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WWL>Topics>>2-27 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

2-27 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 27, 2014|

Dave talks about would you pay to cuddle, pot-eating dogs, and a women giving birth in the middle of the street

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    You know David and I'm not in but it successful heart surgeon at blows save people's lives in the lateness Mattel girls. All yells out tell a single lady does Bartok yet exactly I'm sorry I'm just a simple country long way here but I Italian. Mum. First of its hard to keep realize street yeah this idea how about CEO of your massive company that. Yeah. See you liked one. Of new York new high tech company news hi tech startup idea and yeah. But already you've had offers from Google and you know about this about new startup now IPO. Only drew eight billion and we were open from Portland that's a yeah. That'll get your day and ailments he says light ripening camera with a fender that duct taped. Let's just say security and security reasons there's of people and ideas they can exactly you're out. I admit seriously and visible thing with what concerns me and I get a text here about the new protocol. Unable healthcare workers gonna have to undergo special training to demonstrate companies seen using protective equipment use of the gear. Now including coveralls and single use disposable hoods must be overseen by a supervisor. To ensure proper procedure those procedures are followed when caring for patients with people. And I guess that the question and I hand is you have to be health care professional to shoot these new protocol I would think. Protocols I would think you would be. And and the the gentlemen we can oranges now and says it's 67 hours of training it meaning he'll watch him one date to make sure they know about it. To do it and and I I always break things down to duck it would Howard to do this it's a great idea how are we going to do this because they are on the Frontline. En us that's all the Oxford street doctors and health care workers health care workers. Noting that if you are health care worker. I mean you know you can have the best of intentions but. Can you afford to go unless I'm missing something here can you afford to go to West Africa take whatever time it does do the training. Risk getting. And then after you do get back you look 121 days. In quarantine and believe that's what would happen if you go over there if your health care professional. Well I don't think a nurse can afford to do that you. Aren't all unless they brought I think there's probably going to be a monetary incentive. You know to get people ago I think you would have to you and if you're a medical health care professional I would like I'm not that there's got to kind of like a tortilla. About would you go. And Kenya afford to do that because I don't think a doctor unless these independently wealthy enough the in hi he got up and millionaire tonight give up his practice gasoline and he's got patience there she's got a patient cedar. So I'd like to talk TO about this welcome back maybe. Donna Edwards can channel light on this bit of a doubt because she's an organizer for benefit concert. For people research and only too well I don't know we'll see tell me if your health care professional. On here for amicus I don't know of anybody who can do that and where they gonna come from the need these huge. But how many people can actually. Afford to take that much time on their lives and on their bank accounts coming back and flinched at a W I Tommy Tucker got a real beautiful listening fall morning. Gotta take a couple of seconds enjoy that at least before you begin the grind. Clear cool low humidity to day highs around seven the 67 eaters so and then. Wins in the northeast five to attend a make it feel even cooler than that same for tomorrow. Maybe it's hand warmer than Thursday highs of 76. And Friday highs around 79 but clear and Brian. Is beautiful Donnie Edwards joins us right now she is the organizer for the benefit concert for people are re search. And relief that Tulane University morning Donna. I. Ansari. I'm doing well and you. Before we go down the wrong road. Our US health care professional or you just involved in promoting concert. I popular did it at his age and biomedical science diet program. And and I am embarked in court maybe put a battery. IT and the reason I ask you this and you may now wanting to get involved but. I you know I just wonder when it comes of the call for health care workers to help the people in West Africa. And teach them did the proper protocols. Who could afford. Be it a nurse or doctor I don't know what other healthcare professionals they want to guess biologists. To take that time off and go. And and risk Ebola then if they get it they're not coming back to the United States to be treated I don't think and 21 days minimum quarantine when you come bank. And understand who could afford to do it is. Great and I like your day by. We agree that the mayor and how care workers still actually sacrificed their time. I do you got a god bless him I just I don't know. Who could do it I guess when I'm sane. It is people and I guess it. Here they are basically zero. They era. In there Akron right there I mean how it or eight people that are devastating speculation has. And speaking of which you you're trying to raise some money. For that effort with a concert right. Yet that Adam Lee hit two lane has passed a dairy corporate partner really act. We can have a government hospital here early at least at the age and injury accurate banner on the front lines at the Ebola outbreak. Actually did and we are obligated to quiet her factored in there international. In effort. So in order to support that we are raking and start like state in part and protective equipment. Cricket in their IP little antibiotics. Aaron for curbing back in areas action. And merely personal protective protective equipment. Wicket that our and that is a map that you see on the news. Yeah they need a lot. PPE. Actually stopped from being effective in treating the