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2-25-14 10:35am Garland: on the drug war

Feb 25, 2014|

Garland talks with author and drug war expert Sylvia Longmire about the progress of the drug war in the wake of a Mexican drug-lord's arrest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back worth thinking today -- bug Joaquin shop or shorty Guzman and in mosque that. He is the head of the media ambitions Sinaloa Cartel like thing. One of the two major cartels in Mexico. He was arrested in the have been a whole lot of publicity Justice Department -- this is a landmark achievement in destroy America. A huge difference in the drug world. We're trying to determine if that's true we have -- -- -- -- this. Drug war expert author wrote court -- the coming invasion of Mexico's drug war. So we welcome to -- depreciate the dollar. Every morning and shoulders this a big arrest and will live the pact. Drug wars is we know. It's an extremely big arrest probably the biggest in the Mexican drug war history in the last at least the last fifty years. However and big it is an iconic legendary as what Enid Guzman is in the dark world in Mexico unfortunately it's -- at least some. And that Sinaloa federation has been around for a 25 years it's very large very powerful. And it also hierarchical Lee organize. It's one of the old school cartels and has been working pretty much like. A traditional month he has her for quite some time though. Out capital had said that succession plan in place his number two in my L admire them -- their -- has already. I've taken it rains and he is very very involved -- very involved in operations for quite some time. So we're going to see unfortunately the illegal drugs continued flow into the United States. And now we need to keep an eye on different parts of Mexico would it -- if any new violence is going to erupt as a result of this Iraq. The court and his as the receivers alive will Mexico. Extradite him could be an industry -- the team reports that says. He's got a long -- Mexican politicians judges prosecutors law enforcement military personnel. That's been paid -- the idea and tropical. What are your. That's right and -- it the right now it's a very good question it's. Whether it's gonna be extradited in the Mexican government has a long list of major kingpin that have been extradited in the past. One of the most notable is that he had got in at the end who was the head of the Gulf Cartel. He was arrested in Mexico and jailed in 2003 and he was extradited in 2007. But he still sat around for three more years before they tried in -- -- court in 2010 and now he's serving us. A 25 year sentence in super Max prison in Florence Colorado. I can't give -- names of politicians -- military. We don't know because the proceedings in the plea deal are -- and that's probably what would. Happy if Mexico decides to extradite -- app well first they have to decide which court in which court he would be tried because the right now I believe -- seven different. Cities that have -- huge federal indictment for him over the past few years so. Probably Chicago and New York would be the top contenders because they have the strongest cases. The only thing is that the Mexican government has already filed official charges against him. Ended judge in Mexico has until today at the end of today pretty much to decide whether or not they're going to keep them there. And try him or whether they're gonna release for extradition in my guess is that the Mexican government. As a show that a strengthened. President that you and yet the -- to show the United States that he can take care of its internal affairs. Up properly without too much help from the neighbor to the north I think they're gonna actually try to keep them in Mexico. Will there be an indication that the only thing that change in Mexico is the president. I don't necessarily. I know that the Mexican government has been working very hard to try to reform. It's broken justice system and try to be more transparent -- an uphill battle and it's something it's gonna take a really. Long time there have been. Strain in the relations between the Mexican in the US government in the last. But feeling in the last year there's been in yet that took over maybe -- the kind of signal to about that it does not happy. With him over the lack of progress on immigration reform India and North American summit between Mexico and the United States and Canada with. I'm pretty tense and not much that's the end of -- -- resolve it as a result of that kind of impact. So it and I'm not necessarily. Sort -- the direct message but but it could be. -- into a belittle this would break here when we come back. Trying to determine number one is this really affect us and and drug problems that each and their state and cities pasting. -- addiction problem in this country. And also talk about half or up to Cisco were talking about pure Bristow quote a leader when the largest drug cartels in Mexico. But we already know it's extends to HSBC. Bank to Wachovia bank for five major national international -- The have been allowed to -- novel drug money. But terrorist money. With -- -- named in the one prosecuted. Does that make you wonder. How or up the influence of drugs go. Double double negated celebrity -- five to -- Law enforcement has been celebrating -- Rosa block keynote trouble Guzman. And of those so Nolan drug cartel when the two largest and most big issues that are known pork. We had a having dissolving their enemies and asks it to other forms of torture. Soria it's big news and he has been arrested in Mexico the question. That I asked issues. Is this going to make a difference that is important to us we have votes. Serbia long bar with a -- Bora expert author of cartel -- coming invasion of Mexico's drug wars. -- Remember. Had to lose so it was that. Ever -- loss Condo and didn't the head of -- Pablo Escobar. They were killed. And did the same show -- -- heard the same play. That this is busy this gonna make a big difference now. This water got yesterday from the league law enforcement against prohibition. Think it's like 101000 former. Georgia's DEA state troopers you name and said drug violence can be seen on the streets the United States every day what happens it is. When -- dealers picked up by the police all that changes supply drops temporarily. Or long enough for others say Andrew depraved violence and -- overdoses wise. And tune your product comes in where they can -- the potency. In overtime new equilibrium is reached short or reduction supplied -- by police and politicians. Disappear. -- told remains the rest. Chapman or tropical. Will do nothing -- drugs are virtually to reduce the level of prohibition related violence in Mexico Chicago. Or anywhere else your your thoughts -- you -- that does. I do I do it's really not that change anything at all the people