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Feb 24, 2014|

the Arizona legislator approved a bill that allows business owners to use their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays. Democrats call the bill “state-sanctioned discrimination”… Republicans argue the bill is about protesting based on religious freedoms not discriminations….how do you define it? AND: top Republicans are now condemning conservative rocker Ted Nugent for calling President Obama a ‘subhuman mongrel.’ Do you think this is a sign that hate speech is no longer tolerated on both sides of the aisle?

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Yesterday a fairly drive I've had an opportunity to. Briefly meet China Phillips. And questions from time Wilson Phillips sounded -- -- China wind being looked great sounded great. -- even put up. They've mustered up on the WWO FaceBook page scoop with China -- to family. Ever since it was really cool to see them and in those girls -- look at from the Mamas and partners. -- course. They considered. And now -- do they do their audience. But they also did some of the stuff -- -- -- which it's just great to hear me yet they seem to that was one day yesterday. And -- Roth and China before they did this -- mr. -- on yesterday she said. Over the years we've received so many compliments about how this song helped people get through. Divorce or get through some kind of personal difficult times. Hold on. For one more thing. How that was played yesterday and -- on our. Thanks for appreciative to him -- radio also while we're having a conversation on our FaceBook page. About. Should religious freedom protect discrimination and it's about this debate that has erupted over gay rights and and same sex marriage and whether a business has a right to refuse service to gaze. The state of Arizona has passed legislation saying that it's okay to discriminate based on your religious believes its okay to not serve. Gates. Now again how do you determine if somebody's day if if if there it if there are people -- Arizona. Who believe this to the point where the representative government in Arizona has -- passed a law. Supporting businesses. Not serving homosexuals. And and this is obviously based on a physical appearance just the -- somebody looks. What about all the other sentence that people commit. And they're they're coming in there and -- circuits is is it would would this is the only sin. We tend to. Condemned the sins. That part arsons. Anyway I'll I'll read some -- your comments from our FaceBook -- he could join in a conversation WWL. Radio on FaceBook also some top Republicans have now condemned conservative Ted Nugent for calling President Obama a sub human Mungro. And I've talked about this on the show after he said dad and the next day Ted Nugent did apologize. But senators John McCain Ted Cruz Rand Paul. A Texas governor Rick Perry and CNN host a former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich all condemned. And and Ted digits comments. And and maybe this is a sign that. That the harshest of the hate talk. It is gonna diminish. It's a trend that I have -- have felt coming for a while. And it's it's been the theme of the show since I came back to New Orleans and return to WWL. And and that theme is you know we can disagree. -- we don't have to hate each other we can disagree that we don't just say ugly things. Now you know if you're a bar. If you're at home when you're having a conversation that's one thing but for Ted Nugent. In an interview. While he's -- this was said and and another -- but he's also been asked to campaign for a Republican running for governor in Texas. And his team is a great habit and now gray gathered his kind of distanced himself from technician no I mean look at some of the things that Ted Nugent has said over the years. I mean do you get what you get with Ted Nugent it's not like a -- is it's kind of like the whole Miley Cyrus thing which we talked about on the show last week. Some parents are criticizing her -- concert for being too sexual. What is it about going to a Miley Cyrus concert did you think it's not sexual. And -- make a decision to take their kids there so. I guess they're upset with Miley Cyrus because they made the decision to go to the -- He can't play Miley Cyrus. You made the decision to bring your kids there and you get which you get it. Miley Cyrus is not doing something different during the concert that she hasn't done on the MTV video music awards or that she hasn't. And let it be known about her achieves she's a sexual person now a 21. And it's no surprise but that's it it's a blog it is still getting a lot of action on our website at WW world that account so you can read that and come in or if -- and share with others. Of getting back to reduce. Condemnation of -- but it nutrition I think this is a a good thing. And one thing that we talked about since following the election in 2012. Is that. The Republican Party is going to half to. Distance itself. From those people are who were prone to hate and you can call it whatever you want to -- it's not hate that is just being honest whenever there's a way to disagree. And then there's a way that you don't have to disagree. And Ted -- calling the president a sub human Mungro. I'm -- as somebody who is is doing an interview and not just among guys -- talking in a bar over Beers or whatever. That's inappropriate and it's not necessary. And yet. People like Ted Nugent and those who rally around him and you may be among the people who rally around ten digit. You can support his opinion but to support. That level. Of criticism. Is supporting. Hateful Felix and I think that's diminishing. The