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Scoot Show 2-24 9pm, Discrimination

Feb 24, 2014|

the Arizona legislator approved a bill that allows business owners to use their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays. Democrats call the bill “state-sanctioned discrimination”… Republicans argue the bill is about protesting based on religious freedoms not discriminations….how do you define it? AND: top Republicans are now condemning conservative rocker Ted Nugent for calling President Obama a ‘subhuman mongrel.’ Do you think this is a sign that hate speech is no longer tolerated on both sides of the aisle?

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I had a fun weekend I hope you were out enjoying yourself into that might actually main staying at home and not going to operate not everybody loves parades and many people who live in this area have been there's so draperies over the years that they really used it to stay away from it but for those of you who like it it was a fun weekend. A ton operates on Saturday parades for the united a fairly -- went on all weekend long and other -- Betty Jefferson Parish director of the -- grow plaza. It figures talking to president John Young -- as a parish. And serious do with the rain this would have been a mess if they did hegemony grow up closet them as true because it was not it was not muddy. They have this this plaza down there where they have a friendly draw it turn out to be great. And that I really respect. Not only blood sweat and tears and -- vice from American Idol who's saying the let's wait two years sounded exactly. Like David Clayton Thomas a big guy it was very very talented. But also. They performed in the rain I respect them but also respect the fans who were out there -- had a chance to introduce splits with tears with that the vice that was that was fun but. I did after recognizes the people who where they're. As a you know we might not always agree with with our opinions of each others you -- analysts agree with my opinions on WB go boldly went that we can agree with this is great and you largest. Those kinds of New Orleans. And people in this area who come out even if it's raining and they performed it it was great although I. I have to admit that I still -- a little bit confused. About electricity on the stage and all that water. And rain like I get a little confused about that because -- early memories of -- shocked when I was a kid. But I also dismissive I want to -- he -- after two to get a cup of coffee and it'll work. -- lakeside and and that -- Betty and Nancy and they were sitting next to me we had a really nice conversation around it splits with tears as well so I share Lloyd. On Saturday and I -- a lot of tweets and when I send out the picture of share Lloyd. From fairly draw. I received so many alerts of that being re tweeted that I was in May I've never had that many -- tweets. In everything that I've tweeted out and it was for a young pop singer -- share Lloyd. In fact let's go to than expert John let's go to the next break we share Lloyd city to find share Lloyd. -- she's from a from England and the cute girl and -- I did like her music and then Sunday had a chance to. Meet somebody that had a crush on when I was younger. Wilson Phillips. And -- black man crush on all of them but especially China fields and she has to meet her appetite. Got a picture with her and it might be on our FaceBook page also treading on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. Is to discuss blog and comments about it it's titled should religious freedom protect discrimination. The state of Arizona has passed legislation assistant. Big national topic they pass legislation. That allows businesses to refuse service to homosexuals. Based on the religious beliefs of the owners. So the question is is that religious freedom or is that discrimination. And that's -- W -- project opinion poll tonight give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. We needed update on that as we -- -- poll throughout our show there are a couple of Republican. Senators at Arizona State senators. And they're urging the governor Jan Brewer. To be told this this legislation. I have a feeling she's gonna do it. I Jan Brewer is a Republican governor. And I would say that she's a -- since I'm not they are I don't know but I get the impression that she leans to the conservative side. Of being a Republican you know there are there are moderate. Republicans and they are conservative Republicans I think she. I get the impression that she's more of a conservative Republican. It's a criticism it's an observation and if you know more about it -- I do when you wanted to crapping on that YouTube can't I still have a feeling that she's gonna be too nervous. And there -- some. State senators who want her to veto it by John McCain. And I and many others are asking the governor to veto this and -- again this might be something that you're very passionate about. And that is the freedom of the business to refuse service. And -- -- it comes to me your dress code you don't dress properly business is certainly have a right to refuse service. But I would like -- I'd like you to consider Howell. How difficult it's going to be. And what you're asking businesses to do the when it comes to allowing them to discriminate against homosexuals. You can refuse service to homosexual or how