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02-24 11pm Scoot, Gay Discrimination in buisnesses

Feb 25, 2014|

Scoot talks about: legislatures in Arizona are in the process of passing a law allowing buisnesses to refuse to serve gays.

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And welcome back to our show it was the first full weekend of Mardi -- operating we've got a little break I think the -- says startup again online and on Wednesday. Hey look if you're on -- be careful I'm sure you've heard this over the weekend. A two. Two different flow Reuters -- the floats and the good news is that they're going to be okay and our. Our prayers are with them but apparently. I neither one of the two people that fell was properly tethered. To the floats. And that's something that his succumb operating in in recent years it was a timely and nobody was tethered you never thought about their doing that but if you don't -- a tether yourself. There's a possibility that that something can happen and and quite often I don't office this is the case with two of the two writers that it failed it. Quite often. People. Indulgent little bit too much you know the consumption of alcohol. And that's kin can lead to. Careless behavior again I'm not saying I'd have no idea. What happened with those two people that failed it. I generally writers. And have a lot of fun and and consume a lot of alcohol it's all part of the morning draw a festivities as part of being floated and it people. Go. Early and getting groups and I mean I know people who ride and their -- fund long before they even get on the float. But you still out there and and you have to be careful and we want everybody to be safe so. I'd just be careful if you own a floating if you fell off afloat and we think there were some. Some really young kid. On the ground I mean even if you were OK you might -- hurt somebody on the street so it's it's tested stay on the -- if you're on the -- And this is relieved -- bringing up a conversation about. How about the do the parades. -- Reminding people of the safety. Features in you'd think it's common sense would be something that would be common among all. Money drug goers those on the floats in those in the street but that's not always the case and by the way did everything go okay this weekend with operates. I know a few broke down I don't mean in terms of -- but in terms of all the new rules. I would like for everybody did pay attention to the new rules rather than have the police have to focus on how far away the latter reais from the street. Horry here's somebody has. Taken roper chairs or TARP or whatever and staked out territory union are supposed to do that anymore. You know if you if you go. And instead of your area you're supposed to be scared and there were people in and it's going to be interesting to see what happens as we get with a parade like condemning it. And -- because they're people who stake out their territory. Far in advance and and leave and then come back to and apparently that's now against the law. Based on new ordinance passed by the city council for this year. A so. Rather than have the police have to enforce his -- I'd rather the police pay attention to all the other things that they need to pay attention to. And not worry about writing somebody's ticket 41 of these violations. It would be nice if we could just all simply respect on the rules and also. Yeah there's there's this entitlement mentality you know I I'd like to point out to entitlement mentality -- how often transcend socioeconomic boundaries. There're there are people in this country who focus on the a certain stereotype. As being the type of American who feels they are entitled to something. And yet there are conservatives in this country. Who have the entitlement mentality. As well. Those who stake out territory. At a parade to mark golf territory. Are they acting like they're entitled to that that area it's on their property. Don't they act like they're entitled to when they when they broke off they say this is a well that's kind of an entitlement mentality as well so if you're opposed to entitlement India opposed to that kind of entitlement. As well. A throw -- we've been talking about and Arizona law that has passed. Legislation allows a business to refuse service to homosexuals or two as somebody who comes into a pharmacy and wants a birth control pills. You know if you gonna be a pharmacist who we start going to. 22 wanna give out birth control pills because it's your religious police that get into another business. I think if you serve the public you should should serve the public but here's -- WW a pretty general pinnacle. Arizona passed legislation allowing a business to refuse service homosexuals based on the owners religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom 58% say yes it is. 42% say it's discrimination you can give your opinion by going to our web site. Demi WL to account for him back to the show -- remind you that tomorrow morning -- WL first news with Tommy Tucker. Our proposed big cuts in the military. A Smart move. Or will it make the