WWL>Topics>>02-25 11pm Scoot, Gay Discrimination and Cross Dressing

02-25 11pm Scoot, Gay Discrimination and Cross Dressing

Feb 26, 2014|

Scoot talks about: a continuation of the discussion dealing with gay discrimination in Arizona; also, your favorite movie featuring well known actors in drag.

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Winner is not over it's going to be cold and breezy tomorrow in fact I think when you wake up tomorrow it might be in the fifties but then during the day it's gonna be in the forties tomorrow for the high. And it's also going to be windy so it's gonna seem even colder than that. A right now live radar showing it to showers are moving just just out of the Baton Rouge area but along I twelve if you're like -- twelve right now you're going to be some brain. -- -- it looks as if it's kind of cleared the causeway may be still in the north and the causeway and the entire Slidell area and that part of -- -- sure is getting pounded right now. With their showers and looks like some showers are just moving into the Pascagoula area. We'll have the latest updates on weather tomorrow morning with WL first news with de Cologne from five to six and with Tommy Tucker from six to ten latest on the weather. And latest on traffic and they're great conversation. With the time tomorrow morning here's an update on our WW -- pretty general opinion poll tonight. Would you change your order you're restaurant would you change your order if you could see the calorie count of each item. 47% say no but 53% say yes. You can give your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com a script -- tonight is set titled. The government's not invited to go to dinner with -- -- I don't what the government -- to tell me what I like to know about fat -- and and things like that. But I don't like this idea that people are depending on the government to guide them in in what the and and a very. Just can't help but once again think about how this is a reflection of the loss of a common sense in our country. Common sense tells you this certain certain things are -- and long before we were concerned about. Obesity long before we were concerned about the things that we were consuming common sense told us what we were eating. Was -- And that was lost that we've lost the ability to use common sense and now we it's it's almost like that this is a country that is waiting for the government to say. You should do this you shouldn't do that. And then there was an attempt by the government in New York City. To ban the sale of soft drinks over sixteen ounces sugary soft drinks over sixteen ounces which is ridiculous. Because if you won 32 ounces she despite two. So again it doesn't stop human behavior and that's what needs to be addressed. What happens is politicians. Look for ways to satisfy. Voters. They look for ways to show that they're they're making changes. Whether it's gun control laws after a tragedy. Or the proposed gun control laws after tragedy. Or it's the obesity problem and and cutting back on sugary drinks. It still comes down to personal responsibility. And politicians will pass pass laws because that's something concrete. So intangible. That they can say they did it. I did this idea. And yet we behind it and maybe not you maybe not me but is is voting Americans we buy it we think what they did it. But in most cases they really didn't do anything. To solve the problem. They just. Did. Something that amounts to really a feel good lost something that make you feel like you've done something about the problem which I think is even dangerous. Because if you don't really address the problem and you think you've solved the problem. That -- dangerous because value not really focusing on the real problem. And I just have so much respect for personal accountability. That. The idea that the government look I don't mind the guidelines. But when I go to restaurant if I eat a pizza. If I eat something I've already considered. What it might mean in terms of what I consuming in terms of fat grams and calories. And carbohydrates -- -- I I consider all of that but I don't need that in front of me to tell me that this is what I'm I'm I'm I'm doing. And the more we. The more we tolerate the government. Telling us about what to drink and and and guidelines for for eating. In the more we're gonna depend on the government to do that force we're not gonna accept the responsibility to do it ourselves. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. At a text number is 8787 and if you just joined us on the show tonight Ted Nugent says that he is not going to call people names anymore. It's really would be a real big change. For tradition -- that's something that -- that but there was so much pressure after he called the president. A sub human Mungro and he said other things as well he's he's used the very unflattering. C word to describe Hillary. And you can disagree with Hillary's policies but he is that really necessary. And the answer is no it's not necessary. So the backlash against Ted Nugent I think it's a really positive sign for the Republican Party. That there are enough Republicans. In enough conservatives in this country that are denouncing the hate and that are going to continue to denounce this. -- This hate speech. It has been spewing out of talk radio it's been spewing out of MSNBC. I'm from a lot of people just really hateful -- it's not necessary. We can disagree. Effect this whole country is is foundered on disagreement we can disagree. But he doesn't have to get ugly. And I sit here every night and while the great majority of the