse service to homosexuals. Based on the owners religious beliefs. Is that freedom of religion. Where is that discrimination. Here's an update on the poll 52% say it's freedom of religion 48% say is discrimination. So we're gonna track this -- throughout our showed might give us your opinion by going to our website WWL. Dot com and also there's a blog that I wrote about this were talking about it tonight. The controversy that has now. Been ignited offered this this legislation. That based on religious beliefs allows businesses to refuse service to homosexuals. And I just think there's so many interesting aspects of this. And I talk about. I admit that I talk about this issue a lot on the show but it's also on Fox News every time there's a story which is almost every day. It's on all the that the major networks it's talked about everywhere so I don't apologize for talking about it but I try to to elevate this. Above and beyond just this being gay issue. This is about. It's about freedom in America. It's about. Judgment it's about. Discrimination. In my opinion and you may disagree. So read the blog today is titled should religious freedom protect discrimination. And I think that's what's happening here but you may have a different opinion. You can read it and share with others it's at WW dot com and also a trending with conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And I'll read some of your comments here just a few moments. Also like turning on our web sites still -- a popular blogger wrote to last week. Our Miley Cyrus concerts. Money to sexual. And I talk about what about parents who make the decision to bring their kids to a Miley Cyrus concert. You know it's like buying a Playboy magazine for your son and being upset that their new pictures and well really what we -- expecting when you decided to take you kids to the Miley Cyrus concert and that blood is still treading on our website at WW dot com. From New Orleans -- welcome to -- -- Don't surrogate. Leading appreciate you taking my call you know call for compliment on what opinions. Sixteen units and your wall mostly up recently area. When he talked about it well sexuality. And go -- and religious three in particular -- to the Arizona. Change -- -- and it you know -- My personal. And I totally agree. -- -- There is an island near religious freedom or religious beliefs to try to wait homosexuals because I mean you know. It's safe 40 right I mean or I mean there's certain religions. That that don't. In -- in certain reasons you know all they don't expect it to certain that only. Seems to me I mean I was still -- too young to have been talking about this on the air obviously but I think there was a time when some people used their religious conviction to denounce in a racial marriage. Exactly what sinker and you don't we're not going you know 00. China -- and -- the eagle on murder. -- -- -- Cute you know the Bible speaks against certain. Rate it's certain well. Six and you know -- Dealing with each other and you know like -- we're not. It's human beings we can't imagine you know we're not the ultimate church are you know bought it. Ought to be ultimate judge of of many. In the evening and everybody. Even know personal beliefs I don't agree with. You know same sex couples and so -- but I respect. Graham -- human being respect -- people because they liked him in an old -- all faction in any tradition to Cilic. -- -- -- -- And and I would agree with you one of the these things that I address in the -- -- one of things -- talk about tonight is. What about all the other sentence that people commit you want black and white become hysterical about this one -- and I'm -- to have. It is well it could not -- it is that. You know I feel that way that respect albeit in being an African American person will say that I will equate. Almost actual. Called uncle like I stated that there's there you know. The discrimination that they're gaining. -- network equate that racial discrimination because there is there. But -- 040 so to speak hold our own history. African Americans. That mayor can expect them matter in you don't minority. Discrimination. Not just here in America see that it -- -- you know in in in small percentage is. And Russia. I mean you know for -- All in European country that happened ol' party. You know different. We sit racial and art. Discrimination. Actually I can not and I mean think about you know my great grandmother a story about. You know where are trying to go down and sit in in certain -- where she. You know and and and and he you know so I can't equate that I'm not saying that they don't struggle and that she equated. Due to a racial applied. Tracy I totally agree with you and I have never made that to a comparison on this year I don't I don't really had a -- I've actually I've actually tried to be careful and and not convey that because there are differences against the similarity is. The justification that some people use. Do -- to judge somebody Els with our without without knowing them Varian is a bride is the similar. That's right you're you're correct in Howell. Each -- -- you don't regard I mean. It's -- and that happened to me. You know not. I mean not very late in the course like and my little generation. Put. It the same token you're not try to use that sitting at experience and also to -- argued that. Each -- you know what not to did not think to -- we have a lot of examples. We have example load it in cash. Tracy right about that I appreciate you calling your show I enjoyed our conversation here's a Texan Reese Ted -- is doing a fantastic job for the Democrats. He polish President Obama or secretly best buds. -- -- -- -- -- like Limbaugh. Are entertainers. How about Jindal. Criticizing Obama in front of the Oval Office today. Who do you take more seriously. Yeah it was that the right. Moment to do that if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Texas a 77 in its dispute show and we're coming right back -- -- -- -- Arizona has passed legislation that allows a business to -- refuse service to homosexuals based on the owners religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom orders that discrimination that's at WW -- -- opinion poll tonight here's an update 55% say it is religion and freedom. And 45% say it's discrimination. Give us your opinion were tracking this -- throughout Russia right. Our numbers one on our website is WQL dot com and give your opinion will give you an update on that coming appeared -- few minutes. What do you disabilities FaceBook comments we get a conversation going about the -- on tonight which is about. This legislation that has been passed in in Arizona -- giving people the right to refuse. To serve gates. Here's -- from branded on FaceBook. You can be part of this conversation by going to WW already use FaceBook page. A private business has a right to serve and refused to serve anyone they want that is why it's a private business. Likewise someone disagrees with their policies. They have the right not to support the