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2-26 7:45am Tommy talks to Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon

Feb 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon about fender benders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the Las Vegas media day and I'm about to investigate investigate accidents anymore until. Unless somebody's hurt and here in Louisiana State law that says you've got to move the vehicles in text that says moving vehicles is bull like get rear ended. By an eighteen Wheeler remove the vehicles well he moved his truck in front in my until top is my fault. I was young at the time. And account and take my word I'll never moved vehicle until a cop gets there Jim Dunn -- joins us right now insurance commissioner nice enough to spend some time this. -- -- to Tom earlier but -- Dan the president Jefferson Parish and it. Actually it was my local -- But but in truth my mentor. He died at 1970. But I guess about what we -- called not come up. Sorry but it does -- And he was a good -- president of Jefferson was let me tell you about ask you about fender benders because. We just hand on captain from Jefferson -- in -- that we you know -- Unless there's an injury losses just said he got to move the vehicles but. -- Jimmy and I've had conversations about soft tissue damage before and now sometimes if you just tap somebody from the back before you know it. We got back trouble -- neck trouble and there's old cottage industry when it comes of that is and -- No question about it but safety first. You remember earlier well actually last year. The action on the rise world's least where. Pedestrian was knocked over the side deal in the all. The police -- that your investigating. And action and I also think that when it's on our rise was -- in killed by a vehicle going through the traffic. And presumably. Well around the accident scene at a high rate of speed. It and killed the police officer so safety first the troops will bubble to the circus almost every time. So someone trying to -- you to set something up and that does -- there is no doubt about it. Folks have been known to. Back in two other drivers. In the in the hole pin and land to playing that they were rear ended at a stoplight. So you do need to be mindful of circumstances surroundings. And and try to keep that actually straight GQ and let's say he. First well you know wrestle well -- we got a question we're asking is if you if you trying to follow state law and -- analyst somebody's injured. Move the vehicle's -- then all of a sudden the person. In front a year if you rear ended them -- claim nor any other acts in his climb in my back hurts my neck hurts how do you determine what an injury is. Well no question about it does become fact and crew issue but I mean in terms there's a movement of vehicles. How do you determine what group or just movement of vehicles of the losses unless there's an injury -- of vehicles in the person and Rania. Is talking about back in neck and I need an ambulance I guess is -- was with the recently where they are. Well no let them stay there you move your vehicle out of harm's way and get yourself out of all in that would not want anyone around increasing liability. Don't make you case we would not take that if you do not if you do not feel you have an injury. Would you do it on that bridge I was listening to you earlier right when what you would. Got to -- let me ask you this -- -- mean come on for this but it's -- to be tax time obviously getting to because -- only -- But inevitably I get the count -- in the quarry -- citizens. Disclaimer she would only -- what exactly is that what is it well declaration that's what they call. That declarations page. Comes with every policy. And every from all property insurance policy -- as well -- residential. Renders included mobile homes included every year is sensed. -- percent. By the Louisiana citizens property insurance operation. That's to finish amortizing. The one point two billion dollar bond issue that was necessary. Citizens to pay all -- Katrina lots. Got about eleven more years to pay all in on that bondage. And I generates about ninety million dollars a year of those. Bond payments and out of that. Well after debt bondage was issued for years after the events. The state was experiencing surpluses so the legislatures that we're getting. Make that money -- retrievable. -- -- They can take it as I do and apparently you do also. As they I'll -- dollar at that point estate tax return or as in the case of money. Widowed mother who doesn't state taxes she can fill model one page form my brother's does or or questions. Name address policy number in the amount of your assessment. Mail it to the department of revenue and get checked back in the -- a couple of weeks. It's really did do. 53%. Of that money goes on clay. Is all -- -- could have happened or you educate go back and get it which crops. Which is about at a time and it's a lot of information are people just waking up or drive and is there a website that -- go -- A little followers as a direct link to citizen rebate www. LB in which it -- -- insurance dot LA dot go. -- WW dot LBI dot LE dot gov. -- Tommy call 802 Bob 953. Under it's always listens to rush you --

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