text of my receiver or are complementary or contributing to the show. There are some checks that are just truly ugly and it's speaks to this hate that lives in the hearts and minds of so many people. There's hate for the president. There was hate for bush. You can disagree with the president but to get to the point where you resort to such hate talk. Is something that really is not very becoming of the United States. We should be able to disagree without resorting to -- and I I I census for a long time we've been talking about this on the show I see. I see a new trend -- I see I see a new phase. Where. Is the the majority of the people in this country who denounce hate. Are speaking out and actually denouncing hate and some of those people who are prone to be more hateful. They may. They may now wanna give up. They are there. Passion which is really expressed through two hateful comments they might not want to give that up and deal. They'll still they'll still do that but there will be fewer and fewer incidents where. There are people like Ted Nugent saying really ugly things to express their opinions that's fine. But I think we're seeing a change at this country if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text numbers it's only seven here's a text about the weather coming back from Lafayette raining so hard. You can't see the road all the way to Baton Rouge I've quit raining east of Baton Rouge. It's starting to get -- if you're out there be sure and a drive carefully I don't know I -- I can really see the radar. Just to the west of Baton Rouge and on all the way to Lafayette a lot to -- to check that out but if you wanna. A report to whether -- your driving don't send us a textile issue of a designated text from the car. But if you are callers are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. In a text -- the states have any salary from Illinois Gary you're on the -- show good evening. I scrutinized unity you know this you just just -- -- the -- A pure that you took so we're just -- footwork and record lows the next several for -- 45 days and nights record lol hi is at record rules going to be mine sort of in the night. I don't I don't sites I saw this as Chicago and Illinois and much of the country is being here with just brutal brutal winner well. Well into the second such a total aka I drive the 76 dot gimmicky but. And -- and everything that you rusty bad and everything in which -- just -- this take our roads aren't that useful potholes different World Series and meanwhile the. Has already you know just like being in New Orleans then. Well Rockford Illinois to get involved is bad -- Are you you know what before he -- need to cut -- -- comments about. -- -- on the law. I was translating well. The laws that -- after listening to you. -- in there and made me think again. And then realize this is just open channel worms it's obsolete if they don't. Veto that because. -- -- It's certainly possible loss and so we alternative to litigation people. In lawsuits by gains by. Rather than you know their first heterosexuals. And that cross dress and won't a lot of people think it irrigate the intersection. Guys across the best they can be kicked our restaurant people people think energy and. Yeah I guess that would be the other questions is it does somebody have a right to come minister as a cross -- eight when I lived in Denver I had a couple of friends who were -- cross dressers. I announcing that they were the closest friends that they were they were good friends. And here we would go out and you know having grown up in New Orleans that was really different a big deal to me like it is to a lot of people and in day in Denver that's it's not that uncommon to to see that. And say I don't understand that but they were Jolie straight but that's just something they did. Yeah it's the passion -- few friends that do this it's just something I don't know just. I I -- -- Lotta people think brigade -- -- a Cirque du munitions do that is closely. A satellite I don't -- I don't get the cross dressing thing but I it's. I'm the kind of person who lets people do what they wanna do as long as it doesn't hurt me. I remember I remember one night -- One Halloween we all went out and -- one of our friends. Was dressed as -- noting nurse. And this person looked really really just was a guy looked really cute is a girl and I remember one of my friends. It looked over at me and he said look. -- we're gonna be drinking tonight but he said no matter how much I had to drink. If I start to make a move. For him don't let me stop me. Because he was afraid that -- -- too much to drink he might be attracted to it into the person dresses and noting nurse -- knowing it was a guy. So we are trying to keep things to -- You know gearing this. This this law in Arizona which I believe is going to be vetoed by governor Jan Brewer. This law is it you know it there are going to be those who were gonna say well this means we don't have religious freedom. And that's what the the the far right to support this law that's what they're trying to make you think but it's not a decision about freedom of religion. Because we do have freedom of religion. And freedom of religion is not being attacked it's about not discriminating against people. Is that this thing -- nation we TARP smartest and keep homosexual. He completely out of it's just. Bad behavior by people -- gay or streaker. Purple poke on our way. It's just going to be here -- -- -- something. He didn't himself I used it in the -- -- sort of a couple other guys weird and their forties and fifties and sixties. I'm sure