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2-25-14 11:35am Garland: on flood protection

Feb 25, 2014|

Garland talks with Bob Marshall of The Lens about the rising cost of flood protection.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right this stuff we're gonna talk about the support team and I have billion dollar flood protection system. But it's been installed all ground -- And talk about. When we get ownership and when we do what's the -- nutrient can we reported. And to do that we went through -- Lindsay writer Bob Marshall staff writer covering coastal issues written. Number of articles on the Bob but I appreciate time welcome back to the show. But before we get in Russia should do some of can be in the audience -- school. All -- for the Levys were put up always and vision. Good the river over blowing here and settlement Hugo. Saying god sediment virtually in the same -- being built up through the millennium. Which you talked about 7000 years at one point that boy it was. Well I only work. Notes. You know it's it was built. Over 7000 years. Are several different doctors and during that time. You know that built the plane was covered with marsh mall some ball parks and that was cover. But -- succeeding bill that at all these different layers of of plants. You know decompose and it and compressed a different rate so. Are you really got kind of what we've. Different layers of different types of material. Would speedster in part so. He that this whole this whole area so it's a very challenging. Environment landscape to build. So one of the -- descriptions -- -- story. Basically says when the of course starts to build anything protectors like putting Brooks on -- It was a great quote from. Front against nearest down here after Katrina. And that is pretty pretty apt description. But you know I think get somebody engineered food burgers saying that it cello. That it is so sinking. Berkeley and moving horizontally at the same time so now -- -- that. But it movie in three dimensions simultaneously. So that so. That's where we you know that is so we're where we live and that's what we have to live with -- -- And very aware of -- reviewed large section of your report. To impress people how difficult this whole thing is you know. I think most people like me the -- knows what they're doing emperor of government states pre Katrina. Amid his goal and -- do the cement they do the dirt and and everything's going to be okay. You talk about living along the gulf intra coastal waterway. Not only whether extensive samples taken. -- simple. To discover what type two solo unbelievable that the but the entire threat was built on type of cement pilings which. The core objective content read into the hole into the soil and build the levees on top they called the deep soil mix. And yet after a final inspection 6000. -- -- -- to the lake -- surge barrier. Was three to six inches lower than it was does and today. Bright yellow thing you know they they actually went against the titans. Goes -- here twenty or seven to execute our. You know this could always happen that this is we've built on. Adult that we stop the river from repeal it and so outside a fact of life and so when the court build these patterns. Big build a high enough. Higher than design specs so that when they turned a vote of local sponsor they will be at least set design are. And then courts -- -- will continue. And by the way they also built it right to accountancy mobilized. Over the next sixty years but beyond that that's up to arts. The local residents -- Property. Owners of property taxpayers to foot the bill to keep these things up to. Design aspects so that we can continue to all by for matchup but insurance there's larger national literature. But everything reported -- through good. Which also reported about the gulf intra coastal water way then stretcher new -- between US highway eleven interstate ten as. Three -- more than expected so even. Where they're building up higher and stronger than. You would think they need to we're both -- we have to take ownership we're seeing deterioration right. Yes -- that you reported -- inspection. It with. In -- surveyors. Make sure that it is at. The advertised by design -- right and you know that our our local authorities so these fictional party. Is scared to make sure they do to outright. But you know once again it is that that -- -- stop that -- an ongoing problem and in fact. The other party knows that. Are -- able need to be spending. You know probably. Thirty million dollars. At least two to Brady's all of these liberties. After the next ten year period to continue to certify that have been certified insurance. So that -- and so. You know that is so. The tea bubble surprise that people shocked that those stories. Because that's how it always been here and you know people meet the standards -- back that we are starving sick built and that's partly partly. We're the ones that should shock to more than anybody else's we have covered -- purported I knew I knew it was much immunity Padilla. The top of the social but I have noise it was brick -- Are covered arrived back up Bob Marshall all of our writer for the limbs. And I guarantees got some information that you -- live in the metro area -- and you live in south Louisiana. You've been very interest and in. Coming right bagged up a deal brigades February immortal applies to -- Well I'm finally getting to the article in balloons Bob Bob Moore -- used certainly drew Google that -- up and read the entire thing. Talking about reported to have billion dollar blood protections system pour or -- protecting you from. Flooding like we had in Katrina. And Bob Marshall reports that. We may be getting ownership of the as soon and the question is can we pay report. Bob that I understand you say dead. Were were looking there of about thirty million dollars 35 million dollars calls after the next ten years or during the next in your. The topic was -- -- particular authority each which is manner as this war. Estimates. And the court estimated that the cost of repair. Over the next to. About ten years meaning whoever eclipsed the growth repair to the floodgates NATO