are you gonna figure out of their homosexual. -- a year out looking in their bedroom. You know watching him in the car. So you're asked to judge based on the way they look. And in what is the what is the boss gonna tell his or her employees. All right if anybody who if anybody looks like they're gay don't serve. Well what if you're not get. -- could that lead to a lawsuit refusing to serve somebody. I guess businesses can refuse to serve somebody but I don't like this. This judgment of of a group of people and in homosexuals are not protected classes. Not yet anyway and I don't know if that will ever happen. I talk about this a lot on the show because this is an issue to need it that supersedes the they'd be gay rights and same sex marriage issue. This is about. The temptation that so many Americans have to wanna tell of the Americans how how to lead their lives. And as the battle over same sex marriage appears to be. Coming to an end and that is that those who want to ban same sex marriage -- that they're losing that battle. As more states have been legalized same sex marriage and is the Supreme Court our rules -- leaning in favor of same sex marriage I think the idea that you're gonna ban same sex marriage in America is just not realistic. So those who still have this passionate belief that it's wrong. I think their voice will tend to get louder as they've since losing the battle and also live there will be new battle lines drawn. A cable now we're gonna stop. Now we're gonna stop serving homosexuals -- again how how you know somebody is homosexual. You can tell us companies gave by the way to address. By the way they look by their body length which. NN and what about the people who. Who don't look gay but they are -- I mean we've talked about this on the show. People didn't think that Rock Hudson was it. Because of the way he he looked in the way he dressed in the way he acted. It turned out he US game. So what about the people okay so business owner is religious. And doesn't wanna serve gays because of their lifestyle. But yet is willing to serve people that don't look it. To me this is about a much much bigger issue about equality and rights and judgment in America. If you wanna join our show with your -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Tax numbers 87870. Here's a -- want to use gay friendly businesses. I dealt the other businesses most. -- crying. They're being discriminated against here's a -- let's let's hear some. What's with tears in -- me that we'll do that coming up in the political establishment of this this share Lloyd. And I was impressed she was. -- -- You can certainly -- -- I really applaud. -- -- -- and all those who put him to go together -- -- -- Country people who have people appeal to a younger audience and then they have Electric Light Orchestra. Let's -- tears. And Montgomery Gentry and meeting him in such really -- diverse crowd and the -- every year this year to the Natixis. This is the Scotia we're coming right back -- if you will. I believe this was the last song templates -- in tears. Last night and ethnic -- I think they came out they played in the rain and so if you work in the -- watching it. If his brain cannot tell you know bodies of American Idol sound these guys like basically covers. Everything. And here's another -- was. It's a Monday night and this is the spoof show like -- -- tonight that we're talking about the Arizona laws. Event. Allows businesses to discriminate against homosexuals based on their religious beliefs. -- total respect for religious freedom and religious beliefs. And you can believe anything you wanna believe as long as you don't -- others. But if you're in business I don't think you should be allowed to discriminate against people. Based on especially I think it's hypocritical to to refuse service to people because of this CNN. That they commit in your mind. What about all the other -- What about the people you're serving who are having sex out of wedlock. What about the people who are. On consuming a pornography. What about all the it would about adultery what about divorce. I mean they're the list as of -- that people commit on a regular basis. Goes on forever. So if you're gonna serve those people but when it comes to this particular stand. You can refuse. To serve him. And what if what if there's a single mom. Okay -- she had a baby out of wedlock. Well people do make mistakes. And people often regret their mistakes. So if she made a mistake -- -- makes a mistake a guy would have made a mistake as well but unfortunately the woman is the one that left two to deal with them. The pregnancy. If a young female gets pregnant she made a mistake she may be sorry for that mistake she may have asked -- -- and asked forgiveness for that mistake. She is a choice. She could either have an abortion. In which case so many people would never know that she engaged in premarital sex or she could have the baby to embrace that child. And B stick with ties as a single mother having a child out of wedlock and this is in the minds of many Americans. It seems to me that this kind of judgment is. Contrary. To what we should believe. About god. Here's a -- refusing to serve a specific group is discrimination no matter how you dress it up. They should be ashamed. For that is definitely not Christ like. Here is another -- Reese the Arizona law will be found unconstitutional. And