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2-25 4-5pm Bobby and Deke, N-word in NFL

Feb 25, 2014|

The NFL is expected to penalize players 15 yards for using racial slurs on the field. Can the league effectively crackdown on the “N-word?” What if black players are the ones using it? Bobby and Deke take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk alone indicates he came by BA -- I'm Deke Bellavia scheduled to join LSU baseball. At 6 PM -- now there's a big chance of rain in bedroom so by the -- could be here a little long before it is evening all we can handle the LSU baseball stick around. For much more on that but if the -- game does happen in will be the in one -- by the number ten vs number seven. And -- highest ranked in season matchup. Any state matchup by LSU since you've had to go back. Last time you know was ranked as high arm went into an -- doing yet again and a long time so humble when it be somebody somewhere down Chinese to dean may may be in -- -- haven't reasonable force who region and all. In the college World Series I can tell you right now a lot of fan in the business aspect the chamber of commerce the man governance in the state Nebraska right now they are saying police led LSU and Louisiana Lafayette both come to the cause or series. This is on unbelievable when when both a fan bases of there bring up a number of fans getting adrenaline travel without pay monies man so but paid right now about they both look and good. A match above a 70 Tigers in seven on raising capable preview that with browse our senior right I debate dot com. Percy and it is south -- and they are doing well coached marks Lesnar you know basketball privacy exposed on the talk about a huge week he has. This week a couple of big games coming up including FSA Stephen F Austin -- alma -- not western state. Ramon Vargas took over the Saints for the advocate will be -- he was at become ballot talk about the Saints. It's an upcoming things in the NFL calendar and Clark judge NFL writer for CBS sports dot com. Would Jonas -- to -- just to today's pretty jaguar opinion ball. We have now is looking into policing a lot of things including what is being said about players on the field. Including the use of the in words. Can the NFL legitimately police the use of the inward on the field and our quote -- -- shot. And now a New Orleans native -- Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan -- as I think it's going to be really tough to legislate this in word Rupp. It's not going to be white players using it toward black players most of the time. Most of the time you hear it it's black players using the word now my question also but there is there if the concept is legislating not to use the -- word the -- it has to be all. Or nothing meaning whatever it stated it has to be a play. -- in is it legitimately say it in a negative way what it's a negative word so. If asked to be taken that context that it's a flag regardless. And if we're trying to alleviate this word and other. Bob we've heard. Racial slurs -- homophobic slurs before if we tried to eliminate those as much as possible. From everyday life in public in -- -- aside whatsoever. Did to meet its gotta be as well no -- can use the word that all on that front now some will talk and say those that way it's not. -- used in a demeaning way getting on who says and how it says but. And there's some legitimacy that. But I think if you come -- legislating -- -- and if it hurt a flag has to be thrown. Well big I think it's a generational thing I think. You know if you're older. -- that -- figure there's who has say years sixty year old or 55 and older name. And I'm right at that door right right you know I'll -- feud between August. But. When I look at that. In less you're races you know why are blacked. I think the all the generation. When not look at the inward as a term of endearment. Right there it would be all negative ranked now. He's trying to put your mind. Color. The mindset the -- -- twenty year old are aren't a teenager. Since -- came into being the rap culture. And -- word is obviously. Turnaround. It like it's almost acceptable. Not talking about amongst African American community and like bill cause we hates it of the Jay-Z doesn't. Right you know that that tied the. An aunt and BO causing what would argue in -- live -- -- -- an end not my my point is that if it is is going to be a word as if aren't considered negative. And it's going to be eat you -- at -- -- -- from as much decide as possible. Dan has to be all on nothing in legislation is true how on the flip -- Bobby. I feel the same weight if it looked at as negative an inning that's the way it should be looked at. It is is going to be leaving it's got to be alienated music is okay movies -- -- is okay no it's not. Okay so. If he gonna pass this rule now I know it's a business. Prior has been the -- felt good to. Kind of what would they want to definitely be politically correct. -- whatever. But as far as freedom of speech you know you can argue that back and forth I mean is that opening a pandora's box. I mean. Okay that's the first word we don't want here to anywhere on the field. The next word we don't want to hear the F Ford. And right FA Gigi that word I homophobia that show so we don't want to hear that. We don't want to hear. You know any any any curse words right I mean on the football field and then there's ours fifteen yard penalties now and me and every give -- -- an exam if you listen to the all star game Sunday. Two Sundays ago if you ever -- like when they were playing he seemed like -- from my TV. There was a curse word that was heard he picked about a Mike's and that's why it wins it wins saying I went. A silent for a few seconds Bob and there was a delay yet but to be in the real world I think Ryan Clark. He's. Wanted to main players Falcons -- active player who does an