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2-25-14 3:10pm Angela: on Mardi Gras with Arthur Hardy

Feb 25, 2014|

Angela talks about everything Mardi Gras with Mardi Gras Guide publisher Arthur Hardy.

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I hope you enjoyed last weekend's endless. And fun parades. From the first time Pollard rolled on the east bank to markets that walk through the quarter occasional downpours. It was fun and it was the real beginning of the next ten -- yourself. To talk about the weekend passed in the week we have ahead leading to fete Tuesday people want. The only. Arthur hardy a creator of the Mardi Gras guide and all knowing of the things that are green and go. Yeah I wish there were true you know what I found out about an hour ago you know we try never to have mistakes in the -- programming things can change that we publish. Got the wrong starting time in the group grow on Fat Tuesday that started eleven. Not ten as I have published you know when -- make a mistake it's repeated 40000 jobs and stuck there forever. And you know they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery everybody's copies -- magazines so everybody else has it wrong to grow starts at eleven non. Chant -- for all arms and -- -- -- this is what makes it a big person you walk. There's a mistake you correct why you do your best you know that you hate hate for anything be wrong nobody else. If that's a worsening and have his this year will be OK having the worst thing that's happened so far Angeles two people falling off floats and -- we'll talk about -- -- don't need to belabor it but you know it was shocking yes. From of the double Decker yeah -- put -- good news is there weren't seriously injured. And let's hope it's a wakeup call for everybody else you know you've got to Wear those harnesses which they admittedly -- not. It's like seat belts they can't keep -- in the car if you don't practice problem and they are so. Let me ask you if they had them on and they were leaning forward -- -- whatever was happening it's happening. Would they just flipped out and dangle yes it -- somebody could pull back up. The fire department issues really cracked down making sure that every crew. As a bonus for every -- and operate in that all of these harnesses now or standardizing have to meet certain weight loads of that. You know what's so you wait 300 it's -- list view will hold union if it's properly used. And that's a good thing. But if you don't use and that's. You know I was coming down from the West Bank on -- on non. Was Sunday morning yes and I was going down -- to analysts the down ramp. Get stopped and all of the floats are lining up. The people on -- floats were so excited and sort of beautiful -- but it is a beautiful scene I felt like I've been to the parade you know with that they were thrilled and I thought you know. -- this is a special moment they've looked forward to all year and you know maybe they started partying a little two cents. Possibly but you know the people -- talk to and parades is it these are gentlemen. It did not consume massive amounts are called it was an accident -- put an accident that it would have not been quite as bad it is distracting and so. What lesson learned let's hope absolutely. And again they are here with the so yes I -- next year and that's what's important. But let's talk about the new parade rules that went into effect -- him and do you think they they weren't forced. I don't know if there were enforced but I can tell you spirit along Napoleon avenue in the first couple walks and saint Charles up Napoleon -- -- -- That I witnessed Friday and Saturday I was actually amazed. I don't know how that was almost universal compliance but I know the police came through about 4 o'clock Saturday reminded everybody in the -- tape measure. In the crowds that are really thought. May -- we're not gonna be responsive war now the real test starts Thursday night with muses in the big larger parades and weekend. We don't know what's gonna happen yet. But I don't know that it was enforcement so much -- it was just a good -- -- that you know all right let's let's try this is you know works I was -- -- I'm glad. Pleasantly super. Let's now and you know as we've said before it's a process and so it is there it is and it's a mental process as much as anything if you know this has been my tradition all along. Well now we're gonna have to change -- and you tradition. Yeah I hope it works intention is certainly pure. The execution of it is where it can get a little Dicey. Particularly like on long Orleans avenue for -- and Damian I haven't driven down there but I wouldn't be surprised authority. Coaches and stoves and fix it. One bedroom bath and a half of the different. So what do they do if they drive down -- that. I don't know I guess they take them from Harlem way you know -- that's been tried before but we show received so far so good that now my -- our greatest concern is. Rain. Throughout the season but particularly. Next up Wednesday. For nix has been rained on their first two years and bruise their part most recent two years. In this just sector to punch him so let's hope we get by tomorrow and I'm in the whole season with -- many more serious for an. Let's -- and I went to Marcus and I walked downtown to Marcus and he. It was raining it stopped it rained again is it began when it stopped it rained again and you know nobody left -- dogs didn't mind and everybody was happy. What's good amateur regarding the -- -- so -- But they just continued yes they did there was. I think I know Carol and took -- right on. Canal coming off saint Charles rather than doing the loop and -- -- the crews that followed -- -- and are suspected did shortening the -- effectively. But on there was some breakdowns and towards you know. It happens but in general it was pretty darn good weekend and eighteen major parades in the books until -- now it starts with the doubleheader tomorrow night. Somebody that's related to it when I was in the hall if could could Nixon -- its move tomorrow and I don't know with -- move to we have triple headers on Thursday. In Friday and then Saturday it wall to wall parades. Sunday -- fingers just not enough votes slot for them so they pretty much have to go to morning. Oh my gosh did they cancel when they were rained before they just go no they just don't -- and I think that's what would happen again. Okay let's talk about. The crew for rent -- has started this thing about the green throat and. And how did that go well I didn't get to see it unfortunately because some more of the media commitments. But this I don't know maybe some people can call to hosts and that would be great if you were -- to the crew threat. Because I think it was great enthusiasm for different kinds of throws sure. People try to bring new things table each year in and either works or doesn't so what's your wish everybody. Good -- with new things. You know we had we were so thrilled to have. On our open Mike which is every Friday we have three people around and we had the sunny boring you know somehow co-founder of Orpheus and down. At -- or standard and demand. And the delightful Steven -- here on officials from -- and we were talking about insert the evolution and some of things and you. Listen to and Muniz who conceived. That. Parade in 1966. And what it has become poets and he sent a million dollars in lights yeah. On them and they started -- with rented quotes -- groups -- -- India and I was at that first forums long before got the business. Almost 21 years old but I remember that for us for and he says he came out Preval Trafalgar street -- on the fairgrounds. And it was just enough and little neighborhood Ferrari who knew him. Her new. You know and then of course what. The beautiful or fetus with with star Orleans music and it's fun -- but the what I really loved. Was I'd love listening to sunny gory and down -- Muniz and applaud. What re exes or you know which is the tradition here that just continues to get better as the tradition. In May they never change yeah that's that's what we need the best of both worlds. You're talking with something new I'm proud to be associated with the New -- Africa found some running for. And they -- -- a new idea this actually old it's gonna start this weekend there's something called carnival bulletin it used to be. Back from 1874 on almost all parades up into World War II. Had these giant brought SARS like for treatment three feet produced with illustrations of every float in the description explaining what the -- meant. And that's stopped and after World War II. Well the advocates construct producing those McCain inserting them in the newspaper could double page -- -- and we're gonna have and -- baucus or Prius Prodi is. Rex and Zulu in in the morning paper of those days. So you'll be able to preview the portraits he would looks like in and save it. And you know some of these parades of that or satirical nature. Or even kind of Scalia nature of the go by so fast you were what was that now you can look at it in advance -- after it's only an argument. In there already parades climbing up connection you're saying who me too we wanna be we will also wanted to be in the paper so about a thing to say it's cool we have really is. Yeah I'm I'm very excited for them and happy to be a part of their team now and I've enjoyed your writing really thank you thank kids give me a chance to do something a little different him. I mean you are mr. Mardi -- all I'll never be careful when I'm currently. -- and we all know he he's kind of out of the limelight lately but. My god and look think of his contributions to monogram -- I mean our report on what he's done it. You know in in all the super cruise it would mentioning every one of them -- who bills and mr. going -- mr. market. Stay with -- we're talking to mr. wonderful. Police