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WWL>Topics>>2-26 9:35am Tommy, college costs vs. benefits

2-26 9:35am Tommy, college costs vs. benefits

Feb 26, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mark Schneider, the President of College Measures, about weighing the costs and benefits of colleges

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mark Schneider joins us right now president. Of college measures good morning mark good morning I you don't thank you don't come -- on you know you heard and I talked to is now we've been talking about. Balancing. I guess a cost benefit of college -- -- a guest on earlier doctor Richard Anderson well maybe Gilligan added as a consumption experience -- on Canadian papers for. Tuition for four years and and you heard the ladies say that you went to commuters -- guided. But sometimes I I wish I had got -- real. Four year college experience moving away may be self fraternity of sound and has in a way that does kinda change your whole outlook on life does a non. Well let me part of the problem is that you change your outlook on life because she graduated with 607080000. Dollars and you -- 25 dollars. Living in the understatement you'd have a different attitude are you -- exactly yelling that money this year's first year earnings -- -- service today. You know it's strange look taking your behavior. I know people like -- really do that dad got up to degree from my. A pretty prestigious school and can't get out of the parents' house is they don't make enough. Right this so it's a little work that I did Texas and we try to do and other states as well. Says you know this is this is how much -- degree is gonna cost you this is what you you're likely to borrow. And this is how much are likely to pay to get paid after you graduate. And it's really yes stone dead and 25000 dollars and you get a job -- Google engineering or computer science or mathematics. And you're making 607080000. Dollar year. That 25000 dollars was a great investment but if you ball 80000 dollars in your first job is. Restated Starbucks making 181000 dollars a year your -- You have attempted to get that. The way to coffees five bucks a cup so I -- -- people at 8000 dollars. So you know mark when you look at this phrase consumption experience I mean it seems to me has the -- award paradigm that has it changed because. It back in a day on and always and about go -- educate yourself who did to make your life better and and get a decent job maiden and now has it morphed into. Well you know you get four more years of plays -- wanna do business. You -- did it if you can support yourself on my daughters came to what my daughters came to mean and actually was about graduate school she wanted it. Get a Ph.D. in medieval Spanish literature. And it says Latinos helped him buy the most expensive Mercedes that you could think of and I would do that rather than paper -- -- -- the Spanish literature how they had that vote consumption goods and that and the Mercedes and as a bicycle. I think it's a great plan just wondered how many nights that they keep you -- Ides of what you went up majoring in. She went to law school. But I think it's an important point because it is a consumption experience that's what you wanna do it that's fine we keep in mind. I can also buy you as you just said the Mercedes and and you get to consume that -- and it depends which when he and have more fun on but. The differences with the French whatever it was it would they Spanish -- -- -- Medieval Spanish literature you're still gonna have to find something that do when you get out as opposed Mercedes and on in this open. Reasonable -- about the web sites where people can go to type in this cost benefit thing your seat on its. The Celtics to wave and can do you do on -- measures that org. And -- -- -- schools in Louisiana for example if -- if you're thinking about schools and -- and he gets some idea about the cost about. About the benefits and student aid and things like that if you're thinking about schools in in Texas. You could go to in its -- -- I'm sure lots of -- your listeners -- thinking about Texas -- you go to my future Texas. Dot org it's my future TX dot org and you could go there and egged it really detailed information about Texas. About Texas schools and one day. Absolutely and it doesn't do it -- and I hope that someday we get these and is a publishing their days in the form that might take my -- Texas. Does so what went -- -- shows what happens if he chooses philosophy if you choose political science if you -- Sociology teaches archeology -- -- And engineering mathematics by policy that he sees -- as to whether it's. And it's because there's a huge variation in what happened systems after they graduate depending on their major. Let me address one thing with you before we let you go and that is these online universities. There's one is Southern New Hampshire University I think from commerce to date yet -- will run a commercial you would think that you graduate school bus that they bring it to where you argue in front nine. What got them back -- do business places to get the same weight to those they do to brick and mortar schools increasingly so. OK listen to look at that mark I appreciate your time I'll become back on again I'd get my play.

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