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WWL>Topics>>2-25 7:15am Tommy, concealed carry

2-25 7:15am Tommy, concealed carry

Feb 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, with State Police Troop B, about the rules for concealed carry permits

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- going on that you witnessed here Tuesday morning Tommy -- evidently. I Tommy Tucker's -- court rightly refused to hear a couple of cases that. Let's standard requirements and a couple of states if you know concealed carry permit that you have to have a good valid reason in order to get one. And another law that specified that nobody between the age of eighteen and twenty can get a concealed carry permit yet. Between one awesome eighty joins us right now our friend. Public information officer for state police troop -- talk about what it's like here good morning Melissa. I want to you part of a I think it my daughter's high school last week and she said field and -- job it was. Did trial part and you remember the name -- the trial part for the drunk driving accident when he color thing. What I caught -- from the consequences that follow my crash. Which it can't quite an impact and -- -- been drunk driving in late on trial and received -- -- and then it. Unbelievable is an experienced at the. She knows you from us talking on the years so she said to tell you hide that you did agree to. Are. You -- log shows that you're an attractively. Of course she -- that in response to me asking but anyway let's move on -- Tommy about concealed carry permits and -- Louisiana. How the laws evolved changed indeed you'd need a good reason if they if I decide that I wanna get a concealed carry apartment. Lasted justified in anyway. You don't have to justify it but there are there are a lot of restriction you have to be at least 21 year old. If you have any felony and on misdemeanor in your background you're not going to be allowed to get one. I'm not -- training class. Bet you have to get a true and if you have any history of any mental illness or drug alcohol and beating your history that -- -- qualify you all that. Application -- accurately be and I and people can go on you Ella speed up court. And all of our applications are listed there right now it's about a 128 week period. Because we have seen a very large increase in the amount can get in an application that country equally. In terms all of mental illness and I say this because. As at a drugs -- the other day and I innovation discusses thing in public but they did and it until like three people about -- of Perot. One right after the other founded notable that so many people would be on the same tribunals that the drugs -- -- Maintaining confidentiality. They should but it's seem like it was in the open and it was not denied no shame about it. I just wonder how do you define mental illness of somebody's been treated with anti depressants -- you -- that -- it did not routed cases of trouble with the law. They eat well. Many cases however on that medical form and -- like about it. Police really make that decision on the map that would BP on on the dead and medical forms that you're required how filled out by a medical professional and that part of the permit application. So you're asked what medication you're on and then today. Check with the doctor something is now works. Medical form need to be filled out by a doctor again that part of the application process to. That say exactly -- medical conditions would be get out fired I would have to you on double check with -- -- -- and people. By. That there's there are some forms that they'd. Mental illness but it it has to be intact because -- You know where that person would not be able to properly handle a weapon. And again there's training courses -- a lot of form an application that go along with beacon and arm -- money you it's not -- In terms of -- dated a year you mentioned a 120 day waiting lists I don't recall seeing anything. About people with concealed permits get in any trouble or at least a lot of that happening is there. Net Tommy and an opinion about people -- concealed handgun permit they didn't turn expected background investigation. And eat at Wheatley art scene to where it becoming a little bit more common late -- concealed handgun permit. Once you get back he'll permit -- -- there's multiple rules that you need to follow it as it's -- -- where he can carry that weapon. And indicate that you come into contact with law enforcement you have to let you ask you -- To be able to admit you keep track down and in the eat and pitcher in a public place and we expect that you have a weapon you need to let you know came back and get -- -- permit. And then I laugh at this -- that a lot of you. Culture and can -- -- permit anybody to carry a weapon in the vehicle because that can get into a permit to carry a weapon in the vehicle. But if you opt out on -- absolutely let you know you have that weapon and the car. Usually do is take that weapon on me and we will will take all the bullet out of it. Make sure that the serial numbers clean and it's not stolen. And then we'll -- Acting you -- but it definitely loud -- that you've got. Melissa again thank you for your time thank you for all of the work you do with a high schools and I just wish you -- receive -- welcome my daughter's face. -- -- and almost some eighties she attractive and she rolled her eyes and said yes -- he has so. Thanks so much need -- and it doesn't mean I don't respected you can be a true prince of the attractive thank you.

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