US weaker. Has waging war becomes so automated that less people are needed it and what's the biggest threat. Somebody else. -- the national debt. That's one of the things tummy -- -- talk about tomorrow also to talk about it no smoking in no alcohol fairly zones have been established for Mardi Gras parades. In -- -- and the foolish. And smoking and drinking be part of the family atmosphere that will be an interesting discussion tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker. Tomorrow weekday mornings from six to ten on WWL if you wanna join us with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And protection for two seats of the seventh from Slidell Don you're on WW LA good evening. And you -- good. Yeah. It isn't some equipment. That worked in the construction field. In no matter that I worked in a stationary location like in a plane. All of a worked on a machine that was -- canal street. Could update street calls on that one day. In a bomb on a machine. That lit me up and or what he stands out. According to OSHA requirements comfortable to be blocked. He quit circuit machine. That it. I don't hit the ground in but my head open Robert -- But done it's it's it's -- -- right. Well I I agree and those are those -- the rules. It is really up to the individual to follow the rule right I mean the ocean doesn't come in and and and tether you physically that's something that you have to do. I have a -- bill if I'm not mistaken that ball as they've -- to choke it to protect people. In -- -- but for the whole purpose they become public ocean. -- to help the workers be protecting him even noticed people on workers on the -- the date yet on the flow all members. But he shouldn't be that they vote for someone who's on construction site. That -- -- similar type situation -- you know is not insurance pay if you don't update the rules that model -- That you're at this Ursula K because you were negligible. You put yourself in situations to get. -- done you right you put yourself in the position if you don't follow the rules to mean did did the government or. Needs of people who are run the parade they can't. They're not gonna physically come tether you to the float. But if that's the rule that's your responsibility and if you don't tether yourself and I'd I'd -- -- don't like everybody else to blame. I you know could you do want some happens whether it's only going to GAAP -- -- -- -- -- -- you know unfold. But the majority -- you know advocate 2000 say you know what they've gotten the right thing that keep myself. If he got Y one that you did title analogies being the -- to it is. Stable long process to make sure that you know what you're allowed to do what you are not allowed to do this franchise. It you know and and that -- -- -- Play in the Portland evened out in the election now. Are you iron I agreed on it it if you don't follow the rules then it that's your responsibility right. Right it will mean -- electrician -- -- a better job you know he -- to put. A -- -- itself when they -- like he wanted to follow it and they've bought himself a real bad but you know -- -- -- job. He was supposed to do think -- habitat is how he got lax. It is not them it's -- he went 1520. Feet up -- without the rule book -- now. You know in the -- issue -- sometimes these things that if Oprah this. Do protect you no matter if you yup I was born again possible even -- for. John I appreciate you calling. All right you know there at that there are people who just want to rebel -- and and that's fine I mean I'd certainly never rebellious side but if you if you wanna just rebel against rules. And and and there are adults who criticize young people for rebelling against rules when when there are adults who rebelled against rules aren't put -- -- -- it is not like editors that. Just because they tallied a record doing -- fastened -- seat on our -- I believe in individual freedom but if there's a rule and something happens because you didn't follow the rule. Who do you blame. If you wanna join our show the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. At a text numbers it's of these seven here's a Texan Reid says those who. Professed to know what god thinks. May need a new idea. I spoke to god earlier this evening and she said looking your heart. On and asked. What you feel. If you're the one being discriminated against she also asked. How do you know what I think. Here is attacks that -- skewed if homosexuals are allowed to marry. Why not allow a father to marry his daughter order a mother to marry her son if they're consenting adults. And sexually attracted to each other. If they're consenting adults. I mean it's sick. But if they're consenting adults. I'm I'm not gonna be hypocritical. It's consenting adults. Now a church. Shouldn't have to perform the marriage any more than it church should be forced to perform. A marriage. That it is a couple that defies. The doctrine of the church. But legally. Let's see if you if you if you married your sorrow and if you're a woman you married your son and then your mother. Your mother would be your wife. And -- well so I