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Feb 25, 2014|

Dave talks about cash & sex to protect a pill mill? Taco Bell for breakfast, and Zadock Dinkelmann

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners it's February it's the 25 -- 2014. It's Tuesday as the -- it's -- not Monday at all made it through Monday and we survived it now we have Tuesday with no fault I can actually see the bridge a little tiny bit of fog on the Mississippi River as the wind's coming up underneath the buried. That's -- the last few days where visibility -- have been really bad. In spots so I'm glad to see that as we make one day closer one week from today. -- will be -- That's right Tuesday just a week away will be here into the -- Lined it up you know you know like as the windup toys keep pointing. And winding winding entries a little ago he did that it that it that it didn't doubt -- says. Get ready for that huge weekend and then right on into the fact Yang and the rang break activity on this week on our next week so we should have a help the healthy helping. Sure of college kids coming down cute share in the rubble. The silica -- the speech let's go to their borrowers the end. I'll never forget when I was in college and mr. And one of the women and -- college came back from Marty the united honestly never. Had any experience with it and it was such as the cops falls beads and all the balloons. And she's got these pictures and she was probably a good -- to our values yeah yeah that we she was -- going when you start talking about opera in New Orleans and that was my first case. What it was all about what's going on I'm down -- him to send my mouth negate why this happens in the united yeah. So yes it is a lot of that activity so. -- is beyond alerts. In the French Quarter will be particularly the interests and this seat here with the late or Mardi Gras. That allows more kids during. Late February early march to a on spring break them down and a in by human yeah zero crank it up just an option -- Earlier Marty god last spring breakers later Mardi Gras more spring breakers now that we understand that. And -- And. Barak it's Iraq get up the feds say that a cop. And a doctor yeah. Among those working now hi made it -- -- management clinics activities from the feds. So the people who comment. And it's some pain relievers. A lot of pain. Only a year have them there there. Here have a prescription another prescription have another -- there are hundreds of dollars to probably a pop -- and they say that this officer received cash. And sexual favors yeah. In order for helping to protect the pain clinics in Metairie and flight now. From detection by the federal task force. He was apart. Obviously this former officer and our reserve officer -- until recently. Is innocent until proven guilty but. The allegations then. On the task force yet your on the two -- these kind of things out. Here have some -- On the money here's some money. Make sure that somebody finds out we're out. You know no matter how many they catch the matter how many times the bad guys go to prison. No matter how many corrupt cops and politicians they -- It doesn't scare the future ones from trying it anyway taking -- I'll be the one who gets away with it I just don't understand that. It doesn't make sense of you take at some -- they realized you know they keep Boston people maybe we shouldn't do this I guess that's why we have. To keep law enforcement and while we have to keep US attorney's office and what we have to do all these things because no matter how hard to try to get rid of it. Every bunch we'll have a bad ones somewhere and it most of them are good but there's one bad one every now and then and the matter how hard you try to you're in a mall. It seems is another one come and what we've got sports come up and your forecast. -- for the rest of the work week after the IV Zain good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you for starting -- Tuesday that column not Monday just remind us that -- made it through Monday were 20% of the way through the work week already and by the time today's -- 40% Don but a lot of folks taken Friday off and my kids have no school Friday. And by then will be in such -- fervor of parade activity. I don't know how many people get anything on Friday anyways so act if you're just work can afford it work -- congratulations to you. Four mile by the end of today being halfway done with your work week and gave no it's the early edition of WWL first news the National Weather Service is not reporting -- at any of the major reported -- no fog in Arlington national no fog in flight now. Just a -- about it at the Lakefront airport bucked the go all the way down to the coast. In Venice in -- bill visibility is a quarter mile organs and text messages from. River pilots that there's some fog still on the river for a good distance as you make -- way. From the lower Mississippi up towards new world and so there is some fog out there have been no dense fog advisory today. 