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2-25-14 10:10am Garland: on the drug war

Feb 25, 2014|

Garland talks with author and former undercover DEA agent Robert Mazur about the progress of the drug war in the wake of a Mexican drug-lord's arrest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back ultimate we have a battery introducing pink -- today. Twelve noon we'll talk about. What that crumble. Or doing with technology. And if you go to -- -- dot com you seem -- pictures is all clear now that during tagged with Garland Robinette. Right now of this kind of propel rising it's artsy -- -- illuminate that little bit more. When you click -- -- you won't see Pedro a small drone -- 45 caliber pistol. Shooting. At a at a market. In the videos are gonna show you from something called Ted dot com. Law enforcement expert terrorist expert. Shows you what looked like -- mig fighters about 1015 people. Set up with Singapore and order supplies into the Pentagon and the white counts. Those Claude -- for the used. And in the video and we'll show you technology that June Jones won't believe. Even down to drug cartel office. Or working with DNA. And the thought is in a relatively. Near future. They've will be able to take -- one of -- came whether Britain maybe. And instead of needing to -- Just taking his seat since the sides in the DNA I'll. Put it into yeast and from there and food and drinks without. Wearing about the shipment of the planet the order itself. Mean unit to movie it is a thought -- heard everything in the show. But watching news dot com these -- just extraordinary. -- -- that it 12 o'clock 11 o'clock. All of you should be interested in this in the metro area. We now have fourteen and half a billion dollars worth of flood protection -- it. Porting -- billion dollars that's good news bad news. It's all -- soon. Pretty soon -- -- gonna say period ago -- -- wars and we have to maintain. So far we don't have the money would try to figure out if we're going to get them. This hour. Showed that redundant amended and a little bit towards Stewart -- drug wars. In particular wound of the world's most dangerous men captured have a via improved those Mexican. Some nor -- drug gaining. And law enforcement if you go to their breasts is a big step forward in the war on. And and will sometimes do we go to former DEA undercover agent. Author of the -- pulled trader Robert major or Robert welcome back to show and talked to Longo. No thank you very much for having me back it was a pleasure. All right here's some of the things I'm hearing. Our official rules say a Brigham funded. And rather than it. -- funded but basically uses Bork does does this is a big. We have broken the back who have -- the major drug court threw. In the short term. In short term what it's done and I and I opinions. Undercover inside a cartel similar to the Sinaloa is an amazing cartel at times when these types of arrest. People at the very very high levels of command and control have been arrested. And I can tell you what what happens and that is that those people who are still left behind in the command and control. Will immediately go underground because number one day don't know if they're going to be the next one grant -- -- try to figure out who's talking what's going on. But they also then change. And in need to change their methods of operation because if. El chapo Guzman is tong is loosened. And the law enforcement authorities move quickly. Whatever it is that you were doing good he's aware it is going to be completely compromise so I think we're gonna be for -- For a short period of time we're going to see a slowdown. By the Sinaloa Cartel and at the same time. -- there will be. A transition into a new leadership how quickly that transition happens. Is going to be directly related to how many innocent people are killed because -- it does appear as though that the Sinaloa Cartel is in total disarray. The addition the other cartels. Which have a deep seeded hatred for the Sinaloa Cartel and a deep desire to get their smuggling routes. We'll begin to attempt to take those over which is going to lead to templates and it's gonna go on. I look at this says. This is the the most important event that I would look to to see whether or not truly. This is going to change anything. Is whether the Mexican government. Allows. The highest priority to the extradition. Of chapel Guzman to the United States for prosecution. Because. It is clear that in the history of. They Mexican drug cartels. That they have spent literally billions of dollars to corrupt. And if the administration. The -- opinion administration but now leads Mexico. Is not tainted by that corruption. Then they're going to be very willing to have him extradited right away if on the other hand. The secret that chapo Guzman has and he has many when it comes to who which in the political structure. The courts. Army the law enforcement. It has been paid off. If there's any concern. By those in power that those secrets could hurt them. Then I think you'll see a lot of foot dragging. And chapel Guzman won't get the kind of treatment that other drug lords have gotten there in the not very distant past just this year. -- -- -- -- A murder. A man responsible. One gunman responsible for killing in the Yale undercover agent -- -- Was the last out by the Mexican authorities. To walk out of prison. On an alleged technicality. That his prosecution. Done by the state. Was unconstitutional. And that he should have been prosecuted. By federal authorities. So they let him walk out. And nobody can find -- That was under the current administration. -- that would suggest they're not going to actually like Guzman. Well the spotlight on and you know I know