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2-26-14 10:10am Garland: on the attack on privacy

Feb 26, 2014|

Garland talks with online privacy advocate Mark Weinstein about the attack on our personal privacy.

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Well I think most of you did to followed the news have probably bread. At the Pentagon nuclear bomb amends for referral for freaking our military forces. But did the -- and -- that terrible have a couple of experts on to respond to. Where the -- and pentagon officials about. A -- back to cut who's going to be impact of what's going to be affected. And the Pentagon official -- -- -- effort and says the cutbacks mean. More troops. Would probably -- So we're gonna try to put it out of pebbles that typo and I don't think it was because it's and several of those stories they explained a little bit more. And basically what they're seeing small reports. And take awhile to get ready that we have from the pop up there weren't prepared for in the mean Tom Waits and what we've got. There will be prepared as they would have been so it's more likely buildup. Would would want to try. No matter how patriotic to war. To sell an upper military -- cut back we have the admonition. That the troops we have something happens. More would -- We're gonna try to pretty. We had. Former member of this so please -- -- Libby board on -- Talking about a a deposition from group leader of one of more oil and gas companies. And today you -- couldn't get hold of that gentlemen. Who was talked about on the -- yesterday. But Morgan talked to were represented. There are. Restricted what they can talk well because his oldest portable lawsuit. Where the oil in the industry. Oil and gas industry being sued. Because of -- damage that they did to the wetlands when they were drooling and they didn't repair. Up to date reportedly. Give them and looking at the laws but. Not being a lawyer. Aside I do know enough to tell you do. Depending on which lawyers have been getting cute whom. They won't find words. That they will disagree Q1 of them is practical. Could that put a bank of where you found that practical. So anyone would try to get as much appeal decided we can also have bottom. You -- the commissioner of the southeast of -- protection authority. Who's also Alicia professor. On oceanography in coastal -- And talked to him about the entire issue. This so we're gonna talk about something we have talked about many many many many times before -- -- one of my pet project privacy. In the noon Wednesday. And the question that as a regular basis. That we have we just elected to give it up ourselves. Into a pampered. One person born in Peru and wouldn't callers say. -- about privacy and done -- wrong operative but could trillions. And after. The last couple years of which we've been doing privacy shows. I get the the strong feeling. That we're not that concerned about because we don't seem to be doing much about. But our regular basis we bring those isn't that. Have a whole lot more knowledge of the Internet business -- going -- government that we. -- hopefully we can get education. To be comfortable with. -- in a word about it we didn't do anything wrong war. Could greet that news beginning -- like police state we should do something. And when that thought we have ball more more and sitting in Oakland on. Online problems is an online plugs yeah broken. Expert in these fields also. I think he has to -- organization company. Mean scruples privacy minded Internet service company are welcomed the -- appreciated the talk. Thank you very much -- great to be here talking about it if you the topic that won't go away it's here to day. That's been here and got infinitely and privacy looked at -- like an important and as a matter. And then let me do some -- go to and you sent me yeah. Email with a list of things that your special news talked about or you're educated on regularly go to on the line and hopefully we can get as much time with the -- possible. Talk to me about the business of social media it's. -- through injury singled to build social media it listeners I think they're well aware of this. Sort of off track there would be ten years ago we were on the -- FaceBook came on and they started tracking everything that we were doing. He opened the founders of social media so back in 1988 -- build the world's first social media companies. That we were called the community portal where people they have these groups of friends sports teams could get together privately. And she. They're alive still connected shared their stories shared their experiences about what they're doing their lives to that they would do realize. And we're -- -- top 100 company for three years back in May be 92001. With the -- forward to the new -- that MySpace there where all of a sudden. It between you through that he'd be publicly -- otherwise. And FaceBook in the mid 2000 where not only did become -- to be public. But somehow in the -- of that we inadvertently we didn't realize that we are also giving FaceBook permissions. Despise in track and aggregated. In strange ways that was unprecedented and so social media can do eat fast forward to 2014. Has become this experience where. You know FaceBook can now predict how our relationship to -- last because -- -- -- everything that we're doing here aggregated data. -- all the spartans will be leaving FaceBook when we travel around on the web go to the