everybody in the group and so we -- -- -- worse action so I can see were. I don't know what that are there is before captured people's questions they have a feeling like he gable. And. And so here you are straight guys that if this law goes through if it's if if it's not veto it if it's signed into law but the governor. Then if you went into place if somebody you regain it wouldn't serve view -- you're really not gays so is that fair deal. An ending single -- just -- single bachelor and I'd like to get married some day and 59 and I don't see much open -- which I. I think -- some -- people -- only so I was gay. Just because I wasn't what -- -- I'll tell you noted there there's a great episode assigned folders. There were people like Jerry George for game and they end and so Cramer -- same with Syria of course people think you're gay. You're single you're neat you're clean. Why would they think you're -- well if those the characteristics that being gay then I guess is a compliment to be called day. And Gary don't -- -- don't give on don't give up -- point on getting married or or anything in life because you never know. Who you're gonna meet. And win it's gonna happen. I just be happy with yourself every day and just be open any possibility again I don't think that it's too late for anything to happen. -- true or whatever it used to have captured -- -- -- -- and Seattle city head caps. I don't get straight night. Don't. My cats have. Has passed away and it was so heartbreaking to me that. I I can't I can't bring myself to. I can't bring myself to get another camp right now because side I don't wanna go through the pain and I know that selfish on my part but I don't wanna go through the pain -- love Lucy one. I went -- gratitude for thirteen and a half years and neighbors is to teach and they are the best can -- -- reasonable doubt in my arms and I know another another camp that was. Just a beautiful long haired calico announced and much Jews -- don't don't -- camp like Turkey Iran and unfortunately. I was gonna make -- an indoor -- the very next day. -- got an apartment and then that night we can't really Gartner. Hall. -- just devastated. -- I -- -- camp article we'll link your whole connection sure. They're security to kill or want to catch in the near record. Election and keep going. I'm sorry you dealt with that -- have a good night I'm going to -- showed specialist. All right -- If your whole stay when -- will be two -- more vehicles here and the more your text here in just a moment here's our -- you -- my opinion poll tonight would you change in order. If you're in a restaurant if you could see the calorie counters he would -- what's in the items. Would that cause you to change your order. Give -- your opinion by going to our web sites WWL. Dot com. All right a drunken float rider through something off a float into a crowd during a parade this weekend in tidbit though. And if you haven't heard this your not gonna believe what this person through into the crowd. And I got thing here on my computer screen. My monitor here from our studio producer John -- what about the show bosom buddies. You know they were cross dressers. What about all the guys that dressed in drag. And it shows that we watched even younger kids I mean how many times did Barney Fife dressed like a woman on the Andy Griffith Show. Did it cause you to change your lifestyle I don't think so I'm -- we'll be right back on the VW else. I so why this hysteria about man in drag you know people freaked out -- -- -- today and yet. There have always been guys in drag it in show. Think about there's the classic movie with Jack -- and I forget who else was in it Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis some like it hot. -- in -- -- long time ago they were dragged. As a mentioned Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show a couple of times -- dressed in drag. Milton -- it was a little before my time appearance Renton built liberal but he -- Character that was a woman. Jonathan winners I'm dressed as a female a flip Wilson's Geraldine. Now is a woman. So you know none of this really affected us. And yet if there's a character that would do this today there be parents it would be freaky and -- -- parents the people in my generation. Would be saying well what kind of example is the setting for young people they really think about some of the things that we complain about today. Think about some of the stuff that people get hysterical about how we can't have a really we've had this kind of stuff around all the time. And it was never an excuse. For us to change. And at one point it was just entertainment and now did people get freaked out about it -- -- but -- of the movie tootsie. Dustin Hoffman. -- about mrs. doubtfire. The bird cage oh my guys that. Rate read -- -- there were so many aspects of that movie which is great. Thing about people in -- what about Bea Arthur in law. On a weight she really was a moment I've forgotten if you -- to -- our show the economy tonight -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Died early seventy enter text number is 877. Or we would have 30000. Friends on FaceBook on our FaceBook page WTO radio. By fete Tuesday thirty K by -- Tuesday. Now we what you to be -- friend but here's the benefit of being a friend on FaceBook all day every day. We're posting breaking news stories. And fun stuff. And to -- blog is always on there is always a good conversation about whatever blogger right. We've got saints -- issue pelican stories and information exclusive photographs. Videos and blogs from. Posted producers. You can use your computer