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2-27-14 3:10pm Angela: on crime cameras

Feb 27, 2014|

Angela talks crime cameras with Project NOLA Director Bryan Laborde.

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Will this week's killing of -- store owner in applause in the shooting of his wife shook the small town community badly. But almost immediately suspects were identified in great part because -- security cameras on people's homes nearby. In different locations one suspect is even seen carrying the cash register from the store. Private security cameras are helping in crime fighting every day. But for our guest for the next hour Brian -- guard. Has taken a step further in New Orleans he has created a network of cameras. That he says may be the biggest network HD crime camera system in the country. It is called project no -- And it is a simple way for citizens to help the police and I thank you very much for being absolutely my pleasure and here is the news flash she just gave me. I thought it was 600 camera you're telling me is now it's number 700. And it's just that's just in Orleans. It's just New Orleans parish that is incredible when you started when two -- approximately three years ago we started slow. First 150 cameras were -- out. And we took a step back -- we listen very closely with people had to say not constructive criticism suggestions and that's how we formulated how long were going to keep the video footage for. Who exactly would have access to the cameras and so on and so forth. Once we had all that aren't out to -- we began to move forward and this system groom -- group. So that kind of take me back again you. You realize that this is a way that we can help. We don't have enough police officers and they can't be everywhere all the time and yet people are more and more comfortable with having a security camera at their home. Absolutely -- specially with the police attrition rate we are losing more or more every month because spying and is going to be difficult to recover those officers back. The cameras help -- in the efficiency to -- auspreys apartment danced their beneficial investigations. You are former officer yes I am so. Tell me about that when you joined in when you left doughboy. I joint action over through four different departments when -- out of high school I start off with with authority I work in the tears. From there are worked for alto with as the civil star so sheriff's office. When I was old enough to carry a gun I was able to finally move on to and a PD after in a Padilla worked at the DA's office as one of their investigators. And so that was -- several different stints with law enforcement. And I have to say if you don't know he looks seventeen so you're -- thank you but you really should have accomplished a lot but -- you came up. I think I know that build the project Nolan is nonprofit yes it is but you have a company when I surges worked. Well our company is the funding mechanism for project Nolan so project Nolan is a 501 C three and it's the primary source of the funding is my company. So project -- mainly a foundation so we take the profits are at the profits from our company and we put into project all the -- now how how does that work he had a 150 cameras some of those cameras existed already or. They were camera you were able to get -- understand you can get them wholesale prices exactly the first 150 cameras were literally gave away and -- and that was more to go ahead and to create the system get a started to and listen to people get feedback. And really at the time a lot of people couldn't believe it's it couldn't be done and so first 150 cameras were on us and end. Since that point the way the practical works is if you already have a camera on your house were looking for the opportunity get the signal from a camera over the Internet. If you don't have the cameras get a camera from any numbered from places there's no obligation whatsoever to get a camera from us. If you do -- -- get a camera from us we will subsidize the cost of that camera so we agree with such a virus across the camera to get a promised. The camera goes up on your home -- business. The camera so we provide a high definition honest so it's like looking out the window it's a very clear we see every leaf when a tree every. Blade of grass. And -- Sewell century when we don't have obstructions with it's commerce legacy very well. And it's more or less this time now works. When you -- a business called Q is it to have an inside camera and an outside camera. It's rare when we actually do an -- camera but in some instances we do you do in -- cameras some businesses that have been hit by armed robberies multiple times. And if they ask Cisco ahead and put a camera inside of their business there are some businesses that we do have cameras and that have a history European robbed. For the most part 99% of the carousel we have out there are actually outdoors looking at the public thoroughfare parts. And even that can even see in the dark absolutely yeah. So they can seem complete darkness that we can actually the camera a special where. -- the amateur photographers out there are photographers are we capture 160 of the second nice -- -- about -- dollar. So basically the cameras at night they looked very sharp and were able to say. Boy that is incredible I'm just reflecting on decades in television and we would get. A -- video from a camera inside story that just been ripped off and it was bad. And now the what we see today is exactly what you're saying it's like looking on the wind -- exactly. So it's the technology business. One change for better results but to to be able to link please how was that -- not very easily but I have -- of the Internet. So to qualify for practical -- camera inside of Orleans parish. I you have to be inside Orleans parish you have to have an Internet connection either through Cotchery AT&T so that means you have a broadband Internet connection. Ends with the