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Scoot Show 2-24 10pm, Food labeling

Feb 25, 2014|

: should the government be involved in what we eat and drink? Is it for the ‘common good’ and for our health or none of their damn business? A new portion of Obamacare law could make it too expensive to eat many restaurant foods simply because under the new law the restaurant will have to supply a list of nutritional information for every item and possible combinations as well…who do you think will pay for the added cost of this? You and me of course!

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Ted Nugent has made any major announcements about himself I can't wait to tell you about that that's coming up here in just a moment it's raining -- looking at live radar right now Covington. The rain is approaching Slidell but it coming to right now on I 55. Between. Applause and much to -- A lot of very heavy rain heavy rains still in the Baton Rouge area the LSU game was called earlier tonight. I UN oil was leading LSU in Baton Rouge four -- one minute game was called. And right on the -- annual Jerry we're we're getting some light rain but there's some heavy rain. It looks like. Right over the lake and just in in parts of in parts of Metairie and parts of the west -- so again if if you're not in the rain chances are you will be and it. Be sure to wake up and turn on to be WL first thing tomorrow morning as I'm sure you always do. I was into WL first news with Dave Cohen for 56 and Tommy Tucker. For six tenure Debbie WL for the latest on the weather. And their traffic updates because you know as much rain as we get in this part of the country that doesn't necessarily mean that people know how to drive properly in the rain. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll it's inspired by the Affordable Care Act. Are requiring that all restaurants include a list of nutritional information. For every item on the menu. If you saw exactly what was in all of the items that you ordered calorie count fat -- count cartilage. Would that -- with a change your mind about which order. Right now 50% say no and 50% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. And I want to remind you they were trying to make it three K I'm sorry thirty K thirty K by fete Tuesday. WWL wants 30000 friends on -- -- -- FaceBook page and it's always a lot of green activity all day. Every day we're posting breaking news saints. -- issue pelican stories and information exclusive photos. Videos blogs from our guests in and producers you can use your video your Smartphone your -- to follow the links on our web site. I'd just go to WWL. Radio -- FaceBook page FaceBook the only concern with FaceBook dot com slash WWL radio. And just keep the conversation going. And quite often we use some of your comments on our FaceBook page on our show anti -- to be WL -- become become one of our friends we wanna hit thirty K. By fete Tuesday and were close but we have we need you to join us plus the great benefit is all the information if you're gonna get a regular basis. To keep the conversation going to be -- your -- FaceBook friend. Had views. So Ted Nugent. Has now said that he is no longer going to call people names. Which is something that -- digit has done. He said some hideous things about Hillary Clinton. And you could have an opinion of her and not like her politics but you don't have to refer to woman as debt. Unless you just one of exposure self as an ignorant. Neanderthal. So Ted Nugent now says he's not gonna call people names anymore at all this is the backlash from a referring to President Obama as a sub human -- eight. Again I don't know what to do Judith Stein and his past in May be some things upstairs or fried a little bit. But he's always been a little wacky and I don't mean in terms of his and enthusiasm about gun rights I support gun rights. But he has set some weather wacky things and Republicans and actually used his celebrity status because he does appeal to that far -- wing faction of the Republican Party. But it seems if Republicans are now starting to run from him and -- which it really is the best thing to ever happen to Democrats. Because. He caters so much to that right wing faction of the of the Republican Party that if the party itself is defined by that. That part of the party then Democrats. Are gonna win. But we're talking about the Affordable Care Act requiring all restaurants include a list of nutritional information on every item. I wrote a blog it's it's on our website right now -- it's titled the government is not invited. To go to -- with. And for those of you think I -- so liberal this is a very very conservative side of me. But it's honestly when I believe in its attorney right now you can read it share with others it's on our website at WW dot com -- talk more about that in just a few minutes but -- We updated something here they were talking about last night on the show earlier. And that he is in Arizona governor Jan Brewer has returned to Arizona and she faces the decision about whether or not to veto this deal. But it would essentially give businesses. The rights to refuse to serve -- Based on the religious beliefs of the owners. Is that religious freedom or is that discrimination. And and a blog that is still on our web site denied by wrote yesterday we talked to -- -- last latest title. It is -- is religious is giving somebody religious and it is giving somebody the freedom to have religious police is that. Is it okay if that protects if that protects. Discrimination and you use your religious police to protect discrimination. Again all that and more a web site