right there that are the far right wing talk show hosted you know who they are. They are going to see things change. Things are changing now and they will continue to change Fox News shall start to make adjustments MSNBC will have to make adjustments because there's hate on the left as well. A lot of hate on the left as well. And yet the majority of this country is dominated by people who don't hate but he added is that hate in the media on radio and the television. That his has gotten so much attention as if the whole country is -- And it isn't. Those who -- vocal represent the minority. And so it's time for the majority of this country to stand -- say wait a minute you know what enough. It's it's easy to hate. And this all brings me back to Dave the homily yesterday it's a church. Love thy neighbor. And it was all about how. You know we're supposed to love our enemies that's kinda hard to do but we're -- -- challenged to to not hate our enemies. Or to figure out. Ways to. I guess embrace those we disagree with. And I just I find it's so interesting that. When it comes to homosexuality and I bring this up a lot on the show because I think this battle is really a microcosm for. On a much bigger trend in this country and that is groups of people continuing to. Feel the need to tell others how to lead their lives. How to lead their private lives that's it's not your business. Whether it's you think everybody should own a gun. Or you think everybody should be straight. Art. Whatever. You can't tell the people what to do and yet -- or people who are so I'm prone to do that. -- blog tonight titled should religious freedom protect discrimination. And also when we come to this the whole idea of hate. There's a Republican running for senate seat in Texas. And he's now being criticized because he said that ranchers. Should be allowed to shoot went backs. Texas Republican senatorial candidates congressmen. Even defended the derogatory statement saying that using the term wet backs. Is as normal as breathing air in south Texas. Well that has to make it right. And it -- mean that a politician. But -- Did this as a politician who is who is driving on to hate it's in the heart of so many people. He's trying to attract attention with hate. And I think it's time that. As a nation we denounce this because that's really not who we are. We've talked about this. Ultra conservative Glenn back in an interview with meg and Kelly on Fox News said that he regrets his pass on Fox News. And he believes that. He was part of splitting this country apart I don't know what -- he's. Responsible I don't know if he was that powerful to be responsible for splitting America apart but Glenn -- in the media reflected. This desire for a division this desire to to to hate others this. It's is quite often disguised as passion I passionately believe in this but it really comes down to hate. And there are those who have embraced this and gotten a lot of attention of the Glenn Beck is now even apologize for that and says he regrets it and he wishes the he had done. And then the two for for a politician to refer to illegal immigrants as wet backs whitbeck. I guess the official term for that is. And it's effective it's an offensive term for Mexicans who enter this country illegally. Well there's something she could call him other than what backs immediate -- for that that group of people it's it's like the end board. And that is the term comes from wading or swimming across the Rio Grande which is the border between Mexico and the United States. But to refer to them is as wet backs and then to defendant. Is it is against this is part of the hate that has been the demise of this is white Republicans didn't win the election in 2012. And yeah if these kinds of Republicans who are. Who are getting attention. Because they're feeding the hate. If they're not denounced. Then just watch what happens to the Republican Party on and on a national level the future and this is not just my opinion the Republican Party itself. Is is trying to address this change. And yet they don't. Seem to. Give the message in. In a mass way they don't seem to give that message to. Do it to everybody and their -- what they're always gonna be renegades in any party and they'll always be birdies and left it renegades on the right. But it sure seems like that there are more on the right right now we're getting attention. Had -- for the last couple of years. For saying just released. Ignorant. Hateful things. If you wanna join our show with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in. And a text -- -- 7870 as a talk about this religious freedom deal in in Arizona we don't know if Arizona governor Jan Brewer is gonna sign it. She's a Republican. And without knowing that much about her a base from what I've read and seen she seems to lean to the right of being a Republican as opposed to more -- -- moderate Republican. I Jan Brewer has not said whether or not she's going to veto the legislation a lot of people including a Republican. In the legislature in Arizona and who regrets voting for the deal. He and many others. On local and national level are asking the governor to veto the bill I think she's gonna be telling. But it wouldn't surprise me and if she didn't but I just can't see how this is going to. To not be vetoed by the governor and I deleted it should be it's gonna disappoint a lot of people on the extreme right but. -- so what. To join our show would you comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688 -- early seventy text. 87870. This is -- showed will be right back to back to the Scotia on his buddy and I hope you had a great weekend to I've enjoyed fairly