that there's going to be -- in public opinion has always been and his party. The institutional revolutionary party has always been a strong on the issue of sovereignty. And I know that they and -- are gonna be arguments that. It would be the proud thing to do for the Mexican government to see this through and to prosecute. Guzman is so they'll be excuses for not extraditing him. But I think that. There's no deny. That in the last forty years. The biggest nightmare that any drugs are bad weather there and Afghanistan. Colombia. Or Mexico or elsewhere they're biggest fear. Is being brought on US soil and being prosecuted because they know they're gonna go to jail for the rest of their lives number one and number two. -- note that in order to be able to get any kind of favorable treatment that -- have to give up the secrets that they have. So that's a big fear. In in their mind. And that's the best tool and that can be used in this war on drugs as a result of this terrorist. -- look sick -- whom we come back. The striving get a handle long whether or not this affects us every time one of the -- get arrested concerning. Hard drilled in particular room Mexico. This is a huge. In the drug. In this world. -- the Sinaloa Cartel -- -- its thousands of fighting among themselves and being fractured and not able to deliver them. Product. I've been in the show -- years I don't ever remembers the -- coming out at the end of the year middle your big in the new year. And -- well we got one of the heads of cartel in drugs have jaws reduced tremendously. To the contrary it looks like -- console he has this find out apartment wrong when we come back. Double -- BL big celebrity gave him 15 -- Are welcome back were to -- to -- walking Guzman. Former -- -- as she's still looking at -- Sinaloa drug court DO. Captured. And the Mexican beach resort. And we had a bomb what listed talk about it or Robert measure. Who's been in bed. In the drug cartels in the past -- the very least understand drug cartel. Robert what what objectives this have on drug trade in the United States and. Okay well well it does in the first week and we definitely need to recognize the brave men and women who brought this about. It definitely is part of the formula. Of success. It is. Part the part of the formula of this relates to. Is what has always been a principal. Goal of the Drug Enforcement Administration which is the disruption of the command and control of these organizations because. Not only do they export. Illegal drugs. They export corruption. Around the world they controlled government they control leaders of nations so we've got to keep cutting off every head of the -- that we can identify. But sometimes I think people and our administration. Oversell. The importance of something like this an and the reason I say that is in my -- like to hear about. Within the borders of the United States. Is what does this mean to me and what this means to me when I look at the drug problem. -- look at. What is the impact of the illegal drugs on the community and on crime and if you look at the statistics there's no mistaking it. There's a 105. People a day who die from overdoses. And nearly 7000. That go to the emergency rooms the cost of overdoses. Relative to dropped. That number increases. And the amount of crime that we have on our streets. Increases Chicago this year. Likes to. I think take credit for the fact that they've gotten homicides down from more than 500 to more than 480 year. You know that's. That was kind of numbers in comparison to other. Societies. And especially. In Europe. Or in the UK as he -- is staggering. And on people who were we don't. Know I may have scared about desert results -- -- remember correctly that. -- -- tool that Arnold who's the or of the he was. And I heard to say that he uses unbelievable this is gonna. See if the results. No I don't see results and that's -- I was talking about what's happening to the American people but you know we our own worst enemies because we don't you know either as citizens or as a government. Recognize the importance of the reduction of demand. And we don't wanna accept the fact that we fuel the engine. That drives it's the demand for illegal drugs within the United States. It creates the billions for the drug cartels. And I'm not suggesting and do not support the legalization what I am saying though is that we need to be put in a lot more resources into meaningful education. And treatment for those who have this disease. As as a result of the use of illegal drugs. That really is gonna do a lot more. You tell me how we're going to stop. The supply side when we have. Colombian cartels that have an armada. More than sixty semi submersible submarines each of which can move 20000 pounds of illegal drugs. And fourth fortified and in a semi submersible. Status. Around the globe for fortified days. At a time. Take away the profit motive. Well it's gonna take away the profit motive I I think you need to take away. The the desire and it would -- the desire motive is to teach. Bugged about to take away the profit motive. Regulated taxes just like cigarettes. Didn't you turn around and use those revenues to educate people and do what you think should be done. Before you can legalized I think you need to educate progress Peter and I -- -- Our interviews that I can do that you'll have a month. Well what you would need to find the money. Because every generation. Every generation we lose. We we wanted to just doing the same thing over and I can tell you one thing what we're doing right. Is treading water at that. Step forward as to -- was -- listening to. And -- terrorism expert and you're absolutely. In -- things like it is the cartels in Mexico. Have a mobile