Arthur -- right after that. We have mr. Arthur hardy here. I just can't say enough about the Scott you know everything is -- -- you know about Mardi Gras here and you know it's going to be good I went and we're just gonna. We're gonna do an anti rain dance to there you were. But we have some exciting things coming up first all we have a caller on key even a question. And a question and also you know a comment. Of course is our body and -- partly brought back here a -- commit city area -- -- avenue and Alabama. And did mean it used to start our you know real late in the heat around -- -- -- so. Why is it darted and all of a sudden just in -- sport that we all ought to gain an afternoon and is that the possibility in my pitching again. No if anything it would it would continue to go to earlier in the -- simple answers solace. You know they used to have 200 grind -- and I have almost 3000. In double a number of coach and they need to get to the superdome on time for the extravaganza in the store so. You know obviously a -- operation takes longer role and two -- it's a member Jack during the Vietnam on March. They're just so big that it takes that long to get -- moved. Brad you're you know actors and that's how they're really consider an Ambien and operated and what about what. That's a shame because they're lighting is so fantastic book to write their story later often. And Communist even mentioned that when he said you know this issue they've -- this million dollars worth of lights. It's just I'm sorry we're not starting yeah officials there really but it will be nine by the time we don't get to now -- -- At least there. I always wonder how big is too. That's a good questions in the City Council may take that up with new ordinance about to be the second part of the new market ordinances that may start putting some limits. But in demean this at the moment in the standard and I don't know that the commitment that they wanna get much it. Both in the number of -- in size afloat yeah. And in the membership -- Well. And the other court the other -- and it was one. -- what sort -- what's what you know now with -- all of a sudden -- it's all in the parade that all in all. And the night -- -- don't have a -- does rain you know you know -- operated cancellation. Big and regional or are they want to mountain -- No that's that's not really true. Have parades don't cross parish is the only time that ever happened in my lifetime. I was 1970 known in the police went on strike and then Cameron Metairie in Slidell welcome those parades. But in general are always paraphrase is not licensed to go on another parish and you know. But would cost for police were to you -- -- just that's just not gonna happen. But nice thought them to be Erica but thank you very much keep -- listening and anybody else who wants to talk to Arthur give us a call 2601870. 260187. Think he is all knowing when an activist. All right you were telling a very cute story about bowling car. Yeah I had the pleasure of he invited me and -- Schumer go with him to trying to delegation about eighteen people this is ten years ago he was build and operate over there. If we were given -- warnings about protocol and you know you'd -- you don't run a business card when you give it to somebody and you do that with two hands and you -- lightning and our common stuff could wouldn't wanna start of international incident in China. We had dinner. At the home of with China with the Europe Communist Party had been founded in China and whatever it was working 46 or something. But beautiful place and we met one of the top officials want the government officials. In you know you're supposed to bomb or maybe shake hands that put their hands on. Plane runs up and hugs this kind. I think it was wonderful in the aren't in that instant everything just broke therapy was at what didn't strike on one. Countries are also involved and I probably see maybe a little shot with a -- -- maybe that's the way it should -- It was a priceless moment with a ruling could -- Although they didn't ask is -- fact that but that's OK he did. He is who we are here. -- -- loving and different element that you know so it's a new protocol there you're elaborate -- that let's talk about some of the media. That one's coming up Wednesday night we have Bruins. Yeah we have -- -- Two really good for a yes very very different. Lot of good throws and they both of satirical and they've got a little fun sort of rivalry. And be sure to look at the final float indicts an -- -- -- in and drew woods. Which is kind of a lead in to -- architects but it's Perry for it if it is oh yeah. Little alarming and very fun like a little -- Well it's where you have to come -- I just you terrier Leo Durocher that he hit OK so this is at the end of drew its leading Internet yeah this is the -- -- You don't miss it at a announced Thursday -- triple header of us Avalon celebrating his 75 and over from the chaos would choose. Our