cameras do -- -- connect to your Internet. And we use a small portion of your upstream bandwidth is a portion of your Internet that you're probably not using in the first place are using very little love. -- a small portion of what you're probably not using much of and it's what happens as the person who hosts a camera they can see the camera we can see the camera and -- record the camera free of charge there's no monthly fees. So when the bad things happen when somebody in the neighborhood calls not 11. We also have a directly with the new -- police department we monitor their dispatches so when we hear something bad happening an area where we have cameras. There were able to pull -- the terrorist in a particular area in effort to provide real time supplemental information to responding officers. Very commonly we also work receive for example homicide detectives -- are working leads if they find that the victims. Cellphone was taken off of them in and the it to a subpoena on the self don't carry and find out that the -- the phone was taken and now someplace else. We can try to look at the cameras in the area that we know that the cellphone may have gone through in trouble for the perpetrators -- we also help with active leads all the time as well. Don't misunderstand this question but other than the great pleasure -- -- from helping. How or use what's in it for years. I'm a criminologist it's just what I do it's it's my eight chosen field in life it's being able to catch criminals. Help make quality of life increased. It's it's what I'm good that is what I wanted to do and that is how I found myself to willingness. And 700 cameras later. It's. 700 cameras later yes out slowly so -- summed it brief brief help to -- and honestly speak and I've probably done a lot more good doing what I'm doing now them -- a police officer and had a lot of good -- a police officer when house with the DA's office and it's. At and one of the problems back then was of course is DA's office can all accept charges or pursue charges if there's enough evidence. The cameras give us what we need to to try to go ahead and and not only have some -- have to make sure at the proper charge -- like for someone if things that we've been involved in. And it may have been a situation where the person would have been caught in the -- help that person get caught now not only to the person get caught that we might find that. It was a manslaughter it was first degree how -- we know that -- the camera saw the person lying in wait for hours before the victim came and got shot. So it's this many instances like -- so not only a re helping to catch the criminals not only are the criminals more likely to roll over in the interview room when they see themselves on high definition T today. Am but it it's also making it where you know -- taxpayers' dollars makes life easier for the DA's office of British justice faster to the victims. And it's when the camera showed that. It was a more serious charge and originally thought then of course DA's office can go after that person and make sure the proper charge sticks. Absolutely incredible. Stay with this were gonna continue talking to this. Founder of project no right after this I'm Angela under the -- oil. Well we are talking about project -- look which is the camera system now over 700 strong with its founder Brian Lagarde. It was going to take some of the callers I appreciate you calling John in New Orleans. Internet and Brian and Angela. I John. That the search you know long ago and are willing. Probably -- cure -- question. About their. Possible. These technologies include and has. Well crime to install. Improved technology which you know well. It will happen. Is there any way soon. Merger. -- want to turn. Welcome -- what will -- Crime cameras and yeah. So if they know they're out there will let it. We've certainly seen where certain -- -- of the city. Normally when we get the cameras up and we usually make a couple of -- bursts into an -- makes Cutler restaurants in their after and then from there we would. Normally seek crimes are to go down -- areas. I'm not looking so much has stats are more looking at like community leaders like for example -- skip Gallagher and Algiers point and and it's brought more area for written just saw the other errors with we're focused on. What they're very quick to tell me is people who war going outside at night walking their dogs walking with their kids and put not their trash without a gun in their back pocket. They're more inclined to go ahead and do so. So it's some it's -- get cameras in. Normally we do it is certainly our perspective that crime does begin to go down. And people start to have a higher quality of life when -- assigned a walking their dogs later at night and taken strolls -- around the world neighborhood things that they may not have done before put the camera sent. It is her way to study that I certainly hope that there is because I would I would love that to be quantify. Edit edit and I think it's just. -- are deployed in the Middle East and there's always grown in the and I'm just wondering if their -- -- that was probably outside of the year. You know -- -- -- operators -- an idiot. Well currently so active and then inexpensive. Tool. To track two parts of crimes in progress and perpetrated on the on that -- thing. Because certainly helped now of course of people had different ideas -- drones and drones can be anything from a 1000 dollar quad -- with a camera on attack could very greatly help policemen. They're looking for some -- afield are on the rooftops which happens pretty often. Two with a very very expensive multi million dollar drones that would delegate to have fun with thumbs with the military but. As far as like the inexpensive drugs is actually spoke -- we used to build ten years ago and we used to use for law enforcement in military purposes. Is something that we got away from it's quite some time ago. But. At the time when we were building