guess there's a divorce right because. Duplicated so -- on the thing gets divorced. And she marries her signed. And what would that make the father. This is the John America studio producer just says something in my hear about it. And it wasn't that bad but America repeated but is it -- that's confusing though. If you're. If a father married his daughter. -- his. His daughter would become his wife. And so would. I again it's him who would be added daughter and again it's it's all very very confusing. We're gonna take a break here. And we come back -- -- replay conversation. We had earlier. With the according to end. It was a very compelling. Touching. Moving call anonymously anymore about it we'll play it for me become bank. At fairly draw this weekend I saw share Lloyd. As she's from England she's a -- and this is what her songs. And a lot of young people. Crazy about it and a lot of people getting Nordegren says after backstage. I wish I was impressed I thought she was -- thought she was -- I sent out I sent out a tweet. With her picture and on stage. And out of all the tweets that I sent out I have never received so many awards up between being Greek tweeted -- when I sent out a tweet with. -- on stage. If you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- -- WWL. And we'll be right back on -- if you'll. Before I replay this call that we had earlier -- -- to tell you but this girl's candidates ever sisco who sold a hundred boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in just two hours. Punish you do it she senate for table selling Girl Scout Cookies outside of a medical marijuana dispensary. It's ever Cisco. But the girl scouts of Colorado have announced they're not allowing their Girl Scouts to set up outside of stores that are now legally selling pot for recreational use. You don't they say in marketing it's all about location location location and that is a brilliant location. However had a caller earlier from the North Shore who said that she was sick involved in the girls' scouts as a scout leader. And she said that they're very very cautious about. Weiner they want the girls -- to sell because they they don't want them to be. A round. It people involved in in certain behaviors she brought up liquor store. And then I I couldn't help but think about it I understand that point but I couldn't help but think about. How. You know there are a lot of good people who buy alcohol. Everybody who buys alcohol as an alcoholic and a lot of people who buy alcohol -- blinder beer. Hard liquor. -- many did majority leader of law abiding citizens. And then you also think about setting up in front of a grocery store or in a grocery store. You have no idea who those people our. They could be even. Scarier than the people who are. Going to liquor store going to buy pot. And and really it's if you think about the location for the the cookie sales usually is -- kind of brilliant is that. But the Winter Olympics are over and Sochi Russia I watched a lot in and quite often when I get off -- -- -- I'd go home and watch the Winter Olympics which -- and tape -- you vote on every front suited night. I loved it and you know with all the criticism of Russia and I know that there were some problems with accommodations in the beginning. But they did a good job. And they really did a good job. Making the Olympics safe and I was really really concerned about whether or not they would be able to do it but let's give the Russians credit. They did it. Here's conversation that I want to share with you. It was so on earlier the color was named -- and the conversation began when I said and welcome to WWL. I actually -- that don't do listen to you for years. That's today but I appreciated. Our first caller -- on this show. I actually -- Well -- -- biblical Christian and honorable well you know I don't go to church. Actually my much speech but I it. Full shorter period homeowner can ensure -- court and emotional moment about but you've got bush on the beat do you better exit can. -- -- don't find you know. I think this you know if I belong to. We -- hypothetical tale -- sure I'm district that. And end the brokerage area and decided that you know gay America you're OK well then you know. Our I can usually the prior period church because I know personally believed that. But at this same term I don't believe that the cup although getting ready to be married. -- Richard -- -- and nightmares. Actually care you know this whole Mitch euros church and state. Has gotten to where you know people are trying to make -- And you know as this org which I'm not and you know. Always just try to -- up when -- elaborate you know. Well yeah -- I I have never. Suggested on the show that churches should be forced to marry. On same sex couples but I already has six couples should be allowed to to be legally married but it -- should resource to marry. Debt that it absolutely correct me out Bob believe every word you'd say. I really do I think -- Change church couples in this country without law. Oil they have the right to be true to marry. You know and history is it I don't want him to marry