your Smartphone your tablet to follow the links from our website go to FaceBook. Dot com slash WWL radio and keep the conversation going so you really become part of the conversation. Of -- being part of our FaceBook page now where we're close that we need to join us we want thirty K. By -- Tuesday. WW radio and FaceBook. Friend. Fabulous. If you want to oh here's a here's a text to Wong Foo thanks for everything Julie -- that was a that was a fun movie with a bunch of guys in drag. -- Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes I believe was the other one via via so -- again this is done. This is not something that anybody should freak out over and yet. This is the kind of thing that people now become hysterical about it. And yet it's always been around and it it it doesn't change people it does it make you do something you don't wanna do from New Orleans Larry you're under the WL. You've got out here Tyler area that's. -- -- that's right. And -- just notably Arsenio Hall. -- in. Coming to America. Europe Europe. And that would. Have been. It's you know -- it but it's funny to think about how hysterical people become today. People get today about certain things and we're they've always they've always been around. Right right -- -- area very talented guy. Under. All right all right I'm glad you called if you wanna join a -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. There are new rules that -- I didn't actually hear confirmation on this but there was a plan to announce new rules the White House today. By the White House in the Agriculture Department that would limit marketing. Of unhealthy foods and drinks in schools. And this is part of for First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign. -- to reduce the obesity rate in America and there is some news out today from new study that shows that obesity and a younger children has actually decreased. So I guess people are paying attention this. So the removal of these advertising. Laden messages. About unhealthy foods and and drinks in schools this would mean removing the the Coca-Cola sign from the high school scoreboard. Hi is this gonna really lead to a decrease in obesity. Now they can. They can continue the advertising until it's replaced. To get -- to get rid of the money and don't have to get rid of it right away but there's so like I guess is really gonna it is that the kind of a loophole here this is another one of those probably feel good things. And I support the first lady's campaign to reduce obesity and and two to bring attention to this and yet there are people who criticize her for that. I insisted it's amazing how critical of people can be and how hateful people of -- -- what does she -- -- well first ladies do this kind of thing and that's an admirable thing to to try to do. To reduce the obesity rate in America. So if you want to criticize firstly criticized for something that you legitimately can criticized for not for being involved in the campaign to reduce the obesity rates. That's a good thing. But he is the removal of signs that deal -- earth Coca-Cola. Or sugary soft drink Pepsi. Is is it's gonna really change anything. The rules would be facing out all of the advertising sugary drinks and junk food as well around the news school campuses. And this would include cops it would include signs on vending machines of include all of this so I -- -- maybe you go to vending machine and buy broccoli or Brussels sprouts or have a big picture of that. We -- again I think this is another example of how we age young when we were kids. We ate a lot of trash. And yet if we ate too much of it. Our parents didn't blamed the marketers. Well I can't do anything their marketing to my children. They always do that. They always marketed sugary cereal on Saturday morning when I was waking up watching TV. But yet today again what we look to blame somebody else. If your kids eat too much sweets. That's your responsibility. Getting more text your doubts. About men in drag. Jetstream. Went to Beverly Hillbillies Jethro extra stuff played Moses cause interests. That was an ugly -- Tom Hanks in bosom buddy Jim mentioned that that her bosom buddies. So again it's this is dubbing it should be a freaked out about today but it going back to these these new rules that were announced at the White House today by the Agriculture Department. Limiting marketing of unhealthy food and drinks in schools is this really gonna solve the problem. -- now of course it's not. -- he's gonna hurt both I guess is that could hurt what but what I don't like is the idea that. If you ban certain things. In people get a sense that the problem has been solved what we've done something about that we've done all we could. No because it really comes down to personal responsibility. And you do have control parents do have control you may not be a pair are yet to lower the you may have been apparent in your kids are grown. But as a -- -- all parents do have control over their kids and parents need to stop throwing their hands in the here's a what are my to do. And this also goes back to the Miley Cyrus concerts. -- parents have complained about recently wrote a blog about that it is still hot on our web site. It's about a concerts being too sexual. And you can find that and share with others to -- -- -- go to -- comments about Paris complaining about the concerts and parents want the of the tour canceled and then there was this big threat that. -- some of the venues there were were threatening to cancer they didn't change the show would make it less sexual they were threatening to cancel the -- cyber -- What better way to sell tickets. And so it may be something that is spin. Created. By the by the promoters and Bob Miley Cyrus is people to just inspire ticket sales but in any event. If you take your kids to that. Then you know what you're getting into. If you eat fast food you'd know what you're eating if you eat. Something if you eat pizza you know what you -- not criticizing you for eating those things. But I'm simply saying that. You should know what you're doing. And you shouldn't have to have. A menu to tell you exactly what's in attendance thanks you know I look at I look at ingredients. I try to pay attention to -- what I eat. And I I can eat whatever I want by -- whatever I want I would look different -- -- the way it looks like I choose to. 22 to be cognizant about that and try to eat each certain things. And you know you can enjoy life just don't do -- just don't overdo it and if you do enjoy life and if you do overdo it and it's really nobody's fault that except hero. I gotta take about his drunken float rider. This just in the parade I believe it's the -- of approach and and don't pass judgment on the whole parade because there were a couple of people in the parade who did some really stupid things. But it drunken flo rider India at the crew of him brochure. Over the weekend into video. He threw heavy duty hooks screws. Off the float into the crowd out. In the same parade another Ryder dumped -- whole load of beads. On a baby and a baby stroller. Now the argument could be made the baby should be that close to to the parade. In the same parade still another writer used a super soaker water gun. To so parade goers. In it was a chilly night. Quite often alcohol is involved in people is behaving not only along the parade route but also ending. In the parade itself. And there are some new rules I talked to somebody earlier who is soon. Who is. A tractor driver for the Mardi Gras floats. And he said that in one of the new rules that's on the books it was passed by the Orleans by the to a City Council is that you cannot you cannot throw beads at the float. The big challenge will be this weekend with baucus with -- the King -- flow because people throw -- to the King Kong float. The big challenge is going to be are people gonna pay attention. This guy who who drives a -- said this is the first that that the pray that he did this weekend was the first time that people haven't thrown beaten him. And it's it's it's not a good idea. Now you also have to accept responsibility if you're in the crowd because sometimes people throw big chunks of beats and throw. Even bags of beats and especially -- glasses or if it's during the day and you wearing sunglasses. And and you get hit I mean I've I've ended up with a a slight scar on my face. It was -- that Digg but it was a it was a Marcum and not a -- it was a it was a -- On my face because somebody I hit me in the face with a a bag of -- Then I was wearing sunglasses. So you know this can happen it's it's it's part of -- maybe we should all start wearing helmets. Maybe we should all Wear those helmets like -- where they play hockey. -- or something like that to would make sure that we don't get hurt but if you go out to us that things can happen. It is sad though. That there are some people who. Consume so much alcohol. That they're no longer in control of what they do at a drunken float rider who threw the heavy duty hook and leave -- heavy duty -- -- He's been charged there are few charges involved here including and I don't know disrupt your aggravated and disrupting behaviors or something like Dan I don't remember with the chargers are but he has been arrested and exit twenty year old guy. And this is leading and also with two people falling off a floats this pastor weekend here in New Orleans in the same parade -- This is causing a lot of people to. To warn all of the riders and and you know you should be warned. You know what to do if you write -- if you've never read in parade before. And you're writing your first parade then get some advice on what to do what not to do. And then just pay attention. And -- There are some people who who act like they just can't have fun -- -- totally intoxicated. And that's that shouldn't be. I mean I remember times in my past. When I was so intoxicated that I didn't really even remember anything. So why would you wanna be in that state of mind and alcohol can make you do really. Stupid things. So. If you are in -- Mardi Gras -- coming haven't -- -- -- tomorrow and it's nonstop through Fat Tuesday. Moderates you're drinking and again. Always like to say this when I talk about this kind of stuff this is not a lecture -- it's a reminder. It's a reminder that you don't. You know you don't have to start drinking at 8 o'clock in the morning and you know you see it was saints games people start drinking at the same time before saints game -- big to kick off is at noon 3 o'clock or 7 o'clock at night. And if they surgery at the same time there are a lot more rowdy people. At the 7 o'clock game then there are at 3 o'clock kick off game or the noon kickoff time. So it just you know have fun and and try not to overdo it and don't -- alcohol deal go and have fun and if you're not an alcoholic and you wonder there's nothing wrong with that. Just you know do it responsibly if you wanna join -- right with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 877. So this this guy who owned a 65 Beatles. It was lost it was stolen. Forty years ago. It's now turned up they found it. I'll tell you a story we come back WLI here's a quick check of the radar right now there is a