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2-26 4-5pm SPortsTalk: Saints season 2014

Feb 26, 2014|

According to ESPN, the Saints' 2014 strength of schedule is tied for eighth weakest in the NFL. To early to predict? Are you optimistic that the Black & Gold can win the NFC South next year?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to an abbreviated edition of sports talk at 630. LSU find tiger basketball taking on the Texas a and M Aggies went there are seven teams that for the fourth spot. In the Southeastern Conference -- talked to. ESPN New Orleans saint did you know C south beat writer Mike Triplett talk about the Saints played -- on trying to re sign some free agents before -- period begins. -- the first the next month and the Saints 2014 strength of schedule Jeff memo columnist at WW dot com and always and that exports direct will be with us to talk about LSU last night at the baseball team. And that our rain shortened game got pop Bobby Louisiana raging occasions the very good ball Marco drove a show. And we'll talk about tonight's game with the Tigers and Texas a and -- and also will point toward LSU spring football that begins before long. And he thought about a big day about a foot LSU. Coach Rob Ryan will be one of the guest speakers also speaking this year the keynote speaker for LSU coaching clinic. The great Ray Lewis so a big big clinic for LSU they always had the weekend before the annual purple and white spring game. Well -- c'mon how draining was that rob Bryant you guys -- can't wait to go to and had blood that's where if you Davidson coach are. I guess. Look at the then leadership in the Davidson aside the quarterback the that you need to bring your pencil and paper whatever you take a lot of notes yeah. And you know see how different things are structured. -- Rob Ryan. They would this year Saints defense that is truly amazing got a showdown -- -- an NFL you know what I did you know it'll go down -- -- Alston on. It was that worst to first -- I don't -- I don't wanna put. A number on it. Both wanted to greatest you know turn around and history. In any sport. In any statistic I mean if you if you offer it to me like if you go from what the Rams in 98. Denying that a greater issue on -- right you go to what does saint did you know 2011 and often and so and you which he turned around a what you come from. Now it was it was unbelievable course he has a history coach Brad does so with Ray Lewis so as can be addressed in those two guys will be speaking at the LSU Clint. And they ended -- one asset. That Rob Ryan has going for him. And I think which -- awareness and also -- Mickey Loomis you know that gets tossed around a lot like a player's coach. But you have to -- to its all about communication. You know always tell you that if you wanna go to the coaching feel you think. I might be featured like Q have a particular sport when his football basketball baseball and in. You don't -- guard David personalities you dealing with. When you go to college -- -- don't major -- ability to major in psychology. And you all -- I think you would be different person I'm not saying that to go be a psychiatrist car are anything but. Just from a psychological standpoint. To push the right buttons -- do you motivate players. Because it is so much about communication. And you have to have guys to want to play for -- Koppen is a -- You know kind of like I scratch your bag is cracked -- -- I'm gonna put you diseases succeed. And and so you gotta trust me and I think that's a Rob Ryan to meet the number one thing is that the players have bought into his system. And and that's why they had so much success. Now. -- whatever rhyme or reason out I don't know because it didn't start out that way in the season. The takeaways. When you look at the turnover -- how we're. You know -- headed in the right direction like it was the suitable here as far as being on the plus side and a turnover ratio. Oh was it from week nine. On. I think even looking at the playoffs I think we have at least a money takeaways. In the NFL. Where I thought this wasn't by accident. You look at the suitable champs Seattle Seahawks. They had 39 takeaways right. The year we won the suitable on the Gregg Williams we had 39 takeaways. So I think that's one thing we can build upon and they always stress driven the ball and it's warmer the ball we get more hats around it. Where you make sure you get an attack -- that to the second or third guy come in and maybe punching the ball out in a ball hawk do whatever you wanna call it because I think that's definitely an area. They could affect what you win or lose in the playoffs. You know given more opportunities but he offered especially when the Saints and drew residual pain they've always had a top five offense. So that's one hairy look at in the offseason. In OTAs mini camp the training camp and that that's definitely an area the biggest they went there rat. And and I'd be like an -- for defense that the number two -- -- been -- -- the Seahawks. But just had to get the takeaways. We did that one thing deep I don't see how we don't stay a top five defense again and in there for you in the hunt in contention. -- represented Hennessey in the syllable. That's the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert -- building LSU basketball tonight blossom over the phone lines -- pretty jaguar opinion -- ESPN says the Saints have the eight weakest schedule in 2014. Are you optimistic that the black and go in the NFC south. This year. Can't should vote