in my religion well I'll speak up tomorrow religions -- -- going to. -- -- chase opener now I think he would argue your personal. Contraction preparing. Well oiled machine or an -- Larry. -- -- The name. Probably group that I saw a talker well but. Let's help our caller twelve step group OK they're they're -- pretty fortunate to actual. I guess I respectfully. So the program and I'll. I'll read it for updated -- for thirty years. Show. Well I did lie. You know what goes -- shall milieu would Jewish Dutch. You know the -- step you take -- inventory -- finished you're you're admitting what you didn't do yourself to god to W repeating. Basically it just seem -- into session okay -- you know I took notice if they are finding out who I really what I really get people. -- How are rated -- location every grew up or electronic. And I illusion. I would have -- I won a race out of it now. You know I'm really -- the end where they elected or use my own a Miami and they had a reacting at you know I can end. Ill I felt so down. Anybody that's followed gay or that there were gay -- state jokes about have talked about -- richter the other. And you know how will -- local Christian or you know an actual yet. Actually a little with that show rather it and coach who would sort of go to. Should say -- an actuary. Get something that I -- it -- much. So I've been around for a long long term. Now pretty much know where most of the media ignore that are. You know long -- -- require. And I know where most of the ignored their mode we get. But -- and show our way into the mostly black one and Kia and her good side I tried -- first or through Dave Murray in an area -- -- -- I got a big -- everybody Russia elect. I'm ninety yoke on me tell you so church -- to -- -- nights out. And I should. I can't tell you how it sure my heart. To know that I owned to black people are turned -- I'll never done anything violent. Physically. But I radios. I looked down on black people are custom a -- Told jokes about him dorm all that you say. Well Warwick you know what you're born. I wish trained to -- -- all light cheers it so I hit it in order it and canned. You know I want -- you know there are such so shall. I don't -- short did you people. Shouldn't joke welcome -- remember that day about fifteen years ago it -- Julio Lugo -- future interrupted plunged. -- you know. Election to be one double what it took a lot of courage award to a vote -- -- group -- -- your -- you know I solar and question their courage. -- car so we're running out of options and no -- yeah I had to do it over to one thing or another. Show where religion a place where they look we have gay people emerged. Particularly recovery program morality you know. I told everybody. Tore through for your -- archer road area that are virtual. Felt that was sort of complicate the hole. Particular collection politicians so let me just got to joke out neutral -- brochures throughout the and I says. I believe. In my heart. I agree or not only apologize. But I am I -- -- And it and I am just question. Was the way and I lawyers in this thing that I used to do. And I I -- here chew. -- to make a message do you not Jewish so -- -- Jamaican -- actually changed my life changed my thinking. And you know I get done it did sound better try to plug a monetary way. You know or -- between me and guys -- appearing that -- We'll figure it out voted again and shouted all countries XT you know I'll Google short or predict that -- Jim -- now I'm not but it still in my brain can you know get me wrong they're wrong in child would virtual. And it because that would show in best in me. Being a kid that grew up or go -- truck and ended up ordered a couple of million dollars condone British straight. And -- I would form to be here where. And I'm so sorry -- didn't have the courage to stand up to the people who are trying to form he got away and say no. I'm not gonna hurt other people -- you call Leo -- great they are. Well what gender starship think they are unlocked -- do have the courage to. And now I I I hope that you would give me I know got. And you know it can be -- by the way I walked -- a particular meeting and a gay guy came up and actually -- -- but while. They would -- stand. And our -- And you guy you -- -- minister -- Stephen die -- forty years later. Get our attention that -- targeting. -- achieving a lot of you are not gay you're not straight you know we love each state got -- it to a church. And there are always -- there was suit that was a different view from the past you. Gay got her age as well -- -- -- pneumonia and for me it was foolish shut Ol Li. -- -- Confessing or should there you know I'm -- note to -- that -- it talker but I agree. Can your circle are trauma alerted somebody short where there were a program like -- -- not there's there's there can be -- step. And I I think you have I think you've touched a lot of people with your your story and once you take care yourself because we need people like you in the world. Well thank you very much -- that surely -- you know. And I appreciate you calling. -- was a call we had earlier from