call a moment slighted because we use them almost floats. Water sent to arm more than a base skew what he pulled this year. I've seen on the fortunate the wonderful. In muses to which -- -- its -- bin Amin and nothing gets bigger so many good throws a funny thing triple -- -- the only problem music historically in that book and a struggle -- late because of the two parades in front of them. But it's worth and that's another -- it's worth staying for the final four. They've read on this arms for its -- would gorgeous and one of the prettiest -- -- this year. And it's just you know a great nine I haven't counted them up which has got to be hundred -- the street parades and probably forty marching bands. And hopefully get that -- entertainment LL cool clear weather and Julia Reed is going to be. Romney's signature shoe that's right and on and wonderful I should have mentioned Nixon Susan's vice president. And that's cool. If you're speaking of fans. Since you. Lee Chang who had a terrible loss recently came up with this great idea for a band contest in. Metairie to kind of beef up the parades giving money not to the -- -- to the winning -- -- -- contest called rhythm on the route. And just one with a bottle -- won the Excalibur parade here tonight 3000 miles in brother Martin one's Caesar -- And -- camp the second at their place winners they get money to in all the rest of the parades. In -- this year. As far as I know will have that the contest too so that's -- -- from to beef up the of the bands out there picture perfect idea. Give a lot of credit and well Venus and. Sympathies to Obama and god is great for just such a shock the loss of her husband so young. He just feel so badly as I was telling you what she was here Friday salvage and whole show on what was happening in fat city and she's really. Sort of taken that as her judicial get -- -- -- end up making a big difference and you just you cry for the entire family indeed. But but what a wonderful idea with the battle of the bands going back to the schools yes that's a good thing that's that's world ago nothing -- -- so. We'll see who wins the next three or four prohibits. Well we're gonna take a quick break you know why because John names is in the newsroom. That's the music of the hour and we're talking with Arthur hardy. About muddy ground we have a caller now. I I guess about the dark policies they have -- great. But -- breakdown. Wobble they pull that -- to the shot the other route and then at the other ones go in instead of all up in our operate both in Metairie who wore. Into morons that's that's supposed to happen I think differently I think it's fifteen minutes to fix afloat or move -- out of the break. Now in some cases to float was so big that you can't get another float around. But I think it's a great idea of round and they should do it everywhere moment. -- -- It make that -- all the great number 01400. I don't know very very good point and that we can get by claims by golly they can get float it if you put -- -- night Angela heard this morning from Kirby -- who's the founder and captain McCord an opponent. Which is to dubious distinction of rating. Against baucus on Sunday night although they draw a heck of a crowd of got a great French motif and that the -- just 1980. But he -- Amanda Charles going to be his -- grand Marshal has really happy about that and and she's few entries. Really have a good good draw this money to Amanda Shaw is amazing yes -- watched her grow a lot oh yeah and just such a dynamite talent this for her or Sierra Napoleon if you don't -- -- -- box and a lot of people stay in memory of that night so. All the more power to Napoleon all. You know on an earlier caller again if anybody has any questions or comments for Arthur give us a call at 26018172601. And seventy. He was can't commenting about a few were -- parades in -- but fewer parades on the west. Oh yeah we're going from fourteen in 1994. To three this year but said. Yet is it is just changing population and economy you know but the ones that are there and I think you're gonna stay certainly grow. Belonged to Greg and yes. Will be in effect Tuesday of Adonis -- last week in the last Saturday in Orleans and Jefferson. And even if they wanted to become normal now there's no response that -- concede. And -- talk in Algiers has promised to W that's their neighborhood. Very very successful in big parade in their own -- next Saturday morning. Now on the decision by -- ones we just don't have the people coming to the for a yes and that members and crowds that's what -- fuels and -- operas who. They moved it's really unfortunate that the rain took a lot of steam. You know you always lose fans wondering is just not the same let's face it but then neither reserve rescheduled race that's always. The question is if we have a chance to -- you're scared and they did. Do you make that call and it's happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Last