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2-27-14 12:10pm Garland: on the future

Feb 27, 2014|

Garland talks with Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente about whether the U.S. is ill-equipped for the future.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Got to tell you a moment to France invasions or primarily technology. And -- futurist. -- number of sciences in juniors -- new wars. In and wars. -- here talking about the future of our own inventions. That -- be. -- -- -- The top scientists in the world and thanks Steven opting treatment options and Arctic cod who problem that top businesses in the world. And he was talking about things like in the league your future. Computers. Would weaken -- chip and and dealt a blow our brains in computer. At a later date in Newbury. Permit each with simply upload again. And proposed. You're chipping in the PG pointed out. It's been Hawkins. -- -- small -- And has brought -- And it can there ever noticed on -- dances you where -- Google it's all right. Well that ship communicates. With that chip on his glasses. And by his -- He is able Hawaii whose district Asians you numbers at nothing and absolutely it's sort of regular braces. Refute for a stay in one it is the year Russians. And and this report they have global global wake up call it and -- and for -- food rations for the this year. And your role in the locker. In the publisher. Earl what's good to have you on the show. One -- and a -- bright for I started reading it and wakeup calls and -- -- and we have the -- make no mistake about it a year. Of France formation law talked him. Out. That has since 1980. And and I never seen the year begins like this one and hold dear and and each year it seems to get worse and I'm saying to myself you know what's going on -- is crystal white and. And I start reading the polls in the polls confirmed. You know people are very pessimistic about the future now as a young man. You know on the -- late sixties. The the future it was so -- you know how are you going to do much better now parents stated. And you look at the polls now whether it's college grad sir -- people my age it can't retire. Because they have no money. And then you look around the world. And it's in the agency one country after another of people haven't let the streets. Banks. And other places -- time now optically three months. Look at what's going on in Ukraine. Look what's going on in Venezuela and Brazil and Argentina. Of course the south. The south and north Sudan and the essential Africa and not the ticket Molly kids. Well you know look it's C area and -- by outrage how about the -- yen in Egypt about that age about Turkey look at which are out of Turkey now. Deleted now is that all time low against the dollar looks like he's going to be overthrow that government very shortly the verdict in government. And it's one after well I forgot what's going on in Europe. You invitational. At. They still don't call it a depression. That strike you at 30%. Official unemployment rates in places like Greece and Spain they call it recession. -- in unemployment. From 40% in Italy so the 50% in places like Greece Spain very -- -- so Portugal and Ireland. And there's no way. And now she's leading now with -- now. -- responding to the it's city overthrow the government to get -- a politically he's by the they look at things to the way they are not in the way I like that would think they should be. So I'm not defending taking sides on in this and is calling it what is it. -- -- this. And I've I've reached the same portion as you. But one of the things I'll watch or the the markets and in those and invest in the market tonight god. Newsletter from one of the people a broad perspective got a great track record. And it was talking about the Ukraine and how dangerous it is and Howard could relieve practice economy. Politics if things rush to war move at the very least. On. Western Ukrainian and on and on. But I hear what you're talking about was whose true we've heard all disorders in Spain the young people have no jobs are going the country museum no hope. Brands in big trouble there there economy constantly going down. I'll talk to people. Are you investing in the market at this -- going to be a big year. Then gonna look at the market the market school and hope that talked to friends of mine Gordon spent in spades and was terrific -- better is Somalia. It's an -- one side I hear what you're saying on the other side do you see any evidence that that's imminent. Well you get you know we have people in in Europe. And the issue of for example in Italy. And the society killing themselves at one every two days. And you look at the it is -- -- to people that can't -- -- -- Because we can't find jobs. And we can't subscribers. Around the world they keep telling us what's going on as they see things so for tourists it's one thing the people living there it's it's a very different thing. When the big market -- people billionaires had -- operators the political tides. Pulling out of the market can't that you see what you see and what I. Pink eyes see when I do the show would -- virtually the same thing used to win the big boards with a power in the money be pulling out of the market. Not at all because it's it's a disconnect. And the disconnect is that the markets to be injured and buy the cheap money it's going into the you know we wouldn't even with that said pulling back on their their stimulus. -- pumping in at 65. Billion dollars a month. And is -- is going on in China. And the same thing is going on in the European Union so them that so what differences. The banks and finance he has to borrow the money really cheaply and keep the speculation ago. So it's a very big disconnect for example. As that you probably will now the gap between rich and support the United States is now the widest of any industrialized nations. When you look at the gains. And it comes as the panic that totally. 