patient. I see the note here on a Presley's biggest news of personal protective suits hospital workers caring for patients. Need to suits per day at a cost of tax dollars each but is that. If there are only treating one patient. But now. Dare they're treating high and it's a patient outline I need. Put him away and asking Donnie you wouldn't have to put on a new suit each time you treat somebody different. Is at a question once you are in the war. You have to learn that you get any actor or northern new. Yes of that the need for suits as a I generally I only I can't leave their only ten dollars each. Great and Adam. There are part international and it didn't allow that. You know they're an act that these type a supply rich hacker well it is spam act being acted. I'm in so we're really seeing two sidekick and then over personal protective gear that they need. And Adam. It. It can't dollar hurt in the end it typically wiper expects let me dollar per day and we can't he act. Ulbrich and rhetoric are at or near Leo. And so it's a it's. Celebrating Sierra Leone and it happens. Friday night at the new loans house of blues. I ain't me. The ask. We hear it in a car. A general electorate. War mean. An op silent auction rate can't grab. Odd day. In right and Mary dies down. There's a lot of damage. And we're all we're doing Iraq will battle it going to be a lot of land. One down in an app but it's something important there and mind. If for whatever reason summoning as a conflict may be the era. Maybe they're on to a wedding. Maybe date they have some work function that night meted to sit around at the dog and I don't believe how can make contribution otherwise done. I simply can't that we dealt by me I teach kids Arabic site at WW. W dot they'll bite me. Back flag. Celebrating. Sierra Lee now. Aniston is the difference in the spelling and he did you will go funny dot com get there. Gated. Don't I mean it is fair game the patent idea to electorate is celebrating Sierra Leon now they're celebrating your outlook that act. I represented at the yearly. And and we spoke to. Gentlemen a doctor from Tulane that dating you guys very involved in in trying to develop treatment right. Yes that doctor Robert the airy. Is actually that. Head of the viral hemorrhagic consortium of her and hear the RE opted to beat up but I am I ain't that program. So there's really accurate how does that do it at Tulane school and that it. He's been a West Africa as in. I knew yet. Says a connection between Tulane and what's going notable and I hope we can help you at 7 o'clock Friday 9 October 24. At the house of blues a lot of fun some great items have been on an if you would just like to. Or can't go to stay home Ratajczak noted www. Go on to me. Common and I guesstimate how you'd type in celebrating at Sierra Leone will come in but its capital list Somali capital L and parading. Sierra Leo and thank you so much done and done everything you deal and and god bless mantown at stuff for the people that are over there and and to try to get somebody to go now I think you're right those are real heroes do that. Thank you gonna have a great afternoon and a great day 24 time coded traffic. He. Threat yet and I talking about a full of 43 people including five of them kids now a lot of quarantine and Dallas after 21 days of monitoring. No signs of global. A judge says eight community and you look among with grace compassion nothing's wrong with them. I'm asking you would you if you knew somebody was return and your neighborhood your workplace a year kids' school it'd been quarantined with a bowl would you say you know what. It's over they don't have it just. Come on in oh lead at DO drink gift do you do whatever. And in terms of volunteers. There's different web sites and there aren't enough and it's an out of control quickly which means the military's gonna have to go win. So I would ask you if you remember the National Guard or member. A family member of a member of the National Guard you OK with them on West African Delphi edible right now time for them and WL first news for that. Go to David Blake we continue our conversation about a bullet and would you be concerned if if your neighbor or somebody you work with north. Maybe even some edit your kids' school was quarantined three bull has happened in Dallas and then you were found not to have it in at least in the community and judge here sizzler. Treat these people with grace and compassion. They have been through enough and I'm asking you would you know. And attacks comes in and of a serious ignited says if my neighbor was quarantine I would stay away from him and a drop off of potting number owners stoop. And run. Of its are not distances Tommy how can help a country where witch doctors. Still tell aids people in need of virgin Acura need raw animals that are carriers of disease. They parade their dead in the streets for days even those with diseased the un bury their dead on anniversary in feast with them. Some dance and party with them going to ordered to order relative disease. There's many cultures that are still doing clean unsafe practices. I don't Jordan auditing and one at the university you know. Yeah. Mickey the season. They look at him yeah. When one. They come from I don't know. No but anyway another one says timing in this series one about being healthcare workers with all those weights but Shelvin what is that. As a medical personnel was sec says. In the military including National Guard had no choice Abel told they will go if told and I guess it comes down to the question of whether York. The the nation is the world's police force is well as the nation's doctors. Other worlds doctor revenue and is on good morning Tommy is a position I answer your question about training no. We cannot afford the time and resources go to West Africa for Ebola precautions. As it strikes here we are more aware of the proper protocols and procedures training has already started at local hospitals we can't afford to get caught off guard. On this we've learned a lot of the missteps that occurred in Dallas. As well and then there's this one from a nurses absolutely I would go on also I healthcare