phone networks the towers in 31 states and Mexico. -- even have when actually encrypted radio station. They have moderate pre war rooms in Pakistan. They're wherever they make attacks were the B mumbo. Africa. They monitored the -- -- in the attackers holed cell phones and communicate. Over who should be killed the news shouldn't be. And didn't they've revealed that in particular drug court to or studying DNA -- the ability. To. DNA. Is traveling five times faster than more law. And once they get that ability. They'll be able to attack on the biological. Sought even to board that I mentioned in the you leave the show. Taking the deceit from whatever they -- Coco. I mean cocaine whenever they get marijuana. Transforming that into -- east and transporting it would know he beaten and not being able to the detected at all we liked. Well it is indeed you can add to the pile of how we fight that -- Taking a close look at the very close working relationship between the Mexican drug cartels the Colombian drug cartels. And has a lot. Which is clearly been documented over the last 45 years that -- jumped on the bandwagon now because they recognize the fact that they they can happy revenue fund. Stream. From getting involved in the money laundering and drug trafficking activities. That is the case -- -- listeners should Google human JUNCAA. Just Google human JUN day and drug trafficking and you'll see the cases that case the indictment to speed charts that have been drawn up by it. And they -- the massive international conglomeration of businesses around the world that has that are used. Well good reason -- all public -- ages BC bank. Wachovia. Five major national international bank. -- and or -- would you long ring millions of dollars not only for drug court to go for. Us. But if you listen to Eric Holder and his staff -- come -- -- that these banks did this without any one individual. Committing a criminal. -- -- No not named nor charred so we say to -- traded. All and in foreign countries will tell everything I read it's infiltrated mosques. But there's no doubt it that is it is it has definitely always -- supported. Biased segment of the international banking and business community and as a money launder. I could make as much as point 5%. On the volume of the transaction by the drug dealer at a million dollars. And then of course the people like so that money to in an undercover capacity or actually legitimate importers in different parts of the world because they don't want -- goes through. The bureaucracies of their countries to acquired dollars. And or the cost to acquire the dollars they combined for half the price. From the C a guy whose money launder four of the underworld. And that's really how we were able to identify with the banks were at that time at least some of them and the bankers who were involved in this type of activity. So you know that the the unfortunate thing is that we got a Department of Justice. That like to suggest. That the way to deal with it. Banks that are handling this type of money is to increase regulations and increased compliance requirements. If if the banks were being tricked into laundering the money that would be a good strategy. But what they don't. -- that the fact that the 400 billion dollars a year that generated from the available legal drugs around the world. Is not taken into banks where people are tricked. And laundering that money is too valuable to them. They only deal with people who can give them. Guarantees. On how their money's gonna be dealt with yeah there are people in the lower levels and sometimes there are times undoubtedly there are times. When money is is laundered. When an account holder misrepresent themselves to a bank. Our greatest amount of money that's moved and the proof of the putting is the -- case the Wachovia case. The union bank California case the American Express international case. All of those if you read the -- you'll see the amount of money that was moved and then knowing. Fact that this money team from drugs there's no way you can be at HSBC officer and receives. Patent they admit. At least 881 million dollars in -- And in the same city -- -- -- And you received 880 wanted it to -- on 881 million dollars. Didn't do until the banks even makes special boxes of the -- put. The -- through. And I times. The group that traffickers actually built these wooden boxes that were brought inside the bank and fit precisely. Inside the opening -- the agent beat the teller windows. So that they can deliver this money without it being obvious that they were delivered -- you can't tell me that there warrant officers. At those branches who knew exactly. They were dealing where they absolutely did and for them not to be prosecuted. Really. Not not only is that a tragedy but it unfortunately. Hurts when we as citizens. On both sides of the border look at that type that. It raises collection that I arrived and we were out of time I think -- whatever. If if it goes up that -- Well Susan -- who who do we trust. If the bad things are looked at by the Justice Department. Warned that numerous times. And then turn round and so you gotta stop at -- penalized what was one quarter of the year's profit. We can at least 10% that what you're. And and nobody nobody rushed. And that -- the original wonder how or news. At this does is go into. Politicians is the school and law enforcement does this go into the mechanism. He keeps telling us we have a drug wars and celebrating the news and in the lots and -- But they can never tell us. It's. It's just different. In this -- a little roll around to -- won't call you again and be sure much more in depth. Can you you please come. Right back. -- a bill bigots -- immortal I've read it.