from end. And I just thought there was moving in the the story that he told about. About having -- homophobia and then. Holding this guy. Who who died. Here's -- hospital holding him in and being with him and telling in the laws and as he died I thought it was a very very. Touching touching thing to -- In a really very touching story. And isn't that relieved. The -- should be. If you have been. So judgmental. It's not too late to change. And think about your judgment. And think about your specific judgment of some people in one of the themes of of the showed -- night. Has been. We tend to. Hate the Syrians. That in our our stance. And if you're heterosexual. And if you know people who have been divorced who have. Committed adultery cheated on there spouses. If you know people who do a lot of different things that are indeed Syrians. Are you more accepting of those sins. Then of what is in your mind the sin of homosexuality. And is that really fair but again if if if you're not gonna be hypocritical. Then wouldn't a business owner in Arizona. Have to find out about the sense of everybody they do -- it if if you don't wanna do business with sitters who are you gonna do business -- And again I mention this earlier this takes me bright back to the the homily yesterday in church. I don't know what it was in in your church in booted my church it was official the gospel which was what your neighbor. And that's not an easy thing to do because neighbor is synonymous with everybody. Even your enemies. It's it's hard to love your enemies. But it's a challenge to to to not hate people just because you don't understand. Because there'll always be people we don't understand. And I don't think hate is an inappropriate word to use. Because there are people who do. Absolutely. Hate. Homosexuals. And why. And and that this is something that is also come up on a Sheila I just I find myself in a very interesting position because I I remembered I talked about this openly. I remember going to gave Boris win when. Disco for started -- that's how old -- AM I was doing music radio along time ago ordered -- Disco hits and government would Disco was first popular. And my wife at the time and I would go to the gay bars in the first quarter because -- with the best places to dance. And they had the most. The most. Up to date. The newest latest Disco it was coming up they had stuff the the radio stations -- even playing. And yet we would go in and we would go with friends and and nobody justice. Why are people judge today for going to a -- power this is not just about the gay issue. This is is. This is about judgment in America in general. And and not unfortunate public's judgment there in its two day you see you go to a game part you must be ga US steel liberal. Didn't used to come. Now I haven't changed. Have you. Mean it's it's it's it's suddenly of a big deal if somebody. If somebody goes to a keyboard to date because years ago that was just not. The big deal. -- blog tonight is titled should religious freedom protect discrimination and I'm essentially think that's what's happening in Arizona I would be really surprised if the the governor Jan Brewer. It does not Vito of this deal I I expect her to veto it. One way or the other we'll talk about it on the show I believe she has until Wednesday. Two either sign this deal Ortiz to. Here's a text that read so I'm Catholic and I don't care about what people doing their bedroom. I know same sex marriage and should not be legal in my -- But all these blank golf people should go smoke a -- forget it. I have several female gay cousins what should I do hate them give me a break shield the blanket out. Now what a bunch of dumb blanks go worship Drew Brees and Sean Payton I'm not exactly sure of what that meant in the end there here's a reason about to parents and children getting married -- not allowed to marry because of the medical genetic disasters caused by inbreeding. Yeah hi I understand that. But if they didn't read should they be alive -- well. That's not an issue. Because mothers and daughters on mother's and father's. Story. Mothers and sons and fathers and daughters are not trying to get married. But members of the same sex. Are and more and more states are continuing to. Legalize. Same sex marriage so I believe that the battle is essentially over and what happens when a battle is over is. People get desperate in their battle and they start new battles like OK you'll now we're gonna discriminate our political discrimination they call it religious freedom. But he is essentially. Discrimination here's another -- reads I came across a quote from Voltaire. I believe as the French philosopher. How appropriate it is for this evening's conversation it -- of all religions the Christians. Should of course inspired the most tolerance. But until now Christians. Have been the most intolerant. Of all men. If you wanna join -- shall overcome -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text number is -- 77. A blog it is still high and is still treading on our website at WWL dot cognizant like erode last week. Our Miley Cyrus is