95%. Of that money is gone to the 1% if we have this conversation by the way I think. Six years ago five years ago forty years ago like them. Is there Communists on the phone on here talking about this now of course you go to CNBC. That we talking about the same thing. You have to you have 400 people in the United States. 400 people. That award two trillion -- expected in the GTC. A Italy in the GDP Canada Mexico. You have I believe it's like 385. Billionaires around the world. Better control of -- half of all the assets in the world. So when you mention about -- France. The new numbers just Connecticut to their unemployment numbers away and adults on lies -- -- -- post World War II. So there's no it it -- disconnect it's two very different world. Are limited breaker when we come back. Where Elvis -- acute humor Vuitton to go to the role -- when we come back component torture on one of your true and for 2014. Populism. Is power full -- or the people and it's growing but not everywhere at the US is to answer it. And controlled. To take part of the global trend and more coming up next governor of ego bigger celebrity you moral plug to read. Are welcome back do very -- as usual I'm I'm always fascinated by people that studied today in order to better understand what may be in the future. Won a medal fondled following is really -- journal kuril Clinton's. Rings German. Andy's got to a special report called global wakeup call and powerful. -- for big fuel threatens port when -- -- -- a droll I'm looking at looked like number. Five. Illusion. Or foreign rolling but I never worthy yours is too passive didn't control and to take part in the global present and explain. Again look what's going on around the world yet the pitchforks demonstrations going on throughout Italy you mentioned the Indy not those in in Spain. You look at what's going on -- -- continually. Has -- you know as -- policy. The protests in Ukraine and the ones in Venezuela. What's going on in Thailand on an. And where is any protests in the United States and I have to tell you -- -- the levels of hypocrisy that just blows me away. Are listening to. The assistant secretary of state Victorian New England. And others. And they and it is like Marco Rubio talking about Venezuela's close crews. Ted Cruz. Talking about how wonderful it is these people to protest they. And and and -- and of course talking about Ukraine as -- in and and the Obama administration. And you can't protest in this country. Reality. -- occupy go to elude doing we don't Occupy Wall Street he satellite a -- and now. And yet if this is from today is from today's New York Times. Justice rule against men over zone for protests. That is the guy. That they have banned from going to Vandenberg airforce base -- A protest. You're allowed to go over the protests but this guy is not allowed to go to protests because they can't them from the protests. I would collided. And the everybody seasons -- on lately and the military citation in the police -- country. I think -- again Atlantic about a candidate analogue line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he showed no protests in this country you've got to stand in line and watching everything you're doing. Now the Obama administration said we're going to hold on the telephone records longer. Then we accept before. -- These people on the -- to watch and listen to anything that we do and by the way. Violence I don't need some class blacks. -- ago. Telling me to interpret the -- equipment. And intelligent guy can read. -- doesn't work. It's. He's the freedom of speech issue the year with this is Supreme Court ruling supreme. You know and and and not even addressed. -- yeah. Think going on in the United States you better spent on. What would you -- the people that -- When it comes of the revelations about in this Google and they whose book. Tracking you don't read too old and apps that that -- and and you hear it all the time worried about the only thing wrong. They know that he -- look at it the other 80% of the people he took -- to take a needle. Finally. And that is the 10% destroyed in the 10% built it's the right now we had a 10% destroys the story. How to meet with -- Pride dignity and self respect and that's you wanna look let's make it there let's let's level the playing field. If they can watch -- Watching it. Listen to records to watch -- let I want it seemed that every one of those gang of five these guys. But somebody that is in congressmen and I wanna see everything that they do I wanna see it because I am real accurate data out this line. We -- public events are you republics and I can make a mistake. -- -- that besides clean my toilets being that you're working. I wanna see what you're doing probably. In -- How about that. Mean you know we're through development. -- -- Not. Because we and by the way position on the political atheist I am totally -- I began my career as a young man Iceland political campaigns in Westchester County which is that -- -- in the US at the time. And we pieces into the secretary in the books they sent. I spent several years of Washington DC as one of the chief government as I suppose there chemical industry. One of my pillow wanted to contribute to our magazine the trans journal is