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2-25 5:10pm Ramon Vargas, Saints combine prospects

Feb 25, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Ramon Vargas who covers the Saints for the Advocate. Ramon joins us to talk about the Saints prospects in the NFL combine.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome man from -- to -- -- -- was a New Orleans Saints before the advocate he was at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. Ramon thank you so much for the diamond and joining us and though far from your vibe out give us a mobile what you -- to come by. I won't coming from the -- -- or local guys here open sold out others others not so much on. Unfortunately and then I mean obviously there was a lot surrounding that -- you know. Watson news so -- real what I gather from you know just food -- talked into it and neither decision. People that they are either restricted free agent terms decrease a stronger. So arm who has lost some of those ones are talking to. Are well where you know we've been able to confirm that they averaged out to wide receiver Robert Meachem. Other confirmed that the Saints have reached a few tackles like streaks and in a bit of a surprise that it may be if he were well Busch. -- the -- -- and others there's other reports out there arm you know that that. I saw a report that Joseph Morgan had been had been reached out to zone in not necessarily a surprise just -- to see trying to. It yet clear picture of who they think that they came that the number back would be. With the captain but it really -- it echoes a little more which is good news program shift so the fore check out you know it's been since he -- who. On one hand and you retain Jimmy Graham on the other hand they also need to work in other players possessions -- -- narrow down. -- they're -- -- -- back. But our Mulligan and the number of LSU players that competed -- -- -- line. Want to comment on if you these look and Jarvis Landry obviously -- Beckham junior when he did as far as his forty time. And then also when you look it and I think there's always room. And always did have played better and Ellis shoot particularly Anthony free Johnson but he will Ferguson. That I mean those. The space eaters. You know you can't find them so I mean I still think. Possibly second or third run talked about maybe how they they held their time out as far as under draft status and Jeremy hill. No we all know that. You'd have to be in someone crappy could be a free agent look -- Pierre Thomas. Curry Robinson. Ability and Jeremy hills and number two -- running back do you think. What's happened to him from a negative aspect of the field that that'll affect his status or. He's pretty much have gotten past that. I think a little short -- you know I -- and oh yeah yeah he got a lot of -- Reviews from blows away the addresses off field issues obviously sending. Sending. Letters to all the teams every team get the memo apparently -- -- you know being very open and forthcoming about. How and why it you know -- fuel. Misdemeanor conviction occurred. And so you know I don't think anyone -- seem like heels. Fallen out of maybe the first round. And gone into the second and up my male psyche of the number four which I don't certainly graduate but it. You know play physical play obviously it is pitcher urge you pitched it is that try. 22 of but forties in his -- there they do it successfully come on. But on. I think also just the fact that. At least seen him in the league trending away from you know turning away from having the big pack in some kind of becoming a part. I think movie in the a lot of stopping to be running back art committee where feature back is. Maybe less of a commodity in the first and second round people who go pro after quarterbacks tackles. Pass catching tight ends. I'll Jimmy Graham so. -- kind of hurt him and but I think you know he he did quite well well enough and children didn't hurt himself. Are moving on that are injured and I know you know it is yet at the appointing if -- come by an even deeper well yeah. Public and expose weaknesses. In question after -- -- -- -- in the forty. -- are more wide receivers. And then also on the board we beat them -- well. So when I'm on. Decide that's available in any -- you know -- injuries yeah. In particular about performed a common if you do poorly -- If you perform all the slaughter Prodi to kind of get back in order and you know apartment and he says that we she would always take their best arms and policy they're. -- -- -- Whether it was a -- or become -- but he said that. You know -- becomes crucial -- and that's our ideal but it -- -- to -- Those -- indefinitely. -- -- race or go along way in communism but doesn't exist out there. Obviously don't go back on the with a big winner -- opening he's certainly didn't hurt his standing -- he might have been at the party solidified it at the gap approach and act out leaving there to people. People that were out there on the puck and -- -- -- when he barely very impressive in the forty over the past so I'm back out there. You know at that epic comedy. Solidify that. Was shown in the forty -- -- and others are so many players out there. Natalie both those the big one. -- thought apart walked and has been disappointing workouts. Today and and we'll see whether you know how how much sort of sexist and in the opinion -- -- have another shot at broke. He covers the Saints an advocate Ramona Nevada's Ramon how can people follow you on Twitter. I am. -- or that. Amount thank you so much of the time we appreciate. That you.