them they were very expensive and now you can pretty much -- a toy for a thousand dollars and it tells a really good job. That is certainly something to -- back in my day there were also very difficult to fly. Hum nowadays they almost point themselves as -- that is something that can certainly be considered. And and I do actually have a couple of myself on the personal satellite and they're fun to fly. -- appreciate it and really a question of and I think that it's really. -- -- -- -- I hoped it would have enough problem but on I was Nash is there any blowback from people that perhaps you know this is. General intrusions. Really know me in the way that we and the way that we approach this where there's only three of us who have the -- to -- of the system we don't keep the videos for approximately ten days. We don't released to anyone except for in the event of an investigation because of course the detective his request in the videos. If the cameras are hosted by people they're not up on poles of the cameras wouldn't exist on people's houses unless they wanted to and there. So it's it's not Big Brother just looking -- and because we're not even funded by the government read on to we're not using taxpayers' dollars to do to us. Word not using federal grants to do this. And so it's in no way shape or form are we Big Brother. And it's that you really haven't heard me please if anybody has any concerns -- and it is not something that that are really hero that. Not I'm sorry you don't go here well the reason I was even -- and out there. The vague recollection. Or England. In London that our government. So called government cameras. All of it shouldn't let their smokers -- there. Are saying you know course crime bridge. England compared United States also question why. Yeah yeah without that's my personal and. Well I think it's clearly understood now by the majority of people that it's this extra layer of protection. Exactly which are saying about the people Algiers being able to walk their dogs at night. But with the knowledge that we may not have enough officers but we have these cameras is -- gonna stop somebody from doing something. That's what you originally called about you know is a deterrent but you know we'll have to find that out at a later time. I think the one I don't know if it's a criticism but maybe a little concern is I understand that your. System is it the person at home can watch it and you can watch it yes and but you never can give it back to them. Well a person can also record their own camera so when it's professional installed a lot of times in the installer will actually put her on their phone -- on the computer with an app -- -- -- can record the camera. We'd love to see people record their own cameras. There's certain things that were not going to be looking at like sometimes people -- the sale or no atomic hits came home last night goes after curfew. -- -- know whose -- duty to my front lawn new and different things like that. And we -- here to just go ahead and to assist with crimes and we can't look at those things it's. So. But a personal recourse the cameras themselves and they can give them selves those answers so with the cameras can be recorded. If a person wants you and we love to see the people record jackhammers. You know on that I'm not trying to make light but let's say that having done this. Your run out near van drove to pick up the paper cut and and you realize the cameras on. Now my good friend Brian here also has to the ready road getting you know could that end up on the Internet to. -- it did again since there's only three of us to have access to -- camera footage were all signed nondisclosure agreements. We don't talk about it what we see the years and we certainly don't release the videos and were not looking at the camera 2.4 seven. Like right now in -- or something going on the city that that room at our office is all the streets are turned off. When somebody tells -- on wind and there's an emergency an area where our cameras in nearby then some by walks into that realm union up on the monitors and get to work. So little towns that were actually look at this camera -- when there's an emergency crisis. Or for running the system diagnostic or were adding another camera to that particular server for someone else who lives in the neighborhood. I really appreciate you calling thanks John -- very good points. No I think that people for peace of mind need to note that there is the sign displays that you would never. Let anything out. At the ready -- -- bad example but. There -- issues of privacy and yet it is the choice of the person. To put it on their home their business. For all the motivation they -- which would be thing right solution and and again an effort to this is the one thing maybe I can do to help the police. Absolutely and it does a great deal of good form as well so it really makes it where were able to see what happens before the crime after the crime. And sometimes were actually able to link the perpich her all the way back to the house that they came from the house -- they fled to Britain and the jets circled the search warrant. So it it does any number different things. The times when I mean there are times when we're looking at the cameras and it's it's it's really something where. We'll see people who we -- kitten in and out of cars but what they don't realize is that the person who's running behind them just was involved in armed robbery just half a block down. And that's the part that is it is a little disturbing when we're watching these videos of BC innocent people who have no idea the pats images happened on the street. And we're looking for a reason we're look at that -- first place because the bad thing just happened. But some new breed off to see people going about. And their normal days and they just don't know that a bad thing happen around the corner down the street. And it runs right past him. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue the discussion of crime cameras there the no -- project the network of cameras with a -- guard. Right after the news with Chris Miller. Brian the guard started job project -- a network of what is now over 700. Cameras. On people's individual homes and businesses. That Darnell networked together to help the NO PD help our crime situation we have a caller skip from Algiers get. Well there. -- As skip Gallagher -- board members and elders -- association and we've been in this crime camera programs since Mike gains were killing. I don't know if you remember -- want kids to school. And that really we were trying to figure out what to do it then we're just didn't quite have to do we could do about it taxing district hired a private security. And what we decided they were approached by buying this program and I think we're well over eighty or ninety camera point 7 -- when I -- last week. And we've been really really happy at this level of crime has gone down and and convictions seem to draw. We've had instances where. Somebody's broken into a power been caught on video -- and walked home walked in the front door it's Alden Conger TO and -- arrested the next day. -- at a Herbert outcomes that did that. And one that in this November December and few months later one of their cousins stated. We just had a of course storm last month and it's on video and pretty helpful information and the police are looking for attendees who did it. Well. We're really pleased with the program and we actually got a grant that we. If you cook up a camera. High definition. IP night vision camera. And have -- monitored by practical. -- will give you 200 dollars if you're on street about a camera or block about a camera. And another ordered -- hundred dollars if there's camera or on the block being monitored. And that comes in Algiers point association. So. We -- -- this program response been to that. Well we have seven camera and amongst my -- oh that's terrific and you have to reflect. We had businesses stepped up to the plate are crescent towing. -- brought. Troubled operator neighborhood they've given just 2000 dollar store this we have another neighbor became another thousand -- -- some other several neighbors. Donate several hundred dollars each toward the program total match where crescent torn provided. It's been really really helpful. And it's given some money that we can now dole out we got a lot of neighbors -- to -- to do it within tension applying program in -- you know what. Just you know give it to somebody else so it'll just offer brand to another neighbor. Look let's talk about price because I think. There might be the perception that this is a very expensive thing to do but in reality certainly with the Grant Hill that is great but without it what roughly -- it. We're looking at around 450 dollars installed. And that without any sort of monitoring and Brian mentioned it earlier in your conversation. We encourage. People to monitor their own -- -- -- but you don't have to. You can stole data on your own literature laptop work or whatever. That's about 450 dollars -- or could cameras and video and pictures were getting from these. Are good enough to identify people and then prosecute these people. We had one case where. Possible in light and the video camera for away that the person couldn't be identified. However I understand from the police when he was -- -- with a radio contrast. That he realized it was in the video when he recognized as Hager has actions the video. And it is compassion US sentence to -- sinister jail. You know off our streets. On those that are are without question very clear. I'm just curious. When presented. With -- look we've got -- on tape. Pictures don't lie what can the defense duty. It makes it more the problem from what I've heard. From the police and you're from the DA's office is it. They worry about witnesses -- counting much on record being reliable and down right maybe having sketchy background. So that they may not present a good witness. Maybe some other problem which interferes with the and the video that it doesn't have any of these problems. It it's -- despair and it's not going to be intimidated it's not going to took -- wage to back up somewhere. And -- -- then it's to try in your face and diffusing some of these video clips from some of them. Crimes and certainly seen them on TV the police -- early several Smart neighborhood. It is it's pretty hard to turn around -- didn't do. So I really appreciate you calling in -- coming year on -- doing good things over there in Algiers. Well our our primary is his then plummeted it's just amazing where I was talking some neighbors about the day -- there's another neighbor -- Putting another one on where else. And I think it's. Really made the huge turnaround and -- especially at that markings were a lot of folks really. Are disheartened by that. And we just don't we're not taste traditionally older. Well again I thank you very much for calling skip our -- four and speaking of someone who while once to have a camera install let's go to Jack engine -- Jack. Ability to contact. I spoke to. What -- -- -- to several weeks ago. About the inexpensive high definition camera but they said it was about 209 violence. That is correct actually would skip was referring to earlier was if you want to be professionally installed then not usually written. We are not installation company which can do installations but -- installation company that we refer people to in the U -- 150 dolls for install. So that's -- if you're going to have a professionally installed yes -- of what we actually provider doing yourself kits and that is 295. I spoke in in my opinion that spoke to several weeks ago. But I had some interest in my neighborhood group with Iran metro street -- syllable holy crow yeah. And I've been waiting truck call from someone named Brandon. Well what do you reps. Items and yet I. I don't -- and -- -- grandstands. Are you listening Brandon. -- -- But today when I get back to the office I'm gonna check on that and and if you would be so kind as to send mean emails can ask you over the air. I can send me an email project Nolan at gmail.com with your kind information again and -- -- turn the somebody's back or. You welcome economy back on my cellphone which is 298. 