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WWL>Topics>>2-26 6:45am Tommy, Aaron Broussard's attorney

2-26 6:45am Tommy, Aaron Broussard's attorney

Feb 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Buddy Lemann, Aaron Broussard's attorney, about their attempt to get Mr. Broussard's sentence vacated

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about Aaron Broussard he's got some stuff going on with the courts and it relates to a confession. He's represented now by buddy Lehman but Robert Jenkins who handled. The trial initially says he may have provided ineffective counsel because key information was withheld. By the US attorney's office and budding -- I think is use the word. Conspiracy in the morning -- you Dylan. And finally you Hollywood's. Well I guess they we find out what's called put it to 55 vote in the post conviction remedy. And he's essentially alleging that. Either the convictions should be vacated. All are alternatively. This sentencing should be dictated. Because at the time that those events occurred. That would. Misconduct but. Taking place. In let his operatives and Bruce saw a lawyer at that time. Was unaware. Could not have become aware this misconduct. And its combat really didn't truly. Kabul. Be revealed. Until. -- result was sent. Well let me let me ask you this if it wasn't revealed until after he was sentenced. -- know that when he confessed ranked. When he pled guilty yet. That's correct but Eddie no. What was going on. And clean it up again body not confess nobody's found innocent. And this guy didn't confess to anything he pled guilty be because of the situation at that time is it was perceived. To be in the US attorney's office what led to the -- guilty plea again. Well he felt that company at the time he himself. Re use certain. Attack mode and he suspected that the FBI and let the office. Well speaking implementations. Improperly in the press. That didn't go anywhere. Because the government at the time. Complaining about an affidavit Latin did. His presence his assistant and man. All represented to the judge. That. That would that would you know improperly. Soul. That but. Bruce saw -- on what this improper conduct. Didn't didn't go anyway he then tried to -- Let those authors and again. That it. Leak anything so ultimately. What we are collecting is that he felt at the time. He wanted to and that would call when. All of our quick week. Which essentially says you know it yet but acted like this but I'm really not guilty of what the government says that his ability. So -- it opposition that because. Now that's going on that would secret. Proceedings. Product that angle -- way that it was and up being forced out that that was my outing misconduct. On the part of latins -- Secret between the US attorney's office and judge Engelhard. And so upbeat defense ploy but not -- taught law. So and and and look and I think judge angle but has done a tremendous service but ultimately. Landing a new crop of those defendants in that case but on the other hand. Independents who work being affected by this heavy handed. We win we win we win we win column to in the -- -- -- the time. You know. Didn't have the benefit of raising that misconduct. He's as a bargaining chip to. Ghetto where that is on ultimately to try to get that the prosecution dismissed. I I like we gotta run here but about one issue moment saying a year language very colorful mr. Broussard Lone Ranger. Was unable or praised the court of the true nature in landscape of these in districts wild west. Field sheriff's posse had removed the -- in a way out of town and secrets known locally US attorney's office. The department of justice and section and of the local US district court. -- harder to come by -- -- cool drink the water in the Mojave here's the thing I still I'm still going to get anybody but -- am not a brilliant legal scholar like you. If he didn't know that the deck was stacked against him when he made his plea. And then what's different. Well the biggest statement that the language in Israel it was written by a bright young law -- Rattner -- is helping me on the case. But the point is is that. That was misconduct. But at the time. Certain people knew about it but not. Bruce brought -- -- and because Bruce thought -- idea was not informed of this misconduct. He was unable to effectively represent mr. -- Thank you buddy appreciate your time and hope we talk to you again about the crowd.

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