very very heavy rain. And on -- Lewis around diamond on the I ten if you're on the -- ten tonight. In Mississippi Louisiana get close to the Louisiana border in Mississippi. You're in some very very heavy rain also extremely heavy rain. A south of punched Julian -- -- -- itself applies to law and I 55 so drive carefully there that rain is going to ultimately be crossing. I twelve there could be some rain -- now but heavier rain is heading to I twelve between Hammond and Covington and up toward full cylinders a lot of heavy rain there as well. League check around which pearls and last he had because there is even though it's some of the rays moved through the New Orleans area -- cleared here. I'm heading over to Lake Charles. There is a sun heavy rain moving into that area from. Coming up it looks like it's coming up from the the south and heading over towards. Well actually Jennings is just moved out of -- Charles Lake Charles is in getting it yet but it's it's moving into the Lake Charles area. But there's still with this whole funnel system. There's a lot of heavy rain associated with it and it's gonna be cold tomorrow this is a powerful frontal system it's going to be in the forties tomorrow it may be warmer when you wake up. Then. During the day tomorrow and it's going to be windy as well I hope everything works out for the race tomorrow night I think I as far as the range concerns can work notified. But if you go into the parades rolling tomorrow night. You're gonna wanna bring cope with he -- wanna bundle up because it is going to be chilly from Slidell Ryan your under the WL. Iran. Body caged cartoon character what a drag all. But try I forgot about that you have blogs when he wasn't always -- what color are you are a woman you're about growing -- dumping lipstick make up where it. Out and showed no I'm Margaret and entertainment value you know -- ride out. Is a so so why did they are we so freaked out over things like -- swing that we we lived through these things before they've always been around in -- were freaked out and nothing like that ever causes anybody to change their behavior. They strike you -- -- important -- you are established area so. And what you don't. Ryan I appreciate you calling her show I love talking about it Libya Bugs Bunny was in drank quite often. In 1965. Volkswagen Beetle stolen forty years ago has been discovered in Detroit. The owner Joseph McDonnell said he never stop thinking about his car. They found this this vehicle officials found that. Belonged to Joseph McDonald and Knoxville Tennessee. I he fixed it up guy he was gonna sell it. And it was stolen and here it is forty years later. And they found it and you know I would think that if it's even decent shape the 65 -- you restore that and that really could be -- but it kind of made me think back on. On cars that iPhone you know those those those vehicles that you -- the pass it. You know you might love what you drive right now. But I'm sure there's a card your pants -- you'd think that going its publisher and -- ocean was still driving that car or truck or or whatever. I mean I I think about the the only Volkswagen Beetle that I ever had won his. The that the B Bucky when I was to -- in the morning and beat on a seven under under the -- he was -- -- -- -- and that was it was orange it was. Everybody on the air had a at a Volkswagen Beetle with their their enablers and we've ordered parades and it was it was it was a lot of fun. But I I think back on some of the vehicles that iPhone and -- about this for this guy was talking about how. -- he's he's beef they found his car still in forty years ago he never stop thinking about and I'm sure this a -- your past that you still think about to this day there's a new Fox News poll that tells us something that we already knew. America's. Confidence in congress and the presidency. Have dropped significantly over the last ten years. And congress even ranks lower. Than the media in terms of confidence among Americans. Here's an update on something that we talked about on the -- show last week. The FCC which is a government agency. Has now decided to. Back off. On a plan. That would -- FCC. Officials. In newsrooms. Around the country. To determine. The process of how stories words were selected. They the FCC wanted to send officers in newsrooms to. To understand the process by which stories are selected which stories are selected to be on the news and also deterrent to determine whether or not there were stationed by its. And all of this was in the name of determining whether or not. The television stations and radio stations are serving the public. It was too specifically determine the critical. Via the critical information needs of the public to make sure the critical information needs of the public. We're being served. And the announcement came Friday from FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. Again we talked about this last week indicating that. They are going to revise this and he said they'd they'd never had any intention of regulating. A political speech it was not going to be in anything that would. Touch the contents of what was being reported but say one thing that did does. Concern me about. Determining whether or not the needs of the community are being served. What if there is. A conservative talk show host on the year. What if there's. A station that does nothing but conservative talk. Or -- if there's a station that does nothing but liberal talk. Could the SEC -- and say well since there are people in your city that your -- that are conservative or liberal. Then you'd need to change and