WWL>Topics>>2-25 6:15am Tommy, military cuts

2-25 6:15am Tommy, military cuts

Feb 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Jeff McCausland about proposed military cuts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi Tommy Tucker 617 a serious thing going on in Washington proposed by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Once -- cut military spending back to where it was before World War II. Jeff my cause and joins us right now colonel Jeff -- and RC BS military expert colonel a pleasure is always talked to -- Give me your take on all of this I guess we should start -- -- the the main things that he wants to do when your take on. Looked at or below the correct -- slightly looking to cut spending back to where was before World War II organized criticized the army that Stewart was. Before hanging or -- cars are 570000. Site providing. In Iraq and Afghanistan and about 440000. -- and I'm Latin myself because if you cut spending down to pre World War II levels and he'd given inflation that's appeals allowed smaller military. Or -- an important it is an important distinction colonel thank you. But that's. Exactly right but it still open of course there are immediately down to levels where was. But before the Second World War and this event that he would -- one fighter aircraft -- -- -- toward that it into -- community YouTube. Surveillance aircraft quality inventory -- Left. Pay increases -- pay for the military -- it's freezing for increases in her off to say that these some law adjustments to. Things like housing allowances. And also veterans bill that they want more -- days. Border -- here insurance but the related equipment that received before we recognize the reality. Stay within that budget control act that was passed back in December bring the budget down about four and 96 billion dollars. Those that's sequester we're talking about colonel. Is that the sequester retirement to force cuts. But the point sixes without question they put -- additional measures within the budget so called toggle which they called for budgetary purposes. They can make adjustments -- sequester coming back into effect that it because the numbers game here. We should also keep in mind that. Prior to September 11 2001. In our defense budget about 291. Billion dollars but did in. Also these expenses for Iraq and Afghanistan in all of this -- it is it occurred your body be -- billion dollars yourself. You know we're pretty close to having double that budget in real terms. Since 2000 wants to bring it. And I know I know you're time is limited -- such a Scottish his question bottom line. I you have reform former colonel retired colonel is is gonna make the country weaker is it gonna it works Smart instead of Harden has new war fear. Changed it where you -- Dolly's things like you to use 188 and tank busters etc. Technical work yet to do this strategy is that the bitterest and the gothic bitterest. But the Pentagon looks the future of the question is do we need to really big army. Or do we need of very highly technologically sophisticated efficiently and voting for the latter. What do you think. If I'm -- new secretary defense. And exactly frankly is appropriate my love the united states army has devoted my entire group denies they target that would bring the active army -- also got to keep in mind -- -- National Guard reserve they're there is smaller too they're very different forced his last twelve years they have mobilized deployed. Ought to return and that several that mobilization process as. As good as probably any time in artistry the world -- the additional investments and other I think probably more likely to cause problems in the future one of those. -- -- We're gonna increase spending with special operations. Counterterrorism operations we're not going to be able to do without calling up the guard reserve. Is go out in -- country occupy that country state their folders. Current record and you gotta go -- -- early and so rushed with you but you I got to you too late the U2 surveillance aircraft I presume that's evolved through the years not the same -- Gary Powers was flying and. Well if it's split at the same -- air for a bit and modified -- the camera like his own orbit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Improve the water was back and very powerful that 1950s and 1960. That is the bears the technology they would into eight and -- book the -- -- -- -- western Africa. Soviet tank formations they're coming across the Eastern Europe not really envisioning a high probability. Slug it out. The large conventional forces -- tanks in the near future that's what it is now being declared obsolete. Currently deeply respected ansari had to rush is so much -- it was my band not yours -- again. We -- report.