professional way you know our and it would visit him daily bring them food. And attacked him from people who are ignorant and but I think it's. There's one issue of of morality and wanting to help and as another you can afford to jump Greg could you afford to take that chance I just son of a Doctor Who would closes office floor. Or is practiced for 68 weeks whatever it took I don't know of a nursing can afford to take the time off to do that. But I'd like to know and I would also like to talk to you about the French Quarter when we come back another person killed 5:30 in the morning. And a couple of video beatings as well when it's safe to being a quarter when it isn't that in a flash of a W. That is anything I think. It is being remiss. My great great grandfather today at Tucker said you know what. Don't ever be remiss. And I am remiss in a couple of things first off reminding you about are ready jaguar opinion apple. Which isn't going to try to be flippant or sarcastic or anything with this for trying to gauge where exactly you are in terms of priorities in your life. And a question and these numbers have been pretty consistent the answers and 6 o'clock. This morning what scares you more brain eating amoeba. Percent consent is concerned rather with brain eating a Meebo or being afraid of that. 28%. Are afraid of Ebola. And 56%. Are afraid of the saints' schedule. So give me Collie and answer that in 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. And again with apologies my great great great grandfather I was remiss. In reminding you about the national World War II museums victory big band concert. Other Libya once you and a guest to put on nude dance and use and swing to the sounds. Of swing from the war years reform by the national lowered to museums victory big band. And victory bells at the newly restored art Deco new loans Lakefront airport terminal. On Friday night. Of the candle Friday please let somebody yells when the ticketing and diner owner Dervis and gourmet dishes from the cnet's. Let's explore the air power expo which is a fleet of legendary World War II aircraft and an assortment of fighters trainers. And liaison aircraft all fully restored. And ready to fly so when you hear jet airliner by the Steve Miller band and I think you all know that sounds like. Negated a number to call and if you are color number eight you win. With the World War II museum and got a W well this happened. Very shortly attacks comes and I think it's time to start checkpoints in the French Quarter anyone can be checked. And I think there's more about it timing thing when it comes in the French Quarter is what got our attention. Two weekends ago I think it is somebody got. Held up armed robbery for 19 AM Sunday morning 3200 blocker royal. And twenty minutes later. And has captured on video for five guys attacked him in the 800 block of Saint Louis right by burden. That is not the bowels of the quarter at all and they get to. Women that are watch in his happened and I enough there are part of it or not but no shot no runaway now and other news watch him like. The lazy lucky dog on the street French Quarter while Lee's four miscreants beat this man senseless. Knocked him down level this property and money then this weekend. A a person was killed by drunk driver and a quarter when nom. When a drunk driver hit a Poland Italy was the pulled that kilter. And my question do you is is it safe to walk around the quarter late at night or early in the morning because sometimes will come in. Here at 4 o'clock in the morning and we'll see people's strangling home in areas of this anyway I've probably. Maybe it would be a little bit hesitant to walk in the daytime but certainly at 4:30 in the morning and and not in control myself as some drop. Not that I drink anymore but back in the day. And here to me is the conundrum. I think part of deal lore of new long ones is that you can come here. The bars don't close at two you can drink until 430 if you want an angle back the hotel rooms sleep it off start all over. But if it's not safe. To do that. Should you somehow warn tourists evidence say you know what. He put a sign up percent and urges with the counts here saying. If you go I'd take a cab back from wherever you are don't leave Teague at camp say if it's after midnight or if it's after 1 o'clock. And house will would you tell friends who were visiting the French Quarter I'd tell mullah. If yet on out by 1 o'clock. I would be very careful about where you go because it's. It's like in the old west where the to distract voters are gonna get caught and and salted so tell me how you would handle Hannity 6018780386. Exit 89087. In. Now I know because. I wouldn't be comfortable walking around a quarter for 35 o'clock in the morning. And again this is not an area deepen in the dark dank. The debt and I mean that pejorative Lee but he in the in the area where people aren't aren't this is too aren't there this is Saint Louis. Very close to burden where four guys jump on this other guy beating. And two women standing there with a deck cores or whatever it is and hand his watch it like it's part of the she'll wait 51. Nine before nine time look at Traficant for that we go to terror Robinson. 857 Tommy Tucker let's congratulate Steve Newman gave just one appeared tickets of the national World War II museum's air power swing. At the new loans Lakefront airport Friday night tickets valued and a 150. Smack her studies. And you didn't when you want more information call 50452. Late 1944. Or visit www. National world wars Berkeley national. WW two museum dot org is it. Matters they voted their www. National WW two museum Dodd award. It will have another chance we'd win tickets. All week long here with us in the morning good luck in the national World War II museum. And WWL. We still have a Drew Brees domination teacher to give away. It was born right here in new long ones. And if you win a T shirt you get a a Drew Brees nine brand domination teacher but even if you don't win it you can join drew when the domination movement. Abide domination T shirt go to your neighborhood Winn-Dixie your shop online now at again it matters and