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WWL>Topics>>2-27 7:15am Tommy, dangerous new prescription drug?

2-27 7:15am Tommy, dangerous new prescription drug?

Feb 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Paul Doering, Emeritus Pharmacy Professor at the University of Florida, about a new painkiller that's creating controversy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That effect on NS actor Brooke wells that when we're joined in the second professor site column. Psychology. At Hunter College an expert in prescription drug use. And misused -- morning doctor wells and you Dylan. Actually out for respiratory. Burst right here from the university of our game and doing why. Be. Nice and so it really my problem and called -- -- -- -- -- Professor emeritus and emeritus primacy in -- coming on. -- Arnold and mark I've noticed our fellow tonight's eighteenth evidently well Tommy Tucker talking about this controversial new pain pills. With all -- hammered and -- it -- pharmacy professor at the college of pharmacy at the University of Florida. In Gainesville good morning and it is doctor -- yet contacted me about this offers. You the. All out saline is cut a year a -- about a good -- fox. Heavy jacket here where in Florida would be heavy jacket but now. Certainly not by taking a drug like the lines and that's for sure. Tell me about this thing because the FDA approved it. It's I guess a derivative of supplements out there are ready explains to yeah. -- does does in the last 24 hours has blown up all the major media -- are all over including of course WWL. So Hydro is the first single entity. Pain reliever that contain the ingredient -- code. Now -- Dakota has been out there on the market for a long time but always in combination with I don't know ingredient. So FDA I guess their thought process was if we approve a single entity -- total prospect. Without obviously the Communists and that works well and it works for a long period of time we'd be home free. Now what they forgot was that this product. Is one that can be easily crushed. Is -- snorted. Injected. -- food and all those features of the same ones that got OxyContin on the map some years ago. Com. I a couple of questions here first off a text comes in go through this myself like take one suit of said every dated to keep. You know the sinus stuff trying to allergies and everything else. And I have to go back to the drugstore every ten days because you can only get ten at a time and I guess that's because you know Walter White breaking bad people were used in the stuff to make -- And it just seems predict -- understand the math problem but it it aggravates me every ten days -- I have to go back to the drugs to. Well that's true and and you know it's it's a crying shame that the the abuses of a few effect that. The masses like you and I who both have the sinus problem. It's probably not the best six in the world for this problem but it seems to be. One that has -- the issue at least well. Not to mention of course the -- of old couple who probably brought more methamphetamine in this country than any other drugs but it's a complicated circumstance than. You know it's kind of like squeezing a water balloon squeeze one end of written by god the other and pops out -- an equally that difficult problem. So for people entering chronic pain my father and I think they called stress fracture between vertebra something hurting terribly lot of -- up from back seen. It is there an alternative that is already out there and I did some research on this visit. No Arco or no code that's an out of the detailed it doesn't have -- -- of -- open and in. No no no -- uncle doesn't well it doesn't have like a bit nor more -- and a whole host of course of generic. Counterparts. But that's the problem to get enough from the narcotic under code on. You get an excess of receiving mile an -- Tylenol. Arrow of course not good for the liver. But you know. I think it's time for Madison depict the cold hard look appears to begin to think about non our product alternatives the problem with narcotics is. The more you take the more you need it and more you need the more you depend on giving them and the cycle continues. So it's a it's not any of the problem but once I guarantee you to -- will get all the attention in the world. I guess that the bottom line question is our patience. Legitimate patients gonna suffer as a result of this so Hydro not being released or their alternatives where. For the people at legitimately need it now they're not to notice the difference. Well no it's the former really 'cause there's been a terrible black backlash with. -- crackdown and distributors being limited to how much they can send out to arms season there's no doubt about it. That there are people out there who need. And depend on medicine like these who will be affected. Once again I'll go back to that well water balloon analogy you know try to fix one problem and now all of a sudden and unexpected consequence of personal legitimate pain management patients aren't able to get their -- so it's it's really a -- Doctor I appreciate your time -- really -- and I'm sorry for the follow up leniency no problem at all how much -- have a good weekend account yes sir Bob Barr thank you.

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