online at WW dot com coming up tonight LSU find tiger basketball operated jaguar opinion poll ESPN says a New Orleans Saints had a eight week is scheduled 2014. Are you optimistic the black and goal will win in the NFC south can she vote online at WWL. Dot com Bobby of course in -- time a year where the timing of pressure resume and non college basketball and then also tonight that you NBA basketball. We have the a New Orleans pelicans and the Dallas Mavericks in. I understand that you know there's been a lot of injuries and so -- but again coming off a very disappointing loss on a Monday night it's who -- -- about thirteen to the LA Clippers. And you know Bobby since Chris Paul left. The pelicans only have a better record in Sacramento. Cleveland and Charlotte and currently Charlotte is on pace to be a playoff team. And honest and has a lot of youth movement in all that but that's inexcusable yet know and I -- missed a bit today and I thought Tim Lewis did a great great job there writing in the paper on Tuesday and advocate. And then he went back and quoted -- and it pelicans and Saints owner Tom Benson save at it was it -- -- the -- team we expect the sellout. But every game. He thought about the excitement of fans and so forth. And that you know average attendance is 161000 but by the -- Knicks game on a night in a release filed a 6000 people that weren't there. Well ahead of -- know the other night I don't -- often the Clippers these teams. Problem yes yes the end and and Deke to jump on that bandwagon. And having truly. And I think he'd be like this even -- oranges basketball in general let us college or professional. I -- -- let's say and that Ellis she'd be -- on the heels Kentucky and Florida. By definitely. NCAA tournament. And you know. And what it may be of sent -- I'm just saying that the program. Is on the up and up. And I still think but it looks more like in IT situation right now. Then the you know green. This analytical person and just -- the -- and yet that. It you have to windy trial kind of promotional as a club promotions in gimmicks and you know what you wanna do lower price of tickets and all I've been supply and demand the team's winning everybody wants to be part of the action. And tonight in prime time so you know you always get a little extra national attention when the game's in prime time it's a ESP -- game we'll have before you. Since game 1053 -- famine in rest and get like the national. Prospective -- and they don't call it team on a daily bases but they do there well rehearsed they give them the best note they talked to people that closest team the data shoot around. And -- -- deceived because Dallas is a ballclub that right in the thick of the playoff things. As well -- interesting get that taken I. Yet -- Andy Dolan thing if you just look at the numbers. It doesn't look too promising for the pelicans and I -- they'll lose again the reason why -- say that if you look at the Mavericks. They've won 21 of their past when he -- -- seizing gains against New Orleans yeah. So looks like they're probably going to be Tony to a 24 -- mean it just you just look at that track record in. You look at this season the pelicans of a lot of hundred or more points and all three losses. The Mavericks. You know we've emphasized the defense scoring defense. And so no big I'd be surprised if right now in the pelicans duo said the Mavericks. If you eight USA I think -- with him Bobby thirty between thirty and 41 over on us so if you -- sitting as if I'm just ask who gave the own later. In the week but if you had if you had a Vegas -- right now on with 26 games left it 2333. I would say to the Vegas numbers sandy go over on on the pelicans total a win in this point six games. If they were -- be predicted dove on the -- be about eight. Yeah OK okay probably about eight of those Tony six. But they give you again you know we were trying to be optimistic going into an all star break good. Mehmet did beat the Milwaukee bugs -- -- c'mon you have to -- yeah you know go to the all star break but you look. And now the pelicans what they've lost six of their past seven games including four since the all star break in. You look at the road now. It's only gonna get tougher as you know what this had to begin a five game Western Conference and stretch -- -- -- -- for yet and then then you look at their record the pelicans are three and twelve on the road against Western Conference team so. Because Seles sending gonna go to winning streak and you know we kind of talked about that we do in those all star -- and boy you know being in a winning streak in. You know winning eight out of ten you know that that I think are -- -- out to dinner. You know. A dozen in a row would averages go on a winning streak but. Look at this tough road stretch in silly because what they've done on the road -- in between twelve -- it's worth the comments and then look too promising. 260187866889. You rates and the economic game all other Indiana tonight the magic are at the 76 -- Atlanta visits. Boston the -- Golden State Warriors are on the road at Chicago on match up at 1053 FM 7 PM tip it's a national televised game on ESP in the pelicans 23 and 33. 