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2-25-14 12:35pm Garland: on drones

Feb 25, 2014|

Garland talks drones with Cato research fellow Julian Sanchez.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've Dubuque -- and saying our. Gives a bullet. Or. Good. May the possibility that I'm talking about is not valid. And I'm always willing to give the other side because that one call that thing to what are you talking about is that he a talk on Ted dot com. And everything I've found over the years -- dot com seems to be highly reliable. Very respected international platform. Highly educated people on brewers and bidders creators artists you name participating. And likewise a level of education in the audience. And what I saw the other it is regular objective dot com was more good. And -- would be a former policeman also involved in international anti terrorist. Activities suit with with international. Legal entities more entities. And he -- told talk was. We had better take strong will. Abort crumbled or doing with technology. Deported -- in Mexico right now there's 31 states and Mexico. Where the drug cartels have. The mobile phone network general the intent was we say they've -- and 31 states -- -- They've been and actually encrypted bring you Tuesday. -- video of the attack in Mumbai a couple of years ago were almost a hundred people killed hundreds wounded there was an attack on the mall. It was orchestrated. From a technological war room in Pakistan. And the the government would literally. Take a picture of who were really get rid issued -- to back to the Pakistan operations sooner. They would search related to them today and say yes your -- killer and so. The shooting people and -- deciding would liver dies. With -- technology. And then in and they video of the true wondered who's talking about he said -- -- number one please mark. Recently the FBI arrested an al-Qaeda affiliate in the United States was planning on using these remote controlled drone aircraft. To fly C four explosives into government buildings in the United States. By the way these travel at over 600 miles an hour. And would you look at those on the video if you measured Gibson's treated it looks like it's 810 feet and it it's shaped exactly like and navy jet. Julian Sanchez George's we're always good -- experts. Just try to find out the information we're putting out this role was that spewed. You've with the Cato research institutions -- Julian I appreciated that talk. Are left expert on -- said he knows of no such -- -- -- 600 miles an hour and comic casts doubt on this whole report what are your thoughts if you have written humans. I -- -- you know we distinguish between. Different kind of drug addict and it is. -- extraordinarily expensive -- to decline to the military uses. Four you know for an airstrike. They may or may not have. -- 600 miles an hour if you are talking about -- The kind of drugs targeted terror. Even remotely foreseeable future gonna be available to our consumers and that's certainly not to get. So -- that you know. Your community theory device -- can call drowned that it is the type military might get work in the millions of dollars sure that's possible. Top spot if you're worried about why. An ordinary person might be able to get access to do indeed damaged -- it then I don't think -- nearly Israel's concern you know the -- We're talking to her -- as a political leaders. -- -- and no one in many cases where again he's basically -- FBI informant looking for some -- looking for. But does that justify counterterrorism money flowing and finding. -- you don't want to. One of many cases we've seen over the last decade or so. Just an angry young leaders. We will. You know maybe. Overactive imagination but who probably didn't actually pose much of a threat that -- And lack of blue door plan to flawed model airplanes explosives and that. Panic on your fault. Fault squarely into that category which isn't to say we can. Concern potential for this server are already technology being. Being abused to harm people com but it doesn't. Advertisement and a plan that's scary you should. You that they are actually people carried out. Over the mature -- we're -- to tell me good you were putting something out in this -- I want people here that. What -- children -- -- -- -- dog in the claim. The terrorists were going to use as -- there was stock market via you'd you have doubts about that. It -- it -- thinking of the aids difficulties involved. And -- young -- in Massachusetts. -- -- I was I think immediately apparent statement Whitaker -- -- punk -- And to do -- -- -- about -- -- got in the yeah. And it really was it was. Act again a bunch of cases. We -- in the past decade to great book. Clarence and called the terror during that looks and it hasn't won cases where yet the morning. -- angry rhetoric. Through without the help. FBI for informant to encourage credit and more probably didn't really pose much of a threat and again. We're thinking of the day. -- Moody's said its 2011. -- I roasted and al-Qaeda affiliate to play in the launched three GPS guided miniature jet aircraft. And Romans it's C four explosives. -- capitol and pentagon. It's an assembly this thing can and the -- remembering. We're yet -- you didn't -- Rent one for twenty year old kid because. Getting to. -- magnetic. Imported. Terror attack is planned to take it in the way we normally think that the extra long it can remote controlled -- -- has planned to fight it. An expert and then. I had to fight and the Pentagon and then and then to -- -- To take out the people fleeing the Pentagon with automatic rifles now it's just not. Very plausible to me that. He would have been able to get the expletive expletive they would need much different in the Pentagon the cat. But. All of this plan was basically relying on. That's an FBI informant an area that he couldn't cut the capability but. Explosive. War weapons himself. Let us. Affiliate the only. People who -- to -- people actually working for the FBI. Well I've been a friend of Ted dot com pervert won't talk and think I'm starting to have to lose my belief then and what's -- because this was. Certainly you know worldwide. Platform. And put out on the open Internet. I tell what -- that break and world. Pick up a couple of the pink -- that