73 for a high today we're gonna keep some of those clouds around at a slight shower chance at 30%. But that rain really picks up after midnight tonight that front begins to me then so -- dropped to fifty and they stay they're pretty much all day Wednesday -- look for that -- to increase 80% during the day. Down to about 60% chance for the evening at right now it's looking like light rain for parades that would have the rain gear you're headed out. And -- Thursday skies we'll start to clear in the morning temperatures Thursday in the mid fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- you -- just Clark talked tell. 59 degrees and mostly cloudy guys at the reporting -- now mostly cloudy and 55 at the National Weather Service office -- again. Sports time now on WW wealth. And if you just read the headlines allies do signs a fourteen year old quarterback why it's there. Kids in junior high eighties ready to play for -- -- no I am not quiet if you read into it a little more LSU baseball team. Number wind maybe. Dealers here with that and much more and Tuesday morning sports tasty the low today and I'm about to find out who lived in France that's coming I'll about a year eleven and Graeme. That's right good morning everyone the pelicans lost their fourth straight game though as the clippers proved to be just too much to handle LA made 63 pointers. And shredded New Orleans won 23 to 110. Coach money Williams says -- squad played tough but they did seem defeated at times on the court. What I didn't like was there were times when they made sure it's not so we've allowed our spirit to Newfoundland who. You play against a team like bears can allow those things to happen -- on the floor in your heart to go down. LSU baseball returns to the diamond tonight putting their seven or no record up against you a -- yet who is seven and one. Tiger skipper pulmonary is anxious to see how his team plays against a tough raging -- Florida. I'm happy with just -- everything we've seen out there I think you guys are playing Good Charlotte based volunteer today will play a little bit tougher team and and I think we got to be ready for better be good challenge for -- and something we we really need right now. In college hoops fourth ranked Syracuse blew most of a twelve point lead in the last eight minutes before beating Maryland 5755. And ending a two game losing streak. Tyler Ennis scored twenty points and CJ fair had seventeen to help the orange improve to 26 and two overall while going thirteen to two in the ACC. Fifth ranked -- Kansas claimed at least a share of its tenth consecutive big twelve championship by beating Oklahoma 83 to 75. Five jayhawks scored in double figures. -- -- received some pretty good news Major League Baseball has adopted a rule limiting home plate collisions this season. The one year experiment allows collisions if the catcher has the bull. And is blocking the runners direct path to home plate and if the catcher goes into the -- pat the -- of the road to a place. The rule -- players from deviated from a direct path that a -- in order to initiate contact with the catcher or the player covering home plate. A run of violating the rule will be out even if the fielder drops the ball. And the end may be in sight for NHL players competing in the Olympics it all began in 1998 when for the first time players took part in the Winter Olympics. For several years the NHL's been thinking seriously about abandoning the Olympics because several owners. Are upset at seeing their multimillion. Dollar investments playing for free and sometimes getting injured. While there Revis sit empty for three weeks in February. To have more on sports talk the NFL's expected to penalize players. Fifteen yards for using racial slurs on the field in the leaked a effectively cracked down on the and word. And it's Alicia baseball residual Lafayette starting at 6 PM I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- explores -- catchers. If they blocked the plate. And the Ryder. Runs into them and they dropped the ball. Runner may still be out right. Okay it is all the prevent the huge collisions we often see between runners and catchers at the plate but right up until now a catcher in baseball can. Just go stand right there in front plate knowing that he's got the pads on he's got a helmet on and he's got the face mask on and the runners gonna try to knock him out of the way. And a lot of promise pink is the player of the catchers were also moving up from home plate to him blocking more than just not a conflict itself it's absolutely players safeties. Huge concern cursing not just in the NFL anymore. All right so. No block in the played in baseball and fees the and word on the field and football they'll penalize it fifteen yeah the I don't I just don't understand how they're going to be able to enforce that -- -- Mike up every player. Nen and what they said -- sounded like is there. Yet dominate the players obviously shouldn't be using any racial slurs. Ever specially during game. Biden. The -- -- -- pick up all kinds of horrible language that football games obviously -- -- now we're trying to protect and not get hit above the room. Pad shoulders can't hit below the knees and can't. Say certain things -- -- and it does get and so difficult to understand which can't can't do but. You know maybe they've gotten maybe civility will finally start ruling if they said don't know I don't now. Obviously you know white players saying that to a black players gonna cause a huge controversy as well but I would imagine. That you know for the majority of the time it's. Fellow black players calling each other that on the field. -- use it at all -- -- fifteen yard penalty anybody using a racial slur will be docked fifteen yards. Using it to be offensive or if they're using -- Right I guess if you score a touchdown and you use that in a positive. Manage your team you know it yet you fifteen yards. I was -- Carolina talking about this fourteen year old kid from Texas. Who apparently dreaded plane -- here but all that for point five minutes from now. And we'll talk about this Texas junior high quarterback who's committing to play at LSU now at the pretty famous uncles. Plus and his -- moment. Talk about that coming up 2.5 minutes -- -- -- well implement its forecast after this there's apparently some fog out there is people attacks. West Bank in the coast as we're seeing the fog this morning. 