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2-27 6:15am Tommy, cell phones in school zones

Feb 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Jeff Thompson about his bill that would ban the use of cell phones while driving in school zones

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Years ago as -- now woodland highway and was not paying attention when I was 21 and I was speeding through school zone. And LPD officer who was out they're running radar. Was so incensed by this he was so angry that when he ran back out of it from his -- to the street to try to stop me -- did stop me. It was just like somebody out of control run in with the arms and league's all over the place and everything else that's how angry he was and rightfully so because I should be paying attention. Not just when I'm in a school zone but during the hours in the afternoon and -- morning of where the school zones art that's my responsibility to be look at. And I got -- ticking and I deserved it and I paid it now there's a new law that's being proposed by Jeff Thompson and eight. Goes to paying attention when you go on through school zone and represented towns in the morning I guess it also applies -- known where the school's own czar. Well -- comfortable and you can -- do as you know the average. Corpses tomorrow neighborhood schools. And then schools along the road where human that we pay attention. Only detect those extra steps to be careful because we know kids are paying attention. Now as I said earlier I have look out tolerate a lot of self of people drive and but it's been through schools -- absolutely not and I would never have done is about -- known schools -- was there but -- at the ticket I -- -- -- argument way out of it. So when it comes in this bill. Basically if anybody is seen with a cellphone. In the school's own -- you get a ticket. Well what we're asking people to argue that in an active school also and when children present. Put your -- You can be hands free but both Palin on the window. Opening his. You have to present -- call our president the dangers. And the inconvenience for a few second. To be in the -- crept into this -- that because wanted to lead I would child is injured or killed in this. Little weird year for this limited amount of time with the bigger crucial group. So will still be written if children are present or can you write the bill words as just a -- cellphones school zone during those hours. You're committing a traffic offense. Well what continues to music in school crossing -- -- school zones -- their most active you know when children are arriving here in the day. And sure we see in the year -- and that's one that's most dangerous to PH crossing the road cork floating them turning. We'll make sure the drivers for their commute to and this whole -- came into the from police officer walking in the school's problems. -- recognize the dangers of the active drivers pose to our children. And I am I got it to a tee in school in that now on Robert. 4050 miles an hour -- even slowdown don't even think about it. Don't know -- it's it's not because people don't prayers because we've kind of gotten used to look old traffic drug shipment date started. But in the schools alone with the lights are flashing sandwich or Congo and we need to take that extra work pay attention to -- And discuss guy and cronies speed of the lady that the evening have a right to do it either so what's. What are the odds of passage on this. Well -- critical part court pollute our needs have been. Proposed bills in the passage that would do away with cellphone altogether. We've had some success of -- pouring -- the dangers of texting while driving post. But it wouldn't look at it and just school crossing -- school's lone -- active. I think it's due to good -- it's an important point one figured. In votes received were barked over four days they already imports -- aliens -- the only policy. It future in the situated to. That you watch in the room. If we're -- willing to pay that extra attention and give law enforcement you have to abuse sight distracted drivers. In schools so more kids or didn't talk Google this is something we should all recognize is needed unfortunately. Let's take the steps to protect its control over its. Want this -- would be main index somebody's child -- -- -- -- before this matter was brought to four for the public's attention for its new. And as you say that I get a text that says laws that make you hide yourself on make you more dangerous. Because you take your eyes off the road more often looked down to what your lap you shouldn't and I appreciate the listeners and texting. But every time it seems like you tried to do something that makes sense and text right beneath it from a different numbers this sounds like common sense to me it seems like. How can you be against something that protects kids in the schools -- I don't understand. Well some of the opposition just like you said -- solar farm -- to the -- level -- -- and install the wait a minute. You've got to be surprising. To you gotta be -- to an actor's school crossing -- -- little. It's so you'll just -- the phone that we have to wait him. It couldn't wait material fifteen or 22 to thank you could go through a school -- with kids. And you know what if that call emotional important which are not wounded taking extra steps towards for children crossing the road. You let it shouldn't have that conversation Gordon driver -- felt compelled vehicle -- of people. Thank you Jeff I appreciate it really do stay represented Jeff Thompson went to district. District -- most -- bit more prepared northwest Puget Sound effects -- you know a great day.

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