WWL>Topics>>2-27-14 11:35am Garland: on businesses and discrimination

2-27-14 11:35am Garland: on businesses and discrimination

Feb 27, 2014|

Garland talks with Sarah Jane Brady of the Forum for Equality about whether businesses should be allowed to discriminate against their clientele.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right we just got through talking about Arizona and what their tribe there of the the senate passed the bill. The brutal -- business owners refuse to serve gays by siding business owners room religious beliefs. And went through very quickly. Well. The Arizona governor yesterday big -- So the reason word of programs like this chamber converts and it's one you raising wouldn't -- American Airlines incident that apple. This could really do a big plant there is said who who don't go for governor you do this. Senator John McCain said the entire business community is galvanize and we have never seen again it's. This legislation. Moods and the U and delta which is headquartered in Atlanta. Have -- route right rejection of both the Arizona bill. And another religious -- it's measured it's pending. In Georgia. And Ohio sponsors of the right to -- built similar result today you were pulling the plug or at least. Since the governor's veto it seemed like the world is turning in a different direction. And it just so happens that we either Louisiana. Now have pizza legislation that's being proposed. That would protect. All stay bright student at Ball State resident from discrimination. That it's been free file for consideration state legislator. Well look at it it's house bill 1989. File by its Abrams and of Austin battle. And it's backing the view lesbian gay bisexual entrances and there. You -- anybody. To keep all -- from being discriminated against. And -- all that we're going to one of those that involved in this duo in the movement to. Surgery Brady executive director for him for a quality surgery and appreciated the call. I think you -- asking me. Over the -- doing tell -- what this is about totally wondered would do. Well. -- -- lead the nondiscrimination act. Bananas land it expands its -- that protection and number sixty currently in nondiscrimination statute provisions. The better -- Ackerman. And from unlawful discriminatory practice and it sexual orientation and gender identity your impressions do that was ticker -- characters and protected from a lot of -- -- discriminatory practices genetic immunity and -- -- beyond. And had aid and tax and or disability. Two over 48 and -- nondiscrimination statutes. And they currently the united term. It and you did existing law. That it is on discriminatory practices and I think he. I'm and the -- -- honorable people that we happier state. On the back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interviewing an Arizona senator via. Our broader trumping ego wouldn't Wear a book toward its debate and -- wonder the -- here. This is Anderson Cooper interviewing. Arizona soon after attracted -- running for governor Anderson Cooper mark please don't cut them -- please. Understand under the your law under this law if I'm not Catholic loan officer saying a bank and I don't like the idea loaning money to a divorced woman -- Jesus spoke against divorce very strongly. Or I don't want a loan money to an unwed mother you know she might be. You know able to it to pay me back is a loan officer I just don't it's against my religious belief my religious belief is sincere. Under your law I can refuse to do business with a unwed mother or divorced woman. Correct with all due respect sir I did I don't know what anybody in Arizona that would discriminate against a fellow human being. Both dean who is one of those pushing for the bill to discriminate. Against human beings. The two reports of -- -- and scorched and one for the cut -- -- -- bring the question up for me here in Louisiana if a bank or somebody helps. Or restaurant. It's it was a Christian. And believed. Everything about christianity. And didn't believe been. Having child at 1 o'clock didn't believe in divorce. If threatened in the way the bearer. Organization believes in Louisiana Cruz de. Denies somebody's Serbs in Missouri -- all against that. There are armed laws on the that prevent discriminatory practice. I can't and in terms you're going to be -- I'm outside. -- -- -- Community. Make that why. Does Bill Ayers is important -- -- to recognize here in Indiana. Because we have not Asia and -- currently. But don't incorporate all of the community. You can back again apartment they had their day war and on -- either ready -- -- five or they haven't ability. Because they may -- all of -- within -- actually. If it Louisiana where you can you any type a lot like when it -- on -- Jennifer either and it is very. Very well that it may be very -- it it doesn't currently. Protections on the not quietly and you know nondiscrimination. Act is -- important be focusing on in this legislature. That we can't make shirt that he include at her then I would say this. All right we're ripping good about a number of things Arizona. It's they do over again. By the legislature has beat tenth -- tune. Which were able business owners refuse certain days by hiding their religious believes the religious beliefs of the retail. Business owner. But the governor of Arizona beat -- being -- because the business community came unglued. Saying it's ridiculous that -- cents. And do a lot of war and so if you beat. And here in the region and a representative Ellison about the noise is enters to build 19 -- and that would protect everybody from discrimination. In particular states -- mean gave by its entrance and there. Human rights organizations. Are double -- -- Judd -- opened and should businesses and individuals feel old to discriminated against because religious ground. 