draw and I'm so a couple of a parade steps of the designers recently downtown it's it's hard not deceive the -- people -- are you are you going to Mardi -- Well yes and -- I don't have to go and I'm just kind of there. How we're talking about this legislation in Arizona and I I think it's going to be vetoed by the governors can't see how chic and she could -- -- -- we'll talk about on the show once we find out whether or not it is gonna become law. But it allows people to discriminate. Based on religious beliefs that would include homosexuals. But I -- Comment on a FaceBook page and it really is also about the pharmacist. Who doesn't wanna sell. Condoms or birth control pills to somebody. That is practicing birth control. Well again if if if you're in business. Is that your job to serve the public. And if you -- if you if you don't like what your business stands for for example if if you were against smoking. You can't. Blame the tobacco company for selling cigarettes if you don't like working for the tobacco company if you oppose smoking than don't work for the tobacco company. From New Orleans and mr. -- your WWL. -- -- do -- -- a great great question -- it's speaking out Boehner. Along with in this in BC and fox -- -- you would talk about their hatred -- second goal coming owner particle Horry and when the president piles of or elected they need to know. To the world in light you know. Every rock and turn -- trying to do and buried in Paris. -- The ideas this sets up something to the effect. It was a collective. Fought within the Republican Party that. We want this to be a one term president so in other words they did not want the president to succeed. They didn't want things to be better for America there are actually people in this country who don't want. America to thrive right now because they wanna blame everything on Obama so they do they wanna hold America back. For the sole purpose of having a Republican elected president. Yeah there's that duct estate impasse in the country and also one last thing. But -- the president -- the United States and make sure you know it might treat my rocket -- just you know they show him no respect. And they're Smart card in and I hope he can. You need some kind of released on that thank you -- blah answer. Mr. -- I appreciate you calling. We talk about this on the show and a regular basis and there are those who would argue that respect is earned. But the very people who say that about President Obama and never gave him respect from the beginning. -- the very ones. Who. Who told. The bush haters. You can disagree with the president but you should respect the office of the presidency. In -- so once again we point out blatant hypocrisy. When are we going to stop being so hypocritical. And maybe not you or me specifically -- one is this country. Put -- stop thriving. On two things. Hypocrisy and hysteria. And people have become hysterical about. The same sex marriage issue and the very idea that you could pick and choose who you serve. Based on sexual orientation to me is. Is -- just. Absurd. Because again you're asking people to judge people based on the -- -- looks. From Henry Brian -- WWL. They -- you talk about patriot a couple minutes ago. I think the biggest problem what this country is that. People get too wrapped up an ideology. And -- get our. Even you know blatant hatred like. Tokyo world view government taxpayers. And beta to pull it. And the problem is. Included in the alternated and that's obvious -- -- ideology of the world view. And in -- to distance itself from it. Yet they have -- critical not observation. Make up you know mom and get old. Some people we get it didn't. Well it's -- they'd change scares a lot of people. Even -- even though the change that would be manifested. Doesn't really affect them change scares. A lot of people. I thank. And and and we we can look back throughout our our history as a nation. And see that quite often changes been very very beneficial. And for the betterment of America. Great understanding. You know if people can't it can't put their own ideas. Instead you know it's become apparent. -- out generally. -- my family on the general -- I look at this problem. O'Brien that the good news is that poll showed that date younger Americans -- when I say younger Americans I'm even talking about people under 45. On the poll shows that those under 45 and especially even younger than event. Younger Americans are. Much more tolerant and accepting. Of a different races. And sexual orientation they don't they don't judge and and this is the new router that is starting to steer this country and this is. The group that the Republican Party has disenfranchised. And they've got to try to win back younger voters. Minorities and women. And I I I don't see how some of this this. Hate talk and some of the derogatory things that are sensitive idiotic things that are set I can't see how that is going to be attracting. The groups at the Republican Party so desperately needs to attract back in order to win the presidency. And it wallets special it'll be. Bill have to dial the wet packed comic that's ridiculous and. It's just it's unnecessary. I mean really. What. There are people who do. Believe what he believes but they're they're they're not enough of an -- -- at one of the things I believe is happening is that the number. The numbers of those who. Who -- ban same sex marriage for example. That number is shrinking. And as that number shrinks and as more states approve same sex marriage and legalizing and is the courts continue to support those those. -- But those states that legalize same sex marriage. The there's a sense that the battle is being lost as