discriminatory. What do typical Republican far right wing -- bigotry waste of taxpayer time and money. Then they quote the constitution incorrectly caller earlier misses the point. That when you discriminate against one minority. It is accepted. -- who will be next blacks Muslims. Short red haired overweight people -- cancer mystery. And Christians who do we discriminate against. Who do we mistreat. Refuse food and shelter to or -- to the lights. If you were to join Russia with a comet tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. Nine's nearly seven in a text number is 87870. -- like tonight is titled should religious freedom protect discrimination. -- you might argue that it's not discrimination. But how else would you describe it if if somebody's being refused service. Based on something that happens in the privacy of their lives and again what about all the other sense. And a lot of people don't wanna recognize that they -- just. There gonna just have there. There their opinion of of of one thing their their passion about one thing in the kind of push everything else to decide. And their uncomfortable. Recognizing their own hypocrisy. We should all try to be less -- critical. And -- for those who are so critical of opinions that I have on certain issues. But the one thing that I really strive not to do it is being hypocritical like try to be very consistent. Now we don't know what's gonna happen in in Arizona because Arizona governor. Jim brewer has not said in effect I believe it's her I think I read earlier that it's for. A policy not to comment on pending legislation the legislation has passed it's up to -- to either sign it or veto it. And -- -- or even some state senators in Arizona who want the governor. Even Republicans who want the governor to -- this this deal. A Senator John McCain and others have said -- the deal. So she hasn't set I think she has until Wednesday. But to vote on his heels of this will be something else -- will be watching and talking about I have a feeling she's gonna veto the deal and that school and that's gonna make a lot of people. Angry. But if the Republican Party continues to try to cater to. The extreme. Right wing of the party. They're not gonna win a national election. I don't see how that's gonna happen and then we've also been talking about. The comments that tradition made about the the president and to -- has been campaigning for great Abbott who's running for governor of Texas he tried to win the Republican nomination. -- his competitor Wendy Davis. Has been somewhat of a controversial figure in the state of Texas and she has used -- new agents. Ugly comments about the president. Two. Boost her campaign and to booster campaign -- the top Republicans are now condemning -- Conservative. Gun enthusiast Ted Nugent and set about the president he's a sub human mind. Senators John McCain. Ted Cruz Rand Paul Texas governor Rick Perry and former speaker of the house and CNN host Newt Gingrich all have criticized. -- is comet. Could this be assigned. That the tolerance for ignorance. And hateful speeches is diminishing. I think we're reaching that point in America. I think there's going to be more and more announcement of hate speech. And it's something that we talked about from the very beginning of the show when I came back to New Orleans under the WL. And I think this is something that we're starting to see a nationwide. Finally. And I'd believe you will see its bread and and Fox News will show signs of of adopting to this new trend MSNBC will show -- but until the last says ugly things to. And there are people on MSNBC who has said vicious ugly hateful things about conservatives. Not only conservative politicians but just conservative thinking people. And they judge all conservatives. It in in in one way and that's not fair. So it does happen on both sides. But since this country is dominate. By people who are not far right or far left. It's about time that are silent majority voice. Became louder. It's one thing that we try to do on the show which is make people feel comfortable about expressing opinions that are not far right enough far left because. Those days and I've I've been in radio long time I've studied the media and I sensed. If there is. A change in trend coming. And that they hate talk is going to beat it counts more. And more and it's going to be a requirement if the Republican Party wants to win a national election if you to join us tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy in a text number is 877. From Gonzales junior on the -- show under the WL. Keg -- good afternoon. And tonight GM. I just want to call -- -- yeah are really supporters yours your stance and I appreciate your comment. This thing about. Religious belief you not want to circle actual. Look here's the bottom line column you know the first the first troop commandment is love that neighbors you know. And now -- in my opinion it is -- here -- And that's what god called -- do and no matter. You know that people are no matter what color they are no matter what their sexual cartridges. You still I still need the -- -- regard. And for me to stand behind personal would stand behind -- religious belief and say well moderately just believed. I'm not gonna -- homosexuals. Is totally out of context. And I just totally disagree with that I'm I'm a Christian and now. You know I try to do the