would. One recent report is certainly in doubt -- experts were talking to do so maybe were turned the show win two in this day and time. Who do you trust. The media. The technology people that scientists the government. We don't do -- show. Where something is written our video -- That -- we bring the experts all they say -- either hopes. Or it's either sketch of who do you trust doubled up. Well -- -- was the real joy deal would stood -- develop -- -- area. Member of Ted dot com who has former claims to be former anti terrorist law enforcer. He that is major vision of -- in the future and now criminals today or using. Technology or going to use technology. To attack in vastly different winds and given example Obama. What he was talking about a cut number form or. He'll be easy for anybody to go ahead and print their own bio virus enhanced versions of Ebola are anthrax. -- -- -- -- we recently saw a case where some researchers may need the H five N one Avian influenza virus more potent. It already has a 70%. Mortality rate if you get it but it's hard to get. Engineers by moving around a small number of genetic changes were able to weaponized that. And make it much more easy for human beings to catch so that not thousands of people would die but tens of millions. And we have got so Julian says interest -- rose search fellow who is these second expert to sell organs content that the longer a little bit -- roll over. Whether or not mr. Goodman is. Telling the truth in this presentation. We ask you dispute Linda a -- simple question. Do you secret little using technology more and more in the pictures that to exit. I think that certainly treated in the same in the certainly that we mean everyone essentially using more technology has. He didn't you useful things -- developer communication you know interestingly useful for ordinary people communicate better for. You know professional reasons are for entertainment of course it's also useful for criminals to be able to communicate so you know absolutely you'll expect. That technology evolves. Criminals will not be. Slower take advantage of its responsibilities then. Ordinary people certainly seen arise and cybercrime has paying. A way of -- making money and so that's absolutely true. But I think we also need to be. It would be don't need to be apocalyptic. About what that means and so again it needed a case that. Technology can somewhat easier to. Manipulates our genetic but what it means it's something that an injured future on you'd be especially concerned about. You know an ordinary person do you know garage story. So publicly and not just in Goodman but other good news I've seen until dot com. They talk about criminals being able working. To change. DNA of the marijuana cocaine. Order put in things like yeast. And they report transfer to different -- of -- couldn't be affected. Sig others that talk about technology with the open Internet that we have. Being able to attack pacemakers. And kill people -- that and it's a result that. Just hyperbole here and and and not -- very realistic. Well you know again. Some of these things are certainly. Theoretically possible the picnic maker example -- -- -- A little bit about. And media someone -- it was that is theoretically possible. Two attack a network pacemaker away it would -- at this table. I'm of course in the appointee the research like is security researchers were or doing these things not just Garrett all the debt problems so they can be. And it is I think. Eight days. Phenomenon we see with little kind of a neat technologies is a constant arms race you have. Are criminals Spike Lee -- technology and then often police. Frighteningly easy listening technology. To catch them more easily. Absolutely absolutely not pure hyperbole -- there. In the universe the risks -- threatening. -- you know digital technology. And he's sticking up and then and -- and alleyway. And something should be more worried about. Peacemaker remotely -- back and be activated by hackers to India probably doesn't mean it doesn't mean that the story here the possibility. Someone -- it. Like that is is pure hyperbole. You -- And there's spears did research suggests. Thing that. At least until the problem was -- the theoretical possibility is that something he should be losing sleep probably not yet. And again I think what what this resume saying things opera. Or worrying about some guns mother's basement and they're boring about. Terrorist and drug cartels billions of dollars of revenue. Of this when -- You must think about. You've got a tour that actually it's high powered explosives. Packed smuggled in the United States and of course it absolutely concerning they're able to use technology like they drowned. To deliver that explosives. To. Highrise buildings. It's also pretty disturbing if they drive a car for the exploded into a parking garage and global building full of innocent people. Additional certainty problem created by the technology is not actually. Greater than the problem that already exist if you receive significant terrorist back up to explosive. Within the United States unfortunately it seems like there just aren't that many of those and the. That's really a way that the limiting factor on the ball on the risks we face not whether or not that into liquid explosives -- -- -- instead try. London we we don't have much to worry about. With Chris Arnold using technology that can make eight powered technology like the border with all the technology we're using the error or delivering. And something in technology duplicates at this point that's not that big threat now. Well there are different and there are -- of different kind of like a technology in the mob to different kinds of have threats that circuit talking about. And in the -- using technology to. Rob people. Why stealing their information out through one of these. Growing number these regions -- that obviously is. A pretty big problem and a lot of people think face the risks that. You are published I was talking about. Questions being raised today. New technology in the future users look think guns they'll marchers saying and I appreciate the call very Mike Hsu to help pushes back in the other direction. So thank you so much per call. Julian send troops Cato research -- governor bill big 870 immoral plight of the --