I any brand. Dot com not the normal but spell it out and I EU and I any brand dot com for every teacher sold. One dollar goes a great cause the second harvest food bank on Thursday we giveaway shirt that is actually signed. By Drew Brees and when it comes to calm. The quarter being a safe place late at night the the most recent deaths Lou is really sad young lady named Taylor McDonald they before her birthday Sarah fiancee says he was gonna propose. That night and both for they decided to go to the quarter a mother reminded her do not drink and drive. But she says she forgot to one in this young lady that there are other people out there they drink and drive about 5:15 AM Sunday morning. The alarm and gone in on our friends Walken and a quarter trying to find nick Carr see slightly minder friends 400 block ever Gundy. And they hear a crash in a banger frenzied turn around. And see airline owners comic with their hand on her head. And she got hit in the hand nets were killed. Don't driver's seat tell me what what what's what's the the out time for the quarter where you would feel safe I would feel. Very on hesitant to say they're after 1 o'clock and if I had people visiting from out of town and so on talent you know like. Go have fun stay with the crowd and get out by one. What would you say and is that gonna hurt the reputation in new loans if A you can drink all night if you don't be safe betting home by 1 o'clock back and slash WW.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

10 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition -- WL for listeners on this the 27 of February 200914. Lock out the day before Friday don't come down Friday eve the last Thursday of February. And the last day switch over on -- about march on into march and winter coming back forgotten little brief visits is that the last slight man. I keep asking Orion argument for hours and no -- -- right into last. Has never again to the seventies and I think we've made him hit the eighties few days. Obviously that it's over Morgan. Not early and influential twenties. On the areas more yeah and remove people from the midwest there. -- around zero and below you talk about miserable. I mean he we're hearing it from all points north of yours that are already out it makes yes I'm on merciful. It's been rough rough winters. But we're getting closer and closer to putting it behind us like the seventies for the week auditors nuts are good or walk fifties today sixties tomorrow's seventies for the week. And it was Ole miss head who has interviewed windier callers had to have put on the big gold jacket or whatever -- out there a lot of people wanna of the parades and I think even more will be out there tonight even though will be kind of chilly. This evening it's it's cuddle in it's snuggle up and it whether that it's. Called not that's just it defines a warm audience. -- space it's the hard to get out of bad -- yeah there's that it is that if you can't find any one day you can cuddle. If you don't have that special someone warriors significant judgment and that the public. Dialog in him to get one of those rigs stuffed. Dogs were -- that would -- then I like this time. Mean go to -- Roseville California are really yes there's now a professional Cutler. How old. I've heard about that well remember they tried in Wisconsin. And the police were like all right yeah you go ahead and start McConnell business we're gonna vice there every day. Her posing as customers to make sure you're enact gas selling more than just hugging. Edward Bynum out and one minute all. He whether it was a negative publicity are really was a front for prostitution. The business in Wisconsin that you know what one activist -- yes I've decided that -- But over in California. They did it they opened yesterday as this news sacrament the -- connection. And they have five different models zone. Where you can go and owner Kelly Peters and then I think is one employee right now. Will 11 big room. Today I'm Regis if -- woman. Mountain sides of this while -- just one employee in it was so far is that she has plans at ten more if this is successful. And you go and you pay year. 49 dollars an hour. To be hugged. -- Holding hands. And regarding like spoon fashion -- -- that it again matches they. That -- looking things liquid ban against mark McKay -- really. And she says it with different about her. Coddling service is that there are cameras in the room. And all the rooms have wind. Says. The McCain come and take a look at he was gone on as he says now someone gets nose. Strategist army needed in this time it down again. Down. In India and if you don't have -- were a rubber -- to execute. This is just laid out of Ottawa. Cut all economic downing Connolly is -- stand and cuddle up that's what you wanted to. And and the prosecutor and in Wisconsin that we don't believe this because it was a woman man can't just coddle. He was insistent that coddling will now always leave exactly sexual aren't -- activity. So we'll see if in California. In Sacramento Roseville California. If they're able to just coddle. And it people are willing to pay 49 dollars an hour and a to be. And -- him -- you are you thinking about and our us that's a lot of traveling but -- -- Thanked the because of its successful if you get ten more employees ready to go. That it's not going cuddle and we'll -- And others is successful business model or not. But Sheehan says there's nothing to do with prostitution -- just think that you'll leave feeling refreshed and better the human touch makes people happy. You particularly wants to help the depressed and -- the sad and the lonely. But for -- -- just intensified. This moment as if it ends it cuddle. And it's 7870 tax. Will be back with more after this is your forecast all the way into the weekend and sports with Steve -- on this day before I game. 5:18 good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much of -- part of the early edition of WWL first his bundle up we've got a cold start this morning. Now the skies are clearing we are going to see low rain chances for the next couple of days that's good news to hear for those parades and expect to see mostly sunny skies today. And heist later around 53 degrees now Evey time tends to be falling into the forties. And so that means heading to the rage you wanna heavier jacket bit overnight tonight downed -- thirty north of Philly and 37 on the south sort. But really mild tomorrow up to 65 on Friday and partly cloudy and 73 on Saturday. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist -- With that north landed fifteen it's mostly cloudy and 34 in Slidell. Feels like 26. Actually freezing right now in Bogle -- and Hammond says there may be some frost on the North Shore. As we get one more win to re morning before we get into the fifties today sixties tomorrow seventies for the weekend. Man bring comments on China and those seventies when we get all of those super cruise rules. I've received -- super sports hero. -- for Friday happy Friday is happy Friday it was I wish I had clarity and we don't get any of them. -- -- him -- -- not Friday. Well I'm -- -- still about the pelicans and bad news the worse news -- -- team. Ellen and now they've lost five -- you know that's -- even happened it yeah -- got more bad news and sports. The pelicans tipped off their five game Mardi -- road trip with a 10 wait till 89 loss to the mavericks meanwhile has dropped their fifth straight game but that's not even the worst news. Spears Davis in the -- -- with a right hand couldn't get the member's bounce it and everything but go win. Davis has heard of the left shoulder is -- around the floor people would Dalembert to keep grabbing the left shoulder. Anthony Davis would leave the game before halftime with a left shoulder sprain that did not return the severity of the injury is not yet known. Well LeBron James will be a mass may have for the heat's game tonight as the reigning MVP. Will be sporting gear to help protect his broken nose king James tried out the protective mask in practice yesterday. -- has its hot uncomfortable improved to (%expletive) up Miami hosts the New York Knicks. Over to college hoops were LSU basketball earned its seventh straight SEC home victory. The 68 to 49 win over Texas and am. Drill markets about the Yankees. Your side markedly here glory Johnson three ball that's the. Freshman forward -- Martin led the way for the tigers with twenty points along with seven rebounds and the Cleveland Browns have bid farewell to one of the more popular players. The -- Jackson made sixty and then -- 96 starts for the browns and eight seasons. The team and player were unable to come to terms on a new contract for the 31 year old linebacker. Therefore on sports talk that deadline to place the franchise tag on NFL players as Monday. Should the saints used bears on Jimmy Graham and Steve Geller naturally morning and look at sports. I was 21 -- on Steve -- with you on your -- so we really don't know how bad Anthony davis' shoulders it is bad enough that he had to leave the gaming could not come back and play in the second. No he did come to the sidelines it was in a sling but there -- bit there at the team's only saying that he sprained left shoulder. And just this season as you know you hate this -- curse their bad luck this -- -- -- doesn't have any good book. Mean things. -- Anthony Davis. What they -- last. And I mean it was a close they were actually that in with the mavericks which I -- given much chance in this game. They were battling with the mavs Anthony Davis went out and that it just it was all downhill from there. It would. This this has been one of the worst. Seasons I can ever imagine or remember. -- -- for any kind of team I guess the question as this coach Mike Williams get past this season because of the injuries and all the other problems that plagued this team. -- it is certainly can -- in his new coach. Well but that's been a lot of the buzz everyone's saying that you know money's not getting the job done but I feel like the franchise will give him another shot just because. No Ryan Anderson no Jrue Holiday -- Jason Smith and now possibly. No -- Davis for an extended period of time again if we'll be -- extended but. A period of time but we'll have to let you go for now -- -- -- 25 minutes more sports here on WWL am FM and account. Back with your cold to start but much warmer in the end forecast after this. -- -- -- -- good morning I'm game how it's purely business every WL first news man it's the -- before Friday. And it's cold to start. Cool today 53 this afternoon that after starting off in the thirties early this morning but skies will be clearing and it's going to stay clear. For the next couple of days -- evening crates of beautiful tonight just a little on the chilly side temperatures will be falling into the forties. An overnight lows around thirty on the North Shore and 37 south of the late. Where up to 65 on Friday with partly cloudy skies and even warmer on Saturday with a few clouds highs of 73. From the amnesties forecast -- I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- bundle up this morning it feels like the Taiwanese all across the region it's 37. At the airport in Canada now feels like 28 feels like 27 at the -- Lakefront airport port -- 26 in Slidell. Where it's mostly cloudy and 34 degrees. Hammond and -- it's actually 32 right at freezing but feels like 26 or 27 degrees may have some frost out there north of the late this morning and out in the areas away from the cities to be ready for that. If feared getting out and about on this -- before Friday so -- in -- ruling. Yesterday from a federal court in Texas San Antonio. Where federal judge ruled that State's ban on gay marriages unconstitutional. So what that means is now that the US fifth circuit court of field right here in downtown New Orleans is gonna hear the appeal that case. Legal analyst Tim match there's a lot of work for us says. Every court so far that is look at this issue since the Supreme Court tennis changes the game. Has found that it is illegal to ban same sex marriage -- he expects the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans do agree with the Texas court. And uphold the ruling. He -- with that will immediately then do is say. The constitutional amendment against