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2-25 4:20pm Bobby and Deke, NO N-word in NFL

Feb 25, 2014|

The NFL is expected to penalize players 15 yards for using racial slurs on the field. Can the league effectively crackdown on the “N-word?” What if black players are the ones using it? Bobby and Deke were joined by Clark Judge, NFL writer for CBSSports.com, if this penalty will be effective.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All judges two of us now as far except -- thank you so much for the time NFL writer for CBS sports that -- -- dad called o'clock you've got to take -- -- he was signed off. A sign often and make comments of features you right. -- kind of feedback if you begin not on the situation Crockett embodied as we talked about in my field as epic as as the be all on nothing you. If you turn regardless it has to be a flag has to be thrown if it's going to be the least effective. Yeah absolutely I agree with your caller I mean it's not a color -- -- no matter who says it's derogatory. And I think it would NFL's Tony is that we want to stop we we've heard enough of that. Used by white players black players we don't care if it's a color blind term it's bad it's got to be eliminated. And honestly I look at a fifteen yard penalty that saw you got to do a lot on the player out of the game. And I know that there is likely that it is difficult to enforce. That it can't try. I I think what they're doing right now -- float in and out there that hey we're serious about getting it out of here now I don't care what you do when you go home. -- behind closed doors that when you're on the field. He represented the team he represented professional Bobby can address this as well mean when you're out there we don't want anyone think it'd be it -- You're gonna get penalized. But also I think the penalty should be more severe I -- to -- -- -- the -- that's the case that I know. The -- that is the thing is that tight infield so who did it I don't care if I hear somebody say it. And he's important the second guy doesn't make any difference it's kind of like when I'm beating that you're speeding -- -- -- -- -- He was going to wipe them -- hour over the speed limit to the to pull me over that's the way it goes guys like -- -- -- there so I I like the idea that they try to get it out of the game. That said he wouldn't do it right now it -- in and out there. To get players to say okay immediately start I start thinking about not using it. And then if we are -- they're going to be repercussions. Yeah you know Clark did the thing is what I've witness in you know and especially with the younger generation Unita signed though plated LSU recently. And and kind of you know not look NN you know Bill Cosby Oprah Winfrey it all the generation and they think of it. Toll as a negative -- by looking at the younger -- economy acceptable term in the airman. Amongst teammates it is and Ryan Clark with the Steelers have brought this up. That and I think this is true is not supposed to be white players using the word toward black players. LSU crazy like game -- need Joba it's almost that time you hear it black players. Using the words as sometimes is endearment like great player I'm in -- -- had my back. And then all of a sudden you know I think four wide official throws a flag. That they're going to be like although little look at and they had a big game involved and -- -- in -- -- the -- and Estes start somewhere what is your approach at that. Yet -- at the start that Bobby -- honestly if it's easier to derogatory term or not and I don't care whether people. We're older people my age whatever I mean it either fly it doesn't fly and you hit it on the street. I'm gonna play anywhere and I know it's bigger than the street didn't stop what they want to use you cannot use that term. And I don't viewed in the public some kind of public. I'm location that you -- and he isn't restaurant. That people be so angry and for good reason it's a pejorative term and it got a history that is bad and I think it brings that all of the. Stereotypes of both sides that are are not good and so what you're doing out here at the white official black official out of here and said it was quite player black player they've got to get out. We got to get rid of that and again about thing we're gonna try. And you know -- Clarke are really I think -- caught everyone's attention in particular. You know obviously would have been a Miami Jonathan Martin Marten and -- Richie kind needle thing. That all of us and what you know the Dolphins black putters a lending kind needle you know say this -- mean you know I was kind of shocked and when when you look at it how they kind of been in embraced them and now in almost like gave them empowered him to use the word like what he's one of us like pound Syria. When Cameron Wake Mike Wallace -- pine needles bag but I think. Ryan Clark I said it best. You know he's he's been doing an outstanding job on ESPN. I think from a player's standpoint active player but he said look if I'm sitting at a table and -- need only speak to John and Tim Martin and used and word. I'm not sending it to say Jonathan martyred detain him I'm stepping in because I'm within that even fix your mouth but to say it. So I think that that's the approach -- white black whatever it is it's a new president's -- to take it the viewpoint that it's an acceptable. Exactly Bobby and honestly I mean look at -- -- situation -- there -- support. EU that they they came across to me there was the inmates are running the asylum I -- it looked like it was no authority figures cracking down -- some people here. And that's got to be done and validated providers and the idea of the end would be the term of endearment I just don't understand that to me that that. It's a pejorative and derogatory term need to be eliminated from the language but would I told you that the yet what F bombs it's a term of endearment among my friends. Out or write my kids' friends or whatever that -- we can use that the work place does that mean we can use it on a team does that mean we can use it in school. And the ideas now I mean there are rules does that by others and their positions of authority and my studies that school to get tossed. And I think here. When you say listen we're -- any guidelines. We're not gonna allow you to do this because you're not running the show we are and if you want to play in this league you wanna play on the team. This is the way it goes if you don't like it on completely candy is being -- he's been here. Thought how can folks volume on Twitter. -- hit the idea. Clock thank you so much great stuff we always appreciate -- they tell you put logged in to take -- is great to a work at CBS sports stuck on.