9117. Sitting in the parking lot of law it -- 298. Two. Don't don't tell anybody now that's only on a night dude and I 82989117. 9117. And just keep it to yourself for -- name is Brian. I'm. Okay this is I'm so glad you were listening number one annual reconnect. I see in -- camera or two and you. Talk about it now. -- showed -- that you -- a wonderful man Jack thank you for everything and I hope everybody gets connected stay with this will be right. We are talking about project -- with its founder Brian guard. Just fascinating it really isn't it is. It's a wave of the future because it's now. But I think it's just very interesting that perhaps twenty years ago people might be a little unsettled about having so many cameras out. In reality. I think people are seeing. So much today how they're helping with their current situation. How the police or perhaps becoming more and more dependent or grateful for. Optional to have 700 cameras networked together where you and your group can be looking at these cameras as the police. Please don't even call you are aware. Of -- 911 collier aware of what the police monitor. It goes both ways so if it's something major I was referred to as it as a coach to call robbery. And shooting homicide things like that. A lot of times we are aware of those in real time we have -- database of and a PD unit number so if we hear such such unit en route to a thirty for a shooting at whatever location. They -- gonna supplement that video footage as fast as we can and indeed restores five more -- funny things we sourcing them directly to that detective. A lot of times we're actually work with homicide -- don't even know they're about to catch a case a lot of times we're looking at the videos as. He's they're basically the EE MS is just arriving on scene things like that well before they even get alerted. Now there's the flip side of things there's was refer to -- the code one -- has -- unfortunately just went home and your family your house is burglarized it could happen any time in the past several hours. They're gonna send a report Karachi the report car's gonna make a report it's gonna -- provide to a detective and the detective who -- and call me. If we have cameras and areas say OK we had a and -- 62 our residential burglary whatever location. And there we're gonna process and then so it depends on what the nature of the emergency is or if for helping with the follow up investigation. Sometimes we call them sometimes they call us. But it's fascinating that you can just send it to them. We have shared drive secret to share draws with each one of the districts along with homicide sex crimes. Child abuse and we also have protocols with the FBI and Homeland Security where. If there is a very debt crisis and these were don't want to think about you know we're prepared for those things. Were also set up at the FBI unit and for bank robbery we had the occasion to recently assist them. With a particular matter that happens. Aren't Carrollton and and and -- Claiborne. So. When the guard was shot and killed so it as they were and brown were worked with the FBI in a PD. Homicide and deputy of violence -- it's so it's -- the entire -- people and. Ultimately so again you're not sitting at a bank of monitors just watching him lol I just saw that shot and it's not that now it has to be. You have to be led to it exactly in what kicks this office when somebody calls -- on one and we hear that dispatched and it's we know that their camps and area. OK I have to in Iraq we have some breaking news in the newsroom with Dave -- Well we we come back now to. I'm sorry but to project -- that's such an interesting news break it really is I think a lot of people bring a lot of attention. To that time but the issue with Darren Sharper so I'm sure they will have much more on there at 4 o'clock. Again we are talking to Brian Lagarde we're talking about project -- and if somebody is interest -- end. Getting a camera what do they do. Well I think the art you know my cellphone number everybody enough -- and turned on any modicum absolutely -- you can visit its acts project Nolan. Dot com you can not certainly -- at 2989117. And also one of the things we didn't talk about is are real time. As -- are responding -- you can find those. Twitter.com slash. Public. So literally. Somebody is just robbed a store and is run -- and you're an alert that neighborhood exactly and that's actually how brought -- telecast started and I was with the alerts real select local hospitals no. That to expect and in their grandchild on victim that's why we very commonly have -- the personal is shot to the body is more for the for the local hospitals to know what they might be dealing with a few minutes. And Steve -- descriptions are also four. To let police officers and other jurisdictions on a radio channels now. Pace on the might be heading my way he says and number different reasons why we do it. We have quite a few subscribers altogether between our our website Twitter FaceBook its its couple 100000 families. -- -- But to think 700 cameras are our first caller who commented about what they have in London. -- is very true and it's thousands and we've seen the video things like that but 700 in the city this size is significant. Thank you. Now that that's very big and obviously you're gonna continue to grow. I thank you very much I wish you continued success with this. Project -- look you've got the numbers and got his cell number if you just wanna chat is a nice man -- love to hear from it. Stay with us we'll be right back I'm Angela under the WL. Loved being with you today joining us again tomorrow now let's go to the newsroom's Chris Miller.