53%. Of -- absolutely. Governor bill we're coming right back brigades celebrity AM 1053. Yeah. -- welcome back restarted job. They get about our zone. Would pass the bill sent to build -- blows. That you allow business owners to repentance -- Serb gays by citing their religious beliefs. There was a law. Bill he replies. Super Bowl committee did schooling there's -- they were watching his and VO right. Apple that plan to bring big company they're big plant there was concerned. They'll. Number about the businesses. Yet another error line and Senator John McCain and it's important -- and and they all reserve forces and be governor beat to -- As saying and here in Louisiana. Helped build one -- and -- in -- by state brokers and balls and about. Word duo. Eliminate ending discrimination. From every one but in particular of the State's lesbian gay bisexual and transgender. -- the -- -- Human rights considerations. -- surgery broad view what does executive director for forum -- quality. Surging get this this is the question -- at the good solid and it's one. I thought of when I was reading about a result. Let's say. In Louisiana would pass. All of wall like Arizona. Have approved both for the government be -- it. The globe who don't just say. Government religious beliefs that I have the right to not sure view. How would you determine whose True -- Jews Wear gold star. If you're Muslim business what I have where received for christianity. I have many gave for -- many of them. Or not a film that you could -- were totally gave -- planet -- when they have to border G. How will -- if it was approved. -- news. Well I mean diet. The great question and at the line when I mean really and that it actually. Howell and why discrimination protections are important. It's a little pay that people be uber black knee locked into a bakery or -- -- and Europe where. Do you have a picture of you -- your partner and your family. I'm you know people don't necessarily. Eat out others and now I trigger which back and I debt by EU. And you -- again tires. These are characteristic accurately perceived or real rates so monthly -- feed view should be -- day -- the and that actually actuary in Asia and but again he's not -- -- -- are a lot. And people hear the ET. Community. You know should not be feared that they be addicted or tired or -- -- restaurant you're just being they are. -- -- who were called this thing going -- look at the other side and I've listened to a lot of our own decisions read their newspapers and abuse debated scone on. And and the -- news of the Christians that worked for this. Oftentimes -- argument is is that the process. Distorted this well he would move was not about you walk into a restaurant in your gays in the confuses your view. The law put the owners. All and the the owners of the business they had to prove. They had a -- religious belief. And then they had proved that they were being burdened or threatened. Because of -- quest for service. Let me Schwartz this question -- If the Louisiana passed a law that said. Based on your religious belief you can then I somebody's service but. You would have to prove your religious beliefs and proved it to burden of threatened. Would that make kid allege. Onerous lore left threatening law or a livable. I -- now on discrimination is discrimination and any anti discrimination against Teddy -- can't. Encountered -- in guaranteed a grade. Jennifer I -- currently in the legal. -- -- network and it many times before. Delicately at about the difference between public and I'd. We're not saying that. We figure out there in your church. Happy police. But once you crop of poker in the -- that public row. You you have to treat green card and you know we've been angry and you cannot discriminate against patent because you're Christian faith. And -- I can't. -- and one that they ward store on black and me in any other situation. Shed any port in -- making blocking you need five or bakery York. You know photographers Judea and being seen about might well I'll let me eat -- Two. You know to this product or that -- And I think that we're we're really -- -- and you. Very deep and long and back. You're trying to do religious. -- the so call. Religious liberty bell and and creepy. It doesn't it to apple can't. -- you may have heard me you have funeral Perot about the other side's argument that. A Christian paths of those asked to pro war posters should be it was saying no. -- -- can tell it's an owner. Should be able to say node providing pork on Saturday is pro wedding. And the obvious to answer to a double and bought his book Butte just -- general and make poor colts after it featured George. You're not gonna do that anyway. As as passive as artists just say we don't do war posters but you can't deny head. Based on and religion at the necessity. Sectoral approach preached. But I wondered about the one that kind of kicked his whole thing off. But the gay couple I think -- of wedding photographer. To photograph the wedding and they should religiously. We can't do that because we don't believe in gays being married or -- responds to that well. I mean game there and they've provided. There and he chewed discriminate against somebody. You could provide -- circuit. -- -- Protected not yours mind you but protected on all different character. And I don't think act we should really be. Any person they can dictate who we can and cannot Turks. I mean whether there ED GE or whether it and -- the other categories that. Could ponder creek you know Christian state principle. We need it we can't dictate -- -- -- the entire. You know I think -- -- -- In the end. -- went live back -- took the amazing thing about technology today and go back in time. And -- to a three yard Jim Crow laws read pre mixed marriages. Being accepted by society. And the same biblical believes what. That discrimination was based. Again when you hear what the the so called elected they'll work will be -- RT. Well biblical beliefs. Played com. -- lobby hated by biblical beliefs and and Christian aid. Oh you know what you -- -- -- picture that we understand. That I've only looking actress incredible way we're looking happy law. You can make sure that we continue -- we uphold the separation between church and they. What are you would think the chances are getting perhaps the year. Legislature do you doing unit polling of legislate towards. I mean. Land -- going toward an out -- eager committee. We are gonna wrap up and back on at senator Mary I think -- Who's going to be out in the joint -- and the bill went 64. And you know. They'll block it. These these conversations that discrimination that actually. And locally statewide obviously bear market. You know that someone can actually be discriminated because the -- I'll leave recently. Worked -- and initiated a street or we have our our organization their call Kate acting or change the quality and you know we tracked by our support it see concrete and -- There -- fixed line and he had the support that chamber you know business is about eight or me and -- -- -- act. Is expanding and they're really looking forward you army you know seen the future media and we don't. Think that we can be unique regressive state without -- protection and that we definitely have. I have -- ballot. Bowl. Sure looked like businesses thing it's not a surgeon Brady appreciated called -- have a good. Double -- brigades of -- AM 0153. --