1019 -- who became Senna at Dallas to take on the mavs and Lakers are in Memphis take on the Grizzlies -- -- at Oklahoma City. Pistons or in San Antonio the Phoenix Suns and you tell the nets -- the TrailBlazer and go -- late tonight the -- On ESPN has the Rockets taking on the Los Angeles Clippers with. Big baby Glen Davis expected to make his debut -- -- -- kind of boost he gears as reading -- that Revis is gonna help me. Implement more my scheme because he was under -- Boston and he likes in Oakmont Doc -- wouldn't bring him around. If he did well and big baby had a chance either basically go with these teammates in Brooklyn boys coach in LAQ what is coach and -- Well that's why era to go Jason Collins going and going Brooklyn and -- -- it would Jason Kidd. In an audience is who yeah who are you familiar with you know in. You know I have to really learn about the player on this then the player you already had a -- background with them. And then and then able to break that down as far as his contribution to what you expect him him. When you bring him and into the candy Contra right now league and its second. That's Indy contract LB. That being Jason Collins that's they'll have to wait he was gonna happen the and about this trend that is scheduled and and I think there's going to be where -- and detaining. Home schedules. Maybe in Saints history and considering you know you look at top quarterbacks -- who's coming to town. With interest and an -- with -- -- await the final of the days for the Baltimore Ravens become the town and the Baltimore Ravens are the only team you know we gonna get him in the superdome -- only team that Sean Payton and Drew Brees is not beaten. They never beaten the Baltimore Ravens though we get to Cincinnati Bengals. Coming to town. Cincinnati being a playoff team that why. That's intriguing. And Ayala allowed. Like the things they were undefeated at home how they lost in the playoffs at home probably get him in the superdome and then you got Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. So what combining the team that could be a potential. Shoot out then you got the 49ers. Coming back to town. -- -- -- -- -- United look in the you know -- at Atlanta Carolina Tampa means so that's outstanding. Home schedule but if you look at it. I'd begun and I think this is encouraging and they're talking about this more of the struggles on. That right now the Saints are tied for the eighth week is schedule. Which is number 23 and NFL. Now all the New York Giants and their number 26 -- Tennessee has an easier schedule than the Saints. And all the easiest schedules and witnesses based on previous who did did the previous season. So how demanding the schedule was. You know when you look at last year. I know we can hold the Saints feed the fire and in in be almost like -- -- -- a great season where kind of right now. But -- this expecting eleven wins in particular because they're Rob Ryan is -- with the defense. Optimism not to welcome and ESPN NFL in the NFC south. A write up Mike Triplett to a WW a radio Mike thank you so much just for the time. And I'm sitting here talking about the New Orleans Saints. Our schedule coming up among many other things though we also -- congratulate Mike -- it because he received about Rose -- media award at the quarterback touchdown club for New Orleans coming up in mid march so congratulations teachers. -- he's he's learned a good things they came -- Iowa. And it's been -- my god how I watch a lot of their food network's I wanna go to our state -- I know much more and you came -- I would have gotten there. I appreciate it guys I appreciate the love violently. And indeed now Mike when you look at that would just talk on this still waiting to see the dates obviously but you know a lot of people. I probably make more out of it and some people but when I look at strength of schedule compared to what the Saints faced last year. And look at how rob -- turn around the defense you know the salary cap problems and all that but I am optimistic. And I'd be extremely disappointed in this things don't get another. The double digit winning season when you look strength the schedule 23. Overall. And Dallas look in only the Giants there at number 26 that. And there's only the giant and NFC that has it easy is scheduled in the Saints when you break it down. And now when Rudy playing and where their plenum. No I completely agree about because with the Saints. -- it about a year. 2011 even 20102013. Good good settlement of pretty consistent group here where they are capable of winning 1113. Games to -- out of a close game all I think that credit in their. It very easily could have been a twelve or thirteen win team last year. And that you're toward the -- -- too much because look there laughter projector brought the program so you know but. When people -- go out and again that's you know it's still well they don't get past Seattle could intercept but it with a better record the -- they don't place Seattle this -- it'll play again retinal lately I think it's (%expletive) so stolen all. Absolutely think he took twelve or thirteen -- three they could sweep their own game like they did last year. They make -- be at 1214. Or thirteen and three team to beat number one seed ever have a place. And -- Mike you look at. I guess how the Saints -- on -- on -- Drew Brees has been unbelievable. There recchi when you look at prime time when they're like the main focus and and I was looking at this that. They got to play at Detroit and at Dallas and I'd be surprised -- been not -- on playing Thanksgiving Day because tiger can you imagine Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees that. That would that be a great way to slow start things giving Dave as far as that may be the potential shoot out. Definitely caught Malia and they don't have a ton of marquee matchup. On their schedule and