right thing every day but certainly he's been in -- and people. But the bottom line is just touch your judge. But you hear -- here's your here's what what I'm confused about it this is what stands out most in my mind about. And the judgment of of homosexuality. What about the other since it's almost as if these people are recognizing any other scenes except that and we have a -- I mentioned this in the blogger wrote. It seems to see if we have a tendency to. Denounce those tunes that are arsons. Right exactly because we don't we don't take time to look within. I -- angered that -- You know I don't trees then I mean you know what. If we walk on the basis or a law I don't see him you know -- back to locate. You you don't -- cast the first go. Well I mean we all are poor human beings and we're still subject to. But Jim when he when it comes to when it comes to many Syrians people simply say that. Wolf those of the shortcomings of human beings but yet there when it comes to this other -- and if it's a scene in your mind and I'm not saying it's a sin to to everybody everybody's hard -- if it's if homosexuality is a sin and -- back and change your mind. I'm asking you to at least not be hypocritical and little let everybody else get a pass all the other sins but refused to serve somebody based on this particular -- and it's a sit in your mind. Well because I believe it and in fact keep in mind isn't it more unacceptable. And to where I want well. I'm happily married for twenty years and I love my wife and I'd never do anything to. To our breaking my back out because you know I made about just earned him -- And down. But but if I went out committed adultery tomorrow it would be accepted by society -- okay. But yet to see him just like you know if you judge and homosexual. Okay that different. Because no decisions that are not our stands or more harshly judged and that is truly. Right I agree with you on a percent and I think that's what wrong and saying -- liberation -- the man I mean I think we we. We in America today we we live our life with hypocrisy. Instead it. Said look at what the end insane okay. What cannot do better to make myself better -- serve mankind period black life on the actual makes a difference -- In -- -- will the end of it all -- the ultimate judge. We -- called the judge we were called -- so there. Jim that's a really beautiful point I appreciate you calling -- -- specialists into WW Illinois here's a text. Agree -- we also see the race pimps. Get blasted for inciting race. Under the guise of the F ethnic equality but we've we've talked about that on the show as well. Believe it or not. It is in the best interest of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and people like those two. Proclaimed leaders. It's in their best interest to have racial tension in America. If there were not racial tension. They would have the platform they have and essentially that would have the money they. So they actually benefit from racial tension. To to me that's hypocritical. If you wanna join Russia -- like numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Text numbers 87870 here's today's and it's your -- just moment here's another testing text. Also a Catholic Church says that it's wrong to act on homosexual desires. Not just being gay as long as people aren't behaving sexually in public what's the difference. And I believe this is what -- Francis said when he. Got so much attention shortly after. Being selected as the new Pope. A -- Francis said that. There's nothing that -- they gave pre should be except it. He wasn't saying that people should act on there -- innate feelings. He's not saying that they should act on on what they feel sexually. He was saying that they should be accepted. As human beings. So unless you see somebody in the act. Why would you why would you pass judgment and and again all laws saying that businesses can discriminate against homosexuals. Is a law that's asking people to judge people. Based on how they appear. And let's go back to doctor Martin Luther King's. Brilliant concept. That still lives on today. Don't judged by the color -- and judged by the content of character. Well judging somebody who you think is gay is -- judging by by character. It's judging by appearance and that's why this is so much bigger. Then just the the gay same sex marriage issue. From -- and -- to be WL. I actually am. -- listen -- -- for years. And today but I appreciated. Our first caller on this show. I think you know. Well I'm biblical Christian and you know I don't go to church. She much speech. That. Oral surgery on the future -- emotional about but I got bullish on the beat you exit. -- don't mind you know. You know if I belong to. We -- -- which articles out of Berkshire. District. And and the Press Secretary sided. You know -- -- well then you know. I can lead or you're in church because I know personally believe that. But at this same term I don't believe that the -- -- and be -- And Richard are orderly time. Actually care you know useful Mitch -- church reached eight. Had gotten to where you know people are trying to. And you know it's org which I'm not -- and you know. Ali gesture. When -- you know. You know. And I I have never. Suggested on the show that churches should be forced to marry. On same sex couples but by -- sex couples should be allowed to to be legally marry but it -- -- -- -- to