a those who are still in the battle are gonna try to draw more definite lines and they're gonna try to get even louder. As they as they go down street screaming it's it's a desperate battle to to cling to. -- the hope of victory before you have to surrender. Well actually questioned. Do you think that there are back there a religious people not think ultimately it's back there. And uses religion as -- ought to be dedicated. Absolutely. I think that's what that was going on and Arizona. But they don't even realize it. Right -- it is so brainwashed by their ideology they just they can't. See that they beat double by themselves into believing. -- a political show specialist if you wanna join us with your thoughts your feelings your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in our text numbers 87870. I hear is attacks if approved the no serve gay -- could be used. To refute. To refuse Einstein. Because he looked different and refused to serve. Governor Jindal. Because. Of his. Honesty and Middle Eastern ancestry. While they would gladly serve. Ted Bundy a mass murderer seeing him -- straight thus the problem of discrimination. At and I think that's the point that -- I've been making it certainly the point that I make in the blog tonight. And first of all how do you know somebody's game. You assume they're gay because of the way they look. Well I'm somebody who knows first hand to personally. How wrong that judgment can be. And then if you are so against this particular scene and then. Why usurping. People who don't want gay -- to argue. I mean there there are there are guys that don't fit the stereotypical. A feminine gay image and again that's stereotypical. There are gay lesbians. I had a very good lesbian friend in Denver. Who was young beautiful she was. She was like a model type. So again and you you can't reach into people's hearts. And determine what they are so that's why I think it's over -- is I just a candidate the more talk about this the more I cannot imagine. That Arizona governor Jan Brewer. Is not going to Vito this deal but it's it's going to be interesting to. To to finally see with the reality of that is. You know this debate over and over gay rights and and same sex marriage. It is is really. Now elevated to whether businesses can refuse service to gays and lesbians and you know this really it started to. Hit a peak of last year when there was a bakery in in the Denver area. Owned by devout Christians and they refused to make a wedding cake for lesbian couple because of their religious beliefs. Now of the state ruled against them. They actually went out of business. Because people. Spoken in the marketplace okay -- you're not gonna do this -- -- we're not gonna support you so they actually went out of business and that was the free market system actually working in my opinion. But reaction was instant and and very divided to that in reaction has been instant and divided to this legislation in Arizona. Refusing to. Make -- -- In my opinion is -- discrimination. But others argued that America is a nation where we perspective freedom of religion. And if the release police if a business notre conflict with. Being gay then they shouldn't have to serve to get really -- it's interesting that both sides of this argument used freedom in America to support their side. Once -- says this is America we we should. Not discriminate. The other side this is America where business has the right to exercise freedom of religion. And not serve somebody. So which site is right. In society as in war. When defeat seems imminent. Troops become desperate. And before admitting defeat. The fighting escalates. And I think that's what we're witnessing now. The states to continue to approve same sex marriage. Seemed to. Seem to indicate that this this battle in America is is is almost over. Now as I said countless times additional the debate over gay rights and same sex marriage in general it's not personal for me. But it's important to be because I think it's part of a much bigger debate in America about individual freedom. And isn't that really one of the conversations that really led to the beginning. Of this country. I guess the most significant. Factor in this battle over gay rights equality. Is the judgment based on moral beliefs to judgment. Represents an attempt to dictate personal behavior. Which has really had a negative impact on the Republican Party. As long as conservatives allow. The pushing of morality to be part of the political agenda that Republicans are gonna struggle to win national elections. Standing up for morality is important but not when it becomes part of hypocritical -- state. To condemn homosexuality -- same sex marriage on moral grounds. And to support legislation banning equality for gays and lesbians is promoting the idea that the United States government. Should be involved in making laws dating -- specific religious beliefs on others. I think that's wrong. In theory the idea of the government passing in supporting laws that regulate personal behavior. Even if many consider to be. Behavior that's -- That should be a frightening thought at all. And yet in the name of religion in in the name of what the Bible sense. There -- support. Among many conservatives for government in forcing. Morality. Is that something you really want. The constitution is about law. Not religion. Not morality. It's not fair to. Judge somebody. Based on once in if you don't judge everybody based on their -- it. Again. This I think it -- the main point of of this law in Arizona is you're asking the business to pass judgment on somebody based on the way they look. How anti American is that. And yet many justified. Well