place that -- -- FaceBook. If FaceBook Google. He who advertising network and their role in cahoots together even. Health care that is studying in what we do social media with the corporation's social media companies. All right we just beginning organ to another hour hopefully. On the subject that is near and dear to me and we -- doing regular but it -- -- handle all the -- think it's. Where all lead to get educated go and so we can make an educated answer to think tank missile. Come right back -- -- bill -- 70 AM 01053. Are a welcome back and rub there would recall that the thing to take him once again we're thinking about the privacy issue. Earlier in this country in the world we have -- lecturer with the more points thing. Or law and privacy advocate. You the basic a question that is that one of the questions who gave me in the -- -- and -- and which is the main thing. I'm concentrating on today currency -- The current data privacy. Well. Occurred during the prior to that privacy and endangered species scarlet. That's the current state of privacy you know and it's bigger than -- and it but we the other and we the Chinese buying into the Russian -- and we certainly. News crews demonstrate how they label -- -- their computers. And immediately I -- immediately -- So the purpose of privacy it's an endangered species also because corporation -- and the first -- and that we would really addressed because. You live here our government. In. Record in. All over the place. Corporation have been you know have been given the pollution by. With -- really realized what we're doing display and a so again where we come back to social media can -- it starts with social media. Where this social media companies. Have you know gotten their little. Numbers. Bill and the open. You know lines. They're watching everything that we do in creating big packet of information. -- -- -- into the Wall Street Journal back in July last year and it was the one program about. Reportedly furious -- Google knows about me and he just looked it up. And do actual and a 134966. Have been mailed -- neighbor told them. Could definitely do -- there and root them. Every 2702. With contact every worse than 9220. YouTube videos people watched. The -- -- 64090. Searches the aggregated all the information -- that would bore little packet. They said -- behavior FaceBook is using this information. And -- steady. To predict their behavior to tell our friends what we like Google has permission is his ability to order for a period and -- our friendship we enjoyed the Coca-Cola. So privacy. Isn't dispute and other simply called Google -- Which -- pretend is relatively innocuous. But it you know I imagine there were you know walking. Into more to a restaurant. You know what being and I themselves with somebody. Is going global grind but they look at an official recognition technology immediately tells them that we're at that restaurant who would win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And for the people that think that's coming know who you cheers it's called -- little note board dot com it's called -- tag. -- Wall -- -- Google glimpse -- simply scan a person's face. Have their social media accounts name and even criminal records pop up and prone to the burial. Yeah. And then and what a great tool for the bad guys -- because let's. You know I'm a bad -- optical glass to the bottom. There's the -- walker wouldn't see them there have been a no lose hold. Then relay that information back to micro he's the mainland and hey this guy is here and vacation -- -- You -- -- -- and give the listeners an example what you're talking about not Joe's. Possibility already up and remember the killings at the mole in Mumbai a couple of years ago. I have a scientist. Anti terrorist expert on yesterday. Bruce -- that there at the killers had entered that mall had cell phone and they were really looking for. Political and and rich target. In Pakistan and organizations that backed him literally war room like we have the watches are drones. Thousands of miles away. And they were moderate ringgit. And -- came upon one individual in the Rio hotel room and they should warn you what are you doing here and I'm just too lowly teacher. And they -- grabbed his space suited to the war room they did the Google search said no this is the second richest man. You know. India. And killer. So base they've spent the whole time wondering threw the ball. With a cellphone and one hand weapon the others though. Portrait talking about it I think a lot of people pictured talking about the future stop what is really care. If you hear it here in the simple polite and so you know world built -- company called scruples. Because global has the privacy bill of rights were in -- full page and it's just. We don't use facial recognition we have no tracking cookies you and your country it's not a deleted it anytime we don't spying your contact with. You all these things feel even a couple of quartet which just got acquired by FaceBook and I'm sure our listeners have heard about disputed story nineteen billion dollar deal. But what that routinely. Spied on and their members contact list and what have had a flawed. In their privacy policy. -- said that if they ever tell that are required by another company that they reserve the right to give obligated they've collected that new company. And it and they when they originally said that company approved first couple years they