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2-26 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, Saints re-signees

Feb 26, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak with Mike Triplett who covers the Saints for ESPN.com. Mike joins the huddle to talk about the Saints 2014 strength of schedule and the latest on Saints trying to re-sign some free agents.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Up close and not to welcome man ESPN NFL in the NFC south. A write up Mike Triplett to a WW a radio Mike thank you so much just for the time. And I'm sitting here talking about the New Orleans Saints. Our schedule coming up among many other things -- well also -- congratulate Mike -- it because he received about Rose -- media award at the quarterback touchdown club for New Orleans coming up in mid march so congratulations teachers. -- he's he's learned a good things they came -- Iowa. And it's been -- my god how I watch a lot of their food network's I wanna go to our state fan I know much more and you came -- I wouldn't let him. I appreciate it guys I appreciate the love violently. And indeed now Mike when you look at that would just talk on this still waiting to see the dates obviously but you know a lot of people. I probably make more out of it and some people but when I look at strength of schedule compared to what the Saints faced last year. And look at how rob -- turn around the defense you -- salary cap problems and all that but I am optimistic. And I'd be extremely disappointed in this things don't get another. The double digit winning season when you look strength the schedule 23. Overall. And Dallas look in only the Giants there at number 26 that. And there's only the giant and NFC that has it easy is scheduled in the Saints when you break it down and now when Rudy playing and whether plenum. No I completely agree about because what the Saints. You take -- the -- a year. 2011 even 20102013. Good good settlement of pretty consistent group here where they are capable of winning 1113. Games to carry out of a close game all I think that crediting their. It very easily could have been a twelve or thirteen win team last year. And that you're toward the -- go too much because look there laughter projector -- the program so you know but. When people think oh how can get -- you know it's still well. They don't get past Seattle could produce a pennant with a better record the -- they don't place Seattle this -- it'll play again retinal lately I think it's -- so stolen all. Absolutely think he took twelve or thirteen of three they could sweep their own game like they did last year. They need to be at 1214. Or thirteen and three team to beat a number one seed without ever have a place. And now Mike you look at. I guess how the Saints -- on the Sean Payton and Drew Brees has been unbelievable. There recchi when you look a prime time when they're like the main focus and and I was looking at this that. They got to play at Detroit and at Dallas and I'd be surprised have been not -- on playing Thanksgiving Day because tiger can you imagine Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees. That would that be a great way to slow start things giving Dave as far as that may be the potential shoot out. Definitely caught yet and they don't have a ton of marquee matchup. On their schedule and then they're probably good for sport but match or so much it's so I hadn't -- about that that's only. Now might look at that. I guess Jimmy Graham oh whoa what is your take in and obviously it has to be in the news until you know he gets franchise in in all I'd stub it. Have you thought anymore about how they gonna break it down whether it goes to arbitration on what actually happened to whether he's considered. Tied in our -- receiver Gretna house of mine is standing it's based on. You previous season how many snaps she played a particular position OK -- and so does not have decided Jimmy -- is our Mickey Loomis is -- saint hand. That I'm look in that 67%. At a time. He lined out they line up a wider in the slot soul as does that -- may be being a wide receiver in. And all of a sudden you're talking about franchise tag what are we afford to have made dollars more. Issued yet and -- and -- you'd think in in you know they're gonna come to a long term deal some court it's a huge difference in a leverage in a look at a ball park they talk and that'll make each different. I think no yeah I've thought a lot of people about that and nobody can predict what an arbitrator will say. Could say it's black and -- the CBA what. What position lineup that last year but the question is how do you define the -- and that this. Who when he you when you line up -- -- didn't argue all we lining up as a tight end it's your next to the Dolphin to apple or when you're in the slot are you an idea of the tight end and about my argument I think he -- -- -- It I think -- job description of the tight and is a split sometimes blocking and sometimes receiver and all the tight ends in the league as some sort of split either let it. 673362. Beat 3670. Receivers