at WW open accounts again if you had not become one of our what do are close friends. Become a friend -- going to be WL radio on our FaceBook page. Here is that taxed. Sub human mind will not mindless yet that's true -- might have I might have missed a stated that sub human Mungro. Which is apparently what the Nazis used to call the Jews. During the war. Here is a Texas kind of frightening -- for president. Better by far -- oh bummer. Really. Mean you might not agree with President Obama by. Ted Nugent dance which shows no signs whatsoever of being presidential material. In any event the conversation has continued develop this idea that businesses. I'd should have a right to refuse to serve somebody based on their specific religious beliefs and it's not just about homosexuals is about. A pharmacist for example. Serving people who went by birth control pills if pharmacist does not agree with birth control. If you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. And it takes over is 878 Saturday from Mississippi and you're on the -- show -- VW good evening. That evening hours and first non permanent damage -- an -- that don't do computers. An announcement that they open there is room. Is nothing new -- and maps are channeled. In nineteen these techniques -- Great Lakes naval hospital. And it actually was born and win back from my check and they asked the doctor for birth control prescriptions. He would not give it to me because it was against Israel agent. -- -- But that and I thank him. And my -- that they another navy doctor that Leo -- enable. Hospital. And academic and policy and and maybe adapted to give birth control prescriptions. It's -- -- Would you agree that if you if you make the decision to be a pharmacist and nobody forces you to be a pharmacist if you make a decision -- pharmacist that you should serve the public without today using your religious beliefs to decide to serve. I don't like it and that -- I don't think they should. I like it as an -- as it is to. -- don't picnic and output something to well. Or service. People and and medical needs and everything I don't know but. And I'm not a sure bet they have just don't believe in public typically. Affection. I agree with that and -- -- you know the unfortunate thing is is that there are people in this country -- have a feeling that that's all gays do he says show appeared there affection for each other Republican. It is the nature of news to focus on the extreme members of any group. And it doesn't matter what the group be it should have to groupies gave it to to gay pride parade or something like that day and the most flamboyant colorful members there. The ones who are flaunting there. -- Sexual preference those are the ones that are gonna get on the news but that's really not the great majority of of gays in this country. Now open. This gasping Annapolis summit in high eighties and -- in -- his command you know I 1015 years. Well frankly I don't like you went straight couples -- -- -- it and showing their affection public. And it's an etiquette book and it's it's. Not proper candidate. Yeah he ever did independent look of it K. Okay -- -- and the public display of affection is -- is. The mailman. Yeah and it's certainly protected by the First Amendment the -- to make inappropriate. Right and I'm glad you called the show and and thanks for listening. All right you have to goodnight some Gramercy chasing your -- -- BW well. Periodical who could. You know I don't I disagree -- -- didn't have passed well in our little one. This will be aware that if -- an electric book you write. Or almost sexual. You know it did it if -- excited that they should be able rookie right to anybody or not. -- can't refuse the right to serve blacks. Well that's that's that you know I agree you know there's an attitude that -- there's as a global auto update. -- electoral. And they have people you know. Pilot plant people like a -- in a lot of money. Victory last night that the but it looked at and T shirt shorts and eight day old YouTube Q interview that you -- it is that the former termination well. No Jason because at that doesn't. I think discrimination as we mostly define it in America deals with a person's skin color of their race nationality or. In the case of homosexuals. I guess there. There their character. Dies every business has a right to have a dress code. And he does every business has a right to not -- somebody who is intoxicated or becomes on ruling. So my global process flows into private business they could have the right where he's surfaced anybody these computers to look. And you know oddly I'm I'm I'm totally against discrimination of any -- You know especially homosexuality. And they're homosexuals I bought the bother me one bit that -- But you know still on almost all by the bitten should be it was about the pittance but what you eat it. But when you open a business in America. You have to abide by certain rules and the same argument that's being made now and I find parallels I don't think there. They're totally alike in many ways but I do find some parallels in. The excuse for discrimination against gays today that there are similar to the discrimination against blacks and in the past and when you open a business. In America you have a right to open your business but you also have our responsibility to follow the that the rules that we have in this country. Jason Bartlett order -- and nationalistic if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And our text numbers 877 here's a texted LSU lose they were unbeaten. I don't know if they played to -- -- they did not play complete game suspension that de