concerts. To sexual. And there are some parents who want her tour canceled. Because. Perceptual and excellent state Amaechi is -- do anything illegal but they think it's inappropriate. Any water shows canceled and then there was a rumor and it's just a rumor. That some of the big news. Were threatening to cancel -- concerts if they didn't change the content of the show. Daddy is a rumor. No Miley Cyrus concerts. Are being canceled. So again that's just a rumor now I'm in the blog I -- I mentioned. The possibility that he it's done for publicity. Because. There was one report from I think it was Forbes magazine that her her concert ticket sales have leveled out. What better way to inspire concert ticket sales than to say the consort is so sexual that they're threatening to cancel. He -- a great way to inspire. Ticket sales so I don't underestimate that possibility however they're definitely. Are. Are people who. Will willingly go to Miley Cyrus concert. And then complain that it's too sexual meet what is it about going to Melissa is concert that you were surprised about it. I mean it's so like you were going to see Disney on ice and all of a sudden there's there's two working are all kinds of other things. Going on simulation or whatever but it's it's Miley Cyrus. So you know what to expect and I think what happens is -- parents take their kids today is. And then they are so embarrassed and ended they they blame Miley Cyrus the producers of the show. When they made a decision to go toward the habits and there's so many parents who say -- order might do might get busted up hey you know what. The apparent. -- K you know what I'm sorry this is not appropriate for you we're not going. And it may be tough but nobody said being a parent is easy. This is the -- she'll ever coming back into the W. These ghost -- hard to believe -- Wilson Phillips has been together for 24 years. It seemed like it and get well they were definitely draw yesterday got a chance to. Meet China effectively market -- -- picture that they posted this. Mean China. Fairly drawing. Accidentally crush on her players -- can still do. But these girls are just waving their harmonies are unbelievable to me think about when they come from. The Beach Boys. In the moment and pompous and they were really really very good. Carnie Wilson did one soldiers were small high heels for songs is that okay that's enough to pick your shoes off. In fact she almost dropped the F bomb on stage in and caught herself and then there was another time which is hard to say something. Apparently she's the rebellious wonder she's. She's the the provocative one. Because as somebody on stage for the background musicians. By the bank -- -- -- -- Carney. This is Stanley drawn take that suburban street. Apparently he's Canada. The wild when. If she talked about lumping char grilled oysters I think is the first time she ever had -- they were awesome. You know I was thinking about the parade writers amid a -- it's gonna get to the point you know that they've got dean of the the tether. Tethered straps are available for all operate writers and -- to fill off afloat. -- yesterday and maybe they should should should require that they were helmets but you know I don't know that economists -- -- the hole -- idea right. A from Alabama Kevin -- on the -- showing to be WL. Excuse our attempt. A long time listener first time I've given you call. I would have to say it is I disagree with Gator urged. I have no problem would it -- what people do in the privacy of their own. Bird. When you have public displays of a connection. Between two in the hands. And you have to explain to -- probably your role. Y -- me in her kissing. It's it's. Abnormal deviant behavior. In a reason not saying that it is yet. You know that you're your position on this -- you're trying to bottle it's. Into a religious. Opposition. I'm not trying to receive authority and presented them. Well and got. More for. Well it's you know it's I think it's a really had interest in story and I think it tells now lessened -- I don't. See that happening again and Kevin what. Well first of all where are you seeing these public displays of affection with with the men acting inappropriately physically in public precincts. -- -- -- A considered you saw an olive garden when he received men making out. Not making out just as simple pan and you know what that's -- small child. Asks hey daddy why are two meeting cute. Utley what did you. Well it's abnormal deviant behavior in -- re saying that it's not -- religious perspective. That -- Evolution that's perspective. Yet that was normal behavior. Don't please don't say it I know you gonna say but please don't. The go ahead. Bit of truth is that if that was normal behavior there would be aid mechanism. Or homosexuals appropriate. Agree square stick around -- Well there's there's no requisite to reproduce. When you get married in this country. And and god made some people who are incapable. Of biologically. Reproduce. Why doesn't every produced so we don't discriminate against them. Anderson there's only a very small. Number of homosexuals in