outstanding job and ESPN eczema and he was on outside the line. And I think he's right on as can be tough to legislate the rule will be difficult for the league to police. The use of a racial slur so what you gonna do you have two Brothers on defense them black players on calling Ambrose might. Well one of them makes a great play of one -- maybe has -- Owens back. And he's really excited. That he made that big play in Eagles runs and tell -- goes in and Eagles that time and as far as the term. -- -- My my end -- why -- -- you come up when guys -- well whatever it was just very comedy and and yes and in entertainment right yes it it happens all the time so. That's why I I think is kind of a generational thing. That but -- what are you gonna do -- all of a sudden. You have two black guys in the same team and -- -- that words I heard. And mean -- -- -- a judgment call and he got a wide official the white efficient throwing the fifteen yard penalty. And is there a way away well. We on the same -- will what are you talking about how can you penalizes. But that I think you're trying to get. Rid of the word a big -- up. Opening like I said pandora's box and it's going to be could be a change reaction now. If you look at it with the rule says expect the league to establish who ruled that -- a fifteen yard penalty for players who used anywhere on the field. If you use it twice then you get kicked out of the game. If you slip up now Jon Will Walton. Is they had a Belmont a lot alliance that anticipates that the competition committed NFL. Will and I do rule had all owners' meeting in late march -- he told CBS four's I come Bobby toll shock of the competition committee. Does not of hold us well we're trying to do. I think -- as the NFL at times would wanna be. Politically correct but I think -- Ryan Clinton Clark says in the real world. And now of debate 'cause who went on -- Jonathan Martin and Reggie -- me go and how a lot of black players in the Dolphins. Had Richie kind needles back Brian while all over Jonathan Martin. Who who was black ink ink kind -- being white where -- did debate over a locker -- adequate and language ready and word is acceptable term of endearment. Among teammates have been the cultural football. It is an ongoing process I think that's why do you trying to. Kind of -- do approach like Oprah Winfrey. Bill Cosby zone that we just got to get rid. This weren't getting out of society by Dan -- So we gonna be all dead older generation the younger generation they've they've kind of embraces. So I mean how you can in the bottom line is. It was a cough high do you think the NFL could enforce that rule and if Ian has a chance that it will pass Allen and Algiers thank you for calling WW Mayo. It was some guy -- and he -- yeah my thing is it I mean it's not been an attractive force in. What is it a 100%. And there's no. Just because whether it's incredibly that would actually at a -- because and being that it seemed like guys. You know usually with each other. You know -- -- it whatever you know so I mean everybody's across the board. But did they attacked in the thing we're looking at his. -- appropriate to -- and -- is not a a celebratory thing it is negative and submit it to be purple and you know there were it not for the were treated to you can't put him and where OK with this bad when -- He gets he's here at night. -- -- analogy here you gotta throw an -- when you think about it the all the generation they deadly thing nothing but a negative word. Where I think it is as the younger generation. Through rap songs whatever culture they're brought it to the forefront clog judges two of us now as far except to thank you so much for the time NFL right of the CBS sports that I -- you heard it called -- -- you've got to take them out he was signed off. A sign often and make comments of features you right. -- kind of feedback if you begin not on the situation -- embodied as we talked about in my field as epic as as the be all on nothing. If you turn regardless it has to be a flag has to be thrown if it's going to be the least effective. Yeah absolutely I agree with your caller I mean it's not a color blind word no matter who says it's derogatory. And I think it would NFL's stone is that we want to stop we we've heard enough of that. Used by white players black players we don't care if it's -- color blind term it's bad it's got to be eliminated. And honestly I look at a fifteen yard penalty that saw you got to do a lot on the player out of the game. And I know that there is likely that is it can be difficult to enforce. That really can't side. I I think what they're doing right now at float in and out there to -- we're serious about getting it out of here now I don't care what you do when you go home. Well behind closed doors but when you're on the field. He represented the team he represented his profession and Bobby can address -- as well mean when you're out there and we don't want anyone seen it because they had. You're gonna get penalized. But I think I think the penalty should be more severe I had to get a -- the guys that the case that I know. The -- that is the thing is that tight infield so who did it. I don't care if I hear somebody say it. And it's important the second guy doesn't make any difference it's kind of like when I'm speedy that you're speeding and it's about. He was going to wipe them out hour over the speed limit to the to pull me over that's the way it goes guys like physically there so I I like the idea that they're trying to get it out of the game. That said he wouldn't do it right now it flowed in and out there to get players to say okay immediately start I start thinking about not using this. And then if we are -- they're going to be repercussions. Yeah you know Clark did the thing is what I've witness in and you know and especially with the younger generation Unita signed though plated