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2-25 5-6pm Bobby and Deke, N-word in NFL

Feb 25, 2014|

The NFL is expected to penalize players 15 yards for using racial slurs on the field. Can the league effectively crackdown on the “N-word?” What if black players are the ones using it? Bobby and Deke take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number two or sports talk all the Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia operated jaguar opinion -- WW dot com. In the NFL legitimately police the use. Of the N word on the field they're expected to adopt that rule that would draw a fifteen yard -- -- on the inward is used by anyone. On the field of play could be adopted input into motion to move forward in the 2014 season when he AFL owner -- take place in Orlando. Next month before guitar an excuse to the -- ago Joseph's on line to -- thank you for calling WW -- There have been known them and then a little bit so that will be brief stop us fans -- -- black man I'm definitely strongly against. Do you have it word I'm also -- at pinnacle of the bit -- a right to do whatever they want to do that being said I think. This lawless and so that Mark Cuban felt somewhat true. You know we care about chemistry -- reward -- expand -- EPA. And the replies to that it because. You know -- know alluded to it already. We -- -- -- -- with about five or is that a strong offensive not to deflect with the women you know the pride in them fit polite. I mean it's sort of point and that is if then though I'll eventually. Cultural artistic and -- -- control what they're trying to do. Then basically try. To base should consider doing it for a couple words that'll that the people. But if so why are you going to do it for one word that -- Bulls strike one group of people know settlement anybody you know but all of that -- You can -- the -- that you not whining about it audit all its -- -- and goals people advocating that the poultry and why. All homosexuals all Hispanic I got okay we're not qualified to promote sports. You know you're gonna do that been that would do right wing into across the board two on and I'm strongly against it and once again like I don't think there's -- that our recruitment of. Well the -- -- -- how about this hypocrisy you ever notice this you watch in a championship of semi professional. -- this football basketball baseball you notice in now basketball. And a World Series championship -- -- have champagne in the locker room but you'll never see that that is suitable champs but then go take money. When the beer companies yet. Yeah you know like from Budweiser from cores like -- or does in the tobacco companies -- they do in a dogleg did you know I'm say -- is -- -- is noble. I mean it's unbelievable how you know this -- both sides an amount that. At times -- thank you so much for the call got to get to boss -- guess and welcome man. From Omar does he -- it was a New Orleans Saints a -- the advocate he was at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. Ramon thank you so much for the diamond and joining us and thought from your vibe out give us an overview what you sought to come by. I won't mean from what -- or local guys here well -- sold out others others not so much on. Unfortunately and then I mean obviously there was a lot surrounding that you know. Watson news that -- I gather from you know just this -- talked into it and neither decision. People that they are either restricted free agent terms decrease a stronger. So arm who has lost some of those ones are talking to. Are well where we've been able to confirm. That that they averaged out to wide receiver Robert Meachem evidently confirmed that the Saints have reached a few tackles like streaks and in a bit of a surprise if they'd be if he were well Busch. -- the -- -- and others there's other reports out there arm you know that that. I saw a report that Joseph Morgan had been had been reached out to zone in it not necessarily a surprise just adjusting to -- trying to. It yet clear picture of who they think that they came that the number back we. With the captain -- -- -- -- it -- a little more which is the good news program shift so the fore check out you know it's been since he -- who. On one hand and you retain Jimmy Graham on the other hand up to new York and other players possessions -- -- narrow down. -- they're so -- -- back. But our Mulligan and the number of LSU players that competed -- -- -- line. Want to comment on -- -- these look and Jarvis Landry obviously -- Beckham junior when he did as far as his forty time. And then also when you look it and I think there's always room. And always did have played better and LSU particularly Anthony free Johnson but -- -- Ferguson. That I mean those. The space eaters. You know you can't find them so I mean I still think. Possibly second at their -- talk about maybe how they they held their time out as far as under draft status and Jeremy hill. No we all know that. You'd have to be in someone crappy could be a free agent look -- Pierre Thomas. Curry Robinson. Ability and Jeremy hills and number two rated running back do you think. What's happened to him from a negative aspect of the field that that'll affect his status or. He's pretty much have gotten past that. I think you know it was -- -- you know I mean I know he the got a lot out of reviews from blows away the addresses off field issues obviously sending. Sending. Letters to all