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2-26 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 26, 2014|

Dave talks about crawfish myths, buried treasure, and parade weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the 26 that's 2000. And fourteen -- is. The EU. I was debating. -- thinking I've been wondering. Is it time. I think it is good I think this will be the last day can we do it in this form. But what better squad. -- -- -- Visit I can. I guess when they. I'll better -- of the health. They're gonna love me. -- happy home. Yours has the right thing and I think -- Tamil parties. Probably. Final day of appearing. I got pretty much here because he's got to figure what actually will. Ash Wednesday. Mark good battles in the middle of the week for anybody. Addict those stilted on that thing Campbell yeah I think -- that is wrong. You'll get some complaints -- and other fans that. Can't get enough of the camel. Well I think this is we'll just do the -- -- without the camp object that we. And it didn't rain at all on my community -- the rain at the heavy rain seems to stop this big. Tunnels -- hall where a man I mean obviously it does get done. With heavy rains but still thunderstorm reported the airport in light rain reported just about every word files and it's going to be continuing on and off. All day ball and getting colder as we go yes says do not expect today this is die. I mean hits took out weaknesses that yup the bombing high. Etc. -- these warmer now that it will be when you leave school or work later today so would you be prepared for that you don't needed jacket right now it's still nearly sixty degrees. But later you will on it would look at in other parts of the state. -- mean look at patent owners it's already starting to fall and then if you -- just west of -- and forties. So we have. Sixties in Obama. And forties. In -- -- another slap of winter. You have it at least an active winning the freezing all known. And yes it today fifty's feeling like forties or forty feeling like thirty's the opening days we've got that. To look forward to this interesting discussion to me about customs. From -- A lot of Megan's in India yeah that's at the Thomas that. People are trying to do Ray Nagin asked him obviously you must have a very shiny bald head that -- half I'd like to see one. Yeah I don't know if you keep your head and and profit. I don't know if you get a bald. Thing that you put over your head yeah I think are just there are those of like rubber laid out yeah apparently Chinese -- -- -- big rubbery thing in his honor. Off you're gonna pay Israeli. The -- agency going to be popular lot of superheroes. Have Superman Batman and Wonder Woman. Now all the managers says do expect the stimulus superheroes out there. For Marty. It wasn't crawfish -- are all sure David -- become a very wealthy man is. At its. As soon as I did the lottery I'm gonna have a big growth is more than just about need it is coming up we'll take a look at -- -- prices and we're gonna take a look at crawfish. I'll -- I have something here in my hand sized. From the Aussie accent. For whatever reason. They've decided to try to dispel. Some very popular craw -- millions. We have that to look forward to thank you David back to about fifteen minutes more -- is right after this particular your forecast wasn't that went to the ring get idea completely and just how -- will -- today -- meteorologist Laura -- tells them next sports with Steve Geller. Yes that's a look forward to LSU baseball taken on the ULL raging cajun rain stopped the game. An idea who won in the battle of top ten teams haven't heard all that stuff back then. Profit estimates that look forward speed them up just minutes to meet you well -- -- them and a happy home. Thanks if you've got to creative constant that you will be. Using masking non Mardi Gras day let me -- text created 7870. Coming up the bottom now -- more from the constant shouts what's hot this year. Quit crawfish quiz I want to text me this is well what does salting crawfish before you -- due to that. Right that's question number one in question number two what does it mean if they boiled profits has it straight -- -- -- right so what is salting crawfish do before you boil them. And what does it mean if a crawfish as a street -- wanna know what you think by texting me at 87870. Coming up I'll tell you what new research has found about both of these issues are right now we are in a brief break from the thunderstorms. All across southeast Louisiana we have light rain on the North Shore. And very light rain if any rain at all here in the city in the CB the itself. Down in port -- this one thunderstorm over towards helmet dip Thibodeau another one that is a whole lot more common -- he had done pinpoint doppler radar -- meteorologist Laura -- now. A flash flood watches in effect for the area at the Rooney and that means morning time out to lunch time. Expects some heavy downpours that could lead to some street flooding and a few locations. As a better news for the afternoon and evening -- to rain chances will taper off still though some light showers or may be a patch of drizzle left over into the evening. And temperatures will be dropping today starting -- -- 60 this morning but will be down into the forties by the actor named separate rate tied expects some light drizzle. Forty degree temperatures feeling more like the thirties and overnight tonight lows dropping into the thirties north and south of the lake. Before back up to 56 tomorrow with clearing skies and Friday mostly sunny and mild with mid sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura. Tell -- sneak peak Saturday and Sunday. Seventies with a ten to 20% chance of rain to the weekend right now looking game right now would you have some rain at the international airport in -- with 59 degrees also some fog reported that a light rain in Slidell. And a little fog reported as well I'm Dave -- it's the early edition of WW Al for business. Do you well -- -- added the diamond rain cut it short it was leaving and what does it mean to help us understand that and much more we say happy home. This Steve Geller -- that are good morning trying to get over that hump right now. Good morning everyone you know Lafayette caving to Baton Rouge eighteen on a mission. And handed LSU baseball their first loss of the year there's 22. Ground ball to third evil I thought he borrows all within the left field of battle score the run. Yeah makes the ball the group thought it looked at Hoffman rolled up his arm. The raging -- won the rain shortened contest for the one. And the tigers 32 game win streak against Louisiana schools. -- pitcher Cody Glenn picks up the loss after allowing five hits three runs and one walk in four innings of work. Julie and -- -- Tyler makes pitched seven scoreless innings. And struck out seven in a one nothing Greenway victory over Nichols state -- retired the first eleven batters of the game. Pierre Thomas says his agent and he and his agent has discussed the running backs future with the saints. The thirty year old is considered a candidate for release because the team could cut him loose and recoup the entirety of his two point nine million dollar salary against the cap. Over a college basketball Dorian Finney Smith scored nineteen points. -- top ranked Florida held off Vanderbilt 5754. The clinch at least a share of its second straight SEC title and seventh overall. -- Smith says they weren't thinking about being ranked number one in the nation when they hit the floor. It was important just to get the win you know he'll do anything got it in a morbid everybody -- -- and so we cannot look at just. -- stuff of great. And Michigan State football coach Mike -- Tony has agreed to an amended contract following the school's first Rose Bowl victory in more than a quarter century. Antonio is scheduled to earn three point six million dollars in annual compensation. And increase from nearly two million dollars. Michigan State won the Big Ten title and beat Stanford and the spartans first Rose Bowl appearance since 1988. -- four on sports talk according to ESPN the saints to 4014 strength of schedule is tied for eighth weakest in the NFL. Too early to predict. At 630 LSU basketball vs Texas say -- and then at seven you have a choice stick with -- tiger groups on 87 the AM. Or hear the pelicans take on the Dallas Mavericks 1053 WW I'll let them. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning in the sport -- Three minutes after 5 AM the early edition WW golfers and it is certainly get to a certain point in the game and it starts to rain at that point. That to stop the game and whoever that is and yet they were in the top of the sixth inning Mets are now -- the after five innings he you have a complete game in nine innings games -- nine right. But as it can be shortened due to weather because as long as you get five innings of work in five innings of play a complete diving suit and just be that the top of the fifth so we really don't know what would have happened if it had rain but it did. Well Lafayette was winning and so hence they are the winner now -- you had its first loss of the season yeah and actually coach pulmonary express some of that frustration after the game saying you know it wasn't a complete game you hate to lose your first game that way but. That's the way the games played in the UB credit -- a -- yet for. For their women not taking anything away from LA got to -- other role -- those of the rules and that's what this and so knowing that the rain was coming. You -- line to adjust your strategy and obviously -- you couldn't put enough runs on the board early knowing that it was a possibility. That it would start reining in the game and then yeah according to an area as well they thought the race would come in around 10 o'clock this and a couple of literally. QLSUS and no not at all right hand prime about so busy number one this will hurt. The -- tigers as much to in the RPI is considering we have the -- agents are ranked as well so not a better. Lose to a top ten team that's when it's not absolutely. Well we're gonna -- you for the next -- -- -- to talk to you when you get back into investments and -- sports here on WWL I am a -- back on. Interesting our crawfish quiz what does it mean if one comes out of the pot with a straight -- And why don't people pour salt on profit before they boil them. Your answers and the truth according to a new saw a study coming up after this the forecast it. 5:27 good morning hi Dave tell us. What's Rolen tonight assuming the rain holds off. A big double -- is set to Winston and an uptown New Orleans starting at 630 a Jefferson and magazine. It's the fourteenth Daniel through its parade which is always shrouded in mystery. The club -- right appointed clothes including some of the original floats to good use ninety years ago. Through its features 200 navy men were dressed in -- like -- Throws this year include group umbrellas. Let it warrants medallion beach and led a group wizard -- expect some good natured fun to be appropriate to prove mix on the first. And final floats of the group for a following groups it is the mystic crew of mix. Which now sports -- third your membership of 12122. Women who arrived 35 brand new floats. Paul routers work costumes that destroy the -- named chef Susan Spicer rises guess for a Marshall. -- preacher man competition and the debut of the no limit access through local photos include hand -- purses. Hot pink iPhone cases -- logo corporation -- clutch purses as well as correlates over blue. For the past two years -- and knicks have been rained on let's hope for good weather for WWL radio and Mardi -- guide on Arthur hardy. Thank you mr. -- out of our sorority when I don't know the are you are the Mardi Gras guide. Arthur hardy and she's the meteorologist tells what will do tonight. It's a messy morning to meet with that heavy rain at times moving through the area a cold front is arriving. And it's gonna bring those downpours up until about -- celebrate flash flood watch to remain in effect until then that means in street flooding possible this morning. Little better and he's so for the afternoon and evening to heavy rain will take brawl still -- left over some showers. Or maybe a late patchy drizzle or two and temperatures will be dropping today starting off this morning near sixty but by later today in the forties. That means parade this evening some light drizzle. Temps in the forties but wind chills in the thirties he will want to bundle up. Overnight lows tonight in the thirties on both sides in the lake. And a little cool on the cool side tomorrow 56 with clearing skies in Friday it's looking beautiful mostly sunny and milder with high of 64. From the -- of the sixties forecast thinner I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. -- coming up we'll get the latest CBS news' David -- WWL first news. And so far everyone has failed our walk crawfish whereas according to the LSU accent there. Everyone's so far has said that salt urges the proposition makes them potty. Before you cook them the ex senators. It demands. So far everyone has said that if that profit comes out of the pot with a straight tale. It was dead before it went into the pot policy is at -- -- not true. Now I'll tell you what the truth is no one has gotten it right next to mediate 7870. You think you know the truth takes me about 87870. I'll tell you what it is coming up after the news here at WWL on this home. And hopefully we'll have texted me. -- -- realistic about the camel lot promise today is the camels coming up. Right after the news we'll see what happens that 37 minutes after 5 AM in the early edition of WWL first news on this 46 -- February 24 staying out today not a -- wanted to get him. I had a prize -- Well enjoy the gamble because it may be a -- there. When I that is. -- -- -- Campbell always asks every Wednesday and -- always have to wait for allegedly itself as this. Well -- they get to the Geico family unhappy trails you -- Dave Cody is David play again. All half hour up till now I've been asking people -- About what are proven to be according Els who acts that are crawfish myths are men and give you the quiz now okay. Why do people salt profit before they boil. So -- them before they oil in the pie in the you know holding. Container whatever we use our -- to kiddie pool or -- did. -- trash -- whatever you leave them and before you put them in the boiling pot you put salt on -- -- want to be able do that. I don't do that album a lot of people do they don't believe. That they believe that it makes them. Excrete all of the stuff inside of them. That it makes at all either either vomit. And clear there -- rather still kicking obviously -- yet as I live after the assault comes on them. They excrete all their bats well that's what people said for generations. That either goes out about the -- the other yeah. When you saw them argue that senator says. This is a -- They tested. -- And they say that pouring salt on them actually does nothing at all not a damn thing nothing if they do not excrete. Any it's the only way to bird. The process is to put them in fresh water for at least twelve hours with no food source and usually up to 24. Then they will. -- directory and just from the natural period of time who's gonna do that. That's what they say that this that you can do that in in facility. Where you're preparing ground castigated them honest and it doesn't make cents and I'm 24 hours in advance -- is in the pocket of fresh water. So nobody got that right. Did does not hurt them some -- Texas that it kills element in the accident it's not that that happens the now apologizes. At all. Did you get to do much self probably would kill them you get to the story details right now that's the other one what does -- mean avid profit comes out with a straight -- Everyone is texting -- that means it was dead before Atlantis tackle or it just happen to have a straight to jail. Neither is true according to the LSU at center a straight -- means it was jammed up against two other crawfish when it hit the boiling water and its -- could not car. Because it was another profit in the way. I'll be dark -- and they say in fact. It's more likely that he debt crawfish tail -- that alive -- goes in dead it to the chances are more likely it'll actually -- dale. That if it's alive and so the straight -- they -- are almost we're almost never dead before they went into the water I've thrown more those straight ones away don't do it. 8 am thank you David -- when he -- more -- February is Mazda drive time separating Gaza. Do the mambo and in my institute for ages thirteen 990 revel in an all new -- three for only 16390. Second line and a 65 for just 9990. We're throwing 3000 off the price of an all new Mazda