marry. Debt that it absolutely correct I believe every word sale. I really view I think it. Change church doubled in this country without -- Ought to have the right to demand. You know and if it is along the -- -- well I'll speak up tomorrow -- To. They'll chase so. Personal. Contraction preparing. -- -- -- or otherwise. We expect. -- -- -- -- very tall talker well but. Let's pop -- caller well okay their electorate which actual. I guess I respectfully. So the program -- -- operated for up and security. So. -- -- -- You know go to shall milieu which edged out. You know the -- strategic and stories -- your -- what you do it yourself to god to be. Basically to saint being treasury okay. You know -- By now you're really. Get people. Hillary in the world this year -- -- or electronic. And I lose. I would have been. Race out of -- you know. -- the -- the words they use. Of Miami -- You know I. Can't. You know I felt so down. And anybody so they're that there were gay. Jokes about it talked about it the other. And then you know I hope cook shouldn't you know an actual it. Can't live with that show runners in -- chew -- -- long ago. Should say -- that. -- so yeah you're correct in much so up there around for a long long term. -- pretty much you know remote the be -- there are. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I know him the ignored there we get. Or. So I want it -- mostly black ones and you don't agree it's current group urged the pavement in India or. -- -- -- -- I'm ninety yo let me tell you so -- -- the work nights out. And that's -- It tells you how ripped my heart. To know. Owned to black people -- There were -- -- Physically. But I. -- look there like Google custom about it. Tokyo. All string. Well one election at all were born. Are -- trying to be all my ears you're so I. In order it and and you know one you know much soul shall. I -- shall -- did people. Should -- you know there remember that day but you did. Scenario -- our future in -- -- you know. She'll buy into the weren't able to collect cardboard to promote it by group did your base. And so the question occurred. You know. Our Samir. Can you know. Yeah I had. One or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To secure recovery program now. And I until they're. Tore through Fortier archer road and -- -- actual. -- I think the lack of occasions -- got to joke out mental motor urge. And I says. Bloody. In my heart. I agree -- now holly yeah but -- I read -- and that and I am just question. Went away in -- in the thing used to. And I I come here -- To Jamaica managed to not change Apollo. To make -- actually changed my. Chain like thing. And you know. It is. Trying to plug a monitor anyway. You know Jewish actually meeting guys appeared to. Get out voted -- again sure all countries street you know -- -- Again all. And then Allen now but it's still in my brain can you know get me wrong and look. And because it was so in that could be. Being OK. To a point oh excellent. Or not only now. Own bid. Street it. And you know formed to be -- Am I'm so sorry if I didn't have the courage to stand up to the people who aren't informed media away and say you know. I'm hurt other people aren't QOKOKOR. What cheerleaders are shipped to Europe unlocked do the current. And now. I hagel would give me a note that. And you know and you know oh by the way I -- -- particular meeting and -- -- and I came up the huge. One. -- And. And and I you die you. Stop. Stephen. Forty and Malaysia. -- -- -- Totally human you marry gay you're not sure you know we love each. Which. And there are always curious there was that was a different view from the past. Eight age. -- you know pneumonia and I think it was the site Ol Li. Told me. Confessing -- and Eric you know note to leak and -- were -- talking about agree. Cannot do it simpler time well -- somebody short where there are a program like it or not there's there's there can -- -- And I I think you have I think you've touched a lot of people with your your story and once you take -- yourself because we need people like you in the world. Thank you very much. Sure certainly in Orange you know. And I appreciate you calling. While. That touches. A lot of people. Arizona has passed legislation that allows a business to refuse service to homosexuals based on the -- religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom or discrimination. A sort of VW a pretty general opinion polls give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com. Also the -- blog is titled should religious freedom protect discrimination. Read it. Share coming -- if you like it's -- -- -- -- -- dot com also it's on our FaceBook page to be a dual radio. And we'll get -- to support those comments coming up also more of your calls -- more of your text. Our next. This is to -- show. But every WL -- conversation on the show tonight it reminds me of the homily yesterday it to church I don't know what it was senior church for the homily was so basically. -- love thy neighbor and you're supposed to love your enemies and and while that's really really difficult to do. The that the homily which is really about a trying to find ways to. To not hate you your enemies -- -- has done it's it's hard to love everybody but. To go out of your way to. Two to hate somebody not love somebody and see yourself. Is really in. As strict defiance of what we're supposed to believe I was