the structure epic estimated 36 billion. -- at the annual maintenance cost. That's a brown I think. Six billion dollars to routine stuff. To -- the system that will be paying for that book you know that. These so the -- but protection authority east. Pays for. And then we also have a big chunk of money. Which is the the states or local sponsor this year. Paying. Totally -- Search barrier. And in this whole system better. I think it's 25% costs here and there may be wrong about that 25% maybe 30%. So for so -- in point three billion that we have a culture that we have to pay. As well and down. So on top of that they operate in and -- it's this big system and are complicated system whipped markets Lebanese and while alls but. The bears their gates for navigation and in the status. And yet. -- cost of operating. And maintenance ship shifted to oral. All because these corporate application. And typically several government pays for those -- so well. You know commerce. Gates so the other -- big bill. And that's you know why. The local authorities I want to make sure that you know as a corporate issues. Building respect that it kept design spec wondered -- turtle. And -- because as part of their job coming up and we know -- that we'll have the subside and such that's part of living here dislike you know. -- apart living near the senator's well. The number of questions about the six million. Is that for. Orleans parish is that for every parish and wouldn't. In accomplished what we think we're inept drew because of this has sought subside and there we know was come. I think you have been told that includes everything. But it does include. The at all possible an issue armory these Lebanese. Which the that it cost of that around twenty million acting. And it's very important to have these people would call -- -- side of the land let these armored. So that. They can with stand over popping -- like to build a hundred year storm. Our protection level which means state like that will be over -- because we do our largest storms. There for them to stay packed. You wanna make sure that the flip side. That new broad that was the case and several spots. Famously. -- along the -- GO. Those levees collapsed because they want they'll partly on Portland -- over. And that's why it Bernard parish but you know at those levees remain standing. They say that the audience -- -- that went bad ankle should be. So. All the things we know. We got to pay for going forward. To make sure -- stent system is so strong about it has not resiliency to provide protection not just for the the design inspect every year but also even market storms for. Well and one of the messages. I got to promote -- losers said. Could give us an example of what is meant by the statement built on -- lol I wondered after of course built Lebanese. And -- barriers deepened to that cello and tribes up become short. -- it was just it -- as a description of trying to get an idea hollow but challenging laws because you know or to areas. It's very plastic -- very. It pitched it church saw. And so. You put a very. But concrete on top of something very -- And that's -- channel together burst you know to stand to stand out not to collapse. And then you know going forward you don't have on the problems as -- you know of the gentle -- so respect. So. There -- type of players on purpose. The circus here and that's not just all so there might be plate for several feet of maybe a hundred. Be and other areas that might beat. Sand and partner panic material. Are we saw the you know poppy pride that would play what's the goal. Mark compared to say. That's southwest wondered building on basically pet rocks so. Other -- heart block we have here is. -- -- rock and that's about four -- down so. There are ways to build on their you know tremendous and their solutions to this. But it doesn't mean it will stop to -- because you know. You know there's two things going on here outside the -- we have we're losing the martian we -- to vocalize. And that -- there but it side abilities we have David Morse sides are faster rate that we have and in the past because. It's the -- that there would block from the border so let's be watering -- strong right now and that meets compressing. It or got actual or. Are decomposing and compressing at a much faster rate that's what's happening inside the let that protect -- You can go anywhere and obviously you know whether it let me. -- providing protection for community. But once -- eastern levees and look on the weapons the -- sideways much higher than to protect the chart because. -- -- pot dope or wept when you have subsides that. Final push from good about a minute what are what are you thoughts about the lawsuits. Against the oil companies. Well I mean what played to -- with the debate for the oil companies yet. -- but. In -- big challenge for the -- people but he played -- street but that authority is really what the legislature. Whether or not. The -- lobbyists successfully -- laws passed to basically eviscerate. The -- the public authority approach are nominated and then a weapon that they actually traffic -- -- law -- to make some I'll retroactively. So conservatives is it valid to say -- you -- it's caused some damage by -- you promised that -- -- -- that it. And we'd like could do. Does that violate Arctic that certain -- advocates that the suit mixture meet her opinion on this about it does you know that I think most people would agree. And the oil and gas industry itself is and several reports say that they're responsible for. Are damaged to the wetlands and for coach. There's a certain percent agricultural land -- so up and you know there are companies permits without question. What they were to go back and six. The damage it did they haven't done it in that factory you know to Paris has already filed suit against. Number oil and gas companies for the same thing and a third suspect but are purchased looking into that -- Well the authors Bob Marshall staff writer for the -- who wondered who story. It's sinking -- showed typical do you protecting New Orleans from uploading Bob always a pleasure appreciative. Governor bill -- gates WAM morning 53 after.