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Scoot Show 2-25 9pm, Discrimination

Feb 25, 2014|

the Arizona legislator approved a bill that allows business owners to use their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays. Democrats call the bill “state-sanctioned discrimination”… Republicans argue the bill is about protesting based on religious freedoms not discriminations….how do you define it?

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And welcome to a delays start to our show tonight the -- -- you LL game is seeing rain delay in Baton Rouge but I'm looking at the news radar right now and it looks as if there could be more showers moving in. So ordinarily we don't start our show -- shouldering -- is over or the game's over or the the game it's been called for rain but let's just go ahead and start our show now. I ULL is a leading LSU in Baton Rouge Ford won that game starts up to bring it to you right away under every WL I scoop ledger witnessed tonight. I will bring you lobbed an update on a couple of things we were talking about on the show last night but also we sort of showed tonight talking about a drunken float rider. Who threw heavy duty hooks. Duty -- grooves is seen as those heavy duty hook screws. Into the crowd during a morning -- operate in tip it over the weekend and accusatory two years old he he's been arrested in appropriately charged. In the same parade another writer dumped heavy load of bees on a baby in a baby stroller. And still another rider in the same parade. Used to super soaker. To -- So parade goers along the parade route. And it was a chilly night. A few people can ruin a very pleasant evening for everybody else and quite often alcohol is involved. And I don't know what caused two writers to fall off floats. This past weekend during the crew of ala. But it seems like this morning Royce of turning out to be. And generally morning -- terms of a few float riders and it's a shame because of course the great majority float riders are. Really nice people and they're just there to have a good time and they're not says they're not -- to overdo it. But here. This possibility that alcohol was involved in this of these cases especially. In the case of the parade down into video right here's a quick update -- something we talked about on the show last night we're talking about Arizona and it's all over the news today. Arizona has -- pass legislation that allows businesses to refuse service to anybody based on their religious beliefs. And that includes homosexuals. Is that religious freedom or is that discrimination. -- Arizona governor Jan Brewer who was in for the big governors conference in a Washington. Has now returned to Phoenix. From her trip and she now faces whether or not to be -- appeal. It would give these businesses in the state of right to refuse business homosexual spaced on the religious of police of the business owners. A number of Republicans. Even those who voted for it did you realize what they were voting for which kinda scares me a little bit. Submitted to the people who voted in the in the Arizona State Senate. Who voted for this field. Now what the governor to veto it because they didn't realize the ramifications of the deal they do know that it would go this four and I thought they were simply protecting religious freedom. So you really have to pay attention to what these things are are really about and what the agenda is behind some of the things that. That people are promoting. But there are Republicans like John McCain and and even Republicans. Who were in the the legislature in in Arizona. Or asking governor brewer to veto the bill. And I expect that she will I thought she had until Wednesday in which she has until Friday to make that decision I think it would be very very difficult. For her to to not veto this bill so expect that to happen -- course we'll talk about the ramifications on that. On the show when that happens on the blogger wrote last night -- turning on our website is titled should religious freedom. Protect discrimination. -- -- -- and it's a question that that many people face today should religious freedom and religious police protect discrimination. -- you can check that -- so we're excited to be WL dot com also still I've been trending is this blog that are voted on Miley Cyrus. Our concerts to sexual. It's all about -- some parents complaining about the Miley Cyrus concerts and they want future concerts. To be canceled. Because -- -- sexual. -- Miley Cyrus. What do you expect anyway that blog is still on our web site also. I guess this does that suddenly caught on is. -- a viral blog for a lot of people but another blogger wrote recently tattoos yet another excuse to judge people. And as I'd say quite often on the show I'm a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because my generation is very very judgmental of young people. When my generation. Was judged and didn't like it. By the van a stab Richmond to anyway those are a couple of blogs that are trying to go to our website at WW ultimate cop. Here's our get a W a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight would you change your order. If you could see the calorie content of each item on the menu. It is your opinion Michael and Debbie WL dot com and to attract that -- throughout pressured right index give -- a -- again. Coming appeared in just a few minutes if you wanna join us with comic tonight about anybody we talked about