well and that receiver -- a 100%. Tight -- have a combination and let the franchise tag figures they -- like Tony Gonzales Antonio Gates they -- and about like just the ultimate Jimmy Graham does so. I would make a strong argument that I didn't. But I do agree with -- -- that he deserves to be paid like -- era I'd be fine -- -- make -- -- and -- receiver or ten mil a year or more -- I think he's -- Yeah I think somewhere in that range -- what you say ten to twelve million I think when all's said and done and and and now with that being said. And you look out you know some fans arguing and again I'll always think too much -- did two players you don't true reason. And then Jimmy Graham then you look her Jimmy Jerry Jones talk about DeMarcus Ware. Their top of the minutes of play or not he's been injured a lot miss a lot of gains. -- see this a lot of -- -- to make tough decisions. Timmy did that there's no way because I think there's so much more of side. Led the Saints will would -- say -- -- we would gain have Jimmy grammys is gonna cost too much I mean a -- some Saints and they're trying to Al though that's not gonna have a he's not going anywhere. Well yeah we. That hurdle and I would through during his country coach I think contract negotiations just turn people out so much that they at this time a year. And what -- so many more pieces that I held it at a corner and say Indy tackles -- if he Drew Brees is worth twenty million a year market value lies that pretty when he has he has. And Jimmy Graham sort and they -- the era aren't saying no doubt about these two special special players. Up to them. Maybe the top 20/20 five players we -- itself. I I don't care what your formula is you can take two to that special just like whichever Detroit separate these steps -- I'd played Matthew Stafford Calvin Johnson and Atlanta I'd take Matt Bryant and Julio don't I mean if you don't special player they have. Still got over a hundred million dollars -- the cap space to build around them -- -- to -- -- -- in Europe that are there there's really I don't think there's an amount of money that's gonna come play. Where they should ever consider letting Jimmy Graham go and and I know a lot of people are little turnout could -- I finish in the playoffs. But look at those those teams were devoted to shutting him down Earl Thomas went about -- -- elite right now was spine injury -- and every play there's value in that too few. Omar had decent numbers and they used to -- the Seattle but that measurement -- you know everybody wants a super books. What about anything that happened against Seattle. Yeah and now Mike. Looking at -- as a team and you look defensively in and I'm taken the approach okay obviously always when you for improvement but. Boy from grind it still have a top five defense slogan of Rankin now on the before only what behind the Seahawks. You know pass defense outing Jabari Greer and obviously can name the Carroll ascendant on had a lot to do a bad habit. The one being -- I don't know I know they emphasize in practice driven the ball ball hawk and and all that. And it was puzzling too because it seems like we got off to a great start was just. -- from week nine on I think we had a -- them on -- takeaways in the NFL. Yeah and it just so I don't know how Rob Ryan can change that but I think we he get those takeaways. Blood that we could stay as wanted to top defenses. And obviously given all of its more opportunities and I thought this that card number was -- and -- -- and -- that. You look at the Seahawks winning his stool ball well against what they had 39 takeaways and a year we won the Super Bowl -- 3092 a's are greatly. Definitely in an injury that play out that. That was so weird in the greatly in years they had that incredible numbers or -- here -- -- and they just couldn't Bynum the next two years so. It's hard to put it primaries Panama I didn't think -- thing above all out -- turnovers what a great out stretched orders play with a big lead. And you know -- to -- percent of -- you know for the first time maybe ever that I think over the Saints are really trust that -- -- right now -- -- -- -- stretch in the passer and the scheme -- rob Bryant. And so I think that'll lead to more turnovers I think some -- -- at Leicester and there wouldn't -- to play with a big lead. The only other team roster -- be a little -- catch up so I think late in the season that happened to be getting a lot of low scoring games against Seattle they -- just -- Carolina that might have been partly out of this double -- out so. I like it's it's just at least the middle of the pack it above average in turnovers I agree I think that that's still on the -- took -- a value on what. They can probably Mike Triplett they can keep that stuff so it is being knocked out. Mike -- bit ESPN NFL NFC south in New Orleans Saints beat writer and receive about Rose from a media award it this year footwork and -- -- -- as it. A sportswriter or broadcaster and then being at the touchdown club on next month Mike tripped -- Mike thank you so much for the time we appreciate. It.