year with the -- like it -- -- the -- without any problems of forecast was. Horrible in the but it was. Not. So you just you know -- darned if you do to a dog and so that's why we've been on -- undone if we have to have a fall guy there is -- perfect moment that blesses party stands up on that thing. And I just do the weather it is it's on its excellence has just -- and yeah you make the best call you can. What excites you about this year. While being laid it it's there's more term for bill book you know and I've been ready for life of about six months is import. I always get excited in in learning new things you know at at some point if Jeff I think you know at all but a product of just -- coast and did give an example last time I went to a ball with a New Orleans theater in the convention center that they have the balls there yes our readers I have never been in the -- before. It's fabulous. -- learns something new last week. Wayne Phillips -- a curator of costumes at Louisiana State museum had a little behind the scenes seminar gay carnival -- went I don't know Conosoga. Tonight there's a chance for me in a whole lot of people to go to Xavier university at 7 o'clock this a free seminar called. The New Orleans black Mardi Gras traditions extravaganza. But a lot of guest speakers performs. To learn more about African American -- has received you know if you excites me to learn new stuff every year. And sometimes from two books on these people come up and he did you know that or do you remember this and it's of it's again it's learning and end up finding out new things -- things and I enjoyed I don't think a lot of guitar. And we'll never get tired of view and -- and you just continue to pump out those books -- everyone stay with this Arthur hardy -- here and give us call. We'll be right back. And we are back with -- Arthur hardy and were talking Mardi Gras and we have a collar named Arthur Arthur you had a common question. Definitely. Two questions one. My partner -- the rapid it's where is war. In order upon the people that -- there are many well my wildly. -- as -- put it at all. In all twenty in the app. It picked people that. Everywhere you go go. All people are now look odd that. Popular -- I. And make it. The people out there and my -- -- all and now. -- our -- with you know said that editorial in a magazine I don't know that the city's finance office holder group manages to make a ton of money at Mardi Gras and you know legally the people are getting -- Deserve a ticket. But but your right -- a little compassion especially our town plates you know people come here to spend money have a family time. Then they get in the car if it's still there it's not -- in season ticket and it really -- great kills the whole experience. Look for. Hey. -- I mean -- -- -- For all we can not be pretty. Could do people -- I'm with you on the ground and -- -- People yeah. People -- -- -- program. In a row and insurance or not. There aren't any. And all sitting. People were. I love your passion I really do. -- a run -- -- needs to be at. -- Bags are that thanks a lot for the girl and did you have any comments don't hesitate to -- call 260187. Let's talk about Mike Davidson during you don't mind me. Portland and we have enough. All of it's impossible to have enough you know as of immigrant song successful trip really it that you can never have enough. But I did see more on neutral grounds and opponents and Charles and I haven't passed and you know that's that's encouraging but not enough certainly. And what is gonna happen to the private or analysts were granted you know they're saying they're gonna. Foreign the company that places -- there and so I I don't know how that's gonna work -- wouldn't deceive but. It it it's almost. You know like court. How popular city possibly afford to have enough. Port what's I mean I don't fault the city for not having enough because you'd probably need 3000 and we I don't know we have 500 something. It is just I don't think it's feasible it is -- do we have snowplows cases knows what episode frequently he care of course article does not -- entry on the what I would like to -- is maybe some private company. Come in in in make donations to the cities it won't. Will give you 500 portal let's if you allow us to advertise it. That's a great idea you know same thing with with portable garbage cans you know I'm I mean I know we all literate -- -- to find a place to from a crash would. But I can't even find a full garbage -- Sony thing it and so. That is a great idea and Robert regret that you have a question. But hey -- you fail. -- Tuesday that it should be in the region -- parade in the wall there. Usually it's on the smaller group it is not the way it should be. Is new technology council Scott in any any possible. And you -- rates. Yes yes there are minimum -- already in every parade is being videotaped this year. To see if people weren't crews are compliant so -- think