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2-25 8:15am Tommy, term limits?

Feb 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron Faucheux, a political analyst & President of Clarus Research Group, about the possibility

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

815 Tommy Tucker have a WL and we -- we're thinking about talking about this and when. Henry Waxman and I'm trying to think -- the other guy from my -- George Miller George Miller both California Democrats. Then went to Washington in 1974. They decided to leave. It -- while it's a long time in congress and we find out that John dingle is leaving -- held office since the Eisenhower administration and before that. As I understand it his dead. Had they Seton congress I don't think that district has ever been without a dingle. Run for -- joins us right now a good friend of -- season. Political analyst street presence of virus research group a morning run. Thanks for taking the time whether it's you know -- what will we see this I don't know if this is something of which. Americans should be proud because it celebrates democracy and if you if you get the vote -- keep going back to offers orders something. Of which we should be ashamed we think. Well you know I've yet. In OK can depend to a group of members nor you know some of these people have been good public servant good great great contributions over the long pyrrhic. On the other hand some of these people that fit into law on -- they've become Portland for the government apostles. That that as a war so so it just depends on. Well from what perspective you're looking at. But which he says on the percent like you know that the source the law all supposedly the Chile's. -- Google -- congress the radical on opinion and in the voters ultimately makes that decision and of course the members of congress that victory in other districts are real Porsche so they can have -- -- -- -- to fit their political -- trip. And so in some cases it's the members of congress sticking their districts as opposed to the district speaking members of congress. Armed when he comes amassing power I would think both Waxman Miller and even to larger extent dingle. Boy they they must demand power brokers -- Well also real little more George Miller. Is a member of the house close to well former speaker and in democratic leader Nancy Pelosi so he's been in the middle. House leadership for a long time Henry Waxman is. A -- trickier committee chairman for along. In the same thing -- you know dingle has been in congress longer than anybody. And and between go to rehab. Ordinary model seniority. And awful lot and -- and. So in terms of committee is assignments in terms of redistricting. And she says in terms of in on them did they won't talk about it and and collided David I guarantee after that much time he's probably got a lot of dirt on a lot of his. Cohorts in May be just lot of of favors that a road after he supported and -- and support to to bill's other people had you know introduced and wanted passed and -- I don't know why at one point I thought that the term limits where the right way to go but then I think well you know on every election in and of itself does. Kind of like a chance for the voters to. It's imposed term limits so you don't know like -- I guess like you're saying at the time it's. Well it's it's somebody that's not doing the right thing in his bag by a big political machine -- then. Maybe there should be term limits but if it's somebody that's trying to fight. The big political machine and they constantly rise up to try to get somebody else that's doing the right staying. Well and you taken the voice away from the voters so willfully historically philosophically when what's been arguments on both sides of the list. What you know that's. An issue over in the constitution it was originally -- -- ratified it in. You know we get a president what is term limited out till the -- Franklin Roosevelt was elected -- terms and during the Truman administration. A two term on the steps there'd been. A lot of effort to limit termed soft state legislature is -- Everest. Legislature as a pre term limits for example fifty state legislature character well that should. And of course is that a lot of effort to -- two term limit. Members of of congress the Republicans. Back in the early in the mid nineties voluntarily limited. Then -- terms. Four committee shall I -- committee chairmanships and many of them were elected. All in solitary current literature -- a triple accurately they were. Great promise -- voters they would limit themselves to turn to. Certain of our terms and then -- provincial elections showcases. The members -- that problem -- some cases. From a bit. -- -- It was mostly Republicans doing it all of that approach student as well. But you don't -- voters still support term limits for congress -- New Gallup poll -- But 75% of voters would vote for a a proposal to limit the terms of members of congress social -- That is still important but -- result though it's unlikely that -- passed because it will. Clark are people that -- that it would require two thirds of house and senate the past. And it's not likely that could there -- quote senator. Or -- drew the limit their car and after that EP 34 through the legislature shall people actually. Proposed. Paula can't be adventure which can be done but can search electrically -- You can enact term -- commitment. Get around congress for the -- will always be possible option but. That's a lateral flow of politics and beeper or to accomplish. That's why -- want to accomplish in the early to mid nineties -- term limits were. World very active move around the country. When it comes Ron -- you know of one state theory either us Louisiana or maybe the people of Michigan -- -- story in the NC by god that's enough. But if you just try to do the right thing state by state because of the seniority process. And and ask you be equivalent of that was on one arm tied behind your backers are won state planes from the back tees on a golf course -- anybody else moves up. It and you know the problem -- when when you have a process like that voluntary. -- -- A member of congress is limiting his ability to continue to server while other all the members of congress yeah. That you could argue that could. Seniority and and everything else -- throw. So we'll look at would be passed by our people that but it really won't be effective. And get that would be very very good Coke. And it would take the kind of movement that we saw back in in the early 1990s. You know purely on congress. And it's also possible that could be re energize. It's currently at an electric beat the twenty year. And eight income on to this Olympic team brain if I can about this defense budget that's been proposed that seems to me. That rational thinking is gonna get thrown out of the window when you come to the politics of this because if you vote to. Again depending on the district you're from if you're Republican you vote to limit this. Well then you're gonna be perceived as being weak on defense but then again maybe could be perceived as a fiscal conservative I don't know and and on the other side of it. On the liberal side of under the democratic side of it if you. If you vote against it then you going to be perceived as a hawk cooler if you vote for it -- I don't know explain over this to -- the politics of it. Well I think. Something that strained in recent years particularly with we -- -- deficit to their old but. There was a time where. Increase the current spending and increased national security and military stripped of the country. And not that many people. Cross country people in congress. Democrat general well. Didn't know what should. Racer you know you're throwing money. Panic on that -- surely right to an offense that the money be spent wisely and be used effectively. It has to be used for technology in personnel. He. -- -- Modern and in culture of the national interest in the modern war there weren't because are there left the do. To changing the defense like you're changing the priority even -- it. Some instances. There was some years ago that does that mean it's easy to do. Changing the defense -- -- in the what you're putting it. Re allocating priorities -- very. -- -- Because like yesterday. Some people. Who wanted to present themselves as being strong on defense and they fear. Any cut would withdraw that on the other hand. Districts and state are on the -- Defense. Establishments bases its contractors. And is in a large numbers for so well leeward. So what do anything that so for the politics who. Oh significantly changing the defense but you're both very well what. And in the effective reports the country Gertz here. But having said that they. With the record breaker which which girl with congress allows itself to have a little air force. And and some of them are caught in the the stopping of the vote. Expenditures there and with. Strong desire on the -- make sure. Such spending in the cut it out -- I think that it is a little more difficult to at least look at. You know. Making changes. Electric changing priorities perhaps breaking. Perhaps they had. That YouTube cultural areas so. Saw a lot of that you're on the table it will continue to be on the table. And in what a lot of it depends on where ultimately. They want a pillow and color in this like every single. -- -- You know in order for apple built in order congress and poultry. -- more. Run I appreciate your time into sings always think is there.

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