then they're probably good for sport but match or -- -- its side and -- about that that's only. Now might look at that. I guess Jimmy Graham oh whoa what is your take in and obviously it has to be in the news until you know he gets franchise in in all I'd stub it. Have you thought anymore about how they gonna break it down whether it goes to arbitration on what actually happened to whether he's considered. Tied in our -- receiver right now doesn't mind the standing it's based on. You previous season how many snaps she played a particular position OK -- -- still does not have decided Jimmy -- is our Mickey Loomis is -- saint hand. That I'm look in that 67%. At a time. He lined out they line up a wider in the slot soul as does that -- may be being a wide receiver in. And all of a sudden you're talking about franchise tag what are we afford to have -- dollars more. Issued yet consent and -- huge statement in in you know they're gonna come to a long term deal some court -- a huge difference in a -- in -- look at a ball park and talk and that'll make -- -- different. I think -- yeah I thought a lot of people about that and nobody can predict what an arbitrator will say. Could say it's black and white the CPA well. What position you lined up at Leicester but the question is how do you define the -- and that that. Who when he you what do you lining up as a I didn't argue all we lining up as a tight end it's your next to the -- to apple or when you're in the slot are -- any of the credit and about my argument I think he has that -- It I think -- job description of a tight and is they split sometimes blocking and sometimes receiver. And all the tight ends in the league has some sort of split even let it. 673362. 33670. Receivers well and at that receiver -- a 100%. Tight ends have a combination and -- the franchise -- figured they and like Tony and I'll Antonio Gates they were and about like just -- ultimate Jimmy Graham does so. I would make a strong argument that it that I didn't. But I do agree with Graham's care that he deserves to -- paper like -- era I'd be fine that they make the -- and -- receiver or ten mil a year or more -- I think he's earned. Yeah I think somewhere in that range -- what you say ten to twelve million I think when all's said and done and and and now with that being said. And you look out you know some fans arguing and again I'll always paying too much -- did two players you don't true reason. And then Jimmy Graham and and you look her Jimmy Jerry Jones talk about DeMarcus Ware. Their top Davidson player now he's been injured a lot miss a lot of gains. BC this a lot of -- -- to make tough decisions. Timmy did that there's no way because I think there's so much more of side. Led the Saints will would you sell KO we would gain have Jimmy grammys is gonna cost too much I mean -- -- some Saints and they're trying to -- though that's not gonna have a he's not going anywhere. Leah and we. Hurdle and I would through during his country coaches I think contract negotiations just turn people out so much scrutiny this time a year and what I had so many more pieces that I held it at a corner and say Indy tackles -- if he Drew Brees is worth twenty million a year market value -- -- pretty when he has he has. Injury grams or in any era are saying no doubt about these are two special special players. Up to them. Maybe the top 20/20 five players we had itself. I I don't care what your formula as you can take two guys that are that special just like whichever Detroit set -- these stats are. I'd played Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson and that Atlanta I'd take Matt Ryan and Julio don't I mean if you don't special player they have. Still got over a hundred million dollars were the cap space to build around them and say to obviously directed -- in -- that there there's really I don't think there's an amount of money that's gonna come play. Where they should ever consider letting Jimmy Graham go and and I know a lot of people are little turnout could yet -- finish in the playoffs. But look at those those teams were devoted to shutting him down Earl Thomas but about sixty in a league right now was spine Jimmy Graham and every play there's value in that too few. Omar had decent numbers and they used to -- the Seattle but that measurement perk you know everybody ought to super -- What about anything that happened against Seattle. Yeah and now Mike. Looking at -- -- as a team and you look defensively in and I'm taken the approach okay obviously always when you for improvement but. Boy if Rob -- it's still have a top five defense slogan -- Rankin now on the before only what behind the Seahawks. You know pass defense -- Jabari Greer and obviously can name the Carroll ascendant on had a lot to do a bad habit. The one thing and I don't know I know they emphasize in practice driven the ball ball hawk and and I'll let. And it was puzzling too because it seems like we got off to a great start was just. -- from week nine on I think we had a -- them -- -- takeaways in the NFL. Yeah and it just so I don't know how Rob Ryan can change that but I think we he get those takeaways. Blood that we could stay as wanted to top defenses. And obviously given all of its more opportunities and I thought this that card number was on blue balls telling big that. You look at the Seahawks winning his stool ball well against what they had 39 takeaways and a year we won the Super Bowl -- 3092 a's are greatly. Definitely in -- the playoffs it's. That was so weird in the greatly in