the councils that are December election you want. Quality control although you know I hate to see the government. Controlling private enterprise. But. You know have crews are gonna police themselves and sometimes you have to do things with minimum standards and that's happening in Jefferson. And I think we'll be ramp up of New Orleans. Thank you very much that calling me from Covington PD. They are that this is Lee. And from little offense they're -- Hey man. She -- tomorrow remember that in my goodness. You know we we. For each of them in 1977. On viewed on rush. There have been correct in my -- that I can't do right now what you do -- do you. Should -- format. We went from a digest size which is like about a TV guards ties to a full magazine size in 1987. Through the first ten issues are. Are tiny and then -- -- magazine. Right isn't that I was really upset -- went -- applicants I think it was set. But boy it worked out. Well it did and I was upset to all of the little format but you know business decisions or business decisions -- you one of our best out -- for years little professor. On south Carroll then and what was -- street. Arrest for a -- -- we -- my family so businesses and I -- five to another Fella and you know we -- they had wanted to -- burns and his group we miss you missed volley. But it's great to talk to you thanks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dollar fine. In fort -- from some of these screw up against. Borrowing from a -- -- and stop. So hard that it hurt people -- I well my husband actually and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other people and there. In February. -- child remembered not. Like. You know they try out do each other and a. It's like a missile you know bill. I don't know of any crew that doesn't instruct it's members. You know how to act properly and that's about as much as you can do. Yes it's against -- throws from something that somebody with such force it. It's gonna hurt them and that's common sense in people's teeth that the knocked out here and I've seen people pulled off slopes and in the rested. For doing that so that the hard things after the fact of of trying to figure out. Who did it well it was somebody on beautiful six or seven we're not -- which are you know if you couldn't. It got to find them and are here to the crew captain would that person wouldn't be running anymore. Right right it's it's what we get your husband badly hurt. Yet he ended up with. You know like internal bleeding and he has. Corneal abrasion from Maine find out -- I think about it -- -- -- about it and a couple of other people yet which might actually stop -- -- I mean you would think that these crewmembers child. You know each other and and -- it's probably there -- they're probably you know. Have dropped a lot and have no idea what their -- and it's still at all you know it. I -- didn't out there such a -- you know recruitment shelves. Try that -- of flow lieutenants and overflowed and hopefully somebody hear about this if you wanna call me off here -- can put to interact with the captain of that organization is nobody endorses is confident and I. Think that's a very good idea at least let them now you can't identify the persons and this is what happened. Emergency room at center and they'll get that miss the elite league you know Bruce somebody and I promise -- problem get to a person's hands -- Thank you so much and very quickly David in new Marlins. This couple -- -- about police. I'll -- worried honestly Cho wrote about on a section people at all prior to. The police think and operate until all of these drugs you name it. So 300 some thousand people now I should overreach and they couldn't do it but that the end. I would hope -- be on. -- the British were bidding match. Make a recommendation -- -- why not want designated -- so it is history and Thursday night called for Adrian pungent -- route. Debut Friday -- Trout right around them at regional street what major -- and city would disperse crowds. And help those neighborhoods compact and also why not some crow law. Parades can go back in all such pro Mac and I think -- that's too big changes. They've made that was not done it. You've got some great ideas there and and I will take those up with the powers that be realistically I don't think is gonna happen the police forces about half distress who was backhand. But. I don't disagree with your intent to and I'll bring it up hey let's see what happens. David thanks for the -- -- we'll be right back this is Angela under the W. When you know I have to thank Arthur hardy. I'm always at peace when I know your right here -- can answer any every right to. You are yet. And it's going to be a glorious MoneyGram it is no more often floats in depth -- just enjoy. Find your -- let's find a good place to park and -- -- general -- no reflects thank you Arthur and thank you all for listening and now let's go into the newsroom and Don Haynes.