LSU recently. And and kind of you know not look NN you know Bill Cosby Oprah Winfrey it all the generation and they think of it toll as a negative where by looking at the younger. -- economy acceptable term in chairman. Amongst teammates it is and Ryan Clark with the Steelers have brought this up. That and I think this is true is that's the most QB white players using the word toward black players. LSU crazy like game -- need Joba it's almost that time you hear it black players. Using the words and as sometimes is an endearment like great player I'm in a -- -- had my back. And then all of a sudden you know I think four wide official throws a flag. That that they're going to be like although look look at and they had a big game involved and -- -- in -- -- the thing and -- start somewhere what is your approach at that. Yeah they get the start somewhere Bobby I mean honestly if it's either it's a derogatory term or not and I don't care whether people. We're older people my age whatever I mean if either fly it doesn't fly in here that on the street. I'm gonna play anywhere and I know it's bigger than the street didn't stop what they wanted you you can not use that term. And I don't view that the public some kind of public. On the location that you talked -- that usually isn't restaurant. They're good people be so angry and for good reason it's a pejorative term and it got a history that is bad and I think it brings -- all the. Stereotypes of both sides that are are not good and so what you're doing out here at the white official black official I don't care who said it was quite player black player they've got to get out. We got to get rid of that and again about things we're gonna try it. And you know -- -- I really I think we're caught everyone's attention in particular. You know obviously would have been a Miami Jonathan Martin -- and there Richie kind needle thing. That all of us and what you know the Dolphins black putters a lending kind needle you know say this -- mean you know I was kind of shocked and oh when when you look at it how they kind of been in embrace them and now in almost like gave them empowered him to use the word like what he's one of us like pound Syria. When Cameron Wake Mike Wallace -- -- needles bag but I think. Ryan Clark I said it best. You know he's been doing an outstanding job on ESPN. I think from a player's standpoint active player but he said look if I'm sitting at a table -- -- need only speak to Jonathan Moore Marten and used and word. I'm not sending it to say Jonathan martyred detain him I'm standing in because I'm -- -- that even fix your mouth but to say it. So I think that that's the approach -- white black whatever it is it's in your -- you have to take it the viewpoint that it's an acceptable. Exactly Bobby and honestly I mean look at Miami's situation -- the most important. -- that they came across to me there was the inmates are running the asylum -- -- it looked like there was no authority figures cracking down -- some people here. And that's got to be done and qualitative providers and the idea of the end would be the term of endearment I just don't understand that to me that that. It's a pejorative and derogatory term needs to be eliminated from the language but what do I told you that the yet what F bomb is a term of endearment among my friends. -- -- right my kids' friends who would ever that we we can use that the work place does that mean we can use it on -- team does that mean we can use it in school. And the ideas now I mean there are rules -- is that by others and their positions of authority that my studies that school to get tossed. And I think here. When you say listen we're we're -- guidelines. We're not gonna allow you to do this because you're not running the show we are and if you want to play in this league you wanna play on the team. This is the way it goes you -- like -- -- completely -- is being -- he's been here. -- how can folks volume on Twitter. -- -- Clock thank you so much great stuff we always appreciate -- -- -- you are allowed to take on his great work at CBS sports the -- -- you know what a word about though is. Is that. Almost you have is too many rules and obviously. This is the right thing to do not necessarily I think just a politically correct thing to do. He's trying to set an example. As a sport continues to grow. But. So when does it stop I mean when I mean like but I said. Okay you can say this word now they gonna have a list of words it does it eventually come to we gonna have a half a dozen words that are taboo. And it's on them. Because I didn't say it the united come on negative and they want or yet and now I'm not saying. That. Francis when I was playing you hear stuff like it was almost comical it was so ridiculous. The stuff they would say about your mom. Yet yo wife. I mean it was so nasty involve -- That. I mean it is and do it wouldn't that -- -- -- to negating you get a -- and get him off to get your mind off. And and I -- And obviously I don't know how you never controlled offense and you come entered the time on their dog -- and you and you know saying that kind of -- -- -- on the line of scrimmage. And there's a lot of stuff. That that is said. That dissident normal civil society would be totally unacceptable so what I'm saying how do you police that a -- If you start with the inward the end eventually have. Like. Half a dozen words then all of a -- the as the official as you can police in. You know penalize a player fifteen yards are you know can come -- big game so I'm just wondering. What's gonna come about and and obviously. We -- know what's gonna happen. When the owners meet in in late march -- the competition committee. When they get addressed this but John wooten who's head of the alliance anticipates and the competition committee. Will enact the rule. At that owners meeting. In late march and he said he told