the teams every team get the memo apparently an injury you know being aerial game and -- coming about. How and why it you know -- fuel. Misdemeanor conviction occurred. And so you know I don't think anyone -- seem like -- Fallen out of maybe the first round and gone into the second up my male psyche of the number four which I don't certainly graduate but it. You know play physical play obviously it is pitcher urge you pitched it is that try. 22 of but forties and it appears there they do it successfully come on. But -- I think also just the fact that. At least seen him in the league trending away from you know turning away from having the big pack in some kind of becoming a part. I think will be in the a lot of it out to be running back art committee where feature back is. Maybe less of a commodity in the first and second round people who know both the passing game. Quarterbacks tackles. Pass catching tight ends I'll Jimmy Graham so. Think they're kind of hurt him and but I think you know he he did quite well well not natural -- didn't hurt himself. Are moving on that are letting him know you know it is yet -- the appointing if -- -- by an even deeper well. Public and expose weaknesses. In question after he -- Orleans -- in the forty. -- are more wide receivers. And then also on the board we didn't -- well. So -- I'm on. Decide that's available in any but you know -- injuries yeah. In particular about performed a common if you do poorly unity. If you perform all the slaughter Prodi to kind of get back in order and you know apartment and he says that we she would always take their best arms and policy they're. Understand. Whether it was a -- or become my but he said that. You know -- becomes crucial -- and that's our ideal but it or. Those Prodi indefinitely. -- -- race or go along way in communism but doesn't exist out there. Obviously don't go back on the with a big winner and so I mean he's certainly didn't hurt his standing at he might have been at a party solidified it at the gap approach and act out leaving there to people. People that were out there on the puck and -- -- -- when he barely very impressive in the forty over the past so I'm back out there. You know -- that -- comedy. Solidified that. We've shown in the forty -- -- and others are so many players out there. Natalie both those the big one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today and and we'll see whether you know how how much sort of sexist and -- opinion all the Jets have another shot at broke. He covered the Saints an advocate Ramona above this amount how can people follow you on Twitter. I am. -- or. Amount thank you so much of the time we appreciate. That you let's get to James in Baton -- James thank you for calling -- did you. Yeah he's gone by that they act out there like they went about it the wrong way it -- it's fine but do you know but I think this sort of I'll admit that in a lot from pros. People they came out with you know that that's some Ottawa Edmonton and I don't know -- and you know right. And -- went at it -- the day and imitates on the -- tell by the locker room and the culture of the locker room. I'm gonna give me an example. And you know again I mean I think tiger said he does an unbelievable job Ryan Clark with the Steelers and is comparing. President Dolphins locker room to the Steelers lot locker room. And he said what when you portrayed and that while some approach tress should save the dollars -- -- Mazzone managed. And lacking leadership will have a winning -- -- -- Jonathan Martin. And then he goes on the compared to -- at the Steelers locker room as a place of mutual respect and even restrained. Now look at incident that happened in the Steelers locker room this year. All the sudden they blame -- music and they've playing in loud in the end word is like every ten words so to speak. It's all the same team owner Dan Rooney. He comes at the locker room and tried to discourage -- playing rap music in the locker room. Now they Cain accuser because a look at the Rooney rule ninety yard Mike Tomlin said so when you look DK it's always he's races are aegis against. A culture. And then all of a sudden Dan Rooney told another your lenient. Teammate -- Taylor with Davis and I don't want you guys visit that I music I don't what you guys using that word that -- and word. Ryan Clark said -- he recounted this a story it is reason behind it was that people fought against people using that word people felt like that where was the meaning. There was terrible acts done by menu that word. And by people using that word so he goes on then all of a sudden that Ike Taylor had the music shot off. Because their respective team owner Dan Rudy. Now. Ryan Clark said the team -- the guys except that it wasn't like big stuff here in the music totally. Would you stop here and it that day. Now Ryan Clark so we have to work on because -- eventually came back into our locker room. That is their culture that's what these young professional football players grew up with this kind of music he said -- won't have to do is change the culture. Or is gonna be a constant that. It's a big week this week for the you know privateers taking on Stephen F Austin and a couple of nights on the Lakefront and in the Al west and state coach marks -- -- -- -- now -- Got to work it -- -- DJ gay and there's absolutely no doubt we go -- trying to force but we worked her tail off today. Put the program back in a position