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2-27 5:10pm Andrew Brandt: trade or tag Graham

Feb 27, 2014|

The deadline to place the franchise tag on NFL players is Monday. Should the Saints use theirs on Jimmy Graham? Is trading Jimmy Graham the best move for the Saints? Bobby Hebert and guest host Kristian Garic were joined by Andrew Brandt, NFL Business Analyst for ESPN, to talk about how much Graham is worth to the Saints organization.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They got topic on the table for today. Is the best move for the Saints to trade. Jimmy Graham franchise tag them the deadline is Monday. For the Saints to slap the franchise tag on him. And that should they trade him values high right now. Maybe higher than I'll ever be food for thought about college WL dot com a laid out think -- beat the best option. -- better on defense retool that offensive line ESPN's Andrew -- they're business analyst joining us now Andrew. He spent a lot of time in -- Packers organization. Been a part of some some deals and with high profile players. Right now. Every team has conversations about every player on their roster what their trade values is that correct. Yeah I think every you know this is a busy time it seemed -- between the -- mine in free agency bit I just remember written and even cover in myself it's very busy in terms try to forgot scenarios what happens we -- as I don't sign discussion in that respect -- free agency. And come back to it with something -- that we try to re sign him now what you think the market's going to be for the guys. Well you know you -- receivers -- it would as -- gonna get so what -- -- guys get behind them those kind of things. In his first treating you know I think to come by and I always talk about the unofficial start of the new league year even -- -- doesn't start to march 11. And it basically started that the combo and you can talk. You just can't make deals and I think there's a lot of talking going on. And -- Andrew if you look at. I guess the approach like kind of old school Lauren theory. I should say and -- coaches say it is reported you know really get rid of a young healthy. Great players. And and -- especially look at Jimmy Graham mean that to me still learning the game and of side. And now you can say well QB markedly better a player and tied in -- should say and run block better. But. Third time he's right about attack without an otherwise he's in the slot or he's lined -- wide. But when you look at what it might take. To pay him like will what do you think that number is I'm I'm kind of approach. I think based away during accounts he got paid. Said somewhere give or take around ten million but not necessarily in that twelve the sixty million range and then the second part of that question. Is his value. You are not too many players are werder first round pick do you think. That you take your phone calls us alone what to offer your first and a third. Our our our first in a fourth would that be worth it. Yeah I think the big question about the is. He in the retaining Hannan and a I really I don't think people understand the value of the franchise tag. Because I know people that allowed only ten players a year what's the big deal to make a lot of money for one year it has tremendous value for teams I've been there. Number one you hold a guy off the free agent market they used to be me really in 1990 three's you remember. For true franchise -- players like Marino and no way in eight far. It has more. Into something much more powerful. Where team can take its best free agent off the market best free agent every year they want. And it's perfectly. Placed for guys like Graham because. He's not a franchise Corey Perry went through that -- through and now they have this tight end. And I don't want to get into the hole -- tight end a receiver of the factors that keep marked the market and negotiated deal now I think the market range you suggest is about right it's between the top tight end market -- and he what I call that. -- here. Wide receiver market except for two guys FitzGerald and mega -- are in the market unto themselves then you have guys like Percy -- Vincent Jackson. Receivers like that in this sort of Duane below market. So I think he'll be in between those two and that's about right between -- 99 average and twelve million average but the bottom line is. If -- tag to. They go through march April may to the deadline may even in July and -- in terms got a choice. You can sit there and play for either whether it's going to be seven million or eleven iron or 609 -- whatever can be. Or. You can to a long term deal at the terms the Saints are comfortable -- that sports such value. It's not like the Saints are negotiating with him like he's a free agent they have his rights so. The value is tremendous not only for the Saints for all the teams in -- gonna put attack until the deadline which is Monday. I would think we'll have ten to twelve. Busy with ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt spent a lot of time negotiating a big time contracts. Oh in agreement Packers organization and Andrew. Where have a and it's a conversation. About Jimmy Graham obviously you know they did that -- the deadline is on Monday. But you know with it a trade possibility in the way things are the seemingly changing in FL. With a great defense in the Saints. Are making strides to get there I mean there they had some significant strides with a Rob Ryan a year ago the helmet now under on the defense side of the ball. Think about what he could bring to them does that -- Mean do they even entertain that. In terms of trade. You know I think to answer the phone. But to. Again I just kept standing you're feeling and ultimately their feeling about the value this player and an offense and how. How would they function without them whether they be you know obviously not as good but close and is it worth giving up. The player for whatever that it brings a first round pick and inside establish young player on defense. I had -- you know just watching his team. -- is a different story but the way they handled drew they put attack on and they really didn't get serious about negotiations until the deadline. If that's any guide. Will -- -- and again in the legal figure out what tech it is what it wherever grievance to me that's secondary. What panic -- how much -- the one year earnings to one year earnings really don't matter much I think the issue is a long term deal. I think the Saints probably wanna do it and they wanna do it relatively on their terms and I think -- tackle allowed them to do that maybe not until July. ESP NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt thanks a bunch of time --