to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here -- seventy. And -- number is 87870. There's an interesting aspects. Of the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare. And it has. A number of people upset and I think it rightfully so there is a part of this obamacare. That requires all restaurants. To. Visibly displayed. All the ingredients. In in everything on the menu. Well that might sound easy enough but what about when it comes to like at a pizza chain for example. When it comes to. A place that sells. Pizzas with -- crossed with the -- with all the toppings that are possible. I think there's over thirty million possible combinations. So how are you gonna possibly. Put that on -- menu. And then there was a recent controversy over the New York City have -- the proposed ban. Or sugary drinks over sixteen ounces. All of this it really points to this idea of the nanny state. The ideas that. The government is dear to intrude in our personal lives and take care of us and I think the real danger of this. Is this sub conscious feeling that people get. From the security thinking will the government's gonna tell me what to do so if the government doesn't say something is wrong then it's okay. And all of these things don't really solve the problem of obesity and and perhaps you just charted our news and I've read this earlier today. Then there's actually -- on a new survey that shows that obesity in young kids. Is actually decreasing. Which is. Excellent news -- to join our -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early Saturday in tech's number is 87870. As for -- -- slow much here on WWL. -- I don't know I'm good. -- -- -- That they completed one of what you AMOCO. Worried about it. In the -- There have been only for the better. They'll be. -- wouldn't know the people back. In and two thirds of those. But the it -- I think we. -- -- -- -- -- There. Listening about that. Involve the I don't know if there was one problem. -- it'll be forced them and now the. Home that it -- like the people aboard that. Reliable -- -- -- capital of the world that this deputy. -- And that there and -- -- at this at this. That the lead -- -- Equipment and became well. I. And sent to leave it for a month. I think this is a good point and I mentioned it on the show last night I want to police to pay attention to the real problems along the parade route it would be nice if everybody. Understood these new laws and volunteer leave -- followed the laws. When you say entice people to break the law do you think that these laws are on the books on. Hoping that people break the law so they can be given citations. -- Something about lawmakers' kind of like get an intact but that it also. Me. -- It is the opinion. -- And be there at you. That. All these people could be between. -- -- on the debate McCain and. And how and the police arrest all those people that impact. And and while that people that might be dangerous throwing -- afloat. With the police to pay attention to the more dangerous things along the parade route. Exactly in the that people who would beat parade quieter but everything is. That it. Apparently. -- -- We debacle and a couple of -- There's going to be in the and so like this one and one and that is that these two as -- LaMont and thanks for what you do worker with the event like that out from the -- short bill here under the WL. Sure do but at the topic at the top apps. However. Outlaw. All over here are the -- And -- That. Well it's not about whether you. Ought to put ingredient. It's about whether or. Bad. -- But. -- -- it and make. It. At all that and -- -- on. That -- maybe the world court. It sure -- got. Out on the beat duke. And get more bad. It got more important. -- -- -- -- More important. Not that is. Where -- more. So -- -- -- all right or. Well I go back to the bill of rights and and and individuals and I have more power than the collective mentality of of voting public. And I would think -- if you're talking about discrimination and I I don't compare. The the plight of homosexuals and their fight for rights with a plate and fight for blacks are getting equal rights. But somebody could've made this very comment to before integration before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it's a business they should have a right to not serve blacks. And I think that's where we draw the line you should not be able to discriminate against somebody. Because of their character. -- and get that and that could help her. What's -- what's the difference between discriminating against somebody based on their outwardly appearance. -- It's not that it is get it. They held at more than one caller. That more color six -- a black. Color. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and I like the marketplace making the ultimate decision you know there was that they create and Colorado that we talked about in the Denver area that refuse to -- -- birthday came about I know a birth to a wedding cake for a lesbian couples. Based on their religious beliefs and they are now out of business so why -- it. You're. Pleased. That it. To put. It back. All negated. But. On. What the -- -- -- -- I'll definitely look into that bill I organ we're gonna disagree because I don't think first of all when it comes to discriminating against homosexuals. -- asking somebody to pass judgment on somebody's physical appearance -- you know if they're straight or gay unless you'd know what they really do. And I think it's ludicrous for a business to pass judgment. On on somebody when they reaped the benefits of being in business they reap the benefits of our government they reap the benefits of regulation they reap the benefits of many many reasons. -- many things to be in in business. So what -- -- of is like I realize it's a private sector but as long as you are reaping the benefits of doing business in America that I don't think you should discriminate. -- I think it did. -- -- -- -- it may figure out that there are -- that it. Well I and I'd -- I do understand that and I I agree with smaller government I do agree with less regulation but I don't agree with discrimination of any kind and I have been consistent with that throughout my career and I just think it's wrong to say. Hey I think your gay so I'm not gonna serve what -- if I walked in and they think I'm gay and they don't serve me and I'm not get. -- -- But it. It's. My feeling about issue. Political. Were. And then don't then didn't go you know then I would suggest you go into a business where you're not going to be faced with the dealing with homosexuals. Think about the pharmacist this law also would cover if I'm not mistaken would cover pharmacist who works in a pharmacy who doesn't wanna sell birth control pills to somebody's practicing birth control. You don't -- -- if you don't -- do that the -- a pharmacist. But. It all -- all -- parts. All. They don't practice -- -- the what about all that. All form. At that -- that you'd be due. And in -- theory I I I like the idea like the idea of the marketplace deciding Victor will agree I'm gonna have to get to break didn't this is why this is an interesting debate where dissident -- it is. The government have a right to say you have to serve everybody. And I think there's a difference between somebody's character -- their skin color and somebody. Not wearing a shirt or shoes. If your whole stay -- his recovered right back with more of your calls -- more of your text. -- W good evening technically we are on the air during a rain delay of the L issue EU LL game and if that game does resume we're gonna carry you for your life here -- -- VW also at that point -- show will be erupted. Right now you know they'll lead -- issue. -- one at the rain break. Here is attacks we're talking about his updates concerns that they were talk about last night and that is Arizona governor Jan Brewer. Has returned from her trip to Washington where governors got together with the president. And she now faces the decision of whether to Vito. Oh what would give businesses in the state right to refuse service to homosexuals based on the religious beliefs of the business owners. Here's a text -- you criticized Jan Brewer. For not reading the -- on what about policy. If you wanna see. What the plan. What you wanna see what's in the plan. Passed the plan about obamacare why are you so biased. You know I I love getting a -- like this because I didn't say that. And yet there are listeners who -- a pre judge. What I stand for and Julianne. And they hear what they wanna hear. As opposed to what I'm actually saying. There are. A few state legislators. In Arizona. Who now say they made a mistake and they didn't understand. The total ramifications of the deal that they passed. And I said it's important to read the bills and pay attention. So I was criticizing Jan Brewer the governor. I was criticizing the state legislators. They didn't really pay attention to what they were voting -- In terms of policy and obamacare. If I'm not mistaken everybody. It voted for obamacare. Didn't really read it which I think is actually absurd and the American public should be outraged. -- talking about a couple of our writers in the print -- it was the crew of him brochure. And home over the weekend they were three different incidents. And one guy was arrested he was intoxicated and he was throwing these and heavy duty -- screws. Off the flowed into the crowd. And here's detects it reads. What kind of blank. Throws large took screws from a parade float into unsuspecting crowd made up of men women and children. What are these 32. -- -- float riders charged with. They're charged with the appropriate thing disorderly conduct and I I have the listed somewhere but don't have to provide funding. And I -- is. Attacks state came in right before we went on the year. I get down to -- -- street gets scoot to call him what his cell. Call this can't be -- favored bar a couple of scroll friend wears red green needed it was really she first started in the in the rain delayed. And here is set another text. That reads. Tell you this artillery it was just OK wait to -- those three parade writers. Its dividend should be charged with assault. Or attempted to sell you are gonna have to look up exactly what they were charged with -- believing they year they are charged and rightfully so. Here's a text about dot serving homosexuals and how do you know somebody's homosexual. And I love the simplicity of this -- two men -- hugging and holding each other. It's not against if they're gay. Well yes it is there are some people who were so homophobic. That if they see two people just like two guys hug. And then they must be gay. And again that's the level of that homophobia that exist in in some people. I have friends that time -- close friends with one particular. And we -- sometimes oldest. Will -- it's really break the good good strong hug. But the other question is. If somebody doesn't look gay or