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WWL>Topics>>2-26 7:15am Tommy, fender bender

2-26 7:15am Tommy, fender bender

Feb 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Captain Greg Lonero with JPSO about what to do if you get in a fender bender

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Captain Greg. Let aero joins us right now Jefferson Parish sheriff's office morning cap might -- one tomorrow -- well thank you thank you taking the time with -- -- Las Vegas PD. Says you know what if it's a fender Bender and and nobody's heard that we're not gonna come -- right to report all you have to do is. I guess -- the fire AD exchange insurance that in -- report. You're cells and and it got us to think and you know a lot of people didn't fender benders and you see it all the time. The cars left -- isn't delays thousands of people from -- Where is their goal and so when it comes that is in this state policy or a parish policy and in which you do you do in Jefferson Parish. There's a state law where if you're if there's any motor vehicle accident and it's not does not injuries nor any disabled vehicle. That -- required to. You shall remove the vehicle from the roadway to the New Year's state showed. So again if the if you don't have any and no injuries and the -- not disabled right. New UK are remote vehicle from metropolis properly to the nearest to show. I know you know some people. Especially if they get hit from the bag even though it's not serious sometimes. And and Jim Dunn Jones who tells us soft tissue injury in a mile and -- say well you know one down moment that certain cola. Ambulance and a case like -- and I don't think you'd. I think you'd agree that I'm not making anything up here but what what he's -- then. -- -- what do you do then if if you know -- if I'm driving and I accidentally -- somebody in the back and and they get out of the car and it Robert and revenue neck and grant in the back in. And Saddam man he I don't feel well because they -- -- and get 101000 dollars and go away money will you do -- -- TSA night and most state alien aliens it's even though apparently they're not injured and it and the impact wasn't really strong enough the according to a reasonable man to cause any trouble. Right when it certainly gamba -- law which says if there's injuries or not disabled so. I would obstacle emergency unit in and go from there -- which could determine based on the impact you know if he would return -- And that's why I was asking because it seems as though. On one hand it's it's clear cut them on the other hand it gets -- great really quick I guess that the main thing you're cameras keep in mind on what you do one. Yes that's correct and no no texting or anything else wedding -- and it can't. Now I just you know power to draw obviously it's special cellphone use today that the photograph position vehicles pointed impact. Or any evidence to support their claim try to move would be to -- What is the -- the most common this thing if there is one anecdotally at least that you've seen when it comes to. Your time coming up in the Jefferson Parish. Sheriff's office about the most common -- positive factor when it comes accidents. Problem. Not not paying attention that's got to thank you sir have a nice monogram --

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