gay marriage in Louisiana is also unconstitutional. So before the end of this year gay marriage could be lethal in Louisiana. To the supreme court's gonna have to finally -- -- that that fifth circuit agrees with the Texas court. -- that will throw out according to demand Louisiana's and I and image how you feel about that. -- -- this morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you -- the early edition of WWL first news so why are all of these federal courts. Overturning state bans on gay marriage legal analyst -- says it's because the lawyers for those states. Have not been able to present a compelling reason why it's in the State's interest. To outlaw. Same sex partners from getting married. That they tried the fertility debates saying hey. The purpose of marriages to promote procreation and child -- so two people of the same sex can't do that. That the promise that though is that the other side fires back OK so then shouldn't we ban people who are over the age of child bearing years from getting married to we -- people in their eighties to get married. That would be the same he says should we ban people are infertile or unable to have children from getting married. So that. That argument has failed in the federal courts they briefly tried to religious argument but. -- the First Amendment of the constitution. Took care of that and he said there's no religious argument that can be made it will hold up to constitutional Muster to -- so far states have not had any successful argument. On why gay marriage should be illegal. Carol is calling from Covington. Do you have any argument you think the courts would buy as to why gay marriage should be outlawed. Yet made it a back seat that they yell and to the Bible. And read it -- -- use. Yeah but the viral you can't use the Bible as evidence in court. I'm at bat thinking about what's -- -- heard it yesterday. Where there's Spain now -- took her out -- I guess I -- we try. You know that's what's wrong with the world today people had it all solved their malls. We appreciate the call Carol. But with the game marriages -- the entire United States causes some big legal change. In the coming weeks and months. But the strain appears to have left the station is barreling down. We'll keep talking about it here on them about the latest CBS news that next David -- at WW well for -- traffic weather together and what is wrong with people. Let their dogs get although there Merrill on -- over and over and over again. Which you pay 49 bucks now. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it is February it is the 27 at this 2014. Saves the day before Friday welcomed Friday a key. One day closer to the big party Mardi -- week and Mardi Gras guide publisher Arthur hardy says the weekend action against. As -- right that's what he sat anonymous Thursday are OK and again it's that long holiday weekend begins today and goes till Tuesday. He's indicating that more and more. People will probably not be your work if in fact is that what he's indicated and I don't know -- maybe he's advocating I don't know if -- said he just said the Mardi Gras weekend actually begins today. Snow days ago with that triple that are uptown well we'll get his report coming up -- it would get this thing but in the meantime. Not a lot of people texting me saying that they're willing to pay 49 dollars and hours knuckles are really talking about yeah. The -- connection in California -- turning 49 dollars an hour and a spoon and cuddle her -- it's it's relaxing. Now. I know you mentioned that most of the rules of what you can do in the people will be watching you keep the clothes on our camera what do you do with your with your -- one's you hold hands. Or you hold or you -- okay. Particularly some caressing shoulders and -- and things like that it's really getting anyway Hedo. DP and everything stays above the ways than. Earth Day in the Gaza since that's with the -- -- a lot of our listeners I think are heading the second minute ago pay 49 dollars an hour call. It's another bar of the raised the quarterly -- as soothing and relaxing speaking of soothing and relaxing and Colorado. Where marijuana became legal for recreational noise or -- it ever January 1. Veterinarians. Are reporting a huge increase in the number of dogs under the influence of pot are carried. Saying that most of the time it's because they're getting into the baked goods that people always -- and -- blown it right up there knows -- may be some of that some -- into the real promise when the dog eats the brownies. Or the other. -- yeah. They said it's CHC concentration is much high year ended marijuana as baked into something. And they say it's not good dead dogs are coming in sometimes you know sometimes it has gone out of hidden and Killen but as an advocate to Monty -- coma. Let's not go and and if they a lot of it can kill. I'll know and -- don't know marijuana -- one zone dog it's not a funny thing not if it's in now -- -- dog doesn't know anything about you know. Taken it easy that this is now leave a plate of hash brownies out. And they all of their their galvanize a year ago he's you've got to marijuana Brody yeah. And the senate trying to -- encourage people while marijuana may be legal in Colorado this saying hey. What's your dog get into. Because it's not counted and one about the kids though you know that's the next thing OK if they're -- their dogs. Get into a man I guess after they've beaten one -- -- they don't care what happens when I had that and now. But what about if their kids the kids get an etiquette tips you need a brownie. Are they are a key unit as are your -- Can you go. And it's down on the caption. And the brownies sit there and guess with the kids can you -- I'd almost put money. On the -- within this year we're gonna have a story like that is -- bald kid that did something crazy or went crazy. Because they got him like a -- now the tide is turning now. Across the United States 51% of Americans now are in favor of legalizing all marijuana. Only 46%. Opposed while you nomination why someone would argue right away on the singer with the kids what about the blues' locker. You know and they