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2-25 5:25pm Coach Mark Slessinger, UNO Head Basketball Coach

Feb 25, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by UNO Head Basketball Coach, Mark Slessinger, to talk UNO vs Stephen F. Austin on Thursday at the UNO Lakefront Arena.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a big week this week for the you know privateers taking on Stephen F Austin and a couple of nights on the Lakefront and in the Al -- -- state coach marks -- to -- just now coach. Got to work -- -- -- DJ gay and there's absolutely no doubt we go -- trying to force but we worked her tail off today. Put the program back in a position where you know we're tied for fourth two bodies alma mater. It in play them on Saturday -- Well back in the -- expand its that's exciting week in that a great four week. Great for being in the last two and -- that nobody that bad I would enjoy beating him and jokes are probably great for the gate and clearly a little delusional or there Stephen airport Thursday. When you look at it to make governor's conference coach in the state schools obviously got to kind of you know have a shot memory is a good -- bad but got beat his opponent in square -- -- It was a real and you know that the way they get into here was it was just -- is very bitter pill taken. And the other it was a little bit of controversy that you know immediately we needed to make a couple more police. I had to make sure that that didn't happen on a day and we just didn't get a better community here in -- from a -- -- from the the mistakes -- -- into the game and it and get a lot better from that we're able to play well on tour back get healthy and we put -- content so you know they've -- -- we've built our partners so. They -- huge huge huge game supports it would have been. Would have been a big big car person -- -- Now -- -- getting up from the parity and top to bottom. That you could say that yes -- any given night. The teams are that close so what -- from what you observe. And when you look at the conference to what is separated Stephen half and on them being undefeated in and -- -- really kind of separated from the -- The other candidate there's a lot of parity still even though they're undefeated you know I think it would be -- it down to one yet to the last possession the other you know Ricardo word -- to the -- -- -- that plated cup. You know they've they've been very very efficient than the best quarterback he's just grabbed the -- very efficient offensively. Are they don't turn the ball over the don't shoot themselves in the foot the bill would take -- just played very solid -- defensively and offensively that's in addition to that again about good of shooters. In the good returning core that they've been able to make make a run and really not beat themselves and they play good basketball. Coached a lesson there again and -- know about the big games this week because we know that's a big and another -- home folks out there opportunity seat. You -- action against two of the better teams in the top. This series it's usually fortunately those like all of this city is what -- great reasons that your. But this particular just play. Seven pitino urged Unita get to seeing this point 502 and it can't trust to put ourselves back -- -- into the league can't afford to move up to the top two or three Q and then you know the -- -- -- stated you know Bobby school and the school about we're here for eleven years is that that I. Have a lot of respect for their lives and it's going to be great game with them on Saturday. People need to will be at 630 that night to be just a great week cover last -- into getting -- version of three great senior billboard -- tail -- that did help build this program back to where it should be and it just a great celebration -- could you talk about the progress. We've been able to -- short term and in rebuilt that program and really work and really work report to a great great time and hopefully everybody can get a enjoy. -- great basketball in general sentiment -- skate the skate appeared you know traffic. He is a head coach are the you know private -- men's basketball team marks -- take out -- you know privateers. That Broncos last thank you so much and good luck to you this week. -- Pritchard all right all right coach we appreciate you.

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