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2-27 7:45am Tommy, dangerous new painkiller?

Feb 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Brooke Wells, a Professor of Psychology at Hunter College at CUNY, about a new painkiller coming to the market

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's no doubt about it that there are people out there who need. And depend on medicine like these will be affected. That's -- two -- against the emeritus pharmacy professor at the college of pharmacy at the University of Florida in Gainesville he's talking about so Hydro. A new pain medication it's been approved. The FDA their code of billions and shenanigans going on behind -- again next guest will go on that but a couple of text quickly. Drug -- need to take responsibility for their actions and consequences that befall them. It's not the government's problem other allowances with the amount of painkillers. Killers that are being describing doctors. It really doesn't seem that those that need them are being denied. And then Tommy in third Texan has been under some very long time worked in many areas bottom line they need to address the problems that prescribe errors. I let's welcome in our guests not to Brooke wells professor of psychology at hunter college and expert in prescription drug use. And issues morning doctor -- General. Use your first name now that's okay. -- Tell me your take on this and I saw the letters that you centers and rather than me read it I'd -- you cover the points that are in it. Sure. You after that I agreed that there are certainly people patients that need more active medications. One of the opening albeit it it will hurt long term they become much. Active people the tolerant to them is like to. Doctor if I can in Europe for second is that what happens in the brain that. Did appeals become less effective you'd give developed the tolerance and you need to keep taken more and more. Right right basically airplane and get you can -- And they need to stop and the and the that they have -- there are well we'll let the right back. And being dragged that. We should probably be talking a little bit more about how parents are. Leaked out like that on the market. -- what are the side effects because I've not heard. Or read a lot about that is it relates dissolve Hydro other than the potential for abuse. -- -- Obviously it's one at Torrey depressions and the potential. Gap or over is incredibly. Particularly with -- high with all of the drug habit of cricket is an incredibly. Relevant right back you can call the credit and -- And -- one of the things we need to be really clear about is. But it is secure form factor code and so until this drug potentially difficult and a lot. So if you got if you got the medication confused with something though she were taken. I presume this is yeah it is quite describe to people would take -- home is finally did it take it or not. Or does kick in right away and they take another when no absolutely did. And that -- happen and I'm impelled to get you know that there -- a continent that. So you're not able won't get clearly. The forget you take it then you make -- -- to try and all of the air -- -- know one thing -- seeing any letter it says that the potential to. I can lead to heroin use from from either use in this drug or is that just using -- as prescribed herb abusing it. It and -- To make it will count will -- in addition Harold. Ireland and an opiate and it's very similar anti incumbent Erie -- exit their. And that there is and it better group of people who in -- in Ireland particularly well and he currently there are ample on April yet more easily -- storm not content and to try and be crushed up. And archer and who went up the potential to Utley and eat couldn't crushed per capita though I'm from people transition in Ireland or an alternative. I'm yet we had a situation here -- trying to catch up and just trying to get much and as we possibly can. A situation your locally where law enforcement in different parishes casino dot -- counties here we have raiders. I've said that you know the fact that less spills are available. As led to almost an explosion -- Heroin abuse and and along those lines elegance of Philip Seymour Seymour Hoffman. Aaron Sorkin wrote a piece in time magazine. This quote stuck with me he said the story was that he died of heroin abuse. And it shouldn't be the the the story agency that he died of heroin because you should be taken and anyway she -- -- right because it comes -- -- the in Ehrlichman and I just have too much. Yeah I'm so tell me about that if you take this off the marketers can lead more people -- and lenses happened here. And is there one and it's not testifying and it is going back to what the guys -- about Caroline. But is one -- the other. I -- and their congregation around. There it not elect. Legally and usable form and you get the ball on the drug company need to -- can be three years away from being -- -- -- -- -- -- They're ready meat market or -- term e-book on a web site people are heading to chatter about. I'll keep -- coming out and looking forward to trying it and how it pattern. In -- -- up with a minute and can't get ready meat market for people looking court and the car. Over part of the Asian and harder or easier crashed people are looking. Tell me the part about the approval process when he came to the FDA its advisory commission in the company that holds the patent on solar Hydro. Protecting. And running at about it. He medical and buy it or recommend a lot and she did not appropriate. Mean we're concerned about potential prediction. There are a lot of people out there are anti. Appealing to try out there aren't available. In -- promote a bunch intentional and eat and they're available on. And the company. -- against intriguing factor -- me when he can't hair or eyes. At its. And a company that is gonna market so Hydro could have a financial interest. In people being addicted to this right. -- A couple of one -- and what you want you in a war. And on fine saying I don't know what they're under a car and apple are apartment and -- By no wonder people have the corner on the market. And that he. So ethically speaking how do you draw the line between. I guess who do you punish Stiller protect punish people at legitimately need the release says the the farmers is a professor emeritus of of pharmacy at the University of Florida told us. Or do you use say you know what that the need of the patient that is not doing anything wrong is Paramount and Laguna. Abuse often they're just -- abuse and ethically -- draw that line. -- drop and opened. The inquiry. -- and what traditionally not -- Barry on apparel and then I. It's not angry at the final rule and drug that there arm of the art for their normal. Pattern. And so. Little different point where content with -- no matter what -- can take the current and apply it in the and that is. -- a great chance and we were held in terms of protection on -- and their virtual. That's I don't know let's finish. Our report that are active monitoring some -- -- -- trouble. We just at a time that's all that but let me ask you this I know you're in new York city of New York it's -- hundred. Colin as a part of have you been on your money trying to. I have not been. -- I -- and I in my and you know Louisiana in the bag. Bachelorette party -- you tell you hop on a plane and we'll put you up for the -- -- underground maybe might it says some houses -- make it rip current Bernanke. Have a great weekend.

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