get in the bottle of and that you know as a little different though little kid isn't gonna necessarily pick up a bottle if you -- face Crown Royal and just go to drink -- it that's one example men usually get them to stop. If they eat at -- easy out. And has all played a -- there are cookies baking and everything they are out and there -- -- -- -- -- case caught them making it and every K again I've. Marijuana -- marijuana brownies and so what's to keep kids from going to go to town needle thing if they don't know especially if they then and now unfortunately they want they get the -- they he'd beaten. So we'll keep benign yet but if you let your dog and it -- when they want. People file. Those supplies executive talked about twenty minutes more first news here -- WWL I am a famine that counts. Definitely your cold this morning -- meteorologist -- blocked now. -- -- from the Eyewitness News forecasts that are yet it's still yeah it is pretty feels like twenties every wearing out exactly answer. Yeah you told me I wanted to believe what I went our -- try to convince myself when we hit eighty last week that it was done. I know you're the only one that a lot of people say it's over work or outright -- I it to my hands again. Yeah I asked me again I have to know you don't people want to know to ask me again. You know it's not the last I got another one on the way next week wow this seven. -- That. It's now it's gonna be three. I'll take it on Ash Wednesday yeah yeah I mean it it can be chilly maybe even until like Friday right now yet. Now what would they acted here's the thing with the -- board seats we've had. Is that you know world that the -- -- that were -- that we had you know kind of crazy crazy cold what do you expect to see that. Kind of crazy for Mardi Gras this year just because we usually anticipate -- warmth the I would just like to kind of expected that I and pay it then we're. He's the votes are as to how cold -- it this morning. We are in that ferries on both deadly disease that angels are in the twenties it feels like when you think -- winds will die down it's it's not going to be. This breezy all day at high pressure and from the west and it. Keep went down pockets of -- -- -- -- roller coaster I'm on that and now -- do we get that worked at 58 the read today that warm day by any means it's gonna be you know cool day that -- parade this evening in the forties. But no threat of rain this -- for -- that's going to be clear temperatures report and it tomorrow even warmer yet -- up to 65 tomorrow -- separate tents in the fifties and then and then Saturday we're up to 73 and they -- out that's Santa -- are -- that you talk about the seven day forecast what is Monday like right -- still looking -- rain on Monday unfortunately Portland -- that's the Fries and it will bring some cooler weather and maybe even -- -- -- on Tuesday. Right up at -- it reach it's just 20%. Height 55. Maybe campus Monday night is the -- -- here it may be where were still too far away and just exactly that. But worry too worried for Ortiz and prettiest streets early Monday night to just keep an eye on that gets. That's an ID -- beyond the now she's not always the -- great news but she does he's just got to be honest folks. I'll get at least the next needs to be honest to have a stretch of four days really where we ought to -- it now gains Thursday Friday and it's an island went into that norm. Normally app that we're usually talking about at least you know a threat for India meander for pocket surfer you know so. Look on the bright side at least at the next several days free treatment. If you're gonna deliver a child where would you like to do it preferably. The hot then -- -- probably not a crosswalk of a busy New York street who all though. That's what a lot of people who are maybe but it's not at that actually seen at doctor won't -- Maybe -- -- New York City woman and her newborn are doing well after the baby girl made a surprise entrance on a busy streets. The hope whatever has happened this -- Monday afternoon on Manhattan's upper east side. According to reports the woman left her building to go to the hospital didn't make it and her dorm and tried to hail a taxi for a but the baby was not having any other it wouldn't wait on the woman. Squatted down the onslaught doorman. Delivered the -- Well apparently the baby just delivered itself. But just the fans who stopped to help this ports several people stopped to help can -- police and medics arrived. The woman offered scoffed curves and a woman offered scarves around -- It was called out there an ambulance to the mother and the baby to a nearby announcement on hospital spokesman says they went home yesterday. Is please. In the crosswalk I feel like there's an open -- -- yet that's gonna be and I think out of water birds. We have noticed her theatrical. And video out revealed that man. -- likely range Jake you know their baby Carolina hold important that I would like to have my baby out. The men in the nuts though mines crazy Yankee imagine you're going on the street there's a woman in the crosswalk and here's the thing and it of the -- this is totally -- -- typical New Yorkers haven't as -- and New York summit that as well. That as friendly maybe at some. Other city right. I wonder how many people is on the phone -- on just walking right past by you know what -- I met some people stopped to video. When did I help. Night tree hey look at this this is why don't. Creepy yeah Abbott has there are have you kind of at their own World Cup there there and -- it like it's worked it got very wonder and it be funny if -- is perfect people -- to. There's -- -- the -- okay back to the -- Very quick story I was in the last time I was in New York market now on the street it just got off the -- -- and one of those -- of people have been down a sidewalk when no one talks to recount. They just looked straight ahead and did undergo right someone's knee so I turned and said last year. The entire -- looked at me like I had three heads. -- what are you doing you don't talk to people on the street New York where you say that for the nope I was I was that some may all looked at me