years they had an incredible number and Turk average -- here and then they just couldn't -- the next two years so it's hard to put it primaries. I didn't think -- thing above all -- -- turnovers what a great out stretched -- play with a big lead. And you know -- to -- percent of their duty you know for the first time maybe ever that I think -- -- -- -- really trust their outstretched right now both -- -- stretch in the passer in the scheme of rob Bryant. And so I think that'll lead to more turnovers I think some -- at Leicester and then when the -- to play with a big lead. -- the other -- roster step -- -- catch up so I think late in the season that happened to be -- -- a lot of low scoring games against Seattle -- just -- Carolina that might have been partly out of this double -- out so. I like they're -- and it just at least the middle of the -- it above average in turnovers I agree I think that that's still on the -- it's -- how -- a value on what. They -- Mike Triplett they can keep that stuff that is being knocked out. Mike should bit ESPN NFL NFC south in New Orleans Saints beat writer and receive about Rose -- media award it this year for his work and -- try to as it. A sportswriter or broadcaster and that being at the touchdown club on next month Mike tripped -- Mike thank you so much for the time we appreciate. To the phones -- goes Riddell for -- thank you for calling WW area. So. They all but not being with the Jimmy granting -- -- -- -- about it Mike talk about it on. You know I understand the fact that he's a great player and probable and I'll always for the book I'd been in the -- But I assume it took him at that point but it's you know punts when he talks that are normally -- two guys. Expense that would all the that we do you know it would also excellent right now it's a matter what we do you know me. Well they ended -- about this is even even went out bomblets Illini being what it we would like it to be as far as protecting Drew Brees. We started running the ball better just when we did the last four games these seizing the inning going into the playoffs. And Drew Brees sometimes makes doll with a line better than what they are as far as getting rid of the ball. I think you have to look at how each team. It is structured because I did today you can look at each team. And they get to them -- You know now depending when their contract so they have a handful of players are to have at least two players. That -- and invest the money and like you know you -- met Matt Ryan Julio Jones of the Falcons. Matthews Stanford mega try and Calvin Johnson -- Elijah did go across the league and you find a number. -- teams. Look look at Tony Romo with the invested in him in Dallas before even -- won anything and you look DeMarcus Ware and Alabama to make a decision. -- the last two seasons he's been hurt with the opinion them. But. Man I think the way we structured in how we utilize the tight end. He -- look at it now I know it's frustrating became look at it that announcing he got -- but he got shut out about a sea Hawks to life. But the Seahawks shut out Vernon Davis of the far united also sent out Thomas the tight end up for the Broncos. Yeah yeah I mean you have to look at okay -- get. That did say they've put a percentage Youkilis they got sixteen games. And let's say. Ten to twelve of the games EU are unbelievable and maybe. EEE one worth the money in a sane and -- games that teams that could take their chances and ending one. Iconic consisting and that's a -- Jimmy Graham brings that offense so we Drew Brees. Now I and I agree with Diana not that we shouldn't touch it resigning -- obviously I think we do about it you know you're creating number -- -- you know 20%. That's my that's my finger on explode. Therefore it's a team like Cowboys decide -- let you know markets where we can make a run for or somebody you know really depends on it -- free agents. Rough free -- -- on defense. -- -- so we're you know that week so there's a couple laps on defense and also line. You know. Well eight and I think depending on the market I think. They gonna have some top free agent cornerbacks. You know we can find one. You know obviously Keenan Lewis because I think Corey wide advances at third or fourth guy. Now you know at Nike to leave batting has to be too expensive. Maybe you know captain Motorola and what -- -- Carolina. Did you know I don't know what the market's gonna bare farm so big and have opportunities. You know to do that bad but I but I understand where. He's coming from is like and we pay Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham all that money but that's as the market. I mean and -- -- earned their based on what. They've done an appeal now would you say eight to ten million. You have to it would have to lead lead lead to more to the ten million more because. Gradkowski. He basically got what 56000006. Years. Until now -- and he hasn't been healthy human Jimmy Graham hasn't been healthy still played solid just say the sixty million the Sixers as ten million. He had these -- get a better deal than Gradkowski that's why you can't say around that eight million dollar mark. And that's -- -- around that twelve million dollar more ligament. The franchise. Tag number and also kind of between a between a wide receiver and tight end it's all part of -- to negotiation it. I'd be shocked if you make anything less than ten million LSU basketball tonight Tigers and Texas a and M 6:30 PM and the pelicans and the Mavericks 7 PM all right here we give -- options on WWL.