as I said all night what about those who don't -- gay who really are gay they're gonna be served. Or what about the people who are assumed to be gay and they're not their fashionable they're neat they're clean -- I must be gay so what you -- -- -- that person. They're straight. How would a business determine a -- homosexuality and and unless it's just based on on on on a visual appearance. But the way they talk it again I need to fix this ridiculous. If you haven't at Tennessee to judge the sins. Of of one group then why not acknowledge that everybody who walks in your store. Is a -- The Tennessee to judge and I think this is a really interesting thought. We tend to judge sins. That are not -- Your your hypocritical we judging. So stands but not a adultery. Pornography. Divorce. So many things are our our our students. But those are since that are more commonly accepted in society. And yet for many this sin of homosexuality. Is something that distinguishes people from other sinners. How was that right. If you enjoyed our -- rights are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866. 8890 -- seventy. -- a -- 7870. Here's a text do you call yourself -- radical moderate but all of your views are far left. No all my views. Are not far left. Now for small government I'm for personal accountability. That's. Conservative ideology. Power to the individual. Less government involvement. Some of fiscal conservative. But on the social liberal when it comes to things like -- Same sex marriage. And things that some people are so judgmental about it. There's a text your audience. Is not far left. Well the truth is there. Lot of people in the audience who were not far right. And we are continuing to develop a show that is not based on far right. Hate rhetoric and far right ideology because that is not the majority of this country. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. Text numbers 87870. We'll be right -- report. But -- WL the state of Arizona has passed legislation now that would allow business to refuse service to homosexuals based on an -- religious beliefs. Is that freedom of religion or is that discrimination. Is an update on our poll. 58%. Say it's freedom of religion. And 42% saying it's discrimination giving your opinion by going to our website WW dot com also this -- like tonight is titled should believe just freedom protect discrimination I've. That's my opinion about what's happening in Arizona. And I just can't imagine. In Arizona governor Jan Brewer is going to actually signed this into law but we shell we NC. I hear is attacks that Reid said the deal is to allow business owners the right to refuse service to anyone based on his or her religious conviction. Yet everyone is focusing solely on. Gays yes gays may be affected. By this on a small scale just like others I'm sure discrimination. Is. A jerk move. But being a jerk shouldn't be a crime. All right it's not a -- Anderson and it also applies to the pharmacist to. What's to reap the benefits of our society by being in business. But doesn't wanna sell. Condoms. Because he -- she disagrees with birth control. Get into another business that. If your business of serving the public that I think you should serve the public. I think it's fair to have dressed coach but I don't think it's fair to. The judge people based on sand again if you're so concerned about the scenes of your customers. Then what you ask everybody. What their sins are before you serve before you sell to that. That would be the only on way to not be hypocritical. If if that's what you wanna do if your goal is to not serve sinners to make this statement first of all. You couldn't serve yourself. You really couldn't serve anybody. So why pick and choose the sins that you wanna. Discriminate against. We had our incredible caller. Earlier in the show a seamless end. And he he talked about. Confessing. To blacks and gays. For the way that he grew up and the way that he felt about them to very compelling call we're gonna play that back coming up in the next hour. I here's a text -- -- although I do not agree with but respect the bakery -- did not want to serve the gay couple. No one would be able to tell if the couple was gay the only way debate we probably found out they probably wanted -- to. The two man Koppel on top of the cake instead of a man woman couple it was a lesbian couple but I I understand the point you're making. People. Need to mind their own business because it's no one is it's no one's business but you -- How you live your life. I agree here's a text. Scooter or you gay. Do you really think two men. Should marry each other. You know we pretty much covered this on the show -- -- -- -- to cover that again right now consistent aboard those who refer to sorority address that in for those who who already know. Here's a text I know the show is still a doing well I love listening however the majority of WTO listeners are conservatives. And that's a fact no I don't know affinity is an absolute. Fact. Who -- we don't know what our listeners political ideologies we just we we all do shows on this on the station. Here's a text you're admitting that being gay is a sin. So shouldn't Christians hate all since. I'm very cautious about saying that in the minds of many. Homosexuality -- It's obviously notice in to the homosexual. But I think that's a topic for another show. Yes. If that's -- CN. What about the other since yes we should hate all sins but what about the other -- by focus on since that involves sex. What about sins of the heart. What about the the pharmacist to doesn't wanna sell condoms or birth control pills to a young couple British practicing birth control. Even though