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WWL>Topics>>2-27 8:15am Tommy, wind turbines & hurricanes?

2-27 8:15am Tommy, wind turbines & hurricanes?

Feb 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Cristina Archer, Associate Professor of Physical Ocean Science & Engineering at the University of Delaware, about a study that says wind turbines could lessen the impact of hurricanes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cristina archer joins us right now and associate professor. A physical -- science and engineering at the University of Delaware morning -- Is a doctor archer. -- Our cards that PH diesel by guys were getting knowledge. How -- tell you -- tell me about this or enough my bachelors you kidney. And tell you. All. I should. I should tell me about well you know side note again it was a chancellor you know here for a while heading for economics and I told -- Monday on the -- you gave me a are saying give you anything you learned it. Tell me about the -- and tell me about the plan to put these. Is it big not a plan. Not to let me -- -- research. -- did what big these big win males I guess right can we can do as far as hurricanes. Yes. Phil Liggett to collect study possible in the world so I'm very glad to particular you have to -- to talk about it. Well here need our New Orleans after Katrina and Isaak and I didn't realize I -- hit both here and it in the northeast I didn't realize that but the enters superstore and they called that sandy -- this is fascinating stuff to me. Absolutely any fact that we did accumulate Katrina and Andy and -- Secretary. We focus on. And you know life. What would happ in in terms of potential and it went hop into the -- If the weekly outlaw offshore wind turbines. In front of the that they you don't lean on your AT and a lot on our hands oh sure albeit kinda. You -- her it will happen because the turbine. Track to wind from from that basically from the storm and they lead you to the wind and downwind. And and so we outline that can beat do we we used the -- off the coast. We also we -- storm search. And get it that is not a equally. We all that. Critical. Article. We all that there will convene them into that routine. Into the game and it basically by which we are. We can mean her any help. Facility itself that that was pressure is actually much hot yeah. And that the -- overall are we care. And at that like you could say that the -- that we end of the turbine. That you're incumbent to strike at turbine. You know -- it does not become turbines fight. And actually weakened -- It's kind of a nice story. Simulation and did it take to develop these results and any on mistakenly called it a plan earlier but. How serious is this research being taken. Well this is actually the very first paper on the idea -- say -- their transport wacky idea and handle it. It's controversial. In him that there's cricket -- -- and all of this it's great to -- have to be there had to be criticism. And and I welcome it. And it said it -- -- plan it's it's it's the first idea that -- hop and and now Ike welcomed warmly search and important -- is that -- get an idea anymore tko. But in terms of what we did and one market we use this is feel like a couple of years of war. It still took a long time and we use that very sophisticated that political market. At that accumulate a -- -- -- and also era assault in pollutants. And -- are radiation from the sun and we introduced the very you actually stationed at saint -- term for. He's way over at present can get -- to get the turbines. But we were able to really pretend like -- turbines were there when you know they're not -- out keep a week we can accumulate there. Effectively the media of the year and that. We're very excited about it at the end we hoped that there will be a lot of -- -- in other researchers will adopt. And and do more. -- what he -- general studies major and seriously is that like a poker game where it's all in or nothing because I don't know how in the real world you could. Do this on the small scale and test it could. Not you know you. Look at it knew I could be committed because it could expect it to do. At the same time though you really have to talk to her. I mean look -- -- it would get -- to clean energy renewable -- -- pollution. Enough to power their the entire coastal that you -- the most populated area and that could be domestically. Powered so it's it's -- -- but it probably. Didn't mention but it. What we're out of time -- when he has in terms of numbers of Windmills are common how many per mile and a and -- -- -- is -- -- a lot of our -- we're talking some 210200000. Turbines. So we definitely need to look at smaller numbers that says it will be beneficial. We've done tests and that it will be beneficial went back turbine. And how far out how far out. Of the coast -- this entity. Did did it depends do we replace them all the way off to a hundred kilometers. So it it really depends on what Google is and what do you -- Not even delightful guest and thank you as -- in your answer will talk to again thank you. -- thought that --

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