where you know we're tied for fourth two -- alma mater. It in play them on Saturday -- Well back to him expand its that's exciting week in that a great four week. Great for being in the last two and in that nobody does that I would enjoy beating him and jokes are probably great for the gate and clearly little delusional or there Stephen airport Thursday. When you look at it to make governor's conference coach in the state schools obviously got to kind of you know have a shot memory is a good the band but got beat his opponent in square -- -- It was a real and you know that the way they get into here was it was just -- is very bitter pill taken. And the -- it was a little bit of controversy that you know immediately we needed to make a couple more police. I had to make sure that that didn't happen on a day and we just didn't get a better community here in -- from a -- from -- the mistakes -- -- into the game and it and get a lot better from that we're able to play well on tour -- -- -- -- we put -- content so you know they've -- -- -- we've built our spotter was so. They -- huge huge huge game supports it would have been. Would have been a big big car person -- Now -- look getting up from the parity and top to bottom. You could say that yes -- any given night. That the teams are that close so what you from what you observe. And when you look at the conference to what is separated Stephen half and on them being undefeated and and so widely really kind of separated from the pack. The other -- -- there's a lot of parity still even though they're undefeated you know I think in the -- that took it down to one yet to the last possession the other you know incarnate word trickled to the water cart debut that plated cup. You know they've they've been very very efficient than the best quarterback he's just grabbed the -- very efficient offensively. Are they don't turn the ball over the don't shoot themselves in the foot the bill would take -- just played very solid -- defensively and offensively that's in addition to that -- about good of shooters. In the good returning core that they've been able to make make a run and really not beat themselves and they play good basketball. Coached a lesson there again and -- know about the big games this week because we know that's a big and another -- home folks out there opportunity seat. You -- action against two of the better teams in the top. This series it's usually Corso goes out of this city is what a great reasons that your. But -- -- particular just play. I had seven pitino urged Unita get to seeing this point 502 -- It can't trust to put ourselves back -- -- into the league can't afford to move up to the top two or three Q and then you know the -- -- -- stated you know Bobby school and the school about we're here for eleven years is that that I. Have a lot of respect for their lives and it's going to be great game with them on Saturday. People need to will be at 630 that night to be just a great week our last -- -- -- an adult version of three great senior billboard -- tail -- that did help build this program back to where should be and it just a great celebration approach could you talk about the progress. We've been able to -- short term and in rebuilt that program and really work and really work report to a great great time and hopefully everybody can get a enjoy. Feel too great basketball in general sentiment -- skate the skate appeared you know traffic. He is a head coach are the you know private -- men's basketball team marks Lesnar take out more you know privateers. That Broncos last thank you so much and good luck to you this week. Alright -- coach we appreciate you can the NFL legitimately police. They use a -- in word now cast a vote online at WW dot com -- novelist 2000 accidents -- to begin tomorrow night. We headed out to the parades you gotta keep everything locked in the WW a radio. That's right you know what it is to get off father to have excellent backed up. Bogey two to and from what you've gone safe and sound a group W divvy up to -- all the crews -- Rolen and what they're throwing the signature -- you name it we've got it for you every tournament. To get to -- parade and -- other destination on time. It's Monica all information station WW AM FM. And dot com about -- Thank mr. Jack Simoneau all Tom Bob almost 35 years write it in on Decatur. They stick FA Geovany and you go a day gate gate cleaned up with to take some family picked his own trip next week. And I haven't seen you know we felt like there was something different in my dealing you know you don't have a beer on the -- mr. dad thank you for. Agony of grief if you mean -- -- -- like a hot out saying well they have already moved well. You look dealing more intimidating their beer -- regular and younger one of yours and intimidating yet you tomorrow against. Though the Anthony told me on the European well yeah like eastern European like like. You know if you had to -- you if you don't do it -- break your -- you know kind of what we're not we're not myself -- -- -- I'm -- I -- I'm not saying -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- you know it -- you know. Mean you look younger now compared to when it appeared that some balls like that the began to call on -- now than maybe to the you're in the U it and what you cleaned out cleaned up you -- well organized. Not -- also great thank you for calling WW. -- -- Virtually -- -- the other told. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it I don't think it. -- -- -- It will solve the problem. Illinois general of these people that you hit your control in the pocketbook. And Patrick good rhetoric just gonna make -- Or. Or I don't want to work pretty. A dollar a year you're right -- immediately shall be done. Hit -- spiritual. -- the NFL head in -- show -- -- what in the more they need to right the more you hear people in the pocket well and upon all gotten a sense they are not to make those kids you know well and if you wanna be more severe and a fifteen yard penalty. Clark judge who works -- CBS sports -- NFL writer he said -- is not severe enough. That really as soon as that having Greg judges kick them out of the game. And Daniel ended did you -- hurting your team then. -- okay so in -- coaches to be all over you. Now the next time it happens not only you kicked out of the game maybe one game suspension and you you lose a game checked in you talking about. You know hundreds of thousand dollars -- it's not I'm a million dollars you know. All are all in general they can and lord like a public service medal. You know being -- had a stroke there's been an extra people. The younger generation -- England you don't use. Yeah UT college that yeah yeah election. -- -- When you hit it big they may mean that they may not be able to change it in what you're saying what you're exactly right but they can. Keep it out of the game in the MI do on a lot of things and -- with fines and talking with Pyrenees. What should a game yet but it has to be like we talk about why you've got to be well he's got to be where he didn't know he -- media legit clay county and I and a public you can't keep it on the street corner you can keep an ugly game eight that's exactly right exactly and and in term by being the end. Did you start to maybe you educate bright young new young -- future generations right there I mean it and let's face it. Some. How is telling you this at the break USO this so it is some so ridiculous -- could -- this you -- I'll watch it and nationally televised game at university Georgia. And charge or just change the validity game and the crowd's going crazy -- score all -- send his shoulder Georgia sideline and they play in this and as a whole are the loudspeaker or a third of the back end of the at the hook and dishonest. Ain't worried about nothing and it's the N word is first anywhere Manhattan yet -- about now -- -- any -- David down -- -- going crazy of fans -- I sent -- you've got to be kidding me in the do you look at this over over the loudspeaker and people had to know what was -- they would come on that -- I mean that that. How how good that'd be a play China and let that at least we need here is playing. It's not how you take a word. Is that it is offensive. And it's affected to a lot of you -- it's -- -- to the people -- he came be used at against with the NFL is trying to do here if they succeed. We'll see what they're trying. -- so we'll listen to what. Hit me yet. And you bet as well. Let me go and how I. You won't be a big mouth who looked great actually a good fit when he won the first place it's. He's working hard and happy trails you've never been in this series having not done -- -- ballpark -- It's my question is can you let Bob a lot of movement are you where -- -- now they might be you'll get great I don't know why you well know. Brandon. -- that he did today to all of us we don't know how bad they get I don't know -- He's going to do he's going to get better and I know a lot of people with the right. Yeah Warner out even though we have people like on the nightly news okay did you know. Why do you. Okay. Fifty years ago it's Tuesday February 25. 19648. Iconic sports moment and I kind sports event that changed the face of boxing but -- A young man though Louisville lip. Kansas clay related to become a -- -- Shook up the world Bobby as he beat down. What people thought was going to be one of the greatest heavyweights have basically that's all I thought pats and -- on in this -- down in south beach Florida. -- this big you know I have this a bit in the game in the game room LA Collison I have a Mohammed Ali's autograph on the picture it what is what is who in my hand and any stand -- over a while yeah yeah. As it is I am I room and out and edits and -- -- fund -- you know charity auction yeah. And that's one that's you know when you think of of -- of speeches in pitches in sports you think of that one on the wall YA tittle with the blood on his -- When it went exactly what he's on his knees the the Willits came when -- owner of the 120 score 100 points this -- but today for once. But -- -- -- one in the LSU body for coming in just a few moments. Top ranked Tigers is a huge match up early on two teams in a very good gone to the season both -- the top fifteen in bowl post. The Louisiana raising -- then a 71. And LSU his seven though. -- Alec boxing heights senior writer Brian Lazar is it was -- is always the weather like over there. Are real cloudy but no rain right now so both teams have not been able they can't feel. And not you know it's like -- there have been Barakaat that are really and raid appeared Baton Rouge but they occur a cup while. It Bryant will talk to coach and and areas they other may do to let them last time these two teams did well in the post season what to the CW this. And LSU in two lane from the from years back this is probably one