L issue you -- game was called. You know L leading 41 and game was called tonight in Baton Rouge because of rain. OULO -- they declared him the winner OK so yeah a while -- -- no longer undefeated and they were number one of the country's so I guess they've gone far enough along in the gains of the game is called. But you LL is declared the winner. Beating -- issue. That's a shocker. This is the -- show. And we'll be back -- -- WL the reaction to Ted Nugent and what he said about the president calling him a sub human Mungro. And he said really ugly things before. The reaction to this is really very very positive for the Republican Party. Because this is the kind of stuff that needs to be denounced by the party in general and other party members -- profile members of the party. If the party wants to win back voters that it has lost over the years. So this is really positive sign for the Republican Party tomorrow morning -- WL first news for Tommy Tucker a school district -- police department and you talk. Issued eight or fifty like Apple's rifles to help with the rapid response situations. And to reassure parents. School district. Would you want that in your child's school they ar fifteens. Somebody you'll let them -- maybe you know. And that's one of the things Tommy talk about tomorrow morning to -- if -- first news but six to ten here on VW well. A scoop like tonight is titled the government is not invited to eat with me it seems like the government is getting more and more involved in our. Our allies when it comes to things like. What we eat in what we drink and we'll talk about it coming up in just few minutes I'm looking at live radar right now very very heavy rain in Baton Rouge at. When LSU which -- called because of rain the issue game. It looked like if it's going to be a brief break that and more heavy rains have here in the Baton Rouge area. All over that period very very heavy rain right now also we're getting some what looks like heavy rain on the causeway. -- company to write down and that is -- having rain it looks like the downtown area. Is it just on the -- that some rain it looks like there's going to be a big break but before there's more rain but more is expected. As this front moves through here so be tuning in tomorrow morning for to be WL first news. With Steve Cohen for five to six and and Tommy Tucker from six to ten to get all the updates on the weather if you wanna get weather alerts on your phone. The service is free for months and messaging data rates apply but it's a free service from WWL and it's available on any cellphone unit of one of the super Smartphones. All you need to do is text. The word. Whether. 2877. Text the word whether. To wait 787. And -- game was called -- a point with UA LL leading 41 and excuse the -- occasions the victory over real issue L issued no longer undefeated. From Indiana rich year on WWL. Didn't -- screwed up. I can't rootkit what -- do not understand and maybe somewhere out there who spikes new -- can explain this to me. -- Vietnam -- which now I didn't -- legit become like equal to a large segment. Out the Republican Party each in the got a guy. Who got out of the draft during the Vietnam War by pretending he -- poppy trade how did that happen at Canterbury please explain to -- -- Well I don't know what Ted -- sad about that there are people who regret decisions that they made in the past and if he is somebody who does regret that I would not judge him based on a decision that he made in the past if again if he. If he is a different person today but I don't I can't answer that question. I mean maybe. It's somebody out there please call. And explained it to me because that that I come back I wouldn't be in the same city with that gentleman. A -- I appreciate you listening Indian and thank you for what you have done for our country here's a Texan -- -- everybody worried about what Ted said the media. Says crazy stuff all the time. Well. That's true. There are a lot of people in the media who -- really ugly ugly hateful hateful things are right wing talk show host and left wing post on MSNBC for example really. Ugly things. And that needs to stop it's it's not necessary. And I do believe that we year evolving into. It into a time when. The hate. Is is going to be denounced. And it's really good thing because it has reached an absolute peak and it's just not it's not necessary to hate. I mention this last finally showed it goes back to the the homily this Sunday in church. I don't know what it was in your church but I believe the gospel was about love thy neighbor which is what the homily was about. And it was about loving those people that we that we disagree with letting the people we we don't like it doesn't mean you have to literally. One of them. But it's it's all about it's it's about not -- and I I really see a transition coming I think the the far right in the -- right wing. -- talk show hosts that have spewed out. Things that have rile people up there have been defined as hate and the people on the left to have done the same thing. I I I think there's of rebellion against that it's it's coming slowly but it is definitely here and the that the saturation point of all of that hateful rhetoric. Has reached a point where it's it's changing a prevent rouge -- -- under the WL. I -- I was actually can't let you know that I am I went -- about the a couple -- -- the try to there's a restaurant that we circular on the actual work out their match. And I am a born again believer in -- definitely become a shot and but I made it it would migrant I would opt. -- -- on the actual. It's not that I have they were making out response