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2-25-14 12:10pm Garland: on drones

Feb 25, 2014|

Garland talks about drones with Parker Higgins of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- via the Internet is the show. A stumble. Ted dot com is that he in America -- -- About and it has the best minds and creative types of every industry in America. Met a guy along by the name of mark Goodman. He'd he'd made a presentation. Called a vision of crimes in the future. And Hedo worked for years -- years it is anti terrorism law enforcement then you've -- regular. Law enforcement as a policeman -- quarter while. And he give -- talk. That I thought I don't know all the shows don't roll owns and what terrorists may dude what drug runners they do. The whose -- just absolutely -- let me let me tell you a couple of -- Singapore solution to the -- -- If you go double deal dot com and you click right below my pictures says on there now. It's as the -- with Garland Robinette it's his click here to see the video. Of the helicopter. A very small helicopter -- Fitted with a 45 caliber weapon I've had experts on that said. There were about drones are doing that -- -- do new at least clubs small drone. And isn't this presentation by mark Goodman. He presented. -- is getting gunned analysts at Windsor. That can be printed with -- 3-D printing. There and conducive what Goodman said the FBI recently -- play you know cut the one please more. Recently the FBI arrested -- al-Qaeda affiliate in the United States was planning on using these remote controlled drone aircraft. To fly C four explosives into government buildings in the United States. By the way these travel at over 600 miles an hour. And the Google web site or -- -- -- you more recruitment vision of crimes in the future and to dot com. You'll see the so called drones that look like they're about. 78910. Feet. -- adventurer navy. -- -- liken him six thing and these things were being loaded up and weapons has to be remotely flown into federal built. As always when we season here one thing from the unit and a good other experts story. This habits this is verbally at these are very isolated incidents. Is that it's something for worry but not big worry -- program directors group Parker Higgins. Agreed to give us some of this time he's an activist ruined the drones Twitter account. Of with the electronic frontier foundation Parker appreciated to die. Yeah so drones that fly over 600 bottles for hours and these. Oversees -- work would -- moral and we could do a whole lot. With the -- sides. Amount of its people. And obviously these drones are gonna blow six -- miles an hour could be packed with or more than that. It's something that that we see the -- rim are these just extreme circumstances. That probably won't be replicated. Well so were you can talk about the technology tomorrow which it it's not too difficult to extrapolate out what we have but. Part about today. It's not very likely her four. Average civilians to get their hands on. The kind of turned that really have any of these major capabilities. More and more people can get. Small drones that can they can slide it. No -- near 600 miles per hour and and usually -- a very limited battery life. And that some comfort for now but it's not much comfort because. Good good good said that these were not citizens they were terrorists. Are within the country. Do you think. And put it bluntly do you think he was lying about the 600 mile an hour drones. You know I haven't seen other than from good man I've seen reports about 600 dollar drug even even the -- to the -- terrified the US military side. It's well now on the day. They're back. Beaded. Is that relatively pokey. Ground under about an hour and those are much larger. But did they even it even if we're Goodman's describing today and available today this is. This is technologies that we can expect to see here. And build the little video of the German I'm sure you heard me Syria's own web -- And impounded after being told by experts and that's that should happen in the near future. It's do what purports via. Pretty small size helicopter. And I think it's 45 caliber. That it's using to fire at a target in Goodman's video. He had just a slight lead. Larger. Wrong but not much larger. That was firing -- look like a machine -- the stirring up mannequins. -- is is that out of the realm of the near future or is there or people. Putting up false videos are broad to begin making extreme Clint probably would the -- did you -- Yet so and so there was a very popular video. Is that featured. Drowned during your god and that video and not being. It. Being -- quote it was some trick photography. They are and period. So some of these. These issues are some of these the hurdles that that these drugs they wield be -- I mean where to prop up technology. You can imagine that technology getting better every day. But some of them mark are just constraints of the law of physics and so. Yeah you can't launch a boy with that velocity. From a platform that small without it. Without a the platform. Record too much. But the this is this is something that is. Is possibly on the horizon. But. We wanna be careful. It's it's not these kinds of abuses that yet the most attention I mean -- there are a lot of technology that introduced. A actually the last sixty years that house. Many purposes and some of the -- and various. And from the preserve -- but. Overwhelmingly. That there aren't there upon abuses well. -- and come back after this spring again and talk about the positive abuses but. Do it again the sports real problem of who -- you cross in particular in the media today. Here here's a guy who purports to be an anti terrorist expert having worked in the view for decades. Talking to engineers and -- -- from all over the world for ten dot comes pretty sophisticated. Of platform is not exactly. Back -- or communications platform. And he's showing videos that show 600 mile pro word drones. He's showing. Video of the troops -- drones. Shooting automatic weapons to destroy Dominican. And and you're and other experts we've at all and told me that that's really not here yet so that is the question again for all of botched. Blue collar people is who we believe and how we know him -- Absolutely it's difficult especially when matters when you when you can't trust -- in yourself. We're we're had I think we're hidden for big problem in this country's call who do -- Coming right back -- double a built big its liberty and world five to Ria. Where we started out big show because of various. -- purports to be and ties terrorist. Policeman. Agent. Federal agent were to law enforcement. Was on a very reputable platform to about column. And he presented a vision of crimes in the future in the potential crimes in the future to drones biological. Attack number of other -- I guess is raised the of the possibility. Nobody's saying may not be solely correct social let's talk about drones themselves guesses. Parker Higgins activist