did not -- in if you're opposed to what you think is the sin of homosexuality and we talked about this last night. A business is going to end up serving those people who don't want game. They're serving the people who are committing the same with they believe are. The sins. There. Serving them but they're not serving somebody who simply looks like their game. And then they they I guess could also receipt refuse service to somebody who looks gay but is it really -- So again I I think this legislation is absolutely ludicrous it doesn't make any sense at all. And it's the height of of discrimination to -- you may have a different opinion. If you wanna join our show that comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. At a text or is it 7870. Did you cause usually -- a text scoot I work at the front door of the Ritz Carlton Saturday night the last parade rolled. One of the float riders was winging gross -- bags. Through the front or almost injuring guests and children standing at our front door. I've seen that. And quite often. Alcohol please apart. In. Misbehavior. On afloat. Here is another text. You what the police to start focusing on important things protecting writers is very important have you ever wrote in a parade. And it hit by indeed yes I have written account operates. In my. Career here in New Orleans countless. I have been hit with -- With big -- of beads in the in the crowd. -- I'm wearing sunglasses and almost had an eye injury as a result of that. What I'm saying is I'm sure it's dangerous to throw things at the writers on the floats and people shouldn't do that. But. If it's obvious that yes arrest somebody but when it comes to an in my main point ones with the new rules and regulations is I don't want police to worry about. How for a latter is back from the street even though there's a new law that it needs to be sixty -- grills analysts -- need to be sixty back. I don't want to paying attention to that if they can pay attention to on hooligans running around in the crowd that might cause a problem from Georgia do a year under the WL. Good news -- need to do. -- Pollutant -- about the actual. Loan it is -- long ago. So we're. Legislature or. A rule. And it optional. About not serving days. Or shall I. Also want to commit pretty -- Well. Exactly and and if it's if you religious beliefs. Oppose. Sex out of wedlock. Then what do pharmacists have the right issued a pharmacist -- the right to not do business with somebody who wants to buy birth control pills. -- -- -- Pulpit or out super -- pretty -- -- out of this. Well I don't know what if -- what if a woman walks in with a child or man walks human child and -- not wearing a wedding ring with the assumption be that clear they had a kid out of wedlock and so we you know -- the servant because that's against your religious -- easily when you start bringing these things up you realize how ridiculous the law is. And while I respect religious freedom. -- freedom to believe whatever you wanna believe. I don't agree with this law because they just think it's still it. Stupid out there. About performance volatile. Now we can't do anything it can't do anything about them and Arizona but Arizona can do something about it. The LSU QLL game has officially been called a kind of had a sense that we were in rain delay here on the VW -- you know looking at I'm looking at the radar. And I told John -- -- produce Alicia is going to -- and it's a big go back to playing well will carry the game but I have a feeling it's going to be calls of the game has been called. Peter you -- WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It I. -- -- -- he. -- Eat. Some -- first two years. -- -- -- -- Do you think -- -- the people already paying attention to the new laws on the books. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To highlight the new laws I just a little concerned about enforcing those laws it is I said earlier it would be great if everybody realize that these laws are important and -- for the safety -- but everybody in and to make money grow more enjoyable for everybody. But we need the police to focus on the things that they need to focus on which is more important than. Where the letters are now if it's easy for police officer to get somebody tickets for doing that -- breaking some of the other rules like throwing things -- you guys. Then there at the arrest him. But I I I -- what the the the public to believe that there was going to be this sudden focus on focusing on those things rather than the other things. -- -- -- -- -- Well Peter budget called a show meant thank you for what you do I know that is a tough tough job getting the floats is there. And then he got the parade and then getting the floats back god bless you for what you do for all of us. I'm from New Orleans to -- -- WWL. They scoot by doing that. -- -- For whatever reason I don't know I guess maybe beat them mystery man married with children. Put some strange reason activate the gay women. And except the game and expect. It feminine tendencies but the bottom line is. What you do when you -- ability -- you don't need to come on say hey I'm gay I don't eat. Well and just didn't. Broad the only the only problem two point is that if it is discovered. In this has been something that's been a problem in this country if it's been discovered that somebody's -- They have been fired of people have not been treated fairly. People have been. Discriminated against in different ways