were adamant about. Protecting privacy in such bullpen brawl about. Yeah absolutely I would tell people look at what we're we're we're looking at what I call the pricing revolution because. You know German defense that Americans -- people -- really fed up with people are waking up and realize that privacy -- in -- This particular conversation that we have on the radio the privacy is really protecting privacy is real. It wouldn't do that we've done girl and and -- -- because we applaud the privacy policy this unprecedented in the because I'm really privacy advocate. So that would that if we ever change our privacy policy. We will tell you a member. We looked under the bill and we'll play with the changes -- and if you don't like it changes we will give you a link to delete your account immediately. They helped by the belief FaceBook integrated and what that would be out of business if they had a close like that. So instead look at as a core of the things that we ever felt we reserve the right to change everything and give your permission to whoever buys. Now it -- when you're a veteran group scruples. To me that sounds like a big dancer. But again a good example I have the boundary and a Pepsi Euro -- web site called Doug don't go. And they are very much say in big problem that they don't keep good records moments. It's how you in business since it. We just detect portrait asking about. You send up three -- looking for golf shoes when we use that to look to sell the information but. If the beds or anybody else come to -- and says gives our records we have no records. Don't Google searches up talk to Peru and we've done that showed twice came by -- by the use is Doug Doug gore said many. In the end there's an answer so I don't air traffic. It every word that contracts. -- -- that concerned. What do we do win. We are actually doing a lot about our Brian -- -- got a good break don't leave me it's just didn't go. Come right back put up more buoyancy and where the privacy advocate one group called scruples would Chertoff. We will you view who all the information -- -- -- And how do you get on and what. And more. Yet thoughts out there and you're you're listening do you. Are you wanted -- and see that I talked to -- your problem the Tuesday. Crimes and I think all. I wouldn't cry me. -- done anything wrong if my government wants to gore after a break and they wouldn't ever written need to get the him. Does any of this concern you or do you think it's all. Boulder. Human -- to -- what is the word from ancient -- 2001. Itself but he gives called comments quotient. Over anywhere in the country you're 66 aided -- Jibril 87. Columbia. Are welcome back once again we're thinking you're talking about privacy we have mark Weinstein -- -- All alone privacy advocate also. I guess to see you would you would call in which group pulled some privacy minded in -- service company. Giving good example what they do you know you Jordan Euro website gets and his organization. And a they have permissions in private cities that are guru writes that make it easy for you to and I tonight. Or give access and content you create. Marca more to go back to via. The question. Do you -- why do you think people really or what proof do you see the. Well and there's a lot it's in its building rapidly awfully slick still scruples for a listeners that there. GR. OUPE. Dad. Dot com scruples with the -- group in the middle. Committed it is appropriately which -- scruples to do the right thing to have integrity. And it's -- you share photos and videos and documents. And private email and chat rooms and all kinds of great things together with people in your real life with privacy trust. But the important replica what's happening in the states in the union unity work record here people vote in the United States and people vote with their actions now. For example black duck which you just mentioned. They have tripled their daily average search used to more than three million. Just in November that would -- that time that we saw that data. And in 2013. They had one billion searches for the first time in their history. -- actually they've they've tripled their activity last year. And that the huge increase. We saw. You know the if you look at just some statistics. That there is a great -- PW research report. That showed that the 6%. Users this is back in September very very recent -- 50% of Internet users. Are taking steps to -- over domestic digital footprint. And in June -- that had -- 80% of people are now concerned about online privacy. Even before this -- went public. There was he's very clear. Study of FaceBook -- and said the 59%. Didn't trust FaceBook on the privacy issue at all. It would damage you -- did you disable remove their footprint. Right are they doing that. Where you're both companies like reputation dot -- good shepherd -- companies that can help. Remove. New information about it it's on right now it either you you can't pull your FaceBook. Pictures that are out there are circulating things like that so. Really the best way to remove -- will remind everybody is. Not opposed to anything within company. That he's using tracking cookies -- beat him -- claims ownership roll over your current period. Feel like that FaceBook and Google -- admitted that appear in the court. There's a class action lawsuit against who or where privacy last summer. -- -- -- -- and it's their privacy policy everybody. That -- that year your