that we are sure our debate but -- out prop that it was that elite eight now. At -- I think that I think that's the problem with with it with this law is it asks you judge people based on on what you see. And if if you think that homosexuality is -- CN. And you certainly never right to to believe that in this country. If that's what you believe then what about those who don't look like they're homosexual but they really are so they're still committing what you think is the same sand in -- you're serving them sent to me that's hypocritical. They brought them and I'm I wouldn't bother -- -- them that there is their money spent the and it does matter you know I mean that and they eat. Eat the same that is why does that matter what their actual record at that (%expletive) It should be about behavior. Start that again he should he should be about behavior. Absolutely UK she could have you know are heterosexual couple coming at -- what you idiot -- You know matters that that was the pot and. Vicki I I agree with you and -- white to technicolor show if you wanna join us tonight -- your comment on numbers 26018. Stephanie. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text amber is 87870. So the Affordable Care Act commonly known as obamacare. Requires that all restaurants include a list of nutritional information. For every item on the menu. Would you change your mind about ordering something if you saw the calorie count right there. Or if you saw -- -- frames or if you saw -- of the carbohydrates or the amount of sugar that was in there with that with a caution to change your mind. About what to water. The goal may be to help make America healthier. But government enforcement in what we eat and drink. Is really more dangerous than people think. The recent controversy over proposed ban it sugary soft drinks over sixteen ounces in New York City and as far as I know that it's not been implemented yet. It's tied up in the courts. That that seems to expose a government effort to reduce America's. The costly obesity problem. But it further advances the idea of a nanny state. The Oxford dictionary defines nanny state is the government regarded as overprotected. Or as interfering with personal choice. Contribute to the nanny state mentality the Affordable Care Act requires restaurants. The to have at least twenty locations or more to list all nutritional information for every item on the menu. On the case of a national pizza chain with the choices of crusts. Cheese's. And topics. That brings the possible number of items to over thirty million. Now he's national pizza restaurants are generally owned by individuals. Who -- gone or where several. And the cost of constantly changing the menu to reflect. The latest combination that they had something to. And all the combinations that would result from that the cost of that. Would be it would be prohibitive for. A small restaurant. Furthermore. Where would you even put a menu with thirty million combinations on it in the restaurant and since the overwhelming majority of people who order. From these restaurants order by phone. The placement of the menu is not even possible with somebody's ordering. So it just doesn't even make sense to me and yet there are people who. Look to the government. To set these guidelines sports. And in some government guidelines are good. But there's nothing secret about what's in fast food. There's nothing secret about what's in. How fresh frontier afraid there's nothing secret about what's in char grilled oysters. If you eat it. Do you know what you're eating. And you shouldn't need a guy to tell you the fat grams the calories. And carbohydrates or whenever I am karma I guess the -- hydrogen and that is well but resident thinks that the people were. You need that tell you that what about common sense what about you. Exercising your personal responsibility. This idea that the government sets these kind of guidelines about what we do what we drink. Seems to once again be another move to diminish personal accountability in America. Mark you're under the WL. All right bill good ultimate. And call -- Iraq. A country government. I'd like restaurants out. Able. What is exactly and more importantly. -- -- yet. Like the company serving -- considered. It was a template -- like a street. May actually be like. You should. The post once. Treatments that you could say you know what you've been there and out. You -- like -- and that in and. And marketing people make the mistake when they look in the back of I don't know cookies or something and or or something that might be something in a box might be two servings and they look at it and Natal to give it -- two servings -- think -- this is the calorie count these of the fat grams carves the sugar. For for the whole box and not the case. But attract a lot like Katrina that Magnus spent a war in all console. It kind of everybody. That is about it but the concern. But if you are ridiculous if you -- -- -- -- eat a big plate of spaghetti and not being critical view -- -- having you'd you'd you know what's it you know what's there you know that's something you should be all the time every day. I don't got no where and how much sodium in -- -- marinara. You know a lot. Yoga is air macaroni cheese like back I don't know the pay -- out nobody. Aren't. Is elected it cataract and decent guys juggernaut and that is -- -- let. But is it really practical for restaurants like replica of a pizza chain to -- or to put all the the ingredients. All of the the nutritional aspects of ingredients on the menu. Other they've been a big guys like. If you do that. More on a body -- pack light because