when it was learned that they were game so great that they've they've. -- the campaign now is to hey you know let's just let's just accept everybody in and -- you know I understand what you're saying and there are a lot of people who feel probably -- field. But you know. I don't know that that we can help the way. The way we're made the way we. The way we move are our body language the way we. The way we act -- mannerisms I think that's something that's god given. My lower an exact date back years ago when it appeared in ball wondering if you lived here for years have been in the 21 years. And they got -- amendment and the that the and you look at mine and you know I bought the. He says he's well he's people around partly children -- still pretty much strange but nonetheless. Well I don't wanna be strange to yield means it to some people it would described as being strange. But we still worked with every you know beat -- -- -- But. Into the religion thing you know what the government there yet failing that he -- constitutional. Separation. -- think the -- under. Well. I agree I'm for religious freedom. But when it comes to using religious freedom to discriminate against somebody got a problem with that in writing we talked about this sign that's it's still blog it's treading on our website. You know to -- the governor of -- element right off the back trained him well in the name of religion I can't pay so well and it'll give me another reason. And in the name of sexual preference act and pass a -- -- yet another reason you know this a game like the other guys say that the individual business Thomas decision not. Well. -- vote since 1980 when Reagan immigrant against Carter and I figured then. They pulled the frank shenanigans that bush did go at it and even though I don't know congress of the shenanigans at -- I'm not a registered boat that went into they come back with the popular vote I just won't vote. And I -- Earlier you know totally agree I I would -- the president to be elected by the popular vote and not the Electoral College. In every new every new set of politicians that get in office. Change everything and I think it's. Well I always like the other thing is you know five out of the last out of I believe out of the last six elections Republicans have lost. Popular -- five times. So yeah party definitely needs to to regroup Dwight I'm glad you called a -- listing here's a -- Regis -- alcohol does make you throw crazy things off floats. I would never throw hooks but last year I did throw my roast -- pulled voice -- hope that person enjoy my dinner. Here is attacks eighties common custom in France for men to hug and kiss each other on the cheek. And with a heavy French background in new world wins. That could be coming here. Yet you're so concerned about your kids seeing two guys kiss what do you do when you see world leaders on television to see each other. -- of du freak out in Israel but I don't think people should overly. Displayed affection in public by the -- straight or gay. But nobody should freak out of Stacy to people hugged each other -- or kiss each other. This is this coach Joseph. And we'll be right for your comments into the WL -- our show if you are not in rain a -- going to be -- and eventually it was raining earlier in New Orleans but it is rating in the Baton Rouge -- so the ULL LSU game. With UL a leading affordable one. Over real issue -- -- that game has been called because of rain and there's a strong system moving through its gonna actually be cold tomorrow. -- -- warm up by the weekend so that'll be nice is it in enjoy this weather you know it's going to be hot soon enough so when he gets cool. -- -- -- -- The Affordable Care Act requires that all restaurants include a list of nutritional information on every item on the menu. Would that change your mind about or ordering something based on what you see in the ingredients as a -- W a pretty general opinion poll would you change order. If you could see the calorie count of every 49% say no 51% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gave an update on that coming up here just a few minutes and the -- blog tonight which is on our website is titled. The government is not invited to eat with me. For those of you who think I am such an extreme liberal this is a very very conservative side of me. It's on our website you can read it share it gives your comment if you like. It's on our website dividend -- for the West Bank Gary your on this if -- I. I'm. That are you a little bit com. I am actually -- a small restaurant owner and I don't have a problem. Where it's third and I think it's wrong to discriminate against someone and color sexuality inaccurate things so I don't wanna promote cross. That thing to locate -- discriminate but -- -- where people have a problem. -- mandatory. The government telling you must serve on is that it. Where where it is much freedom bill. Where where's my freedom Tuesday. One mr. -- battery and that its format well is that that in my own decisions that I'm told by all but someone else. What I'd much. Do so now you own your own business. And the government tell you which you -- you in one month not -- not -- business owners the business -- I don't. And Gary you have if you -- if you have a restaurant today you have to. Abide by here and countless. Regulations into in terms of serving food so the government telling you. About the standards that she must have been there are people who. On it before