that are in charge of making sure that that drug pipeline continues -- mid level to lower level. And -- -- a currently have direct day to day operational input over the operation. That maintained that -- federation has to do is to instill confidence in there. Cocaine suppliers in places like South America and in transit countries in Central America -- make sure that they know that. The federation is stable and will continue to be able to move products north into the United States. But I'm not battery it's. Huge united as immense as legendary as old chapel is. The organization is much bigger than him and it will continue without the board of directors continues to run things begin at the deal was gone and is being replaced. So yet -- their infrastructure is that it's very very strong. And what we're gonna be at the street level particularly here in the United States that's not -- -- I don't even think they're gonna via pick up in the truck while. If if drugged good one really does. Have information on everybody bribes from military to judges to politicians. And -- had being him him being killed in prison. Well right now that we can't. By tactic considering the amount as. Support generally -- that he has on the outside of prison that would certainly be enormous repercussions of -- -- try to do that. -- -- -- The end indeed prison where is being held right now in Mexico. It he's been he's segregated by himself. He's being guarded very carefully to prevent that. However the concern always is and a country like Mexico even -- people that you believe that you contrast to do their job. Perhaps there are so high that you never know exactly who can infiltrate even the most secure location in Mexico. Or did this kind of -- courtroom but I think it's worthwhile -- with the things of learned in eight years in the -- doing. Drug shows like that on regular news. Number one number of states in this country at -- like 24. Have two major corporations have grown private prisons for the states and their big stone and guarantee of 80%. Occupancy. So they need a steady flow of people who put in the -- Then number two. Our police and the feds whenever they've read -- drug entity and he seized property. Our police around the country local police can get up to 80% of approaching eight and a lot of police department -- some big piece of the budget. Then you'd take Wachovia. Utica American Express saying she'd take HSBC. Caught. Now once not twice but many times not -- long bring money for the drug cartels. But or terrorist. Never prosecuted. Never named given a blind and told to stop it. Do we really wanna stop drugs. -- -- -- in I can't comment on the the present apprehension peace and that's really not my area of specialty that can comment. On India the money laundering -- actually I have. I knew that coming out into the month it's called border insecurity and have an entire chapter dedicated to how Mexican -- launder money in -- talked extensively about being like. Wachovia. And Bank of America. And the problem is that there's that huge conflict of interest built into. These larger banks like HSBC. Certainly take a hard look at the money and the source of the money that's -- -- the there coffers because they're making so much money often have money. That by taking a look to picking Q article that not only would be new but -- exposing. Weaknesses they had in there in -- many wondering programs. And you start taking a look at some of the Pollard like credit union's smaller regional banks and wire transfer services. In some cases these smaller -- have the same person in charge of compliance with -- money laundering rules. That they do for -- So it's there job to bring in money but it's -- their job to ensure that it's not bad money though it died there effort but also perhaps causes all. Financial institutions to lose money in that the direct conflict of interest so. Out at the last statistic that I is that maybe were 21%. Of the laundered money in the money laundering activity that's going on. I'm by Mexican cartels right now and that's I think that's really huge problem and because it is -- involve bullets -- in a lot of crazy action and everything I don't think that. The money laundering problem particularly by the cartels is it Diddy nearly as much attention in the media scrutiny as -- -- But but if you took it in the case and if Britain and Jules. Was dealing in a couple hundred dollars of funding terrorist. Our funding drug cartels but in particular terrorist the the -- would be all over and they put him to -- under the tree. This is being done -- words detected. And warned again -- detected and warned to gets detected in fine. If banks are too big debate. Or big to big. To prosecute. Because of who they're connected to. When the big political donations with a -- pick back. Whatever it may be I mean it -- a legitimate question when we look at the build dots that -- connected. Are all tied to. Gotta keep this profit going. Don't a lot of people in a lot of places lose a lot of money if drugs. For drug dancer came up. Sure and that's one -- that one of the things that I found in my in my research sport that you thought is that the Justice Department historically has been. Mary shy about happy crowd are into it. I think criminal indictments -- Using criminal indictment against the banks are -- personnel. Because they're worried that it's going to disrupt the financial system too much. Now -- changing that just because the money laundering the situation has really started to get out of hand. And in 2013 the Justice Department past several. New initiative to start lagging criminal charges against individuals. The problem when it comes to. The trial and the prosecution phase is trying to show that somebody one specific person or a specific group of people within one of these banks not only in the activity of the specifically new activity -- going on opposite specifically -- it sometimes is looking the other way or ignoring it it's very hard to prove com. Complicity in -- of life and death as trite they're trying to strengthen their initiative my I think it maybe a little accurately. And I've done that were brought Tom I'd love to have you back on the show them do many -- -- on this tell people where they can -- get -- of current book and becoming. A short both of them are -- on Amazon.com. On I bookstore. I'm now Barnes noble on line and also -- enough. I've said that the first bucket cartel that's been out for a little -- -- -- that in paperback in in the Kindle format hardcover. And then in Cuba is border insecurity -- big money offensive into rounds aren't making it safer. That's coming out on April 22 but it is available in hard Heather and candle for pre order right now. Remember -- comes out one should come back on the -- Thank you so much Treo model ought to -- -- W a bill Bill Gates celebrity AM applied to read --