stop the poor Craig Roberts. Former assistant treasury secretary of the -- -- that you guys to debate there now it looks like. Why can't -- change. He illegally in the country. The same people you couldn't stand in high school and college wanted to be Klaas president and head of the student council. And I'm reluctant again that some -- -- little bit and come. Break -- -- that'll have you from a tournament and a I pride myself and being older generation that. If I'm not an expert in computer and certainly in pursuit and trying everything in -- like it. And well -- -- young people bringing to the table with there technology and -- to bring tourism. One of the -- and things used in the larger. Older adults coming of the region's sold from media. And -- board. Always give me one in them come back and talk about. Well what you gonna start seeing is just you've mentioned some of the younger people aren't they had the year. Is that their networks of it would -- to. Even start seeing the baby boom generation handled the start creating their networks but to me art piece for example because they're not appealing to any. So those kind of things start to happen. Period intrusive. Before we -- break born proportion Kumble wave from this. I hear criticism of the moment and you don't know I'm fairly regular basis. Like this new generation don't chew it to me they've billowed more entrepreneur Nauru or more. They conjured all known they're not looking for government they're not looking part of hand out there they look they -- to remind me of the great June outrage. The budget. Yeah it is some aspects with what they lack. Is they lack the point of reference. In this sense that they don't know what was. And and they and you know. The Renaissance it was a -- I wrote on an island -- in the matter of Romans in the agents describe the quality of the work personally seen one and now. Don't know the other car. It's like looking at those pictures -- Detroit. And she -- and that's what the cities to the level architecture. Craftsmanship. And care. Don't seem the group at a time when they -- is every little outline. Big box stores. -- it was so storage unit to go to shopping. So they don't have a point to where it. And that's really limits them in a lot of way they think that now was -- -- -- -- camp I think he'll have the builder loans back and read and learn improvement but so when we come back to go back to older adults come of age in the social media quick break with the news Dave -- and a news rector and Kobe Bryant. Let's say -- look into the future we're talking to a teacher or local Wednesday. -- use the publisher trend journal global wakeup call and oral fooled trends for 2014. Durable board took a break we're talking about older adults coming of -- joint capsule from media would -- me. Again it's it's it's just social meters as well as coming days themselves. Yeah that was the story it would over the wire a couple of days ago about change on. And she's so excited and stick to something she feels begin this year. And what we didn't change your policy showed out when he's like get into the stage. Unfortunately it's really began. Because -- -- well enough to know enough. And you know against speaking only for myself -- these different times in my life. You'd start changing twenty you know -- about it. Around actually used to work the chemical industry around 33 at some optimists and began the -- research institute. And we added that when we get them get to a certain age and look at you know this story -- -- you know enough. -- Haven't really been doing when -- really want to do and that's a lot of people finding out because a lot of people at that 3334. Year old. Juncture. You know they they they settled the security. Committee really do they want it to or other security. -- have a lot of baby boomers that are listed jobs that can't find. -- that it creating erode future. This is really -- because they have the line in the college and we have a story here that's Stanley. Like 94 years so. Thank -- nice prize ticket and I don't and I'm not exaggerating. We began looking at writing books that need to -- -- sales. -- -- you know years -- years since. Because -- nothing at the courage to break out and become himself. So the social media does it starts and building those connections. Among other people to show that the future is just getting. And and not -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that was mine. Actually now to new -- That you know debate people stopped coming they'd be in a lot of ways in the sense that. Future in front of them -- make the best of it and really bring out the talents that they've honed over the years it's. How do you think that -- balance -- out in the future. The -- illegals. That that a lot of them have the education no job and big debt. In -- -- huge issue and it again you know I'd love to go into it would detail with you because I believe that the solution. So the question like throwback. Anyone that asks this position would it work better. And I can actually work better. When we had laws in place like -- -- to -- and action community trust that Clayton antitrust act. We'd investigated -- learning the stock shelves and ship packages. Because -- -- and pop store. They prohibited. Addiction grabbing everything paternity 1890. To nineteen to twenty century which they try to stop the other pairs of robbing thing. Another robbing them under different pain hedge funds private equity groups. And multi -- multinational tech say you have to put back into place laws that were put in place like people like Teddy Roosevelt and