Gmail is not surprised it took you to think having it Gmail account. It would be privately communicate with your family and friends and coworkers and you know. -- -- Google studies Google -- Google. You know feeling that data. Who can share that with the other day but remember -- it would be applicable. Privacy. Is in natural component of being human. We need privacy. We need privacy that -- -- -- his crimes the so that we know about relationships -- -- privacy in order to be creative you know confetti anybody who's. Let me give you an idea -- I have dealt. I'm not I'm not convinced side adults and and people like -- can certainly -- mama and it today before I did the interview due -- occupants stack itself loans and described it took two -- went all -- -- world the top. The marine little time in the high clip cameras call autograph narrative forget what -- when -- What did -- clip on -- tortured barely noticeable and you can captured days worth of calories upload them to the Internet. And about two minutes there wearable. They're they're very cheap. It's urge you know 200 dollars three and was but spill. The reportable. And anybody can -- of these things and videotape anything about her knowledge put -- on the Internet if that was. God if I'd gotten a report -- -- discusses its original. I'm justice connect at all hours to ten I really. I mean am -- not already. Out there are forever and isn't information can be gathered about and regardless. Aboard the room in the -- in the unit that. The -- and this is really important this is your acting. The four in the middle most important question where I just a reminder that in the listeners that we're Americans. And we don't just hold our hand that's not who we are. -- -- democracy is about that the with the Fourth Amendment is about protecting your privacy. Bill. So there's a fork in the road it would he's deprive you revolution is just starting it just gaining momentum it's gonna take it for five or six years. That's left in the blink of VI. But it's time to stand up and say enough is enough. You know the Europeans are doing it the Germans are doing it. You know -- in that were exceptional the FaceBook -- overnight switch to a different. Companies with the three -- they'd double. Company user base. The critical three then you know other users responded by. You know go to the service called telegraph in the private service with much better encryption they went from a 100000 news five million users over night. We've if we've got a ticket to the court because this involved -- obviously playing at a too much. So we've got to use our great judicial system we've got to stand up we're Americans. And weaknesses we can throw it up and say it's too late so that's not who we are isn't the American people and even if you look bad. This is way and we stand up and we fight and we say enough is enough I want my privacy back it's a fundamental right in democracy and a full American. All right particularly talking about privacy. Welcome back let's talk about. A and -- the net neutrality. Be broken up you got Merkel -- Germany -- of brands. Talking about creating European. Internet. You've got China. Words with organizations. That do the same thing is faithful can Google and they're growing but there's centered. Come right back here of pushing -- comment to -- very important optic. Affecting us now but I would submit to the practice. Whole lot more in the future and like markets chamber. Were a country that doesn't throw -- and quit. But the question is. Do we reach a tipping point where no matter how much we want to go. There's over -- covered up. Well if you rom -- -- and show a little bit over the years you know that our privacy under attack in its day corporations who is -- Yahoo! AT&T. You name it our privacy is under attack the united WW Oprah jaguar opinion poll we asked -- are you concerned about where this is going will win 90%. Abuse and yes. So Miguel Smart globe once we looked like he's right he's prime Zia commitment says more than moral Wii or concerned. Mark. Happens to -- business model. Those social media model Egypt Germany and transgendered. You European Union. Create their own Internet and China does it's thing and we break the sudden thing up and please. You don't that that such a great question and that is such a great question. You know I think that that this a couple of issues here in the a couple of questions in the question. The war and I think neutrality is really important and I'm glad that the Obama administration support it. Because it. If we go to these separate disparate. Sort of Internet entities. -- people in the world won't have the freedom you know the you know right now -- of the Chinese. -- -- and try to block in the Russians. With the big worldwide web. People are able to get outside of the block and define the news. You know and I think that neutrality is really really important. We've got to sort of fight for this. As a public Cuban right of the world rather than caving. To narrow the interest of government and corporations. Who wouldn't be able to you will be able to pay you know without net neutrality. You know companies like Comcast third Netflix. Crude could paying more to dominate. And and -- and start up companies would have to fight. For a room for being with will be very area and fair. We're martian. Quicker in trouble for a good apple launched. What is virtual proxy networks. Virtual for the network that