73 today and mostly cloudy there it's a slight shower chance for up 30% today but that increases tonight up to 50%. As that front arrives temperatures will start to drop we hit fifty tonight. We pretty much stayed there for much of tomorrow it's going to be cold and windy and have -- on Wednesday. With an 80% chance now for rain and storms during the day I to traffic to 60%. For the evening but that means still some showers around for parade so Wednesday evening just be prepared for that it's going to be eight chilly rain. And then Thursday a shower to possible in the morning that that moves out. And arrests today in the fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist locked -- tell. -- of fog along the coast on the West Bank today no fog of international airport where it's 59 degrees and no fog -- hours 55 degrees. I coming up delays and CBS's David -- and -- WWL first news traffic weather together and we'll talk more about static big moment. Could beat them. Quarterback of the future for LSU. And only fourteen years old. Also -- talk about something and that that's you know sort of logon WW well asking is Miley Cyrus is concert to sexual. I just find it very strange that other performers are just as if not more sexual but nobody cares because they weren't childhood stars. -- that makes a big difference in the way people think. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 25 of February 2014. It's a Tuesday and the last Tuesday of February. This time next week Italy march march and it will be. Little Fat Tuesday actually Marty rob a pre law one week. From Thursday it has. SO I've been watching the Mississippi River out my window here and the fog is building on the Mississippi River it's kind of coming up and creeping toward the Crescent City connection getting a little more dance and again text messages. Heavy fog and tidbit though the Ian bell case ball in the rose very dense fog down river. Visibility -- less than a quarter of a mile when you get to the coast. I've throughout the West Bank you down along the coast or right on the river apparently there's fog now and will keep an eye on Etsy where it goes from -- because it can change their marriage did that yesterday. All of a sudden you know -- a year reported it was not a problem adults and eight total model gas so it will watchers again just be advised the good news is an act on going on the causeway at least now it's now one line northbound so far that's looking. Good Miley Cyrus. I don't know he ought to do is say the name that's and I and I serie Ono Bono was your response. -- or applaud in response to some people or complain that her concert is to sexual you know he's going to be coming to be playing here. And I had a mom actually come and ask me but got a fifteen you think it's taken demise. My answers and he probably -- -- if you have to ask. Then you probably shouldn't I mean considering what she'd do it on television. You've got to expect from the concert could be you know I don't know -- how much. How much more do you ramped up often. And he probably will but I'm tie that to be notary on a concert thank you dedicate every concert. You -- beyoncé beyond Stacy would present on the -- yeah. -- is there are a lot of very sexual. Performances out there by a lot of popular artists and concerts. The thing that gets me is people get really angry about Miley Cyrus when she does and the only reason I can figure. Is because she was a star as a young child and a lot of people's kids. Really loved -- man Montana and and so as the little -- girls. And boys they loved Hannah Montana now that Miley is an adult. They still like her in the area they'll preteens or teenagers. Not adults yet. And there there look at matter now -- saying what he's doing well why are you doing this right and habit and parents just just know this most pop performers. He'd just go in and listen to their songs on the Internet outdoors you hear on the radio but on the Internet most of them have. Explicit versions of their songs. Lyrics that are not the ones you hear on the radio that are dirty here that include -- words. And that is Miley Cyrus. So you know you might wanna pay a little more attention to what you think ticket might be hearing if they go to one of these concerts but. Yeah definitely my -- says things in counted that are very sexual very adult oriented. But people just get so angry about it. And it's yet FaceBook today there's much to talk about Robin thick and his wife separating. You know he's been blurred lines guy to Miley was you know is in the foam finger on and all that it received switching over -- -- well that's -- -- him highly suggest dugout I'd be. That they're in different generations he's much older than her. And -- Guys thank you David we'll -- -- -- and twenty minutes more first is Christa Miller joins us with more on the allegations in this indictment. That's bad cop was getting sexual favors in cash to help protect pill mills in Metairie in Slidell. -- more on that coming up at the top of the hour. Soon god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's -- morning. -- meteorologist Laura but now laugh like you