WWL>Topics>>2-25 11:10am Garland: on flood protection

2-25 11:10am Garland: on flood protection

Feb 25, 2014|

Garland talks with author John Barry, formerly of the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority, about the rising cost of flood protection.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back welcome back. We all know debris getting. While we've been told. One of the best flood protection systems in the world -- a government -- -- about fourteen billion dollars worth. But I'm sort of notice a few stories here in their raising the question. Soon. The -- will turn -- and says -- or baby now and hip I understand correctly legally we're going to be required. To maintain although I think there's still -- -- -- And the question becomes can we look forward to maintain. Fortuna a billion dollars system would Jo Berry would formally would via the solve these some -- of blood protection authority. Author of course of Roger Williams in the creation of American soul and rising time. Great Mississippi blood 1927. -- changed America John welcome back to sure appreciated the talk. Sure it's always pleasure balance to answer your question. It will be a string. The boards are funded by college. We're not allowed to move money from one district to another that from eastern half. Orleans. And lake -- which covers Saint Bernard Sioux Saint Bernard examples population. 35000. So it is would have to bear huge burden on -- sets. And you know may not be doable. EasyJet and Orleans -- in much better shape but even there. I would view strain. It is the levees are subsiding there thinking they need to be raised. You're talking about serious money. Ten not to mention in the out years when we lose more. Land which provides a buffer cutting down storm surge in that. Makes the whole system much more Obama. -- all those things are much of the reason lie. The plot authorities filed a lawsuit against the oil and gas companies. And so that we could protect people's lives and property inside the system. And there is some breaking news is probably no. I'm at -- lawsuits. While the Louisiana oil and gas association. Wanted to trade association for the industry. Filed -- lawsuit against the attorney general for proven in the contract. That the plot authority -- with its attorneys so if they -- to -- -- Then. And the contract would be illegal apple lawsuit would be essentially Null and void. They're not going to win. But these in the -- and real indication of that is on break at that trade association. Was deposed last Thursday. And because that depositions so devastating. The did not appear in court yesterday. Even though he was under subpoena and even though it was a point of and the judge actually issued a bench warrant. To require him to appear today. He claims ill health. In fact he did not show up in court this morning. In the let me read you some of these quotes from his deposition. He's been saying for years. That. Lawsuits against the industry. Have a chilling back and use that phrase chilling effect in the lawsuit against the attorney general. So in the deposition that you have any evidence and oil companies and the oil company considers we Louisiana's legal climate. And deciding now whether -- -- drill in Louisiana. No this is an under oath. Deposition. No -- respond it is your opinion and oil and gas companies leaving Louisiana because of lawsuits yes. Accent which oil companies have left Louisiana because of lawsuits I don't know. Do you have any accurate data to support your opinion no. You know later he's asked for the name of the single oil company that is not done business in movies and I. Because of lawsuits because the legal legal climate. I don't know these are -- direct quotes. He can't name a single company that has not real because the lawsuits now. So what he's been saying for years. About how much impact. Lawsuits which to no more do no more than half the companies. To Obey the law. In honor their contracts. You know he's -- -- for years that Dave had a chilling effect on business development we. So you finally came down under -- could not name a single well not one. That wasn't derailed could not name a single company that has even considered. The legal climate qualities lawsuits in making a decision whether to drop. And he continues to be you know show in court. Quite claiming that he's in ill health. Are -- testing toward the oil industry unknown loosening or at least somber. I'll be assured world will call you'd signature side of -- and and let me assure you. John didn't he did in the abuse -- they ought to get an email last night from another source. We're about seven enclosures concerning his deposition I just in that time and open them in freedom so this is brand new news to me. And the guarantee will be calling. Side. Well you know what else is addressing. One Gary gray davis' head of the coast protect restoration authority told last week. Was gone around and attack in the lawsuit one of the things he was saying was one of the reasons shell decided not to build that huge plan. Was because of the losses they had no reason to say that in the world Sheldon say that and it's. In its announcement as to why they aren't building the plant they said it was because. It went from twelve minute half billion to twenty billion. In addition. In their statement they said they were gonna build the plant anywhere in North America. So much about it heck of a lawsuit to scare out of Mexico. -- and you know -- -- -- goes around saying things like that. But the fact is they have absolutely no justification. In the world. To oppose the loss of and and now they're trying to use the industry is trying to use their political power to the -- State legislature killed loss and they think they're above the law they think they don't have to answer in court. And again those lawsuits only seek to enforce. Existing law law that was in place. Beginning in 1980. Which required them required them to restore. Areas that they damaged after they were finished with their operations. All right obviously this very important news we're come right bank continued this conversation. I think John have -- about it is an ethical tribute going to be surprised. That fourteen and have billion dollars system. Is already -- showed some signs of failures and I would think that. Over the years in the -- construction sorts -- problems. But this is brand new -- Lyndon handed over to laws for ownership and I think in each. Coming right back double Bill Gates W immortal -- to really have that. Well we're -- called John Berry groups formally with the so -- -- museum upload protection authority. And and we're -- sensibly calling talk about reporting unit have billion dollar. Flood protection system that we all enjoyed this point plugged. They get -- turn ownership over to us I think Pete and and the question is who we have the money to fund bought. In the meantime Jones is. Brought up a very important. On court deposition. And oil company representative. Concerning the law suit. That John and others on the soltys who did you play protection labor board. Brought against oil company. What what effect does this deposition word you play -- the or -- representative. Basically said he had no knowledge. 