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2-26-14 11:35am Garland: on oil companies & the wetlands

Feb 26, 2014|

Garland talks with Flood Protection Authority Commissioner Dr. Paul Kemp about the lawsuits pending against oil companies over wetlands preservation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back we you continue our conversation. About two in Britain only for -- get a little complicated because in these. Political football matches. If you say the wrong during the oversized who has actually that's not true. And let me tell you the back -- where you understand it. And there won't talk to an expert than. The the southeast flood protection authority. That's Olympic sport if you remember a book for Katrina we have some bad liberty -- Lot of people that know what they're doing their words they're the roll up problem. -- -- -- -- -- But people on -- -- juniors. People that that -- and what they -- dual. And one of those boards who won the -- and protects its metropolitan. Area may -- mean. Qaeda militants -- who wouldn't suit number -- think celebrities or is fuel components. Because they've been within the big dog canals to the it to get to of their Christmas trees and -- whatever. Didn't back to London and the figures Odyssey says 36%. Didn't get that says and they were. By wall report to. Not. Columns don't -- -- -- again accuse you shouldn't who's suing. -- state attorney general. Accusers saying. He didn't have any legal standing. To back that suit -- agree with the work with the other -- now and though. -- got through with a strong so we have doctor Paul -- commissioner. Be simpler protection authority. Also -- professor department of -- apology on the ocean and wrapping up. Coastal sciences owned company deep ball camp and so it's doctor. Welcomed the Chicago. So Garland. What are they would be helpful in the states -- blood that I'd just not explain. Well I actually found it. Pretty much correct committee all the Panama called -- council would miracle yeah. On the this southeast Louisiana port protection authority. East we oversee three. Three of the last people works. The east Jefferson -- report there Orleans. Ready boredom the lake -- Peace and where people work so. And Andy. I wasn't on me. On the art and when it first began and after Hurricane Katrina. But so -- term. Began to doubt -- Correct -- -- for April. John Berrian and -- a gentleman named Ricardo. Allen and Obama were -- Grenada and they were removed. From the board. Well they keep their arms expired and they were. Replaced with. A certain amount in -- should call. Yeah yeah and org or you want to bring that came in and replace them and they've now. Do you know -- no I'm not there are three new members on the on the authority. And you know that have. As I understand that they they been. -- -- By the governor. Short they're not keeper of the lawsuit now I'm I'm Maria holdover from. So report through urine favorable -- Or power it. Let me take a first rate -- to come by can get deeper into this. Gives called you've got called comments two's -- general and celebrity caller -- there with him this is the thing. It's. In pursuing we have our daily poll that double -- privilege I'm more poll. Where a funeral company be sued for damage done to our coast 80% of you say yeah it's. And I've got pole here in hand. Think it was a political principle that says while it as the question. Who do you think should pay for the restoring the wetlands. Where the oil and gas companies through. Is it and it gives you do you. Possibly do oil against companies museum detectors don't know. 90% say -- all companies. We've got bowl -- would lose your rule book publisher of the insult these blood protection authority. Doctor was there ever attempt to -- -- the lawsuit. To talk to -- oil companies and say -- look. We're we're talking about survival here while -- bottom would sit down and just discuss -- Are well I all I can say is that I was not involved in any discussions like that. Except that they've been going on in formally property for the list. Thirty years. And I I. Might stances that. At least talking to my peers -- technical people who worked for oil companies such that there is eight. You. A sense inside the company that they were. -- Expect at some point perhaps two of them become involved in the restoration and they think that. That. And obligation. That they have to take up at some point. Most of the push back comes from the lobbyists and and being charters. And to concede why because. There's there's going to be a lot of expense. Remember -- and number on this. Reading deposition you Austria and cuts -- to Europe responsibility. 