others. And the Glass-Steagall act which is the part of the Clinton administration. That will give the entrepreneur or an opportunity again in this country you have to put parents back. And that's not being protectionism. It's saying look. Apple -- made in America. -- we too stupid to make clothes. You can make shoes. I'm out here in colonial Kingston, New York two hours north of the option and right above -- incident invasion robberies. He should make you know the IP and the used to be the issue -- rule upstate New York. Announced and so. Certainly you know in the opera in the upper reaches out here. So why. Why did it happen and who had to benefit. Of the story to paper over the line. Blackstone black rock of one of the black groups or at least lack. Investor groups that say lack it is that the arc. Equity firms and private equity groups investor groups hedge funds declined 10% or 20% of its option. -- You look at every once in title by companies. Like at least anymore by the stockholders. Are owned by private equity groups. So the only way to millennial have a shot at the future. If we bring the pants that. Sophomore in the restoration of America. To bring the country back to the greatness that it was I was up 318. Kids today Terry -- now secretary of state said. That is becoming isolationism. Oh yeah -- How about George Washington's. About Benjamin. My point about -- Jefferson and -- atoms and the -- that no firing entangled. John Kerry and tech crew on this one on the way and I don't -- that Washington and Franklin. Washington we've collected Cha you know revolutions guys in general for the battles are you -- it so himself on entanglement. Made his. So we could become. A great country again if we go back to the principles I believe upon which the nation was founded -- in the American and I believe in the principles. The constitution the bill of rights. And the foundation the polish nation has been built upon that has been destroyed. Another true and you're predicting wake -- call from fronting the abuse of power at all. What do you. Again it's it's the wake up call is that he you know -- you can see what's going on around the world governments -- toppling. We have people -- Tell you one of the things that came up with quality few days ago. Why isn't. It's so you could rule. Ruling in the lives of so many. So maybe let's show you. Rule and -- airlines. You look. Date that clowns. That -- cool. Senators and congressman's. And commanders in chief that we had over the years and I I don't I'll say that is sarcastic way -- can essentially. And that -- want to recount. Let's go with the fiscal cliff. Let's hit the -- that it would fully. How about the war on drugs I got a better idea that's legal. Now watch that and now we can make a lot I doubt it. Ali. Getting taxes on it I think those people we truly jail and the trillions we spent. How about god upon making it TT -- Anything at that computer site to the web site to work. It's one. After another now that talking about pulling out of Afghanistan. Brilliant great war logs in American history. Between that anyone with an estimated six trillion dollars. Million people killed. Quote I was so colleges -- dignity and -- life and and then of course he did to. -- -- -- -- So that could be the wake up cool is that people awake and understands that if they don't take its future into the hands. Yeah that's and so this opens cycle. At a good. Your future that we want and not the way you want. Tin can where you and there's that doesn't talk about in the -- -- in itself. But can we keep going don't we were going. In the breed and that sounds like kind of a -- toward port from which it is -- Over the years over the last five years ago so a lot after Katrina. I have taught in a little stamp discusses it on a regular basis along in this economy keep going. How long can world keep. Having government's collapse would be nothing to replace it. Do you see a point where -- where have we just keep chugging along with or does this come to weigh 300 -- whole lot better. It keeps getting worse if we keep taking the current court. Who's in charge. Of the money printing and money supply. A product operations. That reason. It's not you know people which is that rose federal express. That -- that it was five used to read these in minutes. That wonderful transparent government will wait -- used to buy tickets -- what really happened back. Should they release the numbers that the 2000 pages of detonated killing that for the panic -- began. Anybody want to take the time to read the incompetence or read the summaries from other news sources that wrote about it. -- You actually -- now the new fed chair. And she was saying in the early on you know it may be trouble and then in April 2008. -- she's strong economic growth in the -- in the next quarter coming out. And the worst result. One after another Timothy Geithner then and then the the Fed president of New York the York fed president one after another gone wrong. We have people utter incompetence. Making important decisions. Winners and finance whether it's in politics. -- -- the areas that are apparently so keep going in the current direction. We can see the future the only way it's going to changes I believe again is less. If it -- in the first thing I do a close out congress isn't it 22 year it's not need anymore. And that the war makers -- makers under the age. You're like I kept you longer than it's settled -- and we've got to take a break thank you so much always good to talk. -- and it's called. Britain's journal global wakeup call and food -- for 2000. Sporty. -- -- --