40 current produced that were affected. Well -- does the correct it's not my client he said it under -- -- deposition. Is out there it introduced in evidence that the public document. The reason deposition is there is that he refused to show up and answers subpoena that we could. Some debt on the stand to say the same things -- said in the that -- So these are his statements on. Under all year you know -- blow up everything he's been saying. Four year but he completely contradicts everything you said. And so. Yeah. Does this leave the lawsuit board board as a group. Well I think politically. You know but whine that. The industry will be taking it has state every time there's been any legislation to hold them accountable for what they've done wrong. That he did Dave says -- going to be job killer it's going to be -- job killer and then back here is the guy who's been achieved. Leave the one who's been saying. And he can't name a single job not a single company in the state that was affected. By the legal climate. But did defective and legal climate -- that really does mean you've got under the law responsible for something. The state is never enforce it because of the political muscle. Of the industry. And and now someone -- finally saying well you know come on guys. Step appear -- law it's the law on -- contracts. It that your contracts. Just do. So it. It's an -- argument is that going to be good job kill not knowing and then argument it's it's laughable. So I think politically it's very important. Candid take a simple border of the legislature to fuel laws. -- they're ways they can get for example. Right now there's a bill by senator Bradley that well change should be. Selection process for members of the -- -- floor. And did it well essentially take -- you know right now. There's real political independents are supposed to -- Members that's what allowed us to go forward. With the lawsuit and we were supposed to be all -- experts. And the board did include slot expert. -- -- -- and hands in the air you know I'm not trying to -- both -- and trying to make a point. -- I'm the only non scientists that the you know who want a particular award from the national academies of science. 44. You know contribution to war related now to. We I was replaced by the head of the -- slot -- With whom we fought for years over money. A lot authority. Well who is you know as you were -- remember the orleans' levee district on a lot of not like that -- airport commercial real estate and so forth and he was -- and -- -- operation. And he was always fighting to get money from like protection authority either. To paper and on like assets wouldn't make any sense he's now on a lot of maybe more. And not against him personally it's a governor who picked them I do you think the governor -- the picked up. We had on the board -- Pineda. Chief engineer for the state of California is 16100 miles Lebanese. He was replaced. By a person who is it obvious -- sports that human with no involvement whatsoever. In flood protection. However he does serve on the board of the foundation on by the governors like. So this is the kind of appointment. That up. Currently you're gonna get from this governor. If that we build those four which is. Back. Or indirect means to give the governor total control. Over the flood protection authority. That is going to go exactly back. To what we -- before Katrina before other reforms. And then if -- successful is that taken number of boots. Well -- you know -- It would take you know it would probably take a few months before and it controls -- Now I might take a year. But it would give control board to the governor before he leaves office. And the board could then say bro OK brought Milosevic. And I'll I'll I'll never forget years ago when and I had some bum bumpers -- on here. Talking about wetlands laws and in the cost of nothing -- stabilizing. Much -- Rebuilding a lot of and I mentioned to them that said yeah I've heard in some quarters talk and engineers and so it is. That this thing could cost is 25 billion in these with the people that was worked -- working. To get the web and rebuilt and there's owner. Figures were too. When the public consensus figure seems to be fit to do and and we've had. Experts Warner experts land experts are engineers on the show. That said he could easily become a hundred bill. Well the master plan that says has two levels -- first that the only spent one at thirty billion dollars they've figured. The projects would disappear so that it almost as weren't doing. At the fifty billion dollar level all the land laws would continue -- restoring what's gone we're just trying to save what's left. Landlords would continue that that the bill -- level but it would be slowed and sort of stabilized. If you it would take. According to the State's master plan. Hundred billion dollars to achieve any net -- and remember we're not talking about restoring what's lost where basically. For a hundred billion dollars we can run in place and get a little bit and the way. So he had -- series money and again where's the money government. His retirement from taxpayers. It's certainly not coming from the federal government. There there are there not about it is sent a subject of fifty billion dollars. Since the industry destroyed. Part of that we have never said that they're response willful damage. Never said anything like that although Crist on on your show has accused -- -- that's not true. The US Geological Survey. Has said that. Throughout southeast Louisiana the industry's response -- the 36% of the land -- The trade association. Mr. Annan himself heads mid continent oil and gas. Did a study about twenty years ago maybe which even that concluded. The industry was responsible. Wore a comparable actually I think the number might have been a little higher than that. And part of southeast Louisiana. So you don't trade association's study. Came to that conclusion. So we just want the industry. To pay. To six the part of the problem it created that but that would go a long way toward giving -- headstart. I'm in the master plan. Along with other funds such as the BP's spill. Whatever the state gets that. The offshore money that starts coming in a couple of years. You know that that we've got up by changing. That's still went on everything but it does give us significant amount of money. Not that we have a fighting chance and maybe we can get some more money. From elsewhere. John very addressing -- were told them talked to a and a lot of self funded no. Will obviously to a lot of Paul whoops through the show I appreciated time. And we'll talk too soon. It. -- -- Formally that -- ago would you -- -- would newsroom plus protection authority. -- -- of most of the of the books people bread rising time reigning -- super club 1927. Howard changed America. Governor index book continued to talk about the wetlands well we will talk primarily -- Bob Marshall -- via. It's on this. Fourteen and have billion dollar blood system flood protection system. -- this metro area one of the most -- and I'm told in the world. That's the good news side of but the bad news side of the it seems that is gonna cause quite a bit to maintain. I Kim -- body may be Bob well known as to exactly where that money's coming from. -- two or were already seeing evidence even ball forward that system is turned over to laws for -- purposes. Rolls already seeing levees collapsing at six inches and so forth and so on. So we're we're getting ready to get a very expensive project to -- breeding bright. That seems in some blazes already going to be breaking down and we need to maintain. Double WO bigger celebrity -- 53 yeah.