WWL>Topics>>2-26 6:10pm Jeff Palermo, LSU basketball

2-26 6:10pm Jeff Palermo, LSU basketball

Feb 26, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by WWL.com's Jeff Palermo to talk fighting Tiger hoops as they host the Aggies.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the LSU Tigers take on Texas Stadium this evening in SEC basketball there's a logjam for the fourth spot seven teams. At temple a spot right now LSU -- 77 in conference play in in the 77 economist by -- -- columnist at WW dot com. And always an Iowa sports director joins us -- -- notes on the crowd was -- and Youkilis who wasted a golden opportunity to really. Upgrade their -- -- and now they've got to finish strongly that the finished on the SEC tournament they can ill afford a loss tonight against a say in him. Now no doubt about it they've done for the most part a good job at an internal court that's what we're getting back up to do here and I believe they can't. Allow a team like Texas saying now that that's not a great -- need to come in. And beat -- -- what you're -- board board tiger is that they have. -- cup it's after going toe to toe with Tebucky. At their place. You know you never want to have a lot I understand. No such thing as moral. Victories but. Maybe if anything out of that game. What you learn something from about themselves -- but they can't they can't it was some of the better country. And maybe that will result -- them on it all the better. Here down the stretch. Now -- To switch topics a little bit go look at LSU baseball last night. You know all would have liked has seen a complete game. Obviously. You -- all of a sudden it was -- -- but in the last 8 o'clock it's starting to rain it's pouring in. And of that point how much in the game and the raging case is deserve the lead they rub Ford one that look Ellis is first loss of the season. To me out are heavily bingo when you when you look downing is gonna hurt him that much considering the expectations. A Louisiana Lafayette where they were ranked as high as I wanna see -- attend. And that they're almost expected to be an NCAA tournament teams so I think it you know given that loss. That I really don't think it affects L issue them much what is your take. Now I and I think you know you don't want to say it's it's a wake up call war but. You know Andre in the game against Texas southern. Southern parent club walk through that game in. You know -- they want so convincingly on Friday and Saturday night -- -- up. The thing with baseball the game can humble you quite a bit and I think what happened on Tuesday. Probably -- a lot of guys and -- -- mostly guys that you know made some inexperience mistakes like Greg -- Robert that the second base and get thrown out. Late in the -- out the field. You know sometimes. You know what you think -- You feel that game it's kind of feel a little bit too easy every element needs you need a reality check and I think that's what it was now. -- ballots or the competition at their plane hit when a candidate not going to be to their focal point Yale. Obviously ideally school can actually be up the Yale burst into the beat not Friday. So you know it's not like analogies and really face and struck -- -- -- but I think it -- it which ultimately got to really be focused. That he can take advantage. Of your mistakes. So you would expect it to bounce back this weekend but. No doubt about it I think what happened not -- table be in the back of their teams' minds for a little bit and if there's a chance that LSU. The racing cajun meet -- in the post season next year I think what happened on Tuesday -- Utley at. This story lot of that possible matchup in the postseason. Now Jeff obviously take care of business tonight and Laviolette put a basketball teams that and they weren't upset top ranked Florida in Gainesville on Saturday. And have a deep run it today SE tournament. Do you think you still have a chance an at large -- I think they still have a chance I mean if you watch the game. On Saturday ESP and stolen parties they they last graphic. Up there and -- and argue of course that ESPN's bracket colleges and our neck graphic but they shouted that if LSU beat Kentucky that you would be L few would be part of the field of 68 at -- point. And had a leg all over Tennessee is that Carolina. And Asia where you know right now -- these the other letter to -- -- better. That aren't Florida Kentucky now who's going to be that thirteen you know you look at the standings Georgia is currently. In third place in the Southeastern Conference but data really beat anybody Perry and not proper part of the schedule and back it. We lost you know a couple of bad games so. You know -- he's got the chance that -- that it would try to put Brett. Try to impress the committee I mean that the committee want the put -- -- EC teams -- there. You don't know who is going to be that thirteen and you know -- he still event. They'll match on you know I don't look at them and beat a team on the bubble at the -- out against. I don't think they're they're -- -- -- at this point I think naked you know they went tonight. I have a good showing at Florida -- -- win at Vanderbilt. I think that's going to be. Key a week from tomorrow and -- British what a game against Georgia -- then. Yeah when a couple of games and yet these seats are currently get the Saturday. You know they make it might have an opportunity might have an opportunity. But still you know when you look back at somebody's locked is that they've had -- -- You know against the likes of Rhode Island was an Alabama. You know those part of -- -- -- really good comeback to hurt yeah. The edges SEC on the road. Well what what an -- one game on the road -- now why. Gave out Gurode and Allen the South Carolina is more like three games collectively. They -- everybody beaten South Carolina and Mississippi State on their home floor. -- Lambeau Jeff how -- folks volley on Twitter. Chip or oil aren't -- thank you so much -- time enjoy games aren't threatening.