six and 6000 off on any remaining 2013. CX nine. During this special monster right then you can drive off and bold new Mazda three for a low of 116 and -- moment. And all new Mazda six is down to 209 a month and CX five is just 239 a month. Did the whole game to your favorite parade in the seven passengers CX nine for only 269 a month. It's not a big rock time and it ready mind that you get to have your king cake and he needed to -- No at all and charges no dealer forever destination d.s and just straightforward bottom line prices so could see this today get ready -- on veterans are already mines that dot com. 540 feline gaze on its -- edition of WWL first yeah. Maybe just maybe the rain will be out here it's time for the Braves let's go live directly Eyewitness News -- -- -- good morning. And it's meteorologist Laura but now I'm really encouraged by bad day yet you know I mean if we have to have this heavy rain I'm glad it's this morning. And not earlier this afternoon evening -- I drew with the knicks have been -- down for the last two years I the only become leaders in Iraq I know I. Road in next plastered the grand Marshal had a blast but I didn't we. Yeah. So for those ladies in your right -- -- as well you know it be great to have you -- some better weather. And while they're still may be some kind of misty drizzle you know kind of thing it's still pretty cloudy it's not a perfect forecast. But I think a lot of that heavier rainfall that we had this morning will be wrapping up at the we're just basic kind of misty and drizzly at times not even for the whole rates so. -- you'll really wanna focus on Arctic temperatures this evening for parades it's going to be in the forties. But it may feel more like the thirty's city definitely heavier coats immediately ears for those that are right in separate. And they just have a punch -- kind of tucked in this side patient countless sprinkling you need a punch out there right. Now we may be a little -- -- Most of the rain right in Orleans and Jefferson it's not even raining right now but well we -- him to break. Yeah how they're gonna be -- I will say this that right now the heavy rain threat is wrapping up that we have some heavy heavy storms. At closer to midnight north Italy get around 234 AM on the south sort that's really wrapping up the what we're gonna see the press the morning. It's tennis from light to moderate rainfall through about 9 AM. And after that it really tapers off this negated the after mean again it doesn't clear skies to clear it's the -- -- be cloudy sit there still is that slight chance for some mr. drizzle. But the rain is really a wrap up this after means increase an adult I don't expect any delays in the start time of parades or anything like that just because -- of course. The neutral ground inside -- everything kind of -- though it. Yes repeats or if -- -- ITF and operate out. Parade. Not much fallen from the Scott right right that's that goodness all right going to be cold -- but a -- yeah it is high temperature right now. Now where we're right 58 in New Orleans and the mid fifties north Italy but we're dropping into the forties by the after -- -- at that for -- time. -- it feel like the thirty's with those winds -- -- you wanna bundle up all right and tomorrow. Tomorrow most like clear. Set though fifties for highs tomorrow and -- actually looking good you know for parades rolling Thursday evening belief falling into the forties of -- chill to the year for Thursday night. Friday parade looks fine 64 for a high in mostly sunny on Friday. That separates kind of role in and it low sixties to upper fifties and right now for the weekend. Get 10% rain chance on Saturday 20% on Sunday and heightened its deputies that. -- perfect Saturday and Sunday on our mind now let's keep our fingers crossed for Monday and can't really how we're still watching a -- for lucky draw and Marty draw but it's. You know was still several days a waste that timing may change -- Obama will hold off on that right now what is being happy that through Sunday. After we get the heavy ran out here this afternoon everything's going to be -- And you're right and and have for tonight's -- right it's in the past three years years that he's. And so it is it is going to be better than right now don't let what's happening right now you make you think it's gonna be like this later today the rain will be tapering off by later today. Imagine you walking your dog and you notice something under a tree and your property that does not quite right. Something struck this couple in northern California did start digging under a tree on their property as a walking their dog because something was sticking out of the ground. Turns out. That it was a rare coin that had been buried there back in the 18100. Caught a little yes yeah apparently enough of the darted washed away. Are the group to come up enough that they caught so they started. Now dusted that off -- found another one another one another one. They now have found. A whole stash of coins that were apparently buried there sometime between 1847 and 189 before me 1427. Points. Worse. Ten million dollars. Ten -- million. Dollars that I I. I'm speechless and I don't even experts say they must have been buried their shortly after they were -- get their instant perfect -- and wrapped up very nicely. Nobody knows who they belong to or why they never came back and got them. Obviously they're dead now because an eighteen and the latest to consistently flight 94 and me -- So now they are ten million dollars. Richard -- police wonder you know people -- the metal detectors and gore