CBS sports -- common. In you know judge Clark. That. That judge Clark Clark Jeff had that. How would be totally shocked the competition committee does not of hold us. On what we're trying to do here so lobbyists and as he was gonna happen. From an owner's perspective Marrero for Patrick thank you for calling W did you yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A yellow always -- all in the off topic what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let -- -- -- that are in the ballot. And at the ball below expected double at the band. But yet but oh look at that one yet I think figured it out and it it there right at 88. But worked in. It was that -- that expanded out that the work out -- the football field. All that I can't go out you'd throw -- -- all I need that. People all my mom all the work. It was in that spot we and it belt and I what they are -- and they have that. Because we have -- you try and become like -- become more -- -- it. Look bad out more special it out. At -- well yeah. And in a minute that the Americans you know. Don't. You know where Walt well I don't know my. Apple or a back. To back. Want a network. Had in a quote that that respect no doubt remote expects. Yeah and now now Patrick. Do you get -- -- ever come to this and and I don't think you will because -- you wanna call it censorship for freedom of speech. Like as an artists are and I'm just aren't analysts say like a young rapper arm are rap star. Who has any kind of embrace. That word and and kind of almost chews at it as something that you hear it almost at every song. Do you think you can -- get that culture. To not use that word like how they've been challenged by black leaders like Oprah went through our bill -- Yet I'll get yet it will cut that just love the trap where -- wrapped up on the actually any law. This national -- and there -- moments. At. The -- Acting -- and it they -- -- -- no we did not do it ought to do. It yet but. And it. Happened. You gotta get. There's an area consequently. You know I know Patrick day there's a part in you know one of the Spike Lee movies get on the bus where Ozzie Davis -- -- -- for me was in great long -- act and a -- Wendell Pierce and when appears its own and he's. Is is object is they go to the me -- autistic on network he wants to use as a -- opportunity assuming -- -- -- He's just past -- just drop me and whatnot and worn out he Davies just loses it when you say they were do you know what that word means Andy you know what you say it. And any kind of -- you know I think a lot of times. You've got to look at what what it was originated in regardless I'll regardless of how people think -- use. It it's it. It in order is a bad word but I don't need a younger generation did younger generation. That don't know from a historical standpoint did almost ninety right and ready to cavalierly what instigated you can as well as. They know they know. It all that -- a couple of give it all back. -- -- Upgrade at two. Or what you don't. You look at people always. Talk about it all. -- Back in the day they do it at. All but he yeah -- it for me it bit forward. Up at the Bradley. And a but it. -- -- It worked well -- but a and I will look didn't -- end the night. And do we we we need to get. Out he's out of commitment. And get out of people who won't do that. Yet Patrick thank you so much for the time let's go to Jack. -- thank you for calling -- BW -- Hey you build a piece of good tickets. Were two or brought -- occurred I am not quite as parts and pot that used to in word and in the you outcome like Paula being Burks and not quite sure what to do. But it -- it -- -- -- Will Smith be good. Outside. And he's gonna play a rookie. Eric. Could go. Beyond KP are any number kick you. Out -- But what we probably jacked up okay did you think like people really offended by the word Hokies are -- -- Yeah I mean I -- over anyone that's and national lights of premise. That may be would be offended not halt by. By you know -- our -- home Keyon. -- open you have an extra innings cellular I've met all. So but no problem but it will draw the locker. Degrade in word should not be Younes. Right ethic it goes back to a Bobby you don't aren't in the other against the two you know what. What other words I mean this is this is honestly one because it's one it's always talked about growth in this society. But I think -- do you talk about the other words -- that the home but in the homophobic our home and homophobic when's it gonna come on so this is. This is that it did giant won on the list but there's a lot of more yeah -- clean up the game totally. Yet gotten out bigger I thought this is awesome when you look at it and well only come back to the break our necks our listed as it's basically a tale of two teams compared to the Dolphins locker room. To the Steelers locker right and it's unbelievable. And and ability. The main being his starts and the owner on down and about the leadership you have. And how would you think about it the NFL's 80% African American 8080% black. What's so -- yes Andre Ellington as far as the culture what's in the locker room of the music and everything was thrown around. And it's bases. Big honor I don't have tiger talk about this afternoon and welcome back a lot more to get do we will speak with. Ramon Vargas a big advocate he was covering the NFL com buying you know close to marks Lesnar just -- about for a visit. And senior writer tiger made dot com Brian I was off plus. A hot button topic. The National Football League expected to -- got these new rule at the NFL -- meeting the in the next month our opinion poll was asking you. Can the National Football League legitimately police the use of -- in word. On the field is it all -- nothing your take. If this is one -- to be out -- what other words it should be. And could be this is sport Saul he's Bobby Hebert and we're on WW.