know. -- you're not on the West Bank are down along because yeah also -- launches this market that ambulance accident thing it's actually really think in David in television spots. Yeah it's going to be kind of -- -- teeters at dense fog advisory it was a really issued went -- there is widespread fog so. Still some pockets out there but most of us will be okay this morning. Right and we when not another round of -- Whether bag you know this southern branch of the jet stream -- active for my liking it here if we -- -- -- got April things that we spoke but it's. Yeah I don't think we can -- it but -- I can't like -- -- -- -- land I now is the worst time it -- try to do all -- outdoor -- as you know at some point there's going to be some rain at this point it looks like it's going to impact some of that Wednesday -- aren't there today rain not much diminished. No you know there's this -- slight chance for some showers and an eighty. And does the rain move body -- every adult day atomic does that move out of time for the parades you know. What's going to happen is that the heaviest rain will be Wednesday morning. And it will taper off during the day Wednesday -- the rain falls Wednesday evening will not be at -- the it's -- going to be some showers maybe some light showers and drizzle at times kind of off on Wednesday keeping. That thing to keep in mind knows that winds are gonna be as strong as maybe 20/20 five miles an hour and it it's going to be in the forties and so they feel more like the thirty. I've been fair to all day tomorrow forties by operate well I fifties for a high tomorrow to look her in the morning and the temperatures will drop all day -- grain all of that out pretty broad day tomorrow. Bellevue for it to be where we -- right and snow -- wants. We'll be canceled we're not talking thunderstorms twenty eat meat in and torrential downpours were talking just more about. Aggravation tighter -- but you know podshow. Can't handle just make street dress warm again it's going to be very rockets -- -- get through that tomorrow and tomorrow we -- and clear out on Thursday -- Thursday night -- -- temperatures falling from the fifties and the forties Thursday night and Friday night great looking at K mid sixty's for highs on Friday separate time evening. He will be low sixties or upper fifties and there's a slight chance for some showers on -- Making him for long range plan but yeah -- the general subject. Yeah immigrant -- ala the models doing -- thing right they would like that in the Emmy at Sunday. And bachus. And Monday -- marketed them yet we're kind of -- talking -- Us back now I know well. That's Saturday and Sunday not bad right now right 20% chance Saturday and Sunday that he's all right well it is what it is Wednesday the worst of the -- is as it looks right now will keep you posted it's. Still you know could be it could be worse is that help anything heavy rainy cold that is not. -- the end I morrow -- situation right but it could definitely be works -- Taco Bell. Mice and how does that tackle now he's -- out and see where this is going to. Well they're gonna start -- practice. They want to compete with McDonald's yes they want it -- -- he'd say they intend to be strong number two after mcdonalds and acknowledging that it's probably impossible for anyone at this point in any tournament time to overtake the popularity of McDonald's cracked me up and advice -- Taco Bell and breakfast what do you think. I -- a practice taco. And not so much I got to they're -- -- or read. But I got to make a waffle taco that looks like a tackle but it's got sausage and eggs and the like the -- real. Kind -- hand that yeah wrapped in a waffle. Out of at a pancake interest. But it's still practice the you don't have ground before right hot sauce or any of that they're gonna -- breakfast burrito with eggs and cheese and play again. But now that but now that an -- taken about to stop and put it and you know the front wrapped yeah. When they take -- -- wrapper around them then they're gonna wrapper around them a stake in and hash browns and put that in a rap. You know doing the same thing with sausage bacon and -- -- that out so well they're gonna take about -- breakfast stuff and put it and in burritos in the current -- make -- Well okay. So. Hit I think that when you go to restaurants or brunch places what have they each have some kind of Spanish you know Latin Americans kind of -- whether it. You know everything that's wrong but the waive those sprint says the secret heroes sweater shirt you know they just pass. All the -- from black beans I mean there's I love the facility and it you know. Stuff was happening out at western style there's to. But I don't I don't know how I feel about the -- -- -- ago. Yeah I don't have got a picture evidence -- to the thick of -- that's been curve if you click or making -- unnecessarily high in calories and it doesn't have to blow you out of San. -- -- What with the past he placed it in replaced the bunt with two pieces of fried chicken ride yet it seems like okay now we're maybe just going a little too far. At McDonald's now has the exit -- and they have a version that's a little healthier. Outing he had a better headline like eight yet and white as anchors make cheese. And got the same fun you know running late in our really you know need something out it's fairly low in calories -- whatever but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now it was pretty at a time -- really -- -- to check to pay about 4 -- his right cut out beating