like not justice Catholics and not just as Christians. But he's human beings. Unmarried under the WL. A bit. -- -- It. But. I like it. Our church that it. -- While that's what I find that's what I find Mary so insane about this law you're asking people to pass judgment on outward appearance. And so you're gonna serve people who simply don't want gay. But if it's -- -- and in your mind you're serving the very people who are committing the same sand that you're not serving other people who for for committee -- its ridiculous. -- -- -- -- Exactly. And as I said you know that that this is -- -- dealt with throughout my career I can't help the way god made me. I am I love myself I'm very proud of myself why it -- up myself I mean I'm I'm far from perfect. But. I can't help the way god bill and and there are people are based on. The way I dress in the way I look there are people who throughout my career even to this day. Are absolutely certain that I'm gay and I'm not so if I went into a place in Arizona and was refused service because they thought I was -- That wouldn't be right because -- straight. -- -- I enjoy conversation. Well I enjoy. It. Chore issue. All right Mary thanks a lot from listening if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and our tax receipts of the assembly. A law a bill legislation passed at Arizona. Giving businesses permission to refuse to serve gays. Based on religious beliefs. What are you asking people to do you're asking people to look at somebody and determine if -- day. And would a business owner have to train his or -- employees can now look if anybody looks gay don't serve and we don't -- homosexual. -- -- you're turning bad judgment over to somebody who's. Who is. Well. Nobody should be in a position to make that judgment. And younger people are less likely to make that judgment. The people who were part of my generation. Which is the baby boomer generation which is why I continue to refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. I'm -- humor coming right back into the WL. Child pornography how vulnerable are our kids in -- right here in the greater New Orleans area and throughout Louisiana. Imagine a massive on line child porn ring operating in a -- to springs. I'm nor sure man charged with running an international child porn ring operating two web sites with more than 27000. Members worldwide. His website even offered tutorials. On how to lure underage boys into sexually compromising situations. That is one of the things -- will talk about tomorrow is Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one to four here and every WL. A welcome back to the -- show here's an update on -- W a pretty general opinion poll. Arizona has passed legislation that allows a business to refuse service to homosexuals based on the -- religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom. 56% say yes 44% say it's discrimination. Give your opinion by going to WWL dot com. -- here's a text about her a call we had just a moment ago from -- -- we're gonna play is called back in the 11 o'clock hour and I'm I'm assuming that this will be available are podcasts you'll tell you how to get to that. At WW dot -- very very touching. Moving. Of confession. From. Somebody who felt very badly about. The way they felt about blacks and the way they felt about homosexuals. Whose name was dead here's text about that hope in Nolan one a night. Here's another comment about it best call of the month we're doing God's work lot of from Indiana rich you're on the school children to be WL. I've got caught it keeping go out are at their parents or not -- bail other -- -- from the political -- -- So -- I saw several interviews with two people battery in -- there's fail. At what Dorothy wise. I odd odd show where they're -- very well get used that term Christians are being executed. And that toward people might think you're quite effective they're. Can you please -- the wind church -- been closed by the government in -- Twenty years. -- -- -- you please produce why he managed or bad candidates or. By federal agent out what he did say he edit the excerpt it. 08 Olympic talking to. Duplicate and population. Rich there is this dismissed that the government is taking. Our our faith the way the government is taking Christmas away when in reality the government hasn't taken any -- way people have allowed. I have allowed their faith to to fade and that's their fault that is not the government's fault nobody can take your faith or Christmas or anything like that away from. But again and athletes according to talk to you got hurt it's going. What planet are you trump you wouldn't -- persecution. Op take a look at North Korea. There's persecution for US and all our collective persecution. Saw -- letter. Intranet dot com. And now -- -- -- nice to have -- certainly nice and Rachel are outdated. And the. Never recruit minorities did well you don't. I I appreciate you calling her show official listing in Indiana did this is this is. Real problem for conservatives in the Republican Party. Catering. To the ultra. And if this is not -- and don't take it personally catering to the ultra right wing faction of the Republican Party is destroying the image of the party. So now all these prominent Republicans announce -- Ted Nugent said about the president is this showing that hate speech is diminishing we'll talk about that coming up.