36. Soon wetlands law. Well that would figure what that might be. -- -- the problem Garland and there's so many figures. They're probably and different. Figures coming from different studies and reports. That's the lowest figures about 16%. And the highest higher figures certainly. That -- percent. In terms of law. And I've got as to open I didn't call you when the issue to put him on and do just so you can. Can our. Court. What I Letterman about security analyst you're Buhner who John Barry. What John told me and John if you're listening against the wrong get me call because all these important thing. It is being told -- all. He expressed concerns. About a bill that's come about it think under center at center -- -- You portrait. Arrived and he he or two when it's aboard what -- -- doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Power right now there's a bill by senator Hadley that well a lot of change should be. Selection process for members of the plot authority. -- that that was John Barry. And I think if I understood him correctly he was talking about heat John Berry who was replaced with a -- -- one dollar and toward authority. The same entities that. Your organization is ballroom will be yours and unplug authority. That. Try to get money directed to non -- related projects like airports and commercial real Tuesday. And John I think it was -- claiming. That he's been replaced with that. Any talk about Ricardo Pineda. A chief engineer for the state of California six interim about 16100 miles of -- that. He was replaced while lobbyist for the sports fisherman -- expertise -- -- issue and and serves on the board of the foundation run by the governor's one. I think. His concern this is what's gonna happen and if at least build goes forward. And governor jungle. Takes control of the -- -- -- it. Is that something as the commission there you were concerned about. Well -- of course. One of the reasons I agreed to -- On that what party was because it was it was not political. And because of the other members of the party we have. Doctor Rick -- -- on the inventors of the answer storm's current model longer. On our panel we have. Of course John -- which is probably along with Artest changed probably the leading. -- steady ten residing in this state and also. Fantastic historian about beat the Mississippi River -- the system. -- the national academies of science given ward. Because his knowledge of war. Bright bright so I would I would recruited to city and the course of the -- and native coached very well known for his work out on the West Sacramento. System out there and and then we have. -- -- well known. Two. Surf raiders and -- system weather meteorologist so without it was a very. I'm capable and well credential. Group tend what I hear that that overtime that we may see me lose that. That album that. Characteristic. Certainly I mean I I have nothing against the new board members that were appointed by city. Do not Britain as saying. All occasions to 28. A no no quarter nor -- -- Bowl when I breed to. Bill permits. That everything has seizures all companies agreed to -- it became law there reborn with the York. -- and administrative code 43. Boy and 719. And it's -- mineral exploration and production sides shall be cleared. -- vegetative detoxify. And an album was restored his nearest practical bowl their words to their original condition. Upon termination of operations for the maximum extent. Practicable. And again in -- agreed upon by all parties. About where it. Of the blue collar guy -- was no legal understanding my common sense says to me. You just can't or give -- that this doesn't Saturday. That you have to restore. Is the word practical. What what pulled lawsuit is going to be on the debate is going to be. I don't think so Garland. I think. I mean the open the oil company as well as everybody else that was on the -- to -- almost everybody. Understand that. A lot of the damage was done by over the past. Fifty years or so. We. With the exploration and development or get some -- In the post in our case. Are concerned about the backs of those netcam which remain long snapper wells are -- where. -- closed down. Are are concerned that with the -- effect on storm search and and waves autumn on levees systems that week. -- Trying to protect and then. On being reduction in. Not flood there risks that we're kind structure we have. This year we'll -- Taking over this that is the state will be taking over the eco system ground -- -- Fourteen billion dollars system and -- and and it's and it's only. Designed to protect against that storm with -- under. You're recurrence interval that is. -- -- A 26% chance. -- it worse storm. And it in the crime or more we don't think that it's good people of the world of this state and so we are. As yeah as a lot of party. Looking at every possible. Com. Source of revenue every possible source of additional protection that we can. Come up with. Doctor -- really short on time data are okay -- you're interim accords from but I wanted to get an important fortunately for me -- closer look over your. A issue. Have a -- department coastal sciences says Joan -- -- Libya have been. I am I'm hearing figures of fifty billion. To have two or at least they won't we are all -- a hundred billion to study where. I'm born of those figures wrong number two of the right. Don't we have to get every dollar weakened. And that we don't. And we did your -- -- Well but that's the I guess -- -- that's a hundred billion dollar question. And the answer is that the state has done. Something pretty amazing that have developed -- plan. To restore the coast we now know that it cost between fifty and hundred billion dollars and is -- -- that that is going to require us to. Pursue their resource. Of revenue and also agree. Technological. At -- that we can online and are there Tuesday. An expectation. Among most people working in the steel that he will get industry will be all in. And force on the back. We're gonna have to pay him BP's gonna have to pay in oil and to it's like to singling him about it saying it will lose your burgers Xavier. I hope I can get back to him -- Pro while apple is not thank you so much are really pretty good. Double a brigade seventy 153.