this country so that's not gonna have anything to do with the propagation of our species. Yeah exactly -- that is my whole point now on eight -- percent. All the people in the world are not homosexual. So that is normal behavior. Well I would again I can only speak from the standpoint of heterosexual. But I would think that normal would be what is normal for you. Well again I have no problem with anything that hackers. In the privacy of your own home. You know you know you've alluded to pick that well again it's hand slipped into pornography you know he's not there and and a public that's abnormal -- Indian. Heaven if your if your son was watching television and the news was on and had two leaders from a foreign nation -- ST two men kissed each other on the sequel which you will would you tell. I would children. You're. Biting you say that going to senator -- could you said the state could you said the same thing could he says it's a greeting. While 48 to go into detail about the sexuality of what goes on beyond. The the kid's wedding you just tell your son that that was just it's just a friendly greeting and not everybody does that they do why did you just leave it at that. -- It's a greeting but you don't have to but Kevin you don't have to give kids too much information media what what -- wonder if and what if a straight couple started making -- -- -- that's inappropriate and public. But it actually -- between him and a warm well but I can only assume that if your game that's natural behavior. Well that's true true. But it is not natural. Compared. To. What we're forced -- -- to -- what are we supposed to do. Well one man and one on. I mean that's natural. It certainly is for me. And I do I guess it is for you in it's certainly -- -- -- percent of the world or -- greater percentage. That the problem is is that much more than 5% of the world disagrees with. Unequal treatment disagrees with judgment. Of who people fall in love with. I am right there which you have no problem with any of that. But it is there is a burden placed -- phone. -- rest of the world a majority of the world. Trying to raise children's well. Can -- you know Kevin. You have to be prepared. To answer your kids questions and and if you're not then. You library. Bird. Because. I agree with that Kevin but it's something happens I mean you've got to be prepared if somebody ports out the -- Bob. What do you tell your kids you can't hide them from reality. You have to be prepared is apparent to answer their questions. I gotta get to bring us I'm glad to listen and I'm glad you called. And inspiring conversation. We'll be back at a VW well yeah I'm just thinking back on that line at last caller we had. What do you tell your five year old son is fiasco like two men are kissing each other in public. Or parents need to be prepared for answers in and why not simply say. Hey you know some people -- affectionate. It doesn't mean anything white like if the children more information than they actually need a text here what if what Kevin's son turns out to be. Game. Mean you know. -- do it very early age that I restraint so you know if -- kid ask questions. How to you know that the child is not sensing something. Very natural about what. What he sees. Upper Mississippi Wayne your and heavy WL. I would creatures in public at. All. You know you would you explain. You know there were here. I really don't care. You get time an all too well on whole evening 08. To restore older entries the owner -- right. Okay and shall. Want. What are you. One year. You pushing you looked a little man. Now -- agree it's. Signs -- episode. Here's a final update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll Arizona passed legislation that allows a business to refuse service to homosexuals based on the -- religious beliefs. Is that religious freedom or discrimination 57% say religious freedom. And 43% say it's discrimination and that's the subject of dispute blog which is turning on our website right now W dot com also on our FaceBook page. Is account and our FaceBook page a discrimination against gays is the same as segregation. Both are discriminatory practices. And both are against the Civil Rights Act. And by the way these people that hide behind religious beliefs. Who supposedly follow Jesus. Our. Or -- CO Paula Jesus to ET. And we just continues I have certainly forgotten the most important commandment. That he has given us and that is love one another. As he loves us and that love is unconditional. Non discriminatory. And eternal. And -- -- Kevin and our FaceBook page and again you can join that conversation by going to. WWL radio on FaceBook in the industry blog is all about this issued religious freedom protect. Discrimination. You know if your parent. Be prepared to tell you kid stuff but you know. Kids are innocent and you don't have to give them information. Based on your experience in life -- only what they need to know. And had a lot of fun tonight we will be back tomorrow night when I think John America studio producer also reject Paris in the at a studio have a great evening bloodied Orleans.