ones -- drones Twitter account. Parker I'm reading this and this is another dot com. Article but it says. The market or drones is estimated to be nearly ninety billion dollars within the next decade. Pressures already beginning to tell -- -- a dude who called him to loosen their restrictions. Series of new rules to Gordon of Specter's support of the affiliate modernization report and -- -- 2012. Or there's new rules in place or. Can we expect to rule change concerning drones. Yes so. What we currently. Have visited there there are limitations that the FAA needs to certified. To be drowned if you're going to be using different -- commercial -- official purpose. And today it happened yet started issuing those that those certification. And we expect. And people really start it and it is there's a lot of industry that would like to be flying these these -- states Burke. But like the talker of the war or. -- chemical detection and and that sort of thing. Can't yet get certified and days and they've made up numbers about how much there yet every day that the there's sort of occasion basis point five million dollar value -- -- And things like that. There's a lot of pressure from industry and there's also a lot pressure from law enforcement law enforcement like to use these. As kind of another. Another tool another -- That they can have an arsenal. And so. -- between these kinds of forces the FAA is there. Regulating. That. Trying to figure out how to how to make the airspace -- certified ground. And that there are real safety concerns. And that's the -- -- yet is worried about and to me he's safety concerns kind of take. Priority owed her over. Imagine it's kind of speculation about future crime news. -- one final question. Williams and the benefits of drones you can use it to. Bring help to two people in our rates section you can bring water you can bring food. With the future of deliveries when it comes from retail collectors -- movies. Performers policeman. All of a whole lot of good uses do you think it's it's. Invalid to raises Specter of -- and I know this to be true greens -- barrel -- three different times. There have been the science has swarms of -- rooms that they have to go. -- go to the ball and via. 300 dollar drone that operates on -- article. That weakens by own neighbors torque. Do something on ethical or legal do you think it's it's it's way out there that we have to worry about -- little juice that is. I don't think it's way out there and I think that even without even without speculating about the technology that's not way out there. We've. We've seen a handful of incidents there's the case in in Seattle where private citizens using. I drones are basically the look in the second floor window. And the law on the books don't -- don't preclude looking in windows you know it's sort of thing that. -- normally allowed that we have an expectation that a that a wind I no one else who will be able to look at it. And that do you regularly. That we're in that millions of people could end up with. Horrible drones that are very affordable. That's that's been a very difficult questions and I think that's that's really the key question here. Is out to -- -- -- Hour that the laws and regulations. To match kind of what are. What are got understanding. Of privacy and of these norms ought to be. And lecturer we've determined brave new world Parker appreciate COLT breezed through difficult very much good. You. All right -- -- go back to mark Goodman. Intel dot com. And that talk he it was division crimes in the future. And -- we're going to have to either our draw an expert didn't give much credence to what you're saying. But I disagree in the Ted dot com platform and this thing goes worldwide. And has an audience of highly educated people and I think you're putting on something that is printing more. Being missed presented it's going to be found a bird much and perhaps on myths that. But if I didn't I think this is a very interesting report. Here's what did the things he talked about in his whole speech is technology. And what crime Arnold's. Already can do -- what they may. Do with that in some of them really horrible things that are not that for a way. One of them he talks about issues. That -- a little problem that someone with a lot of money or literally working along the lines of the and he -- would cut mystery. Until this point all the technologies have been talking about have been silicon based ones and zeros. But there's another operating system out there. The original. Operating system DNA. And to hackers DNA. Is just and other operating system waiting to be hacked. It's a great challenge for them to her people already working on hacking the software of -- life. And while most of them are doing this to great good and to help us all some won't be. So how old criminals abuse this well with synthetic biology you can do some pretty neat things. For example I predict we will move away from a plant based narcotics world to synthetic one. Why do you need the plants anymore you can just take the DNA code from marijuana. All our puppies all our Coca leaves and cut and paste that -- and put it into east. And you can take those keys and make them. Makes the cocaine for you for the marijuana. Or any other drug. That that's the kind of stuff that. Is some news fascinating but but also scary. -- think about it. We or dating spending billions. Right now on borders secure. In the billions -- in -- drones. And Waltz. Cameras as conceived not eat in virtually every kind of technology. You can think. But the crime you know all working all in DNA. Where they can change the vehicle. For the drugs and place it in something like bred her bitter that you can't really detect. -- I know bears and answered to. But it it doesn't come to mind what are the other thing -- -- That more and -- were turning everything. Open. To be in reporting on there and they pointed them out. That they've. Got some terrorist papers. That it looked that. The -- very wrinkled suit which from liberal Lotta people pacemakers. A lot of people have. Artificial joints or something in their body that talks to their doctor. Over the Internet. So criminals allegedly. Or pursuing that information. In order to kill somebody. Hope to begin. With the water is implanted in the book. So in two bronze at these reports are correct. They're looking to change the DNA of drops. To put them in vehicles. That are birth naturally. Undetectable. And on the others and to attack. The Republicans -- national figure worldwide figure at some sort of device. That's connected to the Internet inside. May be an exaggeration maybe four but -- column is. Pretty respected. Platform for this site. And if it's true. The question -- come to my mind is always been a lot of money on what putting a lot of effort. In two. Building. Them. In the wrong place. That's going to be easily insert and as technology goes well. Just the thought in the thing. Called Robin oblivion Debra gill figured 78 and one of five the --