of the highest if not the highest. Ranked match up LSU it in mid season game this early wood and instate foe. It certainly is -- in and again. You know you LL. Regional Ron Rutgers college you last year -- a lot of players. So there or they start off the year ranked enough. An impressive three game sweep of the agent flatly in a putt and yet so they're definitely want -- In one of the old it creeped up to number ten and you know Alex you -- won the -- number one. So yeah its going to be a good good -- midweek game. Fortunately it's before conference starts who the pitchers will be you'd like. Normal and I even though we don't have that true number one point in the game we do it chew up. We can't starters juggling -- Now Bryant they'll switch topics a little bit looking at LSU basketball Bly. I Taylor charges took him activism are girls and Californians saw solid second half. What I was most frustrating I've been in a while how LSU lost a basketball game and -- Kentucky. My Desmond kind of again as MO. On the road and SEC -- one in six and now stuck in the middle of that SEC bottleneck what seven. League teams -- the seven and seven. And now are artists. I don't know is is Florida a damage -- -- targeted at LSU could beat him twice and John Calipari it was brazen. LSU may be to give that. The -- sub SEC maybe as a whole but well what is your take right now and L issue in the in the SEC. Well I think LA if you have a bunch of really. And IP IP that -- -- look -- Alex you've got that player there's no doubt about that but you know. You'd have to two BAA and the eight term being at the wing on the road -- if you like that. One in six on the road -- three of the -- Lawton have been close. Well Ole miss Alabama Kentucky all three of those even -- not the last three or warm and it L issue and believe and could -- couldn't have held on. It looked -- you held on on the that they used to those radiate that they would get -- built to. To those street wrote in -- -- the -- and Georgia and Arkansas State beat pretty good shape right now they'd be. Eighteen and eight maybe 89 privately. I think that it would be in in. In the -- At this point they're not there outright now they're not. Out totally because I think -- -- a lot they'd be on the news. Pete floor beat Florida which is going to be at the bit about that it would be good cop -- -- I like I don't think it's going to be any more bad call. And but at stake and now you know. They have three weeks left two weeks in the regular season when we get CC tournament it. If they play their best basketball over it straight week period they got a chance to get into the tournament so. But they have to play well and win basketball game at dark -- I'm in the play not acting. Now -- we -- coach Mary on yesterday and he said he Ellis is that is a season right now I would think noble one. But you look at the great start. Obviously being undefeated number one ranking. When you look at LSU right now big challenge Louisiana Lafayette and and obviously gravity -- start SEC play yet but it. What when you look at where they're at right now and you know you look at the likes of preceded predicament so our our our predictions -- such urgency with Mississippi State's talk Carolina. Vanderbilt. Where would you put L issues as far as you top teams and SEC RR do you think the -- a top team in. And -- would have maybe as a -- a concern. You know going to SEC play. Well -- should be paid really struggled they lost four time all over the first two weeks are important force it struggle. Art South Carolina Vanderbilt like Gillick -- -- -- -- -- about. Alex used you know pitching made an odd front like all. -- killing unit immediately. Yeah or might not our -- we gonna not run very good at Vanderbilt and not that. So a lot of it it is it's. Don't streaky right now South Carolina Vanderbilt and Alex you appear to be. At the bat and it all that thing at the they've thought the three bet that the effort that brief that speech and all they -- -- all about pitcher. Look Bobby and I tell you add one thing in L. East all shoveled at one spot that made some lineup change it up Connor -- it's playing its first day -- night. Burst from all year. That putting Kramer Robertson and at second base -- cracked -- on the mall in left field tonight. Which beat mark layered goes back to right. And Nazi predicted that DH he's catching problem -- -- -- -- which UC united this war at the feet. Game it's been at this point this would be his line. -- yet -- Ed hale first Robertson Beckett and it being yet but he's doing that and I think he played okay. It's a good -- -- I'm treating it like it at the TD this month that line. Brian how can people follow you on Twitter. At the outdoor the outfield -- the senior right tiger made that conquering LSU and Louisiana Lafayette woods on the network just a few moments and Brian czar Brian thank you so much of the time. Thought -- got coming up next LSU fighting tiger baseball a tiger this should be a go folks it should be. A great atmosphere at the box tenth ranked the highest ranking it. The great UK exam on the coach -- -- show was number two and swamp or LSU -- number one in one poll a top ten matchup on the embody tomorrow. What talks sports and we're leading into LSU basketball vs Texas -- Am I so -- -- and got names on the lose. LSU baseball is now on big Bellamy always done by the cajun cannon Bobby a bear -- the way alleged own -- people who.