there was integration there were people who -- called -- radio show and said exactly what you're saying. I own a business if I don't wanna serve blacks why should the government tell me I have to serve blocks. And that's why can't they complete history of that belief that is wrong shouldn't discriminate and by itself that you know where it. Out where my problem. It I feel that it. -- -- -- the situation comes between me and customer and it's not that -- in color because that picture quality. If the situation a situation for situation. But it would on an air room there telling me all out there right that they are there certain you you can leave that and it. On the consumer standpoint it's it was beautiful art if you don't like my answer. If you go out there caught -- on the street you can go QB -- -- did not mandatory. For you to come here and I'd be there at apple regulation and out -- from the from the government because you happen. It had to be city for consumer comment you know it. And I totally and I totally agree with that I think that's your responsibility issue say not only to union in your restaurant but to every customer in there. But isn't behavior different than character and skin -- Somebody hit somebody that comes in has not made -- you do have a right as a business owner to refuse service to somebody who is intoxicated or on ruling. Right into what went on you know from a business standpoint I think people get there it's about. The government -- and -- mandatory -- -- monster that person because little by little spot delusional freedoms. When it would add my freedom and the bit that's on its you know. An outing and -- -- an earlier freedom. It is trump the other person street the person that my freedom of three -- a speech or freedom. My three on. For the consumer whose whose freedom it more because it's I don't want to hurt somebody or whatever and. Well you can we don't let you can't it's not serve somebody for any reason you can nuts or somebody for being -- rule Lee or. For being intoxicated or. He don't know either missile weapon like -- so annihilated in the law that netted me well. Tell you that you must serve somebody -- if that's not that's end and clear we are geared to that regulation. What people tend to do is they tend to see something happen and go oh my god. Well if we were gonna go in that direction then wouldn't things have changed since since businesses were forced to serve blacks. I don't see this jump happening that you are or so afraid. I don't think you can be told -- cancer or somebody based on behavior or. On for other things like that but I don't think we should discriminate based on skin color or. Some -- -- -- would very good -- but good luck with your business and thanks for calling her show. Right if -- -- stay with us this is the schoolchildren will be right back into the W -- you -- game was called because of rain and there's some heavy rain in Louisiana and really throughout this part of the country and if you're -- in and it's it's -- effect tomorrow morning could be -- -- you well I was -- leading LSU tigers. Rank number one in the country portable one negated beverage called because of rain a welcome back to the schoolchildren from Mississippi queen welcome deputy -- Do you like to address fuel or out like to -- -- -- equipment is not but it signal that the real quickly this. When they both older open. -- -- for a true in the mortar and they're try and keep I have anything to anybody walked -- -- dole. That person and -- oxen and the war. Should be -- with Connie and I mean people the most that you could ever get. The point. That you can do no more but there. To what extent that what you saw that kind as to where no more. Keep pushing you up. And and that and that and debts philosophy could not possibly include judging somebody based on what you think they do in their private -- What exactly now up to a -- to address that there is a look at. You know it really upset me because. Equality a gay person and turned shall want to listen to this that would hurt the the sort of let me it would it would kind of like hurt -- because. You know 90%. In opposite. Our -- is all good people. It's a very small percent of people to drop all the dot. It's probably the people are sacred imposes and it is -- did you -- I have very good friend but again. They're very discreet. Very -- And trust portly people. I know. A local -- That if you can't understand why these people. But they'd been different. Maybe we aren't they love each other but it -- Understand now how I also thought she can be so and so thing that is really. Nineties I mean it's not. I don't think in the new equipment and these -- old body where where where -- -- -- -- cold here. -- our orders and what's going on than people think they're gay QB. Like turn on counts and the eternal that you can't do from the time you. Wayne I I I totally agree with that I'm going to Croatia are gonna get their news break here. I was even talk about this tonight but I simply brought out the it affected governor of Arizona Jan Brewer had returned to Phoenix after her trip with all the governors to Washington to meet with the president. And talk about things. She now returns facing the decision whether or not to veto this bill that would essentially give business owners the right to discriminate. Against somebody because of their sexual orientation. A -- just bringing up that update we've gotten a lot of calls and we're coming right back.