ran out always bank. Are they find -- -- and like a gigantic waste of time but maybe I'm the idiot -- -- idiot in this gazans who ever left us going that never came back and got them very long in the. Probably people ten mile. Millions out of the -- at ten million dollars at least. Would be nice amazing may illustrate a wash -- -- around. Hi I'm Mike Robert -- that they -- yeah. Thank you are going to be that Pataki all right -- down eleven direct from the witnesses forecasts. He's old adage of winning -- -- crawfish at a crawfish -- According to the LSU accent there is just not making any sense they say the only reason they can determine they crawfish would come out of the pot with a straight tale is that something got in its way perhaps another crawfish. They kept its -- from curling when it was boiled. They say in fact it dead crawfish is more likely to have. Me curled -- Then in -- one when when the pot. So they -- if you avoid eating straight -- crawfish. You're doing its throwing away perfectly good prophet now -- assaulting crawfish different way perfectly good salt that it does absolutely nothing. To purge the growth. Failed to accept things people who know these things -- -- -- I'm not making this stuff up the city's eight old myths. I'm Dave Carney Steve -- time for sports it's not admit that you heard that LSU lost a baseball game it's truly gentlemen with the details is -- -- -- -- -- Good morning your mother nature didn't -- -- baseball a chance to mount a comeback as -- Lafayette won a rain shortened game in Alex box stadium food water. -- Cody Glenn gets saddled with the loss after allowing three runs in four innings of work. Tigers coach pulmonary says don't worry his squad will bounce back all the -- Really means we're gonna go 56. You know every year's third down I think we're gonna win a mall and then sure enough here in the blues and it. Tulane baseball got a gem of a performance from Tyler makes on the mound the Richard seniors struck out seven while allowing just one hit in seven innings of work. Helping the -- earn a one nothing victory over nickel state. Well with five days to go until the deadline for applying the franchise tag. The saints and tight end Jimmy Graham remain far apart on a long term deal according to Michael -- below fox sports. Occurring -- stands at several million dollars per year. The Panthers say that offensive tackle Jordan Gross will announce his retirement. At a news conference today the 33 year old with the first round pick by Carolina in 2003. And started 167. Games for that. And top ranked Florida basketball continued its winning streak Dorian Finney Smith scored nineteen points in the gators earned their twentieth consecutive victory and a share of the SEC title by defeating The Commodores were 57 to 54 at Vanderbilt. -- -- Patrick young says it's nice to at least clinch a share of the title of Florida has higher goals. You know we don't wanna share what do help when you go out right. Coalition will look for those who hoped would be a good president if you're going to as a. Florida -- LSU on Saturday. Today a four on sports talk according to ESPN the saints 2014 strength of schedule is tied for eighth weakest in the NFL. Too early to predict. At 630 it's LSU basketball vs Texas a and M. Then at seven you have a choice that -- fight in tiger hoops on 87 the AM or hear the pelicans take on the Dallas maverick someone 053 WWL that spam. I'm Steve Geller -- early morning look it's. It's -- every once -- the all star break no end the Dallas Mavericks right now have been really hot of late they won nine of their last eleven a ballclub that. Seems to be thriving towards the end of the season. I've I didn't think they'd be able to. Put as much wins together as they have with an aging Dirk Nowitzki but Dallas Mavericks -- force in the west and it doesn't look. Promising for the Caledonia and -- would be it good momentum building win because they beat a good team absolutely and they really need right now at the half. Apple what exactly. If they lose my -- they lost to a good team and haven't wanted the all star break no way a little extra motivation through their next two games are going to be nationally televised on ESPN so need a good showing some momentum if this is struggling. Yes nice thank you Steve to -- fifteen minutes more sports here at WW. I think -- I guess one last time. Anybody and guess what David's walk and I know you can hear me Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike would days Mike. -- listening guess what today it's. It's jumped and pole and thank you to the Geico Campbell is that -- good. Ron but it's time for him to retire from this program we'll keep you in the Humpty dance on Wednesday morning but I think the camel he's just tired. You're in this for quite awhile. As of and -- and -- rain Q here's the good news the heaviest of the rain has already fallen associated with the cold front coming. On and off lighter showers will continue throughout the morning and into the midday. Meteorologist -- but tell -- says. The heaviest of the rain is gone and all of the rain except for a brief little drizzle will be out here in time for rain but it will be cold tonight. Forty's feeling like thirty's. But it looks like tonight's do parades roll on without. Any significant impact. Let's hope that's the case of so we get the rain not the way as for the is that profit Smith a lot of people are questioning them vaccinated 77 it's not my information. It feels like that I'll put it on our web to -- memory let's talk and sports leader.

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