their movement started -- perhaps what we'll let. People want to go out there. Two producers because of down. All of you know. Problem we'll wait and currency couldn't stop -- back and say -- look at this track at all. As a way to get money brought in a giant boots. Why they didn't say that it's -- -- you keep track the stepped out and light what bury it's I won't buy them. But I can't control. That somebody -- like lights yeah. You know want wagers drinks are a lot of -- now. -- a letter and had more. About the GA you can. So I really hope. This is -- I went out. I want. As long as we cheap talk about. Way. Referring to -- at least people -- people's. Our daughter and obvious and friends are friends are and what. I don't wanna see any one. -- -- Actually discriminated against. The appeal courts in the while it's someone from the saints back at all. I don't think that we should. Stop calling it -- decades. You face on it and say you know what -- -- -- used to do. -- discriminate. Based on leave it to. In -- Against you so on you're on your child that you -- -- -- Because some people. Who also happens it. Does against -- I think we need to get out of the business. A -- and what is it needs. Let people keep people cannot people. Respect the -- is al-Qaeda could lose a lot of them don't. Go back but it. I I I heard a story in the news earlier that one hotel had lost. Abouts 141000 dollars in reservations already even though it hasn't been signed and then the Super Bowl is going to be in Arizona next year. -- a lot of -- element Nigeria but it paid apps that they'll -- -- back on the land and I think that's all right. I think if you can use and economic well. And a way to. Could get people. Facing the right track I walked out and I don't regard that I don't believe it should not. I'm not all -- you know how to do this it and I know a lot of people interpret them all -- religion but I can't get hired me to trim. Discriminate against people but pictures don't understand. What I'm good I'm good now all maybe. Not out of the people they do know. I've never a little -- I've got to get your break -- really glad you called that are really glad you brought -- the idea that you know we use the word gay for a lot of people that's a discriminatory term. And it should and he. Because case of people. This is -- -- showed we'll be right back on WO of one of the big stories and ideas Ted Nugent now saying he's not gonna call people names anymore and I think really the reaction to -- did you it is saying really ugly things about President Obama. Has been a very positive thing for the Republican Party Arizona governor Jan Brewer a Republican and -- -- I don't know I get the impression that she's a conservative Republicans opposed to Borbon moderate Republicans but you can correct me if I'm wrong there. -- she's returned to Phoenix from her trip to Washington where governors are meeting with the president she now faces this decision about whether or not to Vito deal. That would essentially give businesses in the state of Arizona the right to refuse to serve homosexuals based on the business owners religious beliefs. This would also be a very positive thing for the Republican Party if a Republican governor. Vetoes the bill I expected to be to -- I think she has until Friday night as soon as that happens we'll talk about it here on the show. -- we -- talking about the government part of obamacare. That dictates that all restaurants that have -- locations or more. Has deployed to all of the ingredients and nutritional ingredients. On the menu of every item but in some cases that might not even be practical. Here's -- WB -- pretty general opinion poll would you change your order if you could see the calorie count on each item. Very close poll tonight 48% saying no. And 52%. Say yes. You can give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. The common sense nutrition disclosure directive 2013. Did receive bipartisan support in congress. And according to a study. About 80% of the restaurant customers noticed the calorie count on the menus. And about 26% said that they made decisions about what to order based on the nutritional information provided on the menu. Government bans on food and drink consumption though. I think since this message that well if it's not banned or if it's not restricted then it's OK. And for me this continues to show a lack of respected I think we should have in this country for. Tour. Personal accountability. That's that's what we're losing. That the government. Telling you that fast food is fattening. What is it about pet food that you didn't think it is fast food that you didn't think respecting. I'm not bashing fast food going to -- fast food but Sosa did that you should eat all the time. If you wanna eat fettuccine Alfredo that's fine. But you don't want to eat them all the time -- if you sit down and eat it. You'd you'd know despite the long before there was all this concern about nutritional stuff I basically knew what I was eating. Mean I don't know all the specifics of it but I know with the something's good for -- year or bad for me. And you know whatever happened to common sense so let's get back to get back to use a common sense. -- blog tonight is titled the government is not invited to meet with me. The government around when I'm meeting at a with the government telling me what to eat what ninety that should be up to me. And if I depend on the government. To tell me what to eat and drink. Then. I'm that person responsible. -- if the government doesn't tell me the right thing in the government's fault. This is the -- showed will be right back on the bureau.