like I was. It just as I said atlas. And that New York orient it's a DB while the plumbing given birth thank Allah -- -- -- alive and -- Eyewitness News forecast a parade. Weekend we've been used on Thursday with an incredible trio braves have represented three sentence of -- lineage -- seventy flows roll up down. No took all three are starting fifteen minutes earlier this year in -- as a secret -- The knights of Babylon celebrate their 75 anniversary with a report this team and the salute to a recent. According to figure in the club's history the 259 tries 21 clothes and things are gonna explode as mule drawn and surround about Lambeau. Mass were created -- on by the Raphael academy. Room for those include Justin -- bracelets that night's most collectible rolled through their new LED 75 anniversary ring. The knights of chaos at a reincarnation of us -- moments with greater from a conservative suit in 1991 follow battle. Fast here almost two decorated for raw artists we've got sixteen floats 200 -- frontman in a parade that pokes fun at people and institutions. Castro's quote specific cards and cops flush or shield and two new top secret -- related throat. Lambeau traditionally featured in the recession then the 1030. Female member crew of views as follows when he -- close. For the AV units including several Barbara -- name female marching groups. And muses that -- books including shoes. That it was stated we are fiberoptic lines -- club produces incredible assortment of more than thirty improve local items. Debuting this year other Lambeau the first ever all female player vote for this aren't slowed the final one of the parade is one of best we were waiting for sport WWL radio and bodyguard died on Arthur hardy and. But that -- Sports on this day before Friday to say hello Steve gallons. Hello good morning everyone and then David hits just keep on coming for the pelicans. Not only -- team lose their fifth straight game one -- 89 in Dallas but the face of the franchise was also forced to leave the game early with an injury. Anthony Davis to have Bradley Miller shoulder his strides in front of us. And heads for the pelicans locker room that's not a good sign last thing that kills -- to see. Davis exited the game with four minutes left till halftime and did not return. Word from the team is that he suffered a sprained left shoulder of the severity is not yet known. As the -- play again tomorrow night in Phoenix. A -- LeBron James will return to the Miami Heat lineup tonight against the New York Knicks. James tried out to -- your practice yesterday as a means to protect his nose that was broken last week in the game against Oklahoma City. The injury forced him to sit out Sunday's win over Chicago. Well if only LSU basketball could play all their games at home. The tigers won their seventh straight the maverick senator 68 to 49 over Texas a and M. Portable picks back -- the park or download the locked up shotgun. All our. Freshman drill more and scored twenty points on seven of nine shooting or Johnny O'Bryant the third added fifteen points and nine rebounds. And angels star Mike Trout has agreed to a one year one million dollar contract with the team. The two sides are thought to be working on -- long term agreement worth around 150. Million dollars. Trout was second again to Detroit Miguel Cabrera and MVP MVP voting last year. He -- 323. With 27 homers and 97 RBIs and 33 steals. Today four on sports talk that deadline to place the franchise tag on NFL players is Monday. Should this used -- on Jimmy Graham. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning in the export do you think the Pentagon you have to tag Jimmy -- meeting -- come to an agreement before that it is thanks miles. You know all the reports that we've been hearing from. I would think his agent leaking this out to us is that. The two sides are far apart in the long term deal. And we could be headed towards the franchise tag unfortunately and then we'll see what happens with a grievance but I don't know. That he'll do to win that case for the things you think we'll tagged him Ingram on before Monday. Yeah I think Monday will be will be hearing that there -- saying things he will remain has seen sir. And lest they could franchise tag him and then potentially treating him but I don't see that happening. -- I see you come back with our sports and fifteen minutes here on WWL I am a famine that. I would startup called -- thirties. Feels like twenties on both sides of the lake. Your Thursday mainly sunny sky and staying chilly highs this afternoon 53. And that's why we'll see evening Temps dropping into the forties have your head about the -- probably wanna heavier jacket again. Then mainly clear tonight thirty north of the lake with a light freeze. 37 on the South Shore but the warm up really begins tomorrow 65 and partly cloudy on Friday. By Saturday we're back up into the lower seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and he'd -- to slop. -- 37 at the airport in -- feels like 28 Slidell 34 feels like 26 we've been talking about one federal court after another has been striking down bans on gay marriage. It happened yesterday in Texas. And our legal analyst -- -- says. If the US fifth Circuit Court of Appeals here in New Orleans uphold that Texas ruling which he expects they will. That gay marriage will also become legal in Louisiana. That by default. Louisiana's gay marriage ban approved by the voters will be struck down as well -- the writing is on the wall. And that none of the defenses so far that are presented in court. Have held up to constitutional Muster. One person called it and said well the Bible says it's wrong so you should be able to use that as evidence in court. Some texted me and it's 7870 and says while that's not admissible why you swear on the Bible when you take. The oath in court if you can't use the Bible. As an argument -- if this -- on it because originally they couldn't find it dictionary. And I know that their absolute Tommy Tucker good for the next for the public -- could be talking about cellphone usage in schools those and those.

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