big I've meeting -- goes -- dinner whatever you write regular menu but you know -- had a long -- of enjoying myself I like that about three or 4 in the morning -- themselves up for meals and a lot of times you know now about breakfast we'll see if -- successful on becoming number two. Thank you Laura Ingraham but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News sport and have a great morning that is all starts march 27. Sports -- and after that. Source -- WW well that we say good morning to Steve Geller. Good morning Dave and happy Tuesday everyone. We'll see if the clippers couldn't miss in the smoothie king senator as LA rolled to a 123 to 110 victory over the pelicans. The clips judge shot under 52%. From the floor and drained 163. Pointers -- head coach Monty Williams says. This team's emotions got the best of them in this warrant. We just below their offense to dictate our spirit especially third quarter current sits next thing you know it's a good team maintain the -- Video games -- Well a little bit of news on the free agent front from the saints according to espn.com. Zach -- and the team have had preliminary contract talks to free agent tackle has been in the league eight years and was an asset protecting Drew Brees is right side last season. Quotes a big in state battle on the diamond tonight with seven and no LSU hosts seven and one you will laughing yet. Tigers coach pulmonary says this is undoubtedly their greatest challenge to date. It's got a closer entire starting lineup that we played him twice last year including in the finals of the regional championship there's no question they've got an experienced confident team they've won seven in a row including a three game sweep this southern miss. -- a fourteen year old south Texas boy from a well known quarterback lineage has committed to play football at LSU. Eighth graders sat opting Coleman orally committed to the tigers he's the nephew of -- and Koy Detmer. I'd ever won the 1990 Heisman Trophy of BYU and Koy Detmer was at all big twelve player act Colorado. In college basketball Florida as the new number one in the AP poll with the 2.5 and two gators collecting 47 of 651 place votes. Unbeaten and second -- of Wichita State received 141 place votes and third ranked Arizona got the remaining four. Today for all sports talk the NFL's expected to penalize players. Fifteen yards for using racial slurs on the field. In the league a effectively cracked down on the end word. And it's -- baseball vs -- a lot -- starting at six I'm Steve Geller naturally morning look at sports. Not just in north -- got a few text messages people saying always just the -- -- -- any racial slurs would result in a fifteen yard penalty views on the field during game in the NFL correct right that's just the racial -- that he's used the moves gets the most attention right exactly it's views a slaughter for. White person or wrestler for a Hispanic person are for an Asian person any tips or any. Anything pretty much offensive that you say do another player on the field -- has race. We'll get him involved we'll get to picking our panel. Yeah my question though like I said -- how can they really forces and if you're using it towards another teammate MA. You know because of this many times where they use the N word. As a brotherhood kind of game and they -- have a list made is that yeah the reference can have a list of the banned words. Yeah now and I will wait and see how that plays out I'll -- have to wait and see how this plays that was that -- combing. Does not sound like the name of a great quarterback but. People are raving about this fourteen year old from south Texas who is already committed to LSU they've all over him a scholarship. And again -- -- school yet what that level. Talk about early recruiting for less miles. You I guess they see. Something in him Cam Cameron the offensive coordinator. Has said he's seen exceptional quarterback steals -- -- deceit so exceptional -- that acting Coleman governor likes that off yet not not. Finding that apparently wants -- relative of so that after he's done with eyes -- still wants to thank you we want you come back and fifteen that's what sports. -- Steve Geller I'm Dave on your forecast that I would doesn't fog close to the coast this morning folks and again. The seventies today touting with just a few showers tomorrow -- miserable 80% chance the rain forties most of the day. Well I would did the ten day extended forecast yesterday from migrants trying to remember did it rain uniter remember being dry it Dahlia hall. That a once in -- for awhile and I believe I was in the rain soaked in the rain and -- with my daughter's high school band lasted the whole way. And -- in the city if I don't remember that again Leo for whatever reason okay he military cuts. They don't make the country say four or more hum vulnerable. And what's bigger threat somebody -- of the national debt should you need a valid reason they carry a concealed carry permits to have a concealed carry permit. Because what if that valid reason. Unexpectedly surprises you -- dark street one night you didn't anticipate ahead and who's gonna make a decision if your reason is valid or not. Yet we'll talk about John dingle this guy was in congress for 58 years I think it was -- lot. He's succeeded his father. 58 years ago so -- dangles a panel hold on NC for quite some time with the faculty -- that really sound right when you say. You can then all you want coming up next.

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