might that be a quick. If there. Does that that -- you would via. It will be excellent. All right let's go to ball -- first is go to Joseph Latvia and -- -- more points. You have to questioned the more why is that some unflattering. Moment to break unflattering pictures. -- in the company's book it was embarrassing. One of the more you know people like -- can't do anything to you say to its. Sue FaceBook. Or make him behavior -- -- him. And I think Silicon Valley is -- whatever field. I think public needs to be more control on the Internet and listen -- on the radio. That's the great question. And these two and for listener. One is that there -- law and about you know taking photos and public. In and so the -- who took those pictures. In legal manner in those pictures are illegal in the and the second thing is once their post to FaceBook and the big problem FaceBook. You know that it. The great -- there -- there encourages the public believe public communication mr. Zuckerberg beat the world should be open. But I don't believe in mr. Zuckerberg who didn't believe we live open lines that we would discreet in Europe social. You know the way we socially but it didn't work before FaceBook. And -- and that you know took the picture and the pictures release circulated. It's been. Reached people attack. Which is why we need to be careful. And also stop using sites like FaceBook and we really want to protect. Our families our readers are relationships which or get into trouble hateful. We're gonna be attributed to visit too complicated given virtual Procter and Edwards Cooper and months and this question. Virtual -- you know I'm not really an expert if but they virtual. Fox C network. That's the really it's just such an interesting question because. It's highly technical I would actually put. You are technician but you could think of scruples almost been a virtual private network. I'll say -- portion predicts somewhere to go on the -- we'll try to get back. And before -- go back to us scruples Le -- tell people what when and where. You -- contributor too late to turn back. California there for racial -- they have patrol box looks like Corky do deep to. Polluted and walls put it -- producer and Eric those. As for the please structured with the usual box. Because they're pure personnel. This allows them to see more and and react faster. Win a look at that and in my Gibson -- my Abdul confirmed it would go well either it's polices to make completes paper. Can live with that. Isn't that the creeping towards. Too late to turn back. Garland Barkley like that seems normal to me that no just do my dad was kidnapped in 1993. And we try to find him. You know they were able to look at video camera footage. His car being you know -- to see this car was hit in the airport that day. That's been making good -- that. The authorities that normal -- isn't normal is Amazon using drones to deliver packages to a is there for knowing for former not what windows are open or not where we're going who hit our house that's not normal that's what we have to stop. All right tell us about -- it's spelled the NSG. Or old UP. -- ELs like coupled with a a -- the -- dollars and. Scruples and we're just like real life you connect with your real electrical failure for -- coworkers or classmates. Think the people you're -- the party with last night. With privacy trust you can share photos and videos. And private email and chat room and you can do this from your mobile phones from your iPad and from computers is a multi platform. It looked Forbes magazine called the next generation social media so they -- -- centric. Social platform where you -- your country and we have no tracking. And we revenue. That we didn't talk about today but we make money the old fashioned way by providing you with optional. Services that you might want extra storage for your photos and videos and documents. Especially -- -- -- people Kaplan pleaded scheduling. Team. That adds value just like a great business would do. So scruples who lives it and we encourage people to come we have the president to deliver home pages. And poison pill. There are privacy policy and privacy policies easy to understand. And we're here for everybody for ourselves the type revolution Israel's. Mark I am not the raw milk my hands and according to the poor -- to a lot of shows on privacy can we get to back to -- today. Absolutely going to be my pleasure to come back. This is a very important issue for all of us that we have a great opportunity to take our privacy back we'd like to -- practice -- sharing that scruples. Look where you and Jordan Leo we appreciate your time that it. Double Leo brigade celebrity -- 53 at that would come. As a result of one of the pulled we take every day we as cute governor bill protein drugs more. Your personal privacy is under attack -- much debate. In this groom who spoke. AT&T. Your name. If you're -- using communication route except bird -- dug coal and gentlemen bill we jewels on. An old scruples. -- its -- or you PO lead and it's. The good change its information is being collected and -- regular about it as you're concerned about it. Where this is going globally and -- in the one persona. Debris concern. Are covered up the actual talk about the organizations that soaring oil companies. Predicaments of wetland will talk to. Represented the vote in general again association. Come up next doubled up -- brigades Maria -- 1053. You have to.