you need to reflect. The other people as well. And as I said when we talked about this last week the very idea. Of the government. Being involved in content. Is much more frightening than any content that you hear that you disagree -- The FCC is. A government office. Responsible to congress. And the FCC. Was created to regulate to deal with the regulation and the licensing. Arafat broadcast. Outlets radio and television. But the FCC should never be involved in content because that's. The government getting involved in content and either when it comes to things that are indecent it's really sketchy weathered out the FCC should even be involved in it. He should be up to the community -- to the marketplace determine what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Now the FCC does have several I don't haven't been in front of me but they do have rules about obscenity and and and they should. But again there's -- there's a real. Fine line between any content and and government involvement. But it's and it's it's something that takes us back to I guess the 1970s. When the FCC. Decided to. Delay. The licensing -- the renewal of the licenses of two television stations owned by the Washington Post. This was during the Nixon administration. And the two reporters for the Washington Post Woodward and Bernstein are the ones that broke the Watergate scandal. Which ultimately led to the resignation of Richard Nixon so while this investigation was going on by the Washington Post. -- these two reporters. That company owns two television stations now whether it was legitimate or not don't know might have been just a coincidence but the FCC. Delayed the renewal of the licenses. I believe for these two television stations soul when it comes to licensing. Could. Could -- president. Could a president put pressure in the SEC to come down on the broadcasting entity. That he disagrees with. That is really scary. This is this good show. And we'll be right back. On Debbie WL are looking at live radar right down there is rain and last he had and to the south of Lafayette heading toward New Iberia and again you might -- is in heavy rain right now if you're -- it is a good chance that he is going to get to you. For the metropolitan New Orleans area looks like we've had some -- movie and I don't see rain right now is a look out of our studio windows. But some fog is moved in its not thick enough to bother driving but I've usually concede the lights on the Crescent City connection at this time. And I can't -- now so fog has has moved in so just drive carefully and again it's going to be very chilly. And windy tomorrow so keep it right you're heading out to the parades. Arizona governor Jan Brewer has returned to Phoenix from her trip with all the of the governor's going to Washington to talk to depressed. She faces a decision about whether or not to veto a bill that would give businesses. The right to refuse to serve homosexuals. Or anybody based on the religious police of the business owners. And this is being promoted as we have religious freedom in this country. By religious freedom should not. Protect. Discrimination. Shouldn't be able to hide behind religious freedom to discriminate. And again that's a blog that we talked about last night which is still on our web -- you could read that insurance it -- of -- -- outcome went our opinions. He is saying is it -- for religious police to protect discrimination. I don't think the governor and she says she's a Republican I don't think she's gonna sign a spiel I think this this will be I will be vetoed. The Super Bowl is coming up next year for Arizona. There are businesses that have already just as a result of this already. I've had cancellations -- already felt -- loss of money as a result of justice bill passing the legislature. But now there are people in the legislature in Arizona who say hey we -- -- I was gonna go this far. We -- know that this was really what it meant. Which is kind of amazing to be because if you vote on something you really should know what it means. And as soon as I heard about this deal I knew how far reaching it could be -- I'm not sure why that would be so obvious to me and not be so obvious to. Somebody in the the state legislature who actually voted for the there's some people who voted for this deal. They passed. That are now asking the governor to veto it and John McCain and and other -- Mitt Romney. And many other Republicans are saying it should be vetoed the -- The marketplace though has has spoken. Broke -- a little -- cargo pizzeria. In Arizona the Phoenix area. Their response to this build it could discriminate against homosexuals. They have a big sign up that says we reserve the right to refuse service to Arizona legislators. Saw -- I guess that's one way for the marketplace to. Our response a -- blog tonight is titled the government is not invited to meet with me relative. The government involved -- what I -- I'd like the ideas that there are nutritional labels on things that I know. I know what's in them but. We depend too much on the government to set guidelines forest and I can look at something and know whether I should eat a lot of it or eat a little bit of it it's it's common sense to me. It's a final update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Would you change your order at a restaurant if you could see the calorie count on each item 48%. Say no and 53% say yes. When I think John -- studio producer also reject Paris in the in the studio he will be back tomorrow night have a great evening stay warm tomorrow it will be chilly tomorrow night. Love -- New Orleans.