business. -- comment from Chris religious and political beliefs should be discriminated against both are retarded. Here's a text from Joseph a comment from just our FaceBook page go home scoot. I guess I should just I'm just gonna. You know what I'm that if I'm just gonna go back to the city where I was born. And video back to hurricane from. Right here here is their content from John and our FaceBook page can you discriminate against religion no then. What's good for the hypocrite. I mean goose. -- -- if you wanna join that conversation go to WWL. Radio and our FaceBook page you'll continue to reach some of those comments. I just I find this this debate very interesting because. How do you judge somebody -- as being homosexual. You would have to admit that there are a lot of people. -- UP couldn't tell that they're homosexual. By the way they look so we're talking about businesses being allowed to judge somebody based on outward appearance. Now I find this really interesting because there are people who have always thought into this day still think I'm -- What because of the way I dress -- I can't help the way god made -- me god made my body a certain way gave me a certain look I can't help the way I look. And if people wanna pass judgment -- that's fine. So. You're gonna judge me. Based on the way I look but not know anything about me. What about. The person who doesn't look gay and they really are gay a business would serve them. And accept them as a customer. So essentially the business would be doing business with the person that they totally disagree with in terms of their religious beliefs. So that's why this law is chest so. -- You're asking people to to determine who somebody used. By the way they look. As opposed to what's in their heart. And what's in their mind. I don't see how you can. You can do that and it's it's it's so hypocritical to basically. Say well if you don't look gay were gonna go ahead sir view. Even though you're still doing the same thing in your personal life that we disagree with. To be that just hit it it doesn't make sense. And and yet there are people who will immediately say -- freedom of religion freedom of religion if I don't like it that I shouldn't have to serve these people. Nowhere does it stop. Here's a text deny single mothers. That would -- a woman comes in without a wedding ring on issues -- child. And what do you never see where the husband. It's interesting how people pick and choose the since effect. I bring this up in the blog that are broad and it's up and came up in conversations with her family members over the weekend. We tend to. We tend to disagree with the decisions. That are not -- And when it comes to divorce or pornography when it comes to so many of the things. -- -- more commonly accepted by everyone in our society. Not as good but simply accepted and is on the failure of human beings to two -- in. That's okay. But I wanna continue to to focus on how so many people play so much attention on this this one stand. That they're willing to discriminate based on the stand when. You know the only guy that never -- this dead. They might be alive in your heart and mind and in your in your life I'm not saying that but he he's dead. So. Everybody who comes into a store is a sinner but yet okay wait a minute well okay we'll take care of all the other sinners but these sinners were gonna. We're gonna refused to serve them. Does that does that make sense to you. To join a show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Chill free 866889. It's nearly seventy. At a text ember is a 77. I've skewed -- right -- -- WL the state of Arizona has passed legislation that would allow business to refuse service to homosexuals based on the owners religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom or discrimination that's our -- WL party -- opinion poll here's an update 57% the majority say that's freedom of religion. And 43% say is discrimination. So what's your opinion. You'd go to our website at W if you don't act under pressure -- also there's always something new and our web site. L issue is baseball's number one ranked team in the country has something to be products but has an adorable cartoon about the crew of markets which was in the rain yesterday. As sort of a little bit late but tonight. They ruled anyway. Well I walked anyway. And if you're planning to take in a parade this week or this coming weekend I'd check out our -- digest we've got the rate schedules and they're the routes in and an -- -- Read preview we've got all of that. On our website at WW dot com a plus the -- blog should religious freedom protect discrimination and is that what this law in Arizona is doing. -- their other states that have considered this as well. And I think one of the other things citizenry is happening. Is. As. The battle for. Banning same sex marriage. Seems to be almost over. Those two are so intent on line. -- Condemning. That lifestyle. Even though it doesn't only affect their life. As those numbers decrease. And as the battle is being lost because if you look at the recent Supreme Court rulings -- more Supreme Court ruling -- which I think will also be in favor of a protecting the right to get married to a member of this same sex. And also when you when you consider that -- states that are now legalizing same sex marriage it's seems to see if those people who were still left. -- claiming that this is the end of society that this is going to be a horrible thing for America. Their voice is going to try to get louder. As they sense losing the battle. And they're also going to look at ways to create new battles before they have to ultimately surrender and and some will actually but never surrender. But it it just seems that that we're starting to see more attempts to draw this line and enough is enough they can't stop. Same sex marriage based on the constitution. And so they will look for other ways to in forced the year religious beliefs. That's my observation you may have a different observation if you want to join our shorter right our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a -- -- 7870. Here is a text it reads. -- you just don't get it it's not discrimination the owners decide not to serve. Homosexuals. And they lose a homosexuals someone across the street will sort them who cares or who gives of blankets what's written here. That certainly is true you know I'm all in favor of letting the marketplace decide. But I'm not in favor discrimination. In this case any more than -- was in favor of discrimination against blacks years ago here's a Texas a business owner. I do not seek color I do not seen nationality. I do not see gender I do not see. A sexuality. I only see one thing. Dead presidents. If you wanna join our conversation tonight we're coming right back after the news our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text over State's 7878. Also harsh criticism by Republicans of what Ted Nugent said about the president. Is that a sign that hate talk is going to soon diminish.