in most cases. Local parishes in the Catholic Church in the Catholic Church is very much opposed to birth control. Artificial birth control. Most parishes and I went through this what I got married in the Catholic church and went through pre -- and talk to the priest before I got married. The local parishes leave it up to the couple to decide. What they're gonna do it's up to what's in their heart and mind. So did -- -- society have to step in and judge. And judge the group. Why -- pharmacists have to say well I'm not gonna do so -- the priest. The priest in a Catholic churches willing to leave it up and I'm not saying all three studious but this has been my experience. The priest. Will leave it up to the couple's. But the pharmacists won't. If you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy and our text number. Is a 7870. This is a -- you don't like from New Orleans on a Monday nights and we'll be right back into the WLL wonder if a pharmacist would refuse to his cell birth control -- day Katy Perry. -- celebrities are probably very different because well their celebrity's right. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight Arizona has passed legislation that allows a business to refuse to serve homosexuals based on the owners religious beliefs. Is that freedom of religion or discrimination give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We give an update on that coming appeared to -- a spore detection coming up also we're having a conversation. On our website about the -- blog tonight which is soon on our website -- if -- dot com and on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. It's a title it's issued religious freedom protect discrimination. -- -- two or more of those comments for faced coming up for -- Mike you're on WW on good evening Mike. Page -- that traffic probably about oh my god just. So cute girl -- word there I think the fact you're 8% but not percent. Yeah that's true I guess by I I I guess my real concern is YE. Why focus on this one -- over the absence. Beyond that you know I'm more important than -- -- And I got I got -- -- I've gotten several tax that did that say that now. While I I would agree that since the all seeing is CN. The sin of murder. Is it in my opinion worst in the sin adultery and maybe not an ice guy in guys and God's -- but in and in society because if adultery takes place among consenting adults. No one is hurt like in the case of of the murders so I I see a distinction they are but -- I do understand that. On paper. As innocent. And in the eyes of god it's him. That's -- that's that's later that I can let you -- the -- and not for some. Not like you're glad to call but he but but then why not hate all the -- why hate the gay sinners. For the sinners who wanna be a -- -- what why hate those sinners and not serve them. Idiocy why this is so confusing to me. I was guitar -- these FaceBook comments here's a FaceBook comment. That says so this is for Patrick. It is not discrimination if you're doing what god commands. Paid the Bible says and says an awful lot. So you won't discriminate against this group -- done this other group would about everybody is divorced. What about. Everybody who has impure thoughts. Isn't deficit what about all those who. And consumer photography. But by not. Refuse to sell to them based on -- -- again -- I guess you could but is that the -- that's not a concern the concern is only this one. Again I think what's happening is. And is there's a greater sense. For the loss of the battle against banning same sex marriage. There will be those who are gonna scream louder and louder. Because they're sensing defeat. And there'll also be those who are gonna start to draw new lines in as a new battle lines they'll start new fight well okay well our -- so. And that this might not be. -- consciously but okay so okay we're not gonna win this battle we're loose in this panel so OK well let's just let's say that based on religious freedom that's a big thing in America religious freedom let's say that based on religious freedom you can't serve gays rights liking America would have to serve. DC what's happening in this country. Here's coming over FaceBook page about the blog. That's what the entire religious debate homosexuality argument is all about being uncomfortable. It makes it makes these people sleep better at night if they pretend. She's has agreed with him. Another comment on our FaceBook post. Because people don't deal well with things that make them comfortable. It's been American in human history for ever said history and that -- get if you -- a conversation our FaceBook pages to be WL radio. And we'll get to mourn those comments coming up also wanna remind you that by fete Tuesday WWL wants to have. 30000. Friends we want -- 30000. Friend. By -- Tuesday. So join the WWL FaceBook page right now all day every day we're posting breaking news about the saints. -- issue the pelicans all the stories are always on our website plus exclusive photographs. Videos. Blogs from our hosted producers. And you can use your computer your Smartphone or your tablet to follow the links from our web site. Just go to FaceBook dot com slash. WWL radio to keep the conversation going and part of our conversation tonight is on the phone part of -- -- our text. And part of it is on our FaceBook page WWL radio soul. BWQ a friend on FaceBook and join us on FaceBook we would have our 30000. Friend. By fete Tuesday. If you would join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series Saturday Texas a 7870. A girl -- it's -- Cisco sold a hundred box of Girl Scout Cookies in just two hours how does she do it we'll tell you when we come back.