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2-26 8:15am Tommy, addicted to sugar?

Feb 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Nicole Avena, Professor at New York Obesity Research Center at Columbia & co-author of "Why Diets Fail," about how addictive sugar is

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker I'm getting a budget texts about food that people are -- is is food you know you might be addicted to I don't know how to say that. -- -- on a -- to me I'm addicted to the exact same candy matter of fact whenever a -- to get coffee. It's a must that I grab a few and I'm talking about the column bull's eyes are Carmel roll ups Amber's Ariza. -- -- And doctor of being a -- on and talking about when you Biden in this candy you get this delicious taste of a creamy sugar and in terms of addiction. And Jimmy is calling from the American sugar cane league will give him a stern later. I don't know how to say it but addicted Mikey gone back and back in back in mice we -- same way in my mom's -- doctor Nicole have been a joins us right now she is. A the professor at the New York Obesity Research Center Columbia University co author of the new book why diets fail morning doctor Nicole. Our thanks -- times so am I addicted to these -- candies or deal I just not have any will power. Well listen the question and you know there's been a lot of research going on a lot of effort to come out of my lap. It's been trying to figure out what it is about these types of foods that you're talking about there -- many people who compulsively eat them. And it certainly means the question is this just happened that we form that you know what you get your coffee and if you -- and Egypt and develop this happened over time. Or is this something else. And everything and actually showing that when people over eat these highly palatable foods. These cakes cookies things like that. It actually affects the brain -- week it's similar to what happens with the drug abuse and so we see changes in the brain -- very much like what happened during a drug -- They see that the thing that makes me doubtful Alina and science has been about the sugar angle. Is people around here know that no mean no I am never anywhere without my bottle of Diet -- it -- it might. You know it I carried around and I think at this point uneven drink it anymore I take it so yeah I'm always about. What's -- mental or something you associate with -- that would you're researching. Yeah. -- understand it what is it out these types of food what exactly is it and so you know with perspective diet soda. If not necessarily -- her -- and it put the -- For the fact that your drinking diet that Richard forgetting that he's the week he would be sufficient to activate these great reward system. And then perpetuated to effectively be easier but not necessarily. Just. Real Shatner is something that we think would be the emerging list artificial sweeteners as well. And and no one inject politics in any of this but I always wondered if somebody was. Just wired up differently some people love salty and -- other people loved Sweden the Obama administration's talking about doing away with. Advertising for junk food or sugary drinks it. -- high schools and schools around the country so for example Coca-Cola nine and owns stock in the company as far as I know. You know with a 401 k.s who knows but but anyway time and not have -- -- banners and I just wonder if you're. In nature or nurture you pre conditional like this stuff for will advertising really get cheated drink more you'll just put it off and get it somewhere else. Right well it's a bit. It's terrible and so I think -- certainly there are some studies that have been conducted this -- aghast that. It's genetic propensity associated with some of these had that the leaders of the sort of excessive overeating is that we discern a legal genes. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the environment as a player -- and so I think it certainly some people has perhaps the genetic propensity. You can maybe beat. More at risk for over eating these exit from the but that doesn't apparently means -- you know the environment is -- -- -- affected -- -- -- advertisements and all -- -- Being that our environment can't beat us to want to. By these type of food because we know that he's. When it comes -- sweet salty. Preferences and it seems like few people go back and forth they have a definite preference whether it's chips or candy has there ever been any research to see if that's. That's something and in the brain what part of the brain controls matters that we. I'm going I'll actually get to work and that's the right now in my lap trying to understand his idea of sugar addiction verses that addiction because you're right. People seem to. Really identify with one or the other a lot of people are really going for you know those cakes and cookies in the -- things that other people are really. We're -- in the more eateries fatty -- types of snacks. And so -- of it -- brain mechanisms drive those behaviors can be really important because. It might help with the figure out pharmacological treatments down the road for. -- -- -- Dad let me ask you one question yeah I think there's an interest in one a text -- sentences can you ask the doctor if you can become addicted to the carbonation in soft drinks. And I don't think that's a crazy question because sometimes I find myself after. Maybe necessary that way feel like I just need to carbonation giving back to to normal anything now that. I actually talk about the in my putt like I -- because one of the things that I think people need to try to figure out about the food that they feel that there are dependent on our tickets to his. And for many people who drinking lots of that would -- incidents. At the sugar and the they wonder if they -- into the carbonation. So a good. Alternative beverage -- speed you know it helped the water or some sort of properties border. -- they'll it happens but yes and you know bubble but not all the calories and you know all -- guilt. Yet if you do that you just gonna wind -- each other with the bottles aren't they. Doctor appreciate your time I really do know we talked to get tell me about your book and honey get it. Yes the book called like I